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What I've Learned: An Update

Sunday, August 17, 2008

One of the things I love most about SparkPeople is how much I've LEARNED! I've learned so much about the foods that I eat, and how they break down into carbs, fats and proteins. I've learned that the days that I feel best at the end of the day tend to be the days that the little circle graph of my fat/protein/carb breakdown closely matches the 30/15/55% goal that I'm aiming for.

But most importantly, I have learned how to be nicer to myself.

I have learned (it's a LONG lesson) how to not beat myself up over mistakes.

I have learned (well, I'm trying...) that my habitual perfectionism does not serve me well in this weight-loss journey.

I have learned that on any journey (ESPECIALLY this one) there are ups and downs, and accepting that fact does not mean failure.

I have learned to cut myself some slack.

I just got back from vacation a few days ago. I gained about five pounds. And you know what? It's ok. My last vacation, I gained six pounds, and I was quite devastated. But not this time.

I had really good intentions. I took walking shoes, workout clothes, and my favorite dance DVD along. But you know what? It wasn't that kind of vacation. There was simply no time, ever. I tried to make super-healthy choices while eating out (at, like, McDonalds... like a packaged chicken salad could taste better than a cheeseburger...), and then got frustrated because my food didn't really taste that great. I didn't get to the computer as much as I thought I would, so I was getting stressed out over remembering a couple days' worth of meals and getting them into my nutrition tracker. I was feeling like some kind of failure because each time I thought I could squeeze in a walk, it didn't happen.

So you know what? I let it go. BUT in letting it go, I didn't let ME totally go.

That means...

I gave myself permission to NOT track my food for the final days of the trip (about 5 days). I'd NEVER not tracked my food, in nearly a year on SparkPeople. I'm diligent. I'm obsessive. I'm... perfect. But I let it go. And it was fine. But I still tried to make healthy choices. I didn't use the lack of accountability to go crazy. Yes, I did have some of the yummy double-chocolate wedding cake. But at that crazy calorie and fat-laden restaurant called Macaroni Grill, I had the healthy Simple Salmon: 650 calories, low fat, grilled salmon with broccoli and asparagus... it was SO good. The night we got to a hotel early enough for the pool, I did a little pool jogging while DH played with DD. I actually... what's that SparkPeople phrase? "Looked for healthy opportunities." And it felt rather natural and normal!

So despite the five pounds that I need to re-lose, I feel really very good about myself. I feel like I've made progress. I no longer feel like the addict who fears that one slip-up will cause her to crash and burn and fully embrace her addiction again. I feel smarter, and healthier, and like it's part of who I am, and not just a diet or a program that I'm on.

Hooray for me!
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    Thanks for sharing your comment on my SPARK PAGE. I was able this year to get the courage to deal with things in a more mature and PASSIONATE way.( A word my last NURSING instructor used quite often. We have to feel PASSIONATE about things. I have developed this to a higher level and I want to express my appreciation to you for bringing me to your site out of natural instint to know who you are and to thank you for sharing the things you learned in life. Isn't SPARKPEOPLE a grand place for the connection of minds and hearts.It is encouragingly nice to have people appreciate our efforts and to have others feel freedom to mingle around safely not too far from the tree and reach out to share something good with others. I love SPARKPEOPLE. I read a quote one day " perfectionism does not make us perfect but it is when we leave ourselves some room to make our mistakes and master those mistakes ...then perfection can happen.." The man Thomas Edison who invented electric light and who made the first light bulb found the one way to make it happen but it took many mistakes to get there and make it happen. +In getting there he found "10,000 ways that didm't work. He stated , " it was 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." He was a friend of Henry Ford and Herbert Hoover.This actually made me find the encylopedia and read about him. In reading about him, ...I want to sharewhat I I learned about his life.He overheard the schoolmaster( as they called them in those days and the way it was stated in the encyclopedia) tell the district school inspector that the Edison boy was "addled" and Alva ( Thomas's name in school) ran home to tell his mother( she was a teacher) and she went back to that same teacher and took Edison out of school and taught him some at home and he learned so fast she couldn't teach him any longer.So he only had 3 months of schooling in his life and his life was 1847-1941. Very interesting to read. emoticon Have a wonderful day today. Keep learning. It is who you have become. A wonderful person. Glad to meet you. I'm Linda. emoticon
    3432 days ago
    Great blog Denise, isn't SP the best?!

    Have a great week, I'm hopping to survive it. =)
    3499 days ago
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