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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am currently on a weight loss regiment called the Alternate Day Diet or the "JUDDD"/

Years ago I followed a Carbohydrate Cycling diet which consisted of eating nothing but protein and vegetables for 3 days and then eating lots of carbs for three days. Its called the "Fat Burning Diet" I lost about 50 pounds on this regimen. The program has been recently revamped into a program where you eat low carb one day and high carb the next.

Years later I became fascinated with the concept of fasting and went on a similar regimen which brought my weight down just as quickly. I went on a total water fast for 2 days out of the week and then ate anything I wanted for about 3 or 4 days and then returned to the water fast. I lost about 65 pounds on that regimen.

Recently I have been reading a great deal about carbohydrate cycling and getting a good understanding of the importance of insulin and glycogen in weight management. What I have come to realize is that part of the reason why these sort of diets actually work is because they:

1. Help to subdue and lower the amounts of insulin in our system when reduce calories/carbs on the "on " days. Insulin of course is a fat storage hormone as well as a hormone that encourages water retention.

2. The lower calorie/carb days actually help by lowering our glycogen levels to the point where once we have our day of consuming higher calories the carbohydrate calories that would have normally been turned into fat are used to replenish our glycogen stores that were depleted the day before.

3. Lowered Glycogen levels means that our bodies are utilizing more of our fat stores for energy.

4. One of the reasons that low carb diets end up stalling in the long run is because after the glycogen stores are depleted in our bodies and we go into ketosis, eventually the body senses this is a problem and slows our metabolic rate.

I am thinking that its possible that the deprivation days significance might be more about it being lower in carbohydrate than low in calories?

Any thoughts?
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  • CG83BF88
    Yesterday was my start day (DD) and I was fine with it! Thrilled to see the scale today as I have been holding fluid! Am so is my first UP DAY! Looking forward to much success and meeting other members. emoticon
    2103 days ago
    Thank you everyone for the feedback, I appreciate it a great deal.

    I am now in the process of preparing to follow the plan by the book.

    The one of the things that concerns me is that the author of the Alternate Day Diet suggests that individuals utilize the meal replacement shakes as opposed to using normal food and he recommends some of the shakes (slimfast) that i think are unhealthy due to the sucralose and other ingredients in them. I would worry about the effect that those sugars would have on people blood sugar and could cause hypoglycemia.

    I'm considering either sticking to small amounts of protein foods on those days (tuna etc.) or buying a health protein powder supplement (whey) and sipping on that throughout the day. Once can of tuna is only about 250 calories or so, that would give me another couple hundred calories to work with on my low calorie days etc.

    Does anyone have any ideas for a healthier supplement?

    Also does anyone use any low calorie smoothies...or is that basically an oximoron.

    I am also wondering about the importance of eating small meals irrespective of the calorie intake. From everything that I have read and observed, it seems like this is the idea way to eat (multiple meals) to keep our blood sugar even etc.

    How do you approach your low calorie days?

    Note: One of the things I realized with this diet is that each time that I went through a cycle of under eating and then overeating I lost a significant amount of water weight. I knew it wasn't fat weight because the change would be really drastic and noticeable in the mirror in a short period of time, almost a few hours after I ate my first high calorie (carb) meal. It wasnt until later that I found out that this kind of depletion/loading process is what many bodybuilders used in the past in order to lose water retention to achieve the "ripped look"

    Apparently what happens is that when you lower your glycogen levels to a certain point when you eat alot of carbs, your body pulls all of the water under your skin and into the muscle and flushed alot of the subcutaneously water out of your system.

    Anyway I suppose its not the same experience for everyone but I found this effect to be another one of the "pluses" to using this diet.
    3586 days ago
    I think that you will be a great asset to our team. It's great to have fresh ideas and I think that's a great theory. I believe in thinking outside the box and sticking with it. I sure feel better by restricting my calories. I've had two free days and I feel sluggish and looking forward to getting back on track and losing the sluggishness. I always feel sluggish if I eat too many carbs too many days in a row. Again, welcome and post often...Bug
    3587 days ago
    Good luck on your weight loss quest.

    This diet has really supressed my appetite. I'm sure it will help you, too.

    I'll add you as a friend. I have a blog, too. I'm thinking of only doing it once per week though because I am working two jobs right now.
    3588 days ago
    It's definitely the 500 calories on the down days that is the catalyst for the plan but low carbs help too if you're so inclined. I did low carb and it helped me to get to goal faster but now at goal I seem to be able to eat the carbs again (of course, not to excess). I like your thinking though. Those who coddle themselves and don't put food in it's proper place (necessary to live but not forentertainment and pleasure) will find it harder to reach their goals. They continue to idolize food and are in a constant battle with it because it rules their lives. They want to be thin but refuse to put food in it's proper place. A tool to live, and not to live for...Bug
    3589 days ago
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