Over 90 NEW SparkGoodies to Choose From!

Monday, June 09, 2008

When we launched SparkGoodies last February, members like you provided us with overwhelmingly positive feedback…and a lot of ideas, too! So last week, we added 92 brand new SparkGoodies for you to choose from when rewarding yourself and others for a job well done.

Many of these were suggestions from our members, such as seasonal Goodies (we added a Beach Ball, Beach Towel, Umbrella, Swimsuits, etc.), more "inexpensive" items (over 50 of the new items cost 25 points or less), and more Goodies for the guys (how do golf clubs, yard equipment, a sports car, and a grill sound?).

You can go to any SparkPage and click "Give USERNAME a Goodie" to browse through the newly updated store.

We hope you enjoy these brand new SparkGoodies, which give you a fun way to spend all those SparkPoints you earn.

If SparkGoodies are new to you, read the article below for more information:
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