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Phase 3: Week 3: Day 7

Friday, July 11, 2008

B: Oatmeal with a very small glass of grapefruit juice
S: grapes
L: Turkey chili w/ part-skim mozzarella cheese
S: grapes
D: Probably nothing b/c I have to proctor my students' final exam from 7 to 10 pm


I'm on campus right now watching my students take their final exam. The last day is always special to me b/c by this time, I become attached to my students. Sometimes I feel like crying when they turn in their exam and bid farewell to me. I see only a handful of them around campus afterwards, too. *sigh* oh well.

Lately, I have not been feeling hungry. Instead, I have been feeling very nauseated. I think it is b/c I'm so stopped up, and the extra waste doesn't know where to go now. I drank some Smooth Moves Tea today. I feel even more stuffed after drinking that. I decided to stop taking Yo-Plus and will also steer away from Fiber One b/c they both have too high of a sugar content. In fact, Fiber One has high fructose corn syrup and aspartame (which I know is also in Splenda). Yo-Plus contains refined sugar. I now need to investigate Activia and see what that has. Also, my digestive tract wasn't becoming regular even after 8 days of consuming the stuff. I've stopped the little pooping I was doing before. Oh well...

I plan to work out once my students finish their exam. I hope they finish before 10pm.

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FAWN-RAIN 7/29/2008 4:59PM

    if you are feeling blocked up, i wonder if a colon cleaning is in order? i was looking into it. seems rather gross hahaha but it is suppose to do wonders..some people loose 10 pounds after doing it.

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    Are you going at all? This is serious. In the a.m. before you put anything in your mouth... drink 8 -16 oz of warm water. It will help push stuff out. Are you drinking enough water? I don't like feeling backed up AT ALL!!!!!! I despise that STUFFED feeling in the intestines. Do you eat enough fiber. Oh I hate the feeling you're having. I want it to stop and I'm not even you!

So what's going on now? It's been 4 days since your last blog. Let me know you're well.

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TANN7404 7/12/2008 11:21PM

    I am worried about you calorie intake. It seems like it is little food. I am a big gal so I get 1450-1800 cal a day but wow. Please let me know if i can help in any way.
I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of spinach luckily I am always loose and on the go. Here is what I ate today. I hope you are getting a variety. I am only concerned and hope not tooo nosy emoticon

We recommend that you get at least 8 cups of water a day. Click the arrows to track the amount of water you have consumed. 9

July 12

Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice With Vegetables Soup, 2 serving 186 24 4 12
Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 2 serving 157 21 7 2
Ham, extra lean, (5% fat), 3 slice (6-1/4" x 4" x 1/16") 111 1 4 16
Bread, whole wheat (including toast), 2 slice 256 47 5 8
Kraft Mayo Fat Free Mayonnaise Salad Dressing, 2 tbsp 22 4 1 0
Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average, 3 slice, medium (1/4" thick) 13 3 0 1
Pringle's fat free, 1 oz 70 15 0 2
Beef chuck, arm pot roast, 4 oz 139 0 4 24
Baked Potato (baked potatoes), 0.75 cup 85 20 0 2
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner, 0.75 Serving (makes about 1 cup prepared) 194 36 2 9
Carrots, cooked, 0.5 cup slices 27 6 0 1
Flour Tortillas, 1 oz 92 16 2 2
Beef broth, bouillon, consomme, 1 cup 17 0 1 3

Chicken Breast, no skin, 1 unit (yield from 1 lb ready-to-cook chicken) 78 0 1 16
Honey Mustard, 2 tsp 20 2 0 0
Lettuce, red leaf (salad), 1 leaf inner 0 0 0 0
Popcorn, air-popped, 1 cup 31 6 0 1

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GIRLINBRAZIL 7/11/2008 8:45PM

    Hey, I was gone all day and decided to take a minute and check my mail and saw your recent entry pop up! I don't know what you should do about being stopped up. Hope it works out shortly. Maybe it is the special drinks!

Best wishes for you to get out of school early!

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