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Teenagers are BRATS!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It starts at love them and spoil find the little darlings know just how to manipulate you into holding them just because... then the terrible 2's hit...about 6 months way too early... then that independent streak where they can do it all... then school starts...and they learn things like there is a poor and a rich...and they don't care if they are poor...just so they can dress like the rich kids...and then the i wants start... here is where the sexes start to seperate...the girls go gaga over the cute boy and the boys go gaga over the pretty girls...though don't ever mention that to them...boys will do everything in their powers to deny and prove it wrong... then we move into the preteen stage..funny...i thought at that point i had conquered the i want i want i want stage...but it comes back...full force and plus some... then the stage where i's the terrible 2's all over again... their everywhere and into everything...except now they bring they near the adulthood think, ok, this is fun... i can handle this...and do something like..oh..take them to the mall... before i go on...i will remind you..this is a true story...and yes, i do believe my children are evil... and they learned it from their grandma... (read blog "Wow, What a weekend" from 6/7/08) i take the little darlings, to the mall... we stop for lunch first plan is... i sit and relax and just enjoy the people...i love to people watch...and teenagers go their own way and spend all their hard earned money on over priced mall stuff... but noooo...girls want mom to tag along... but i say "i don't wanna" but they is after all, mom and kid time...ok i get up and we walk..son dashes off to a games predicted... and girls and i walk our happy way... DD1 gets stopped by vendor to inquire about her lovely find out she is only he moves on to mom... he asked my age...i told him to old for him to be asking such a question... at this point, he realizes i'm the mom and not the sister...which for some strange reason, people tend to think i am...not that i am complaining mind so he puts all focus on me... i'm trying to get away by talking to my daughters...who by now are a fit of giggles... so mr yum (i call him this, cause though he was a salesman to the highest degree...he still looked yummy...tehe) is dragging me to his cart to sell me his wares of dead sea salt. by now...girls have disappeared... their giggles no longer to be heard... the brats deserted me...up and left the mother that was just plain happy to sit in her little corner and watch give credit where credit is due... my hands are soft..i'll give him that...but for the price of $45...i don't think so... i tell him, after of course the full little pampering experience, that sorry, but i have no money..he asks then why am i at the mall...good question...i laugh, and point in the vacinity of the stores, and say, cause the girls you let get away are the ones that are loaded with the cash... so i walk away...with no products...and very soft hands...thank you very much... but the desire to strangle a couple teenage girls is still top priority..if i can find the brats... i go to the store we were suppose to go signs... so, thanking God for cell phones, call the oldest... with her giggles and hi mommy...i don't lose site of the goal nor do i get fooled by her false love... i growl...your both dead meat...more giggles as they ask how my hands felt... oh i'll tell you how my hands they are wrapped around your pretty little necks....more giggles...oh you'll giggle my pretties... as i tell you how my whole body can feel this good if i just buy this wonderful product for said amount...oh...and he would be soooo kind to give me, as a gift, the lotion to go with it... the girls are about in tears now from laughing so hard.... by now...dear son has joined them... on his behalf..he was not too happy with his sisters for leaving mom alone... i mean, after all, they were suppose to be watching me... so guess who the favorite child is now... lol... luckily for them...they did save themselves... when we had to walk past mr yum again..they blocked me in... and moved quickly... so no... they didn't die... my hands were too soft to get a good grip... emoticon

and for those that are wondering what the really would not kill my children... not even maim them.... make them suffer...oh yea...tehe... the nice thing about teenagers...especially the ones i that yes...i still can make them squirm...mwhahahahahaha... emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Although it sounds horrible that your girls took off like they did...just a sec. That was horrible. and they're lucky to have a mom that would take them to the mall. Mine never did, well she dropped me off. Anyway, it's great that you were there for them but as they were supposed to be watching you, I assume due to your health, you're right they're BRATS! emoticon Not at all like you were expecting when they were little I'm sure. emoticon Do you wish sometimes you could shrink them back to an age where you could put them in a crib again or at least make the decisions where they would go?
    It's a funny story...I never once thought you were going to strangle them.
    3268 days ago
    This is hilarious! I can't stand those guys that corner you. I tell them no no no!!! I don't have any kids yet, but it sounds like you have your hands (soft though they may be) full! Take care!!!
    3277 days ago
    I know this only too well!

    Teenagers were a mystery to me when I was one (I was not very typical) and my own teenagers really 'do my head in'!
    3301 days ago
    This was hilarious!

    Breathe in, breathe out....remember they are WIRED to make you HATE them so when they move out? You're not sad, lonely and depressed. You don't want to commit suicide because your precious babies moved out. Instead, you're in the street dancing after having packed them in record time! HAHA!!!

    Where's the PICTURES of the obnoxious brats, eh?

    :) Hope you had a great weekend. Thanx for the laugh.
    3302 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/3/2008 3:17:15 PM
  • GLAMS48
    AHH, the teenage years!!!! I say the only reason you have children, is for the GREAT (meaning good not 3rd generation!!) grandchildren. They are always happy to see you, never complain, no expectations of what you should do for them, and the BEST is they are returnable!!!! With two daughters I remember the malls..... Do they still go to every clothing store, try on every outfit, only to not buy a thing!!! Then have to start all over again to decide which outfits they really want to buy? And of course the constant changing outfits every two hours at home when they aren't even going anyplace!!! Never a need for carpets in their bedrooms cause all the two hour and clean cloths they took off cover the floor quite nicely!! Did I mention after my girls left the nest it took me 10 years before I could walk into a mall? To this day i avoid malls whenever possable!!

    3306 days ago
    Really sounds like a delightful day. I was at a mall recently and got corned by this lovely young girl who wanted to see my nails. She proceeded to polish and shine one really shiny and would include the free lotion/oil and something else.

    I told her it would only work as long as she followed me everywhere I went and did my nails for me as I would never get around to getting them done.

    I got away.

    But I couldn't blame no one for getting trapped. But that's ok. I love a good sales pitch. I can easily say no.

    3306 days ago
    Kitty, I love your blog! Ughhh, what I have to look forward too! I am still in the snuggling stage! Although my nine year old is on the border right now! Tell me some more of the great things that they do to make up for this kind of thing! LOL!
    3307 days ago
    Love you post Kitty--and I am dreading when my kids get there!
    3307 days ago
    What is it with the dead sea salt dudes? Annoying. It is one of many reasons I stay away from malls like the plague. Always a treat to read about your escapades, Kitty.
    3307 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/29/2008 7:46:20 PM
  • LILLIAN364
    I have three teenagers. I feel for you.
    3307 days ago
  • JAYCEE77
    My DS2 did the exact same thing to me last year(cute sea salt guy and all!). Think it might be a teenage conspiracy?
    3307 days ago
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