Why it sucks to be a fat vegan

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Being vegan leaves me open to all kinds of questions like...

1. Don't you miss (insert food here, favs are steak, cheese, fish)?
2. Where do you get protein?
3. What do you eat all day, salad?

Here are some answers:

1. Sometimes, but my health is more important than brie!
2. Soy, nuts, seeds, veggies. Besides, you need less protein than you think.
3. Well no, there are lots of foods out there that don't have meat or dairy in it.

But, being overweight...there is an added layer....people look and I feel like they are thinking...why would I bother, it hasn't helped her health?

I wish I could explain to them that my choice to be vegan doesn't strip away the other issues in my life. Think about it - a bag of potato chips or a bean burrito are vegan, but don't exactly add up to a healthy diet!

So please, think about going vegan, and when you do it, yes, eat'll be healthy AND thin.
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  • ARI9999
    Last year end of July, I was reading the book " Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser. After reading the book I couldn't see or touch any meat or meat products. I thought it is something temporary and I will start eating meat again in a few days. Well that didn't happened yet (9 months later). What did happen though was that in the first week I lost 6 pounds without dieting. This just proved me the fact that the animals are fed with all types of hormones to make them have more appetite and grow faster. So after about 2 weeks I started eating organic eggs and now I am also eating one type of plain organic yogurt and 3 types of cheese. That is all the dairy I am eating. So Joyce by trying to leave out the animal products for a week might actually do something good for your body and for your weight loss. Try it! Take it one day at the time, you will be amazed.
    Toragirl - people are asking me similar questions to yours, and after I am telling them the story above as well as the fact the I lost 36 pounds, my cholesterol is in normal ranges, same with my triglycerides, they are asking me to write them down the name of the book so they can read it too. Just be patient, people listen even if they don't want to show it. I saw that you are also a member of the Eating clean team. I learned a lot from them and also bought Tosca Reno's book about 2 months ago. I am very happy I did as the weight and the fat % is going nicely down. Good luck!
    3588 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/25/2008 9:40:53 PM
    I've considered at times becoming vegetarian... for me, I just don't have the extra mental resources to learn a(nother) new lifestyle right now. I'm focused on losing weight and becoming fit, and for me, that's a major change already, and I can do it while eating all the foods I've been eating all along. I do eat vegetarian meals now and again - I like them. To me, though, becoming vegan is such another big change. I think if I tried that now, I'd fail miserably!

    Kudos to you for following the paths that fit you, especially when it means you have to deal with so many questions. As a homeschooling parent, I understand the question issue entirely! Sometimes, you just wish people would actually think about what they're asking before they ask (for you - surely people know they don't get all their protein from meat, or have eaten foods that aren't animal products that also aren't salad!... for me, surely they can know that homeschooling doesn't mean you're sequestered away in your home, isolated from the community and people).

    Perhaps as we travel this weight loss road I'll read more about your vegan lifestyle and be motivated to at least go vegetarian (maybe even vegan) by the time I've come to the end of the current path.

    Your blog sounds like you've written out of frustration - I could have written something similar when my cousin asked if my (11 year old) kid would have any social skills being homeschooled (as she sat behind him chatting and laughing with to the other guests at the gathering we were at). Despite the negative place it's coming from, it's got me thinking about positive changes, sticking to your path, despite the fact that it's clearly the less travelled one. Thanks for that.

    I was having a moment (wanting to cheat) and reading and responding to your blog helped me past that. Thanks for that, too :o)

    3589 days ago
  • LILLIAN364
    My honey is obese and vegan. He was a meat eater when he put on most of extra mass. He gained about half of his extra mass when vegetarian. He was eating 'healthy' vegetarian fare, not much cheese or eggs, but just too much and he doesn't like fruit or raw vegetables. Fake meat products packed in the calories and he eat lots of rice, potatoes and pasta . He still doesn't like fruit or raw vegetables. I have a house full of produce but he was complaining last night it was too late to cook and there was nothing to eat.
    3589 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/24/2008 9:38:28 AM
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