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Friday, February 29, 2008

Hi Everyone!

We've made a change to SparkPages that we wanted to let you know about.

If you go to edit your SparkPage, at the top right is now a checkbox that says "Only allow my friends to see my page." If you check this box, only those people who are friends on your SparkPage will be able to see it. Even if someone adds you as a friend, if you haven't added them they still can't see your page.

We wanted to make this privacy option available to those who want to use it.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I also agree. People who use the site should have the availability of this option so that they can obtain the level of privacy they need to feel comfortable. Thank you.
    2597 days ago
  • JCH261
    Still a little bit confusing, but I think I'm getting there. How do I add a buddy(friend) if I can't access their Spark Page?

    3625 days ago
  • YESI1211
    I like the fact that pages were public because people come here to find and stay motivated and encouraged and being able to freely surf SP for that push they need is what SP is all about. If everyone makes their pages private I believe SP will lose rank with the members. I vote for taking that feature out. It beats the purpose of SP which I thought was a support system for people trying to lose weight.
    3635 days ago
    To answer some questions:
    - If a page is private and you'd like to see it, you can SparkMail the person to add you as a friend.
    - This will affect SparkPeople Motivators in that if your page is private, only your friends can see it and thus only your friends can vote.

    Overall, we are figuring that this option won't get use too often. However, a number of members have requested this, as some people are more private than others for different understandble reasons.
    3646 days ago
    To me........true motivators will not block their pages. They will also not put out personal information that could be dangerous (just like we teach our kids) for everyone in the world to know. If someone is using the blog for personal reasons, this will be a great option. If it's to help and motivate others nothing should change. (I mean if you have 50 friends from this internet site , how many do you REALLY know anyway).
    3647 days ago
    How does selecting this option affect being voted as a motivator?
    3647 days ago
    Thank You.
    3647 days ago
    i think it is a great option...i have not the concern that some do, but i'm glad you can put their minds at ease...thank you for addressing this concern...a satisfied"customer"(^_^)karen3
    3647 days ago
    Thank you for the option.
    3647 days ago
  • 38MARIE
    I like it just the way it is.
    3648 days ago
  • JACKIE4019
    This is great, I've been reading about the concern of others who are concerned about privacy. I personally don't care but I know others are worried about it. Thanks Spark
    3648 days ago
    Oftentimes, I get to "meet" a friend by viewing their spark page. If I don't read about them how will I know I even WANT them as a friend? I guess it is fine for those that don't want anything out there, but why even have a spark page if you don't want people to read it?

    I am afraid I just don't understand, but I guess it is OK for those who want this option.
    3648 days ago
    Thank you so much for adding this option! I've been so impressed by SparkPeople's sensitivity to the needs of all of it's members, even when needs are so varied sometimes. I can think of so many situations where this option will allow users to feel more comfortable using the incredible features that SparkPeople offers without sacrificing their own safety and peace-of-mind.
    3648 days ago
  • PAMELA984
    As always, I'm amazed at the content and enhancements that are continually going on with SP. I, personally, don't care who sees anything I'm doing - it keeps me accountable, but this is great for those who don't quite feel that way yet.
    3648 days ago
    Thank you so much for the option, it's appreciated.
    3648 days ago
  • AVA1967
    Some people have been abused or talk about their violent marriages, and the idea that their abusers or husbands or people at work would read about their cry for help, has scared some members. This new feature, will effectively protect those members, so they can still get support from friends, but not be seen by others. Most people probably won't use it, but I do think it's a good idea to have the option. Thank you Spark People.
    3648 days ago
  • BEEJAY49
    I'm with everyone else. I think it's good to have others see our spark pages. If it's mostly because of the blogs, then they can check to have them private. I think we all need that extra support anyway. You can make so many new friends by random people seeing your spark page, just don't create one if you don't want anyone to see it.
    3648 days ago
    People who want to make their page private could do it before this change. The good thing is now those that do not feel ready to publicize their struggles can enter the "circle" one step at a time by allowing those they trust to visit their page first. Later, perhaps, when these individuals become more confident, they will open up to the world of SparkPeople.

    Just my thinking...
    3648 days ago
    I don't see this as a positive thing. The purpose of Spark people is to all be able to help each other. Why does it have to get complicated with privacy issues. If people don't want anyone to know there situation, then why do they join Spark People? Just a thought.
    3648 days ago
    Always good to have an option
    3648 days ago
    I hope people don't chose to make their pages private to just their friends. There are so many great stories on this site - they're so motivational but if their private only a handful of friends will get to hear them.
    3648 days ago
  • SANDYD64
    I too must say that though I can see that this could be good, I see more not good in it than good-for the reasons stated here. Why be on here if you are just going to make it where people cant see you? Kinda takes away from the community idea that is a major key to the success of SP.
    3648 days ago
    I won't be taking advantage of this option. I like the visits to my page and also to make visits to other Spark Pages! It seems if someone doesn't want the abilility for others to see their page, they might be better to NOT create one.
    3648 days ago
    It is too bad. The great feature of Spark is that we work together as a group to help each other achieve our goals. This is a unique feature that is not offered in other weight loss web sites. It sounds like we are headed to become individual islands rather than a community.
    3648 days ago
  • KITT52
    Will it stop people who google it from seeing it?

    3649 days ago
    I appreciate all the changes for us, but I don't want to make my S/P private, as I enjoy all to check it out. It is so encouraging when others leave messages, etc. LaVerne
    3649 days ago
  • JOEGIRL6113
    Thanks for the info.
    3649 days ago
    I can see its uses. I sometimes have other people visit my page that later on become Friends. If you pick this option, you could be eliminating the chance to make some new friends.

    3649 days ago
    Way cool!TY I'll think about that option.
    3649 days ago
  • BKP4166
    I have some of the same questions...I often use the Spark Pages when greeting new people and on the message boards I use it to see if I see something to give me some insight on how and what to respond about. If you don't want a person to list you as a friend....you have the option to delete it. As someone else mentioned, you can't add them as your friend if you aren't on their Spark Page. I guess if it bothers some folks, it's okay, but it's not my choice...my spark Page says a lot about who I am.
    3649 days ago
    I like the Privacy Option. Thank You.
    3649 days ago
    They have to type in your user name on their own sparkpage ...

    My concern about this feature is more along the lines of Community Team and Team Leader requirements. I've received so many words of thanks from people because I visit new Team & Spark member pages to welcome them; sometimes catch a team members blog title which tells me they need some encouragement, etc., but don't want to say anything on the boards because the're not wanting to hear a bunch of platitudes at the moment ...

    I think the pages should be private to non-spark members & have no intention of making mine private ... I try to write blogs (another CT requirement) that are upbeat, inspirational, motivating, and sometimes just humorous with the idea that by doing so I am helping others.

    Another question I have posted on the CT message board thread about this subject is "what's the difference between choosing to have your page offline, and making it private? ... isn't this feature somewhat defeating in terms of encouraging others, dropping off "goodies" (I use them as rewards for people who do well and participate in challenges I set up), and finding people who are in obvious trouble & need to be brought to the attention of the Coaches?
    3649 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/29/2008 8:19:13 PM
    Same question here! This isn't a feature I'm thrilled about but guess if it was requested often enough, you had to add it.

    3649 days ago
    How do people see you to add you as a friend if they can't view your sparkpage?
    3649 days ago

    3649 days ago
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