Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do you ever feel like everyone you run into wants SOMETHING from you and you just don't have enough time to get everything done? Sometimes it feels like people think you should drop EVERYTHING to take care of their needs and the hell with you own needs. I feel that way.....A LOT.....especially at work. Like somehow, because I don't have a husband and kids, I don't have a live and don't deserve to have free time or down time, or time to myself. I mean, come on, no family?? Well then obviously I should be able to put everything else aside and be at everyone elses' beck and call. HA!! That sucks. And to be perfectly honest, I am tired of bending over backwards for people, putting myself LAST, and not getting so much as a thank you. NO...instead, I am only worth some peoples' time when it is convienent for THEM. Well, I'm not really keen on the whole, "your my friend when it is convienent" type of friendship.

Hmmm....maybe I am suffering from "diet rage'......or maybe I am just tired of working 60 hours a week.....or perhaps I am tired of inconsiderate people.....then again, it could be that I am tired of people thinking I should always drop EVERYTHING to take care of their needs......then again, maybe I am just plain tired and need a vacation.

emoticon I don't know what it is.....but it sucks.
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    Flack from Setting Boundaries March 23

    We need to know how far we'll go, and how far we'll allow others to go with us. Once we understand this, we can go anywhere.
    — Beyond Codependency

    When we own our power to take care of ourselves — set a boundary, say no, change an old pattern — we may get flack from some people. That's okay. We don't have to let their reactions control us, stop us, or influence our decision to take care of ourselves.

    We don't have to control their reactions to our process of self-care. That is not our responsibility. We don't have to expect them not to react either.

    People will react when we do things differently or take assertive action to nurture ourselves, particularly if our decision in some way affects them. Let them have their feelings. Let them have their reactions. But continue on your course anyway.

    If people are used to us behaving in a certain way, they'll attempt to convince us to stay that way to avoid changing the system. If people are used to us saying yes all the time, they may start mumbling and murmuring when we say no. If people are used to us taking care of their responsibilities, feelings, and problems, they may give us some flack when we stop. That's normal. We can learn to live with a little flack in the name of healthy self-care. Not abuse, mind you. Flack.

    If people are used to controlling us through guilt, bullying, and badgering, they may intensify their efforts when we change and refuse to be controlled. That's okay. That's flack too.

    We don't have to let flack pull us back into old ways if we've decided we want and need to change. We don't have to react to flack or give it much attention. It doesn't deserve it. It will die down.

    Prayer for today:
    Today, I will disregard any flack I receive for changing my behaviors or making other efforts to be myself.

    3513 days ago
    I have a book called THE LANGUAGE OF LETTING GO by Melody Beattie. Each page has a date on it and you read the one page only . It is my "second Bible". Take a look at it if you have time. This book deals with everything.

    The title is mis-leading because it is about taking care of self and deals with so much. Please check it out . I think you will love it.
    3513 days ago
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