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Cold Weather, Lousy Week, Big Brother is Watching

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reading the paper this week I read an article about "binge drinking", it seems our illustrious government has decreed that 4 standard drinks constitutes "binge drinking". It's official then 90% of Australia are "binge drinkers" and all because somebody with too much time on their hands has decided to lower the bar.

The same is happening with the "obesity epidemic". Good grief it sounds like a germ that you can get. Also in the paper were pictures of football players (six packs and rippling muscles) and according to the BMI they were "obese" Now don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that I need to lose weight and svelte is what I'm not but I detest the term "obese"

We have senators saying they are going to have to do something about the obese. Yeah like what? Stick us in the stocks, refuse us food that some sticky nose decides is not healthy, or maybe stick us in a compound behind a wall so we don't upset the sensibilities of the "normal" people. Who the hell do they think they are? I pay taxes and am a carer for 3 people (who I might say are what these people claim to be the correct size) and am the only healthy one in the family at the moment.

When I take my family members to hospital, I'm amazed at all the "normal" people in there getting treatment, I have never been in hospital and had to use an inhaler only after a particularly bad case of the 'flu. I am sick and tired of being labelled a drain on the health system because of my weight,

To all the politicians and wastes of skin out there, a pox on all your houses!!!

Geez, you reckon I'm pissed??

I'd just like to be able to eat normal food and not have to live on a lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato. If I stuffed my face with cakes and chocolate etc all day I could understand why I'm not losing weight, but as it stands at the moment, my family eat what they like and I put on the weight for them.

Not impressed.

So after venting more than Mt St Helens I'd just like to tell all those interfering government numnuts to find something better to do, you know, like fixing the public transport or the public hospital system so that everyone is covered, do the job you are paid to do and stop stuffing around with rubbish that is none of your business.

Thanks to anyone who actually read this, I feel better already just by posting it.

Hope someone can see the funny side of this, I can to a degree.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "Normal" is overrated!! emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    3373 days ago
    the only thing I can say is ......... emoticon
    3376 days ago
  • INDIGO66
    WOAH... I agree with SO MUCH here it's NOT EVEN funny! And just WHAT IS "normal" anyway? ARGH... Grrrrrr... emoticon

    REIGN ~ LOL... Yeah, I'll pee in someone's Cheerios for ya too, Flower. I know a few "government officials." LOL...

    You be "K." Just BE YOU!!! emoticon
    3376 days ago
  • REIGN1
    HERE! HERE! I agree!! emoticon

    Its all big brother trying to take the attention away from the real issues!!
    People have this hair brained stupid idea that if you look good everything is okay!!
    I hate that!! I have had lots of docs and people say you look so good!! Well I say kiss my ass I would rather look "bad" in there eyes just to feel totally healthy! How exactly is a sick person supposed to look and act like???
    People are nukinfuts!
    Glad you ranted!!!
    I will try to pee on someone today in your honor!! emoticon
    3376 days ago
    I know there's billions uot here that agree!

    & Esp what Squirtzie said too! No kidding, what's next? What they should/could be doing is forcing manufacturers to find another way than adding 10x the sodium to frozen foods ;o) I mean, even the "non" low fat items are just loaded with salt!

    If they're that concerned, give us subsidized gym memberships ;o) (and then go work out for us... errr... ;o) heheh)

    & the comic, too true as well! I think mine's broken again, it just refuses to tell me I only weigh 100 pounds... go figure emoticon
    3377 days ago
    Boy, do I agree with you! Minnesota and North Dakota are in the process of trying to go completely smoke free. I don't smoke anymore and I feel kind of sorry for the smokers. Once this is passed, what will they try next--NO fast food? emoticon
    3378 days ago
    I guess it doesn't matter where you live. Politicians are doing/saying the goofiest things and it doesn't seem like things get better for the common man. Glad you could vent to us all.

    So glad that you don't give up even when your scale is not moving. You are a wonderful person and I'm so proud that you are in good health and taking care of others.

    Great comic!
    3378 days ago
    well said juleen, you are super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    have a great weekend!!! jilly
    3378 days ago
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