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Wipe Out!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Well, I've got my new treadmill (Sole F63, half-price at Dick's Sporting Goods!). It's all assembled, up and running without a problem...must be time to celebrate and do the happy-happy, right?

So why have I been plagued by lethargy and apathy these days? Still getting on the 'mill everyday, but it has been a real challenge. I feel so WEAK when grabbing the dumb bells these days and I HAVE blown off my strength-building over the past few days, which bugs me to no end! Last Thursday I went to bed at 7 pm and slept right through to the next morning! But I didn't really feel re-charged as I hoped I would. I haven't put in a night of sleep like that in DECADES!

I found out that the supposed 5% incline which I thought I had been using over the past couple years has in reality only been about 3%...and now that I AM using 5% I find it so GRUELING! My new treadmill gives a digital readout of my workout summary and that's how I found out that when one sets the incline for "5" on the treadmill, it doesn't mean that you are using a 5% incline...go FIGURE! How counter-intuitive is THAT?!?! So by trial and error I found out that incline setting of "8" results in a 5% incline reading on my workout summary. So I've been using the "8" setting...KILLING ME, but haven't backed off from it yet...hoping my body will acclimate soon enough...! Sweating like CRAZY these days during my 'millwork! Still listening to my mp3 player and while the tunes help, they haven't gotten me pumped and revved as they have in the past.

Some old friends had wanted to get together later this week and I haven't yet gotten back to them about where, when, how...I feel too EXHAUSTED! I will call and see what I can set up...as I know I don't get out often enough with folks.

Been trying to get to sleep a little earlier...10-10:30...but am stirring awake in bed already by 5-5:30...force myself to sleep till 6-6:15...it's so darned LIGHT out at 5!

I have a routine check up with my doc on Fri., so will run this by him, probably get bloodwork done, see if there are any answers there...

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    Don't allow yourself to get too frustrated. I have learned some times I over train and will exhaust your body and mind. If you feel weaker doing what you once felt stronger at, that may be a sign of over training. I agree on some time off and then get back to it. May be not quit altogether if you are afraid it will be too hard to pick back up, but just back off and do some light walking and gardening outside, or whatever you enjoy.

    Stay strong and good luck with your check up.
    3422 days ago
    Hang in there. Sometime we just have to keep putting on foot ahead of the other and things straighten out.
    3422 days ago
  • TASHA8183
    just keep working at it! maybe you need to change your intake a bit? not sure...but I know you got this far, so I have no doubt you can come up on top from this little slump =)
    3422 days ago
    is it possible that you've been overtraining? maybe you were already at the limit of your energy when you bumped up the incline. what if you took two or three days off and then eased yourself back in? anyway, let us know how things are going!
    3422 days ago
  • ~LESLIE~
    Hang in there Don. Maybe when you go to your Dr.'s he'll tell you your iron is low. That happened to me a few years ago. I was working 2 jobs and the doc was surprised I could make it to even 1. He said I was like an 8 cylinder car but only running on 3. Lets hope it's something simple and you'll be back to par soon. You're doing well and I'd hate to see your pace slow down now.
    3422 days ago
    don, don't get discouraged. it appears that you aren't backing off as a means of being more determined and stubborn for yourself since you're disappointed in finding out that what you thought you were doing wasn't what you were doing. [did that make since]---you didn't get to this point over night, so give yourself a break. why not cut the difference for a week and help your body get used to the difference ----maybe make that 5% a goal. it may even help motivate you a bit?

    are you doing anything such as listening to music or watching a show/movie while on the treadmill? just trying to come up with some ideas to help make it less gruelling on you.

    i've been sweating like crazy every time i get on the treadmill lately, too. --i don't shower at the gym, because i still have a walk home. but lately, i sure haven't wanted anyone to stand next to me LOL.

    good luck at your check up and keep us posted. --don, you have been doing fantastic, so don't kid yourself into thinking that you haven't been.

    3422 days ago
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