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My Run In With The Law

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last night was interesting... work went relatively smoothly....which considering we have big shots from corporate office in, and are installing a new thing that we are all trying to learn...i say that is a miracle... i was out of work by 11...decent time considering... coming home, i took a back road that i don't often take, and was rewarded by seeing 2 was awsome...they were only like 5 feet away, and showed no fear of me being there...just looked at me and what looked like them talking... was too cute... my dad was a avid dear watcher... he just loved them... so this was an extra blessing for me... and then down the road a happens... the one thing everyone hates to and blue lights...flashing behind YOU...uhg... i wasn't speeding... i wasn't swerving... so i pull over... roll down my window, and put my hands on the wheel and waited... he comes up to the window about a minute later...WOW..he is a hunk...i don't know what i did, but he could of hand cuffed me anytime... uh... i did not just say that...*blush* anyways... he asked for my liscence...i told him i had it in my pocket and moved slowly so i wouldn't get shot... i do feel sorry for these police officers and know that they always have to be on guard..anyways, i give him my liscence...then he asks where i was going...why on earth do they always ask that??? why do they need to know?? i mean heck...if i was getting ready to go do something illegal, would i actually say so??? lol luckily i do have more sence not to use my quirky sense of humor to these nice gentlemen in i tell him i am just getting off work and was on my way home... in which he asked how far that was... so i answer him, just in the next little township 5 minutes away.... he tells me my tags are expired...EXPIRED??? oh no... it was my birthday a couple weeks ago, wasn't it... i told him i had just gone back to night shift and my mind was still trying to catch up and that had totally slipped my he asks about my driving record... which is almost perfect...and i told him so...only thing was driving without insurance a year and a half ago, which was remedied and never to be repeated, but i still had those points... but besides for that, nothing... no speeding ticket, no accidents..nothing... he then asked for my proof of which of course, wouldn't it be the funniest thing...i didn't have emoticon i have insurance, and i had the receipt that says i paid for it, but didn't have the insurance i did give the receipt to him, and he takes it back to the let's back track a bit..i also forgot my cell phone at home no way to call anyone... after checking my driving record..he comes back with only my liscense and insurance receipt in hand... smiles at me..and oh what a smile..sparkled even in the dead of night..and i swear...those lights i seen flashing didn't look quite so red and blue any more... more like white warm sparks...and then he says, you do realize this is a towable offence... at that point, i didn't know whether to cry or ask if this would also get me hand ok.. so on with this...i said no Sir, i didn't... he said he was letting me off with a warning, to go straight home and get it taken care of asap...i promised i would first thing this morning... and trully...i just wanted to get out of the car and hug him..real close...but ok, so i wanted to do that even before he gave me that wonderful i mean this guy was..uh la my mom and i are taking daughter to get her while there...i'm going to go ahead and get those tags...the next time i run into the nice police officer, i want it without me being illegal emoticon

oh..and i lost 4 pounds... so all in was a wonderful night.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey JoDee:) So glad your son is OK and boy oh boy! what a great Mom you are to send him off to school!!! You went back to work too I read on Good Morning about him being I got the whole picture! Thanks for a good laugh as others have mentioned, you are a great story teller. When will your first book come out? I will be on line to buy an autographed copy:))
    3634 days ago
    OH my. Once when I was like 17 or 18, I was waitressing and one night I didn't have a way home and this really nice cute adorable officer offered to give me a ride home. WOW!!! For real!!!! So, I did what any decent, respectable, single, young, red-blooded American girl would do. I invited him in for coffee. He accepted. There is just something about a man in uniform. Oh, what nice memories.!!
    3636 days ago
    Ooh, I had to put a nice cold glass of iced water on my forehead to cool down as I read this blog entry! I LOVE cute police officers! In fact, I was walking behind two of them on my way out of the health club this morning. You'd think that I would have looked around me to figure out what's going on and determine if there's any danger, right? Nope, I just kept my gaze right on those two cutie pies! So I enjoyed two hours of vigorous exercise in my group classes, followed by some calorie-free eye candy... Not a bad morning, huh? LOL

    I'm so busy daydreaming that I almost forgot to congratulate you on your four pounds of weight loss! Now let me take a few gulps of that iced water... ;-P
    3640 days ago
    i knew from the title that would be a great read, and it was!!!
    3640 days ago
    It's bad form cracking up at work. I'm going to have to read your blog when you get home. That was funny.. "I wanted to get out of the car and hug him, "real close" SNORT!

    Suggestion. Use your spark planner. Ask it to send you and e-mail to remind you weekly for a month before tags are due. You are totally going to be sparking, might as well use the tools and you will get a point next year for your own reminder!

    3641 days ago
    Oh my, what a night. Love it when the cops let you go with a warning. Interesting to know that driving with expired plates is a towable offense. I didn't realize that. It's amazing what stress and changes to schedules do to a normally organized person...
    3641 days ago
    HaHa!! Too Funny! I am buying you handcuffs for your birthday! Oh wait you probably already have them??!! I'll try to get the cop to sing you happy birthday or Something??? You are gonna take up speeding now, ain't ya?
    Drive safe!
    3642 days ago
    Double woo hoo!! Way to go!!!!!!!
    3642 days ago
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