So I stepped on the scale this morning...

Friday, May 16, 2008

So I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 125!!! That's my goal weight! Now, my weight tends to fluctuate by a few pounds, so I'm sure tomorrow it will be back at 128 or so, but still, woo hoo!!!

Now that the scale says what I want it to, now I've just got to convert some fat into muscle mass. I still don't like how much fat is around my thighs though I'm happy with my tummy now :) I think it's the cellulite - without that I'd probably be fine with how my legs look, with the one exception of my inner thigh rub. I'm tired of having to replace my jeans because they get worn where my thighs rub together :(

But yeah, this Swimsuit Bootcamp is great!!! I think I'll continue the workouts even after the challenge is done. Coach Nicole is the best :) While I don't expect to see HUGE results at the end of the month, I can tell already that I'm getting a little more toned.

I think another thing that has helped is joining the Virtual Racing team. It's nice to be held accountable for the miles I run. I actually ran 3 whole miles yesterday just because I knew I'd be letting my team down if I didn't do them. I still have four more miles to get in today and tomorrow, but that doesn't seem like a huge task after running three yesterday, plus I felt like I could have even gone further!

Anyway, I'm feeling great and looking forward to picking out my new bikini :) Oh, and getting a fake tan, lol! No pasty legs for me!
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