The Last Supper

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So no one can truly reach quite the same bang for a final meal as Christ. That's fine, I'm not one to want to compete with the divine, you know?

I've been reading Gastronaut by Stefan Gates. It's a funky sort of food book, and what happens when I go to the library to pick up a collection of essays for a paper that end up being about food. You grab the other books around too. Oh well.

One chapter, he goes into famous last meals, like the Last Supper, or the last meal served on the Titanic. But there's something he wrote in there that somehow grabbed my attention:

"Mama Cass, the legendary vast singer from the Mamas and the Papas, did not choke on a ham sandwich bought in London, as is famously assumed. Her death on July 29, 1974, was due to a heart attack assumed to be linked to the effects of long-term obesity.

And here lies the most important lesson of all: Much as you shouldn't wear dirty knickers in case you get run over and the nurse sees them at the hospital, so you also shouldn't eat crap food in case you die swiftly afterward and are remembered for what you ate rather than what you did."

Two things there. First, dying from obesity complications. But honestly, it's not the scary thing for me. It's the second thing I took from it: What if I'm remembered for what I ate rather than what I've done?

Don't think it doesn't happen. My husband has an aunt who happened to bring up one of her first memories was of me piling on the desserts at a buffet. Now mind, the woman's an interfering busy body who makes completely uncalled for comments (that instance and how it was said being one of them). Rather than air her dirty laundry, let's just say that I'm tired of being remembered for crap I ate 14 years ago.

Ironically, I was checking all the new posts in my teams this morning, and someone had posted an alternative view on last suppers.


I love that the lesson learned here is that "There will be more meals, this isn't your last. You don't have to shovel it all down in one sitting." And even though that seems contradictory to the above, it's really not.

Someday, it will be your last meal, and you don't know when that is. So don't eat crap, just in case. But between now, and that last supper, there will be plenty of other meals. You can have more food. So eat the good stuff, but in moderation.

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