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Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi Gang,
I haven't been around much lately. My willpower is fading fast I'm afraid. I wish I had a buddy doing this with me. I've tried to get my neice and my sister-in-law to join up but they didn't. DH was out of town for almost 2 wks and maybe I was just lonely or whatever but I definitely didn't stick with the program. Now I'm really sick with the flu and my appetite comes and goes. I've been drinking OJ by the gallon which may be good for my flu but not a replacement for water. I haven't been posting on the board in a while either. It seems as though I'm losing interest and that's the last thing I want to happen. If any of you see this, I need a BRUTAL kick in the ass!!!

Later all,
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    Here's your second kick in the ass! It's great that you are trying to get others close to you involved but you can't rely on others to keep you going. I think your recognition of your feelings is important. You obviously want to keep going somewhere inside or you wouldn't be asking for help. Which is great, because maybe we can give you a little boost. If you want to get those close to you involved, maybe you could stick to it and once they see your results they will want to join, too? Anyway, I hope you get over your illness soon and start to feeling better.
    3521 days ago
    Loraine: Please don't give up. remember the show "weakest link"? Well, our group is as strong as the weakest link and our goal is to not let anyone be weak!! We are here to help you get through this and be strong again. Please start joining our little blurbs and reading some of the posts. It is really hard to keep going during the flu but now is the time to build your inner resolve.

    I too was alone for two weeks and also started to swerve thinking it didn't matter because I was alone at night, but it did matter TO ME and to my body that depends on me to take care of it!!

    Consider this a "kick in the but"t and get back on the site, we are missing you!! emoticon
    3522 days ago
    emoticon ok, now here's my hand to help you back up and back on track - If you need a buddy, spark mail me, and we'll be buddies ^.^ - I can usually use that extra hand to help keep me going ^.^

    Have a B-E-A-Utiful day!!!!!!


    3523 days ago
    Hey, Griffin, I'll add my wishes to everyone else's and say PLEEEEEEEEZ don't give up on sparky!!!!!! Really, really sorry you're feeling bad, never fun to have the flu, kinda wipes out your motivation to do ANYTHING when you're feeling that bad, but hope once you're back on your feet you can regroup and jump back on that wagon along with the rest of us!!!!! emoticon emoticon
    3523 days ago
    We are all here for you and I hope you fell better soon!
    And when you do.............Get to work! :-)
    3523 days ago
    emoticon Heah girl, time to kick it in the rear of the
    negative vibes. Take care of the illness then come back
    strong okay? You really want to maintain the healthy life
    style. Don't be afraid and we will always be here to help
    with moral support. Come by any time, i understand where
    you're coming from.
    3523 days ago
    So you need a kick in the ... OK. This is it. 3 months from now you will either be thinner than you are now or you will be fatter. The choice is up to you. If you get fatter it will be because you made the choice to give up.

    Don't do it, get back on track, you are worth the effort. Just DO IT!!!! I will pray for your motivation to come back. Please don't give up!
    3523 days ago

    One of the things that has really helped me is to think of this as a life style change. I have made it a challenge to always find the healthiest and weight loss friendly ways to eat. It is fun, and I am learning so much. I have found that there is a low calorie version for everything I love, including pizza and ice cream. I have also found that as I make changes and lose weight, the people in my life are changing with me. They can see it's working, and they want to be a part of it. My Mom has joined SP and lost 9 pounds, and my DH has lost 6 pounds since I started. I didn't have to say a word. They asked me what I was doing. Regardless of who joins you or not, remember-- you are doing this for YOU! You deserve the very best in life, now give it to yourself! Today is the first day of the rest of your life-- feel better and get focused. You can do this. Best wishes.

    3523 days ago
    you can do this, and I *hope* it has become obvious to you with all these posts, that you DO NOT have to go it alone! I know how easy it can be to back slide and just not sign on some days. Think of how much better you feel when you DO sign on, when you DO log your food, when you DO get up and move!

    Don't worry about one day at a time, break it down to one minute at a time, one step at a time, one bite at a time. Baby steps, that's how we make changes. Each and every choice you make is a chance to change how you look at the situation, how you address the challenge.

    Hang in there Goonie, we're all behind you and its a narrow and winding path. We can't go back, we can only go on.

