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An Early Morning Wake Up Fall

Friday, February 15, 2008

that's read it right... it's not a typo...As most everyone knows...i get up about 4:15am...i am not and have never been a morning person.... so by Friday...i am usually dragging butt to get up just one more time... as most of you also know, i have to do this and be sick has been a test of my character... i also went to the eye doctors yesterday...and at 40 yrs old...i may have glaucoma.... i still have to do another test... anyways... this is weighing heavy on my mind... and as i'm sleepily walking down the steps this morning, thinking of how awful it would be to not see the stars in the sky any more...i..uh...hit a patch of ice... as all of you know by now..i have a wicked sense of humor...and to see someone fall really sets me to giggles... as it did this morning...though.... i didn't get to "see" myself... i do wish i had a video camera so i could watch that moment...over and over...and over again...roflmao... i mean... here i am... looking up at the stars, having a major pity party for myself... next to last step...all ice... the feet slide out from under me, my arms swing.... my butt goes kurplop...and i without ceremony..not only fall on my butt... but plop down that step...the next step...right into a pile of snow.... where i land flat on my butt...legs spread wide...and my skirt above my head.... it's 5:25am and now very much awake...bbbrrrr...and i can't even get up cause i am laughing too hard... i'm still laughing so hard my stomach hurts...just not as much as my right butt could of been kept quiet...noone had to know that i took my yearly fall..yes..i do this at least once a year...more often than not, i have lots and lots of witnesses...but this one, i just knew i was home free...nobody is up that darned early... so i was more than willing to let everyone believe i made it the winter without the fall.... except... during that arms were moving around furiously trying to catch my balance... and half the contents fell out of my purse... of course i did not see that was too dark out...and when i did look for something and could not find it, figured i forgot to throw it in my purse... so when a frantic call comes from son at my work place wondering if i am all right... and him saying half the contents of my purse was all over the secret was out... mom took her fall.... which has provided laughter all through the family... and in which is why i am sharing with you.... i figure if it can't be kept a secret..i may as well share the giggles...tehe...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I miss you and your sweet humor Miss Kitty. I may have to join one of your teams so I can see more of you!
    I am so sorry about the vision. I hope it turns out to be incorrect. That would be very sad indeed! I will keep you in my prayers.
    Make sure you don't fall for anything! loves ya!
    3613 days ago
    Too funny! I totally laugh at myself when I fall as well. It's definitely more often than 1 time a winter :)
    3617 days ago
    Those darn snow falls are some of the worst .. I was just amazed you could laugh afterwards. I have a hard time laughing when the tears are freezing on my face LOL. Glad you made it out ok. Elli
    3621 days ago
  • SNIX66
    Brings new meaning to the ole line ; " Have a nice trip,see ya next fall!"
    3625 days ago
    OMG kitty! I am so relieved you are not hurt. Yes! looking at it from a funny point of view, especially now that I know you were not hurt, I can laugh too.
    not to worry so much about glaucoma- its treatable. I would be more concerned of your bronchitis. Take care and make the most of your long weekend.
    3625 days ago
    Are you pulling Kylies..oh dear! I didn't have a purse and I didn't have a skirt on..thank goodness! WE know you're ok..cause your writing this know about looking at the sky when you lease expect it ...and laughing! Good life story for the grands someday!
    3625 days ago
    Glad that you weren't badly hurt. Your sense of humour always seem to help you.
    As to the possible glaucoma, if it is caught early it is very treatable.
    My grandmother had glaucoma she still had her eyesight when she died at the age of 93.
    3625 days ago
    First of all, I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. If I took a fall like that, I would have gotten so upset. I would have concentrated on my sore muscles, my wet clothes, and stuff falling out of my purse. Yet you saw the humor in the whole situation and was able to have a good laugh. Kitty, you just reinforced one of the reasons why I am so inspired by you. What really matters is not what happens, but how we handle the situation. I have so much to learn from you, my dear!
    3625 days ago
    Dear Kitty, What a wonderful description you gave of your yearly fall. I am so glad you were not physically hurt. You have a great gift of writing. Thanks for sharing with all of us your little "secret"! LOL
    3625 days ago
    OMG Kitty, I hope that you are all right! I can see it now! Ok I am really trying not too giggle here, ok, it is hopeless. Hope someone took care of that icy step for you!
    3625 days ago
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