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FINALLY another pound down

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

So I've been wavering on the 170-mark. Just yesterday the gym's scale said I was 171. Which irritated me, because just the day before I was 170. And I had no clue why it was saying I had gained a pound.

I was down yesterday, (more winter blues) and could barely make it through any working out. I actually only worked out for about 15 minutes yesterday and then had to stop because I started to feel really dizzy and weak.

Disappointed in myself I went home and started on a crazy binge. Ok, not too crazy. But my lunch didn't satisfy me as it usually does. So I had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.

I thought I'd be fine then. But no, I was still hungry. So I had some 100-calorie popcorn. My husband called and I explained how nothing was making me feel like I'd eaten ANYTHING. He then brought me an ice cream cone from McDonald's. Usually that leaves me feeling full for a couple of hours. They're awesome!

But no such luck this time. I finally tried again with a Kashi bar. Finally I felt full! It only took lunch and four snacks apparently!

So then I thought, whew I'll be fine now. Ran a bunch of errands because my husband, being sick, didn't feel like going to the gym. I, still not feeling up to it, was fine with that.

Ate dinner, whole wheat pasta, 2 cups veggies, and a slice of toast. Again usually I'm feeling GOOD and full after that. Nope, so my husband tried with another ice cream cone. The dairy and goodness of it leaves me good for the rest of the night.

AGAIN, didn't work. Tried a 15-calorie popsicle. Which totally distracted me from wanting to eat. That is, until I finished it! Hubby drove to Safeway because I was out of Vitamuffins. Had a chocolate Vitamuffin and finally felt content.

In the end I ate just under 2,000 calories and only burned 100 at the gym. The scale this morning? 169. So apparently I lost two pounds by eating a total of SIX snacks and 2,000 calories.

Does this make any sense? No. Have I learned to just move on with my life? Yes.

Basically the scale never makes sense to me. It'll say I lost weight when I think I shouldn't have. It'll stay the same for days on end, mocking me. It'll say I've gained weight when there is no reason to. Does this stop me from using the scale? Not at all. It's the only way I have to show progress. Measuring doesn't work. I measure about once a month and there usually isn't much difference. I seem to have to lose more than 5 pounds or so on the scale before the measuring tape will reflect anything.

What I have learned is that while I'm baffled, I don't let the scale affect my mood for the day. Scratch that, I TRY to not let it affect my mood. Hey, I'm certainly not perfect.

What was the point in this blog? I don't know. It's mostly just to show myself that I can do this. Gained weight? Who cares, I can still make it to the gym. I can still (attempt to) eat right.

In the end I'm happy that I have a body. That I have something to get me where I need to go. And the scale can't change that fact.

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    You're doing great, and believe me, I know exactly how you feel! Don't bother weighing yourself every day. It can fluctuate 2 or 3 pounds just from water retention (which comes from too much sodium). Try every week, at the same time and wearing the same clothes. You'll notice much steadier progress that way! Keep up the great work!
    3654 days ago
    This makes some sense to me, in terms of the concept of calorie cycling. Check it out, some people swear by it to get past plateaus!
    3657 days ago
  • LISALU910
    I have so had the exact same experience as you! I have had a period of time when I counted every calorie, 1200/day, and exercised 6X/week and the scale didn't budge. Then I decided to take a week off "dieting" and I immediately lost 2 lbs! I didn't go on a binge or anything, but I did like you did just "munch, munch, munch" trying to get satisfied. I also could NOT FIGURE THAT OUT! All I can say is that after that experience (about 6 weeks ago) I decided that being hungry does NOT work for me. I bumped my calories up to about 1500/day - also increasing the intensity of my workouts - and the weight loss has stayed steady now at 1.5 lbs/week.

    I agree measuring is harder than it sounds. For example when you join SP it asks for your neck measurement (huh?) and although I've lost almost 20 lbs mine is still the same. (so what...who measures their neck?) And the waist/hip measurements are hard because how hard do you pull that tape anyway? I can get anywhere from 29"-31" on my waist depending on how much I suck it in and how tight I make the tape! :)

    Anyway, you are making progress....keep it up! For some odd reason I also got stuck at the 170 mark, it bounced up and down for a week or two but now its moving again and so will yours. Good luck!!
    3659 days ago
    And it's a more healthy body than the one you had over a year ago!!! Keep you chin up. Winter blues are only temporary. And I think that we've all had those days we get into our workout and just simply don't feel like doing it.

    Today is a new day and you'll be able to start over with your routine!!!
    3659 days ago
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