    3523 days ago
    Weight loss is very hard. If it was easy then we would all have our "perfect" bodies. Don't give up just remember to stay focused on what you want. I can see that everyone has encouraging words for you and we always think no one truly knows what we are dealing with or going through in our own lives but we want to be supportive. You do have it inside you to keep going. You need to blog about why you think you should continue to work through this and how this situation is going to make you a stronger healthier person! Good luck and reach out to anyone when you need help! emoticon
    3523 days ago
  • AUGUST364
    hi Lorraine, it is hard, very hard to see those pounds come off but they will. you need to stay focused and read and read and track all you eat and drink. i have lost 13.5 pounds but it was not easy and i still have a long way to go. try to make up ahead of time some veggies and fruit snacks and keep those in the fridge that is what i started doing. when i feel hungry i go in the fridge and grab one of those small snack plastic baggies i made up and eat that. also nuts are good for you and dried fruit without sugar on them. you can do it and don't give up we are all here for you. keep in touch and god bless you... liz emoticon emoticon
    3523 days ago
    Just think of what you have accomplished so far! Don't throw it away. Think of all the people supporting you here. emoticon
    3523 days ago

    U need a big hug. Hun u have lots of buddys us. Hang in there. We r here for u . emoticon
    3524 days ago
    Hi Lorraine,
    I have been going up and down with my weight the last few months. We can work together if you would like. I would like to reach my goal by Oct. I have something special that is coming up that month. We can do this together! Don't give up the ship!!! emoticon
    3524 days ago
    You've been sick, not the right time to be down on yourself. Take care of the flu first. then, start dealing with your attitude; that's what has to change! I noticed a lot of negative self-talk! STOP DOING THAT! Try to do some positive self- talk. It sure the hell beats doing the opposite! Change the tapes in your brain! That's doable...RIGHT? Affirmations will also help to inspire and motivate you. That's exactly what you need. DO these things, and whatever you do... Please don't GIVE UP. You're a Goonie, remember, and Goonies don't give up! ( or they get a swift kick in the pants! ) emoticon YOU CAN DO THIS!!! emoticon
    3524 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2008 11:23:24 PM
    Nope, don't sound like it at all. Ok, first things first. Lets get you feeling better, body and mind. Here is the affirmation I personally picked out for you, I had to sift a little bit but I found it...
    Divine Healing now flows abundantly
    throughout every aspect of my being!
    Wellness now dominates my mind, body, spirit,
    emotions, relationships, and career.
    Ok, that being said you can't do anything until you feel better. Don't push yourself, I won't hear of it. I used to me a medic! Anyway, didn't you know you have over a hundred buddies right here at your fingertips! I'll be your buddy! I get on this thing everyday, I'm an addict! And if you want more of those affirmations, I got plenty of em! Gee, I hope I'm making you feel better, even though I'm not as good as OJ I'm glad to hear you're drinking it. Huggers doesn't want you to give up either, you know. I have a friend who is in Canada right now visiting her family, she has a black berry, if you give me your address I'll have her kick you in the ass if you really want!
    3524 days ago
    Hugs from Nova Scotia...

    Dont give up on your Self! You are worth the energy and the time and the committment... Please, do not tear yourself up for what you are not doing, but rather take time to give yourself credit for what you are doing...

    You are here now. You are seeking help and assistance... which is not a very easy thing for most of us women to do. You know what you want for yourself... and the tools to accomplish that are here at your fingertips! And you are surrounded already by good folk that will support you every inch of the way... Lorraine, you can do this!!
    3524 days ago
    Okay... you may not have them to do this with... but you have every single one of us!! Did you know that us Canadians don't use the word *QUIT*? Nope... and I am writing to let you know that that is not an option. Whatever you need... we'll help you through.
    3524 days ago
  • KNORRIS323
    Hang in there!! I'm sorry you're not feeling well and you're having a tough time right now. But please don't give up! First get well and then it get back on track. You have plenty of buddies here that want to help you stay on track so just keep logging on and talking to us. We can do it together!! emoticon
    3524 days ago
    Lorraine, Lorraine, Lorraine, DO NOT GIVE UP!! emoticon . I know you don't feel so good right now and that's OK. Take a week, if necessary, to get well and then jump right back on the "wagon". We are all here pulling for you!! emoticon !! For the moment, write down all of the reasons that made you join SP emoticon and keep them where you can see them often. Put it on the bathroom mirror emoticon , the refrigerator emoticon or in your purse to remind yourself why you feel it is important to be healthy!! You have come too far to turn back. If you quit, many of us will want to give up too; DON'T give up on yourself and us!! Hang tough. Remember, a WINNER never quits and a QUITTER never wins!! We are all in this game to WIN!! You can do it!! emoticon

    Get well soon emoticon , drink lots of water emoticon , and keep in touch emoticon .

