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My cat has fleas!!! EEEECK!! Still recovering from willies!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Last night I was snuggling my totally indoor cat who has rarely ever been outside and most definitely not lately! He weighs about 25 pounds (and is in desperate need of Kitty Sparks!!) so picking him up is out of the question, especially for me with my shoulder acting up these past few days!! So I laid down on my side on the carpet and he snuggled right up and he immediately started patty-pawing my arm. We had a nice snuggle fest and I capped it off with a nice thorough combing. I was walking to the trash can to throw out the combed out fur when I saw something that I have yet to recover from seeing!! One teensy little flea!!! I immediately squashed it! But once you find one, the news only gets worse!! So now we can add eliminating a flea infestation to the long list of woes plaguing my house!!!

However, within seconds of discovering the unwelcome traveler, my entire body was itching!! And then it itched and itched and; well, needless to say, I am still itching and still recovering from a horrendous case of the willies, even following a nice, long, hot shower!! Now every time my scalp itches, those miserable willies just come right back and flow thru my body. (Gee, I wonder how many calories I am burning from these willies?? Hmm, could be an idea!!! Nah, just too wretched!! Trust me!!)

I have dealt with fleas before but each time I knew ahead of time as I was petting him or combing him that I was working with a flea infestation. This time, I had no warning because he had combed out clean just 2 days prior! (Ever vigilant, I always check the comb out for fleas!) This one caught me totally off guard!! Besides, it is extremely rare that we get fleas since our cat rarely goes outside, unless someone leaves the door open or the wind blows it open. So how he ever gets fleas will remain one of those eternal mysteries like crop circles and UFOs!!!

And to think that whole time I was snuggling my oversized fur ball, I had been laying on the carpet right there in the middle of the newest flea capital!! EWWWWWW!! (Shudder!!) There it goes again!!

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    Oh my! Your poor baby and you! Sorry for the fleas. My furbaby never goes outside, so I really don't ever look. Guess I will. Course, with the major bald spot she created on her tummy, I'd hope I'd notice them! Here's hoping they're gone for good.

    3677 days ago
    Life is sure full of twists and turns. Fleas.... in February! I would have been completely surprised by your post if I hadn't had my dogs at the vet just last week for hot spots. While fleas they determined were not the cause, the vet did tell me that nowadays we should be using flea medication year round-- especially when winter is as unusually warm as this one. Good luck to you and your kitty.
    3680 days ago
    OH Ticks are the WORST they are like little tiny blood sucking spiders ----talk about getting the willies - not to discount your flea encounter but keep in mind you could have just one and it doesn't turn into an infestation *giggling at your reaction*
    3680 days ago
    Fleas are SO GROSS! Years ago we actually had to get rid of cats that were so infested we just couldn't get rid of the fleas. Thankfully the products they have now are light years better. Don't skimp and get some cheap knock off at the grocery store. Go to the vet and get the good stuff or buy it on the internet from Australia where you can get pet meds without a prescription. Did you know fleas can go into a hibernate state for literally years until the conditions are right for them to come out???

    3681 days ago
    I know what you mean about flea willies. Shudder. Those flea medicines you put on the back of the neck are great and you will never know you are using them. (no smell or anything) Good luck!
    3681 days ago
    Poor kittie... The fleas can come in on your shoes or anything else that comes into your home as well. the little critters are hard to keep out. the only thing i have found to defeat them is Advantage drops (they go on the cats fur from the back of the head to the bottom of the spine) and at the same time using flea bombs throughout the house. This means you and the cat have to be out of the house for 3 or 4 hours, but its a small price to pay considering the fleas infest the carpets and couches and... oh yuckie.. never mind. you get the point.
    Time to declare WAR!
    Good luck
    3682 days ago
    Hope that 1 flea doesn't turn into more. We have 4 completely indoor cats
    (one is allergic to fleas) and 1 got outside for one day and we had battled fleas for several months. The Flea bombs did not work, nor did other products we tried. We found a product on the internet and we asked our vet about it and they highly recommended it. I don't know the name of it, but it's a powder you put on your carpet. We haven't had flea problems since then. The powder is very fine and when fleas get into the carpet, the powder suffocates them.
    We occasionally get 1 or 2 fleas here and there, but like you, I squish them!
    I've been told by several, that fleas can get into the house even if your pets never go outside. They come in through the doors and sometimes YOU bring them in. Eeek!
    Sad thing is, they even make it in the house in the winter time. my brother got bitten my the fleas all the time, and I never did. Funny thing is, all 4 cats sleep with me.

    Hope the 1 flea doesn't turn into an invasion. Good luck to you and your kitty!
    Give your kitty a pettin' for me! =)

    3682 days ago
    Double Yuk, I hate them too. Aren't they hard to squash too?? Buster's never had fleas (so far) but he does get ticks - they make me feel sick - especially when they get really big *pukes*. Now I feel itchy too! :( Hope your shoulder improves (have you had it looked at or do you do what I do - ignore it and hope it goes away, lol).
    3682 days ago
    You sound like I felt when my daughter came home from school with Lice...I fumigated the whole house & we BOTH got the de-lice treatment! ANY critter makes me creepy. Now we have our dachshund & he's of the indoor/outdoor variety, so fleas aren't quite so foreign...we treat our yard, we bomb the house every 3-4 months, and Normie gets the "good" flea medicine from the vet. Good luck in getting rid of those pesky little buggers! Let me know if you find out where they're getting in! Take care, Angie
    3682 days ago
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