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My thoughts on the scale

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am noticing how much the scale is affecting me, lately. I know it’s suggested that I weigh myself once a week but I’m lucky if I can stick to once a day. The ones later in the day don’t have an affect on me, good or bad, but I am noticing that my mood and thoughts seem to obsess with how much I’ve lost.

Many days it’s a good thing. I think to myself “I can tell people I lost (fill in number) pounds”. Today I didn’t go to the gym because I’m going to take a long walk after work. I use the scale there to have my official weight loss because I feel it’s not as temperamental as my home one. So I step on my home one for a general gauge and I lost 1.5 pounds from yesterday. My thoughts all day have been…
I wish I would have gone to the gym.
I wonder if it’s true or if it’s proportional to the gym scale.
Can I tell people I lost 31.5 pounds now? Or could it be 32?

In the big reality of things…a pound or two is not that big of deal. That’s the other thoughts I have had today. I am quite lucky that I haven’t really gained any weight (one pound at the most) but do get a little down (not totally, thank God) if I am the same weight a few days in a row.

Yesterday I thought I would have a goal of only weighing in every Tuesday. Then reward myself with something in two weeks. One would think that this would be an easy goal…but it’s not. I think it’s harder than sticking to 1200-1500 calories a day. Heck, I even obsessed for two days on whether I should write about it thinking if I do, then I’ll have to do something about it. Maybe I should start out small and reward for every other day or something.

OK, now I’m just rambling!!!

I know I’m doing well. In addition to over 30 pounds I’ve also lost over 15 inches so I do look for other signs of progress, too. Maybe it’s not so bad that I weigh daily.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for the congrats on my 3 lb loss. You're right! A loss is a loss and I am going to be happy for every pound gone.
    I was also reading your blog and I have the same problem. I want to step on that scale every single day but I realized one day that the scale was dictating how I felt about myself every day. I had a love/hate relationship with myself. If I was down a pound I was pleased with myself and would feel too relaxed about my eating and therefore gain back that pound. If I was up a pound, which was inevitable, I literally hated myself that day. I felt it was best to set the scale aside and work my hardest to lose weight during that week and see the results at the end of that week. It works for me. Yes, I am tempted to step on that scale in the middle of the week and yes, resisting that temptation is harder than keeping within my calorie range! But I work harder at it if I don't see right away and hopefully I will see better results.
    And for you......31.5 or 32 pounds what's the difference!!! You've done great! I do think you should just pick one scale and stick to that one. Then you will know the true weight loss.

    3588 days ago

    So I read your post and I couldn't help but think of myself. Well my gym had an old doctor's scale that clearly wasn't right. So they replaced it with two floor scales with digital readouts. I am not even kidding here, there was an exact 4 pound difference between one and the other. It didn't matter where you put it at all.

    So a couple of weeks ago I go in on Saturday to work out and to weigh myself that day and one of the scales is gone. Now, I don't know which one is left. The correct one (read the lower amount one here : ) ) or the extra four pounds one.

    So I get on the scale and I know it is the extra four pounds one because it says I gained two pounds. Which is not even possible with the way I had been eating and working out. Nonetheless, it threw me into a tail spin. I was grumpy and moody all day until my work out the next day. I was going to even go and buy a scale for my house and use that scale as my measure.

    Well long story short, I come into the gym a couple of days later and there is now an old style one with the dial with numbers on it and the digital one. Neither one is correct. they are both about 4 pounds heavy give or take. I have decided to just give it up and not worry about it. I am gauging my weight loss and the accuracy of the scale simply on how much I am working out and how I am eating.

    Accepting that the scale can be wrong, it can be that time of the month, you are bloated and all of these things are factors but KNOWING that I did all I was supposed to and am still takes the anxiety out of the number. Sticking with it and moving forward is so much more of a challenge for me than the number on the scale.

    So here is my completely unsolicited advice. Toss your scale at home. Don't use it. That same impatience to see a lower number on the scale and to see a sleeker form in the mirror will be the impatience that will allow you to throw up your hands and say forget it. The weight did not come on overnight and it will not come off overnight. You have lost 30 pounds. That is amazing! You are now 30 pounds closer to your goal and you have three months of experience to draw on for what is working for you and what isn't.

    You know as well as anyone that the scale keeps you accountable but it isn't a measure of your effort and dedication, it is only a non-reliable and innacurate approximation of your current, at that moment, body mass. Don't let it be the only factor you measure yourself with. Good luck.
    3595 days ago
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