    Much love... emoticon and hugs emoticon .

    Nini emoticon
    3524 days ago
    You can't give up on yourself . You made the step to work on yourself and you can't give up just because of a few struggles things happen we all fall off the wagon . Don't turn your back on us yet or better yet don't turn your back on yourself ...You can do this look at today and try to start fresh in the am and jsut keep moving forward no worries about what happened yesterday...We are all human and these things happen
    3524 days ago
  • MARTY19
    Hi Lorraine,
    Whatever you do, don't quit. You have come so far. Look at all the people commenting on your blog and offering to be your buddy. Right now might be tough, but it will get better. You have hit a bump in the road but it will smooth out. Stick with it.
    3524 days ago
    Okay you asked for it! We are all here to uplift you and if needed kick your booty. If you need a buddy call on me! You cannot give up on yourself! You are the most important person in your life and if you don't take care of yourself how are you going to take care of anyone else! I hope that we have helped you! take care and let me know if there is anything that I can do for you! emoticon
    3524 days ago
    well I would agree if you got the flu get better once you feel good get back to yor routine you know what to do your just in a slump right now we all have hem we all will have them it's just your turn right now so get better and then will do some butt kickingLOL you will be ok when your sick your sick of everything so thats what your feelng when you start to feel yourself again snap out of it and hop to it. I know you can do it worse thing is to stay away from talking so I am glad that you blogged to let us know will be here for you or will come looking.

    Chunk emoticon I see you
    3524 days ago
    First, you just need to get better. Once you're feeling better, it'll be easier to get back on track. I know it's hard to do this without someone nearby. I tried to find a friend to help me, but no one was interested. I didn't let that stop me. I decided that I needed to do this for me. I'll feel better in addition to looking better. Once I stopped looking I found help right under my nose. My junk food addicted boys are eating healthier with me most days. I also found two different walking buddies at work.

    Take care and don't give up.

    3524 days ago
    I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. It is long rode ahead of us on this journey. Together we can do it. On this journey of life we need one another and you and I are goonies. A goonie stands by another goonie when she is feeling down. Do not give up please do not. Hopefully things will get better. The very fact that you think about water shows how much sp has influenced and changed you life so far. Goonies for life.
    3524 days ago
    Do not give up! Write out all the reasons why you want to lose weight. Picture yourself at your goal weight. What would you be doing, wearing? How would you feel at your goal weight. Just keep reminding yourself of all the positives. Yes it sucks right now to do all the hard work, but, the pain of discipline is far worse than the pain of regret. How are you going to feel a year from now knowing you gave up instead of doing something, ANYTHING, no matter how small to keep the good changes going. You don't have to get it all together right now. Just focus on one or two small things. Be consistent with them until you feel you can take on more without burning out.
    Hope you start feeing better soon and I really, truly, sincerely hope you don't give up.
    3524 days ago
    You have some good advice already, but I just want to say DO NOT QUIT! When I am feeling down, I have to keep telling myself not to give up, because ultimately, when you give up on anything, you are giving up on yourself! I have been through some tough crap in my life, and I think that is why I work so hard and never give up with this new lifestyle I got going on... AND nothing I have been though lately is as bad as the what I would suffer if I gave up now!!!

    Some of my favorite quotes are from movies, but they are helpful:
    Never give up, never surrender!
    (Galaxy Quest)
    Keep moving forward!
    (Meet the Robinsons)

    Those two are great sayings to motivate me to dust myself off and keep going towards the goal...
    3524 days ago
    emoticon one kick butt coming your way.........hang in there sweetie.just going thru a "blimp".....hope all looks better tomorrow emoticon
    3524 days ago
  • STEELY123
    You don't really want to give up or you would not have written the blog.
    Get yourself well and then rewrite it with all the positive things in your life.
    I lost 100lbs before I joined Spark and the Goonies. I was stuck both emotionally and with my weight loss and wanted to give up more than just the diet. I wanted to give up my life. The support I got from all the Goonies team was phenomenal.
    Consider yourself well and truly kicked up the rear.
    Keep posting and keep talking about how you feel. You are not alone.
    emoticon emoticon Katherine
    3524 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2008 7:04:52 PM
    I had something planned I wanted to say but I changed my mind. This is me kicking you in the ass. For second guessing yourself. You are better than that!!! I want to be your buddy. I can give you loads of motivation. How can I call you. It's free for me where ever you are. I could give you my e-mail address and then you could give me your telephone number so I could call and chat with you. it's up to you. I can be as far away as you want me to be
    3524 days ago

    Lorrain Honey Here is what you need to kick this failing willpower right in the keester! Make today day one all over again and start fresh with:
    The Essential Keys of Success!
    Setting realistic goals - including weight, exercise, food and psychological goals - before you begin a weight loss plan is essential to a successful program.

    Things You’ll Need:
    SUPPORT: PEOPLE, PEOPLE ,PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Walking Shoes
    Low-fat, Low Cal, High Fibre, and Protien recipies
    And a measuring tape.

    Step 1
    Begin by setting some small daily goals. Your weight goal might be to lose 1 pound per week. If you hardly exercised in the past, you might want to walk around your neighborhood for 20 minutes every day. (If you like, split it into a 10-minute walk in the morning and another in the evening.) Your nutritional goal may be to reduce your fat intake. Your psychological goal may be to write in a journal every day.

    Step 2
    Establish intermediate goals that are a little more ambitious than your original goals. For instance, two weeks after you begin to meet your daily 20-minute walk goal, extend your goal to a daily 1-hour walk; start eating smaller portions at every meal; and seek counseling for any self-esteem issues you might have.

    Step 3
    Determine big-picture goals; this includes the total amount of weight you'd like to lose by the end of your program. Make a commitment to jog or run every day to maintain your weight and health; learn how you can shop, cook and eat as nutritiously as possible; and take up an activity that you think you have a knack for - this can keep up your self-esteem.

    Step 4
    Set time frames for your daily, intermediate and big-picture goals. As you progress from one to the next, reward yourself. Go shopping, get a facial, take a weekend trip. You deserve it!

    Step 5 Dejunk your house and LIFE!
    I'm talking literally pitching and tossing all high fat, high calorie refined carb foods; anything and everything made with white sugar and flours!
    And if you're the type of person who does not and will not waste food? There are food banks around the community that could definalty use the food!
    And in life rid it of all the negativety you can Change what you can and let the things go that you can't! And then FILL your life with POSITIVE things that will empower the midn body and spirit!

    Step 6
    Fill your cupboards fridge and freezers with low fat, low carb complex carb foods; wholewheat and multi-grain breads, pastas, high fibre cereals; oatmeal, red reiver cereal, wholewheat shredded wheat, All Bran, Bran flakes, Wholewheat pancake or waffle mixes.
    Fruits; apples oranges, bananas, pears, peaches, plums, grapes, cantaloupes, honey dew melons, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon is big this year!
    Skim or 1% milk, no salt butter, yogurt, nuts; walnuts, almonds,

    Step 7
    Most people today drink way too many of their calories from other beverages like soda, juice, flavored coffees and teas, sports drinks, fruit drinks, artificially-sweetened drinks, etc. Drinking 8 10 ounce cups of plain water a day—in place of, not in addition to—these caloric beverages can help with weight management. Plus, most of these beverages don't offer any health benefits, while water does.

    Step 8
    Activity Levels!
    Stretching Goal: every morning seven days a week! Ten minutes a day. That’s what you’re going to do: ten minutes a day. Til you reach your goal, you will spend ten minutes a day stretching before you begin your cardio or strength training exercises! Cardio: Find a Go to exercise to do for 30 minutes 7 times a week Start Small Stay consistent. . Make it easy. It’s okay if you finish thinking it wasn't hard and that you could have done more – that’s what the next day is for. It becomes a challenge
    Strength Training Three days a week Monday Wednesday and Fridays using the challenge that has been already set in place. Whenever we tempted to drop the weights and grab a cookie instead, this is what we remind ourselves : The top 3 reasons everyone should strength train (and LOVE every minute of it): 1. Strength training preserves muscle mass during weight loss 2. Strength training elevates your metabolism 3. Strength training helps you lose weight more easily

    Step 9
    LOG IN to your support network and tools!!
    To log in means to activley participate within the team every day; recording your first/initial weight and measurements, keeping up with the challenges you have joined, blogging daily/weekly as to your progress. Filling out you Nuturition; food tracker, making available for captains to see (accountability)
    Filling out your fitness cardio and strength training and other goals! Again making them availble for captains to see (accountability)

    3524 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2008 6:58:28 PM
    Lorraine I saw your picture. You have come along way. Don't give up now! I know about getting out of the loop, but I also have two children that I need to pay attention to and I pretty much get on the computer any chance that I get. Sometimes its late and sometimes early. You are here though! I am here for you....just as many others are. Get to feeling better first and then worry about everything else. Taking care of yourself having the flu really is taking care of yourself.

    Hang in there and get better soon!

    Christine emoticon emoticon
    3524 days ago
    Donot give up, First things first get over the flu. No excercise or food . Just soup, water, and juice until your better. Once you are feeeling better, you should be ready to get back on track. Eating right and excercising can build up your immune system so that you wont get sick again. Please don't give up!
    3524 days ago
    Do not lose hope things will work out. Keep with it and do not give up. The Goonies did not give up on their quest to find the treasure so you should not give up either. Think of the weight loss goals as your treasure, once you achieve it you will be better. I hope you get feeling better.
    3524 days ago
    Hi Lorraine!

    You asked for it.

    Do not quit! This is NOT what you want. If it were you wouldn't bother posting. You know you want to lose weight and you know you want to get that old fire back.

    Okay. You have the flu. That's a bad break. I hope you are pulling out of it, but as weird as this may sound, use this as a spring board for getting back on track. You haven't felt up to eating so chances are you are on the down swing, weight wise.

    Do yourself a favor for your flu and for your weight loss. Eat your veggies and fruit and start your good food habits now while you're not bothered with cravings.

    If you need support I'm only a spark mail away. No excuses for quitting!


    Audrey emoticon
    3524 days ago
    I don't believe you want to quit because you are asking us to support you.

    We love you and support you - you are one of ours when you join the Goonies!

    You can't decide what to do as sick as you are. Get well and then get your butt back here and start using all the wonderful tools available here at Spark People.

    I was having a lot of trouble staying on my plan until I started using the Nutrition Tracker and only went over once! That is really incredible since I really do love to eat.

    I would be proud to be your buddy!

    Praying for you too!

    just another goonie emoticon
    3524 days ago
    Oh gee..think I know that feeling well...having said that it is NO time to kick you in the kiester!!! (Naomi would kick my kiester if I did cause she just had the flu..she wasn't a happy camper!)

    It is not a nice thing to suffer through...but you WILL get better...Amber has really good ideas...just take your time...know we are all here for you...ANYTIME!! Perhaps we can substitute for a phsical presence...I hope so....but the biggest thing you have to remember is that you are doing this FOR YOU!!! You have to care more about YOU!!! Hope tomorrow finds you feeling better

    Please blog soon again so we can encourage you as much as you need...Caring Hugs
    3524 days ago
    Don't give up. Once you get to feeling better you'll be glad you stuck with it. Noone wants to worry about diets or weight loss when you're sick. You want someone to show you they care. Know I care and you can email me any time if you need someone to talk to. My email is:

    Try to rest and hope you feel lots better in the morning.
    3524 days ago
    Lorraine. I hope you get better soon. The flu is not fun at all. As for the kick in the pants you got it. As soon as your better this is what you need to do. Just move, move the arms stretch as high as you can, hold it, now relax, hold your arms out to the side, just stretch, hold it. now move them to the front, clasp hands together, stretch, hold it. and again. Doesn't that feel better. Now the pool, is there a pool nearby. IT would be a lovely day for a swim, go for a few strokes, feels better already. Now, what to eat, that salad looks delicious and no bread for me thanks, The grilled chicken and steamed veggies sounds lovely I think I'll have that. No thanks not too many carbs. I know what i need to do.

    Now ask yourself some questions.

    1. Why do I want to be healthy?
    2. When I am on track how do i FEEL?
    3. When I go off track how do i FEEL?
    4. What do I need to do to work on me?
    5. AM I IMPORTANT AND SPECIAL? (the answer here is YES!!!!!!!)
    6. Do I want to be a slave to the food?
    7. Do I want freedom from pain?
    8. Do I want to replenish my cells and keep toxins from building up in my body?

    Answer these questions, write them down and put them everywhere, Now go get a picture of you at your heaviest, blow it up and put it on the fridge with a big note, explaining how you want to change. This is a great reminder.

    I know you can do this and I am not giving up on you.
    3524 days ago
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