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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How long do you sleep at night? Are you a deep sleeper or do you get up often? Do you nap?

If left to wake up naturally, I sleep for 8-8 1/2 hours a night. Definitely closer to 8 1/2 hours when I'm working out hard like I am currently. I'm generally a pretty deep sleeper and will sleep through the entire night - except now that I'm trying to get my water in, I usually wake up once to go to the bathroom. Naps are not for me. I wake up wanting more, not feeling rejuvenated.

Other than wanting to sleep 30 minutes longer, my sleep hasn't changed too much since starting SparkPeople. How about you?

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DETRMND2LOSE 4/7/2010 3:00PM

    My sleep patterns have changed quite a bit since I started working out and eating healthy. Right now I get about 7-8 hours sleep each night. On the weekends I naturally wake up only about 1/2 to an hr after my alarm clock would normally go off. I'm happy that my body is on a set routine.

I still wake up about 3-4 times a night to pee though (can't help it because of the medication I am on). In the summer it is even worse than that. My sleep apnea and snoring have gotten so minimal it doesn't bug my husband anymore. Yay!!!!!

I am a firm believer that the more I work out and get healthy the more my sleep becomes much more restful and beneficial to me!

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RENLLY 4/7/2010 1:09PM

    Mmmmmm sleep. I usually get a good 7 hours every night, but I am bad and on Saturday nights I tend to stay up waaayyyy too late and then sleep in. I never feel good on Sunday after doing that.

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ROAD_RHYTHM 4/7/2010 12:36AM

    Tonight is a funny night for me to be answering this... since I have to be up in two and a half hours, and I couldn't fall asleep, even after trying for two hours. If left to my own devices, I'll sleep for between 8 and 9 hours. Thankfully, I don't usually have to be anywhere early, since it takes me a very long time to Get to sleep, usually more than an hour after turning off the lights. I wake up a few times during the night, more and more often as day comes on, but in general I'm not a light sleeper, just a wakeful one.

So much has changed in my life since starting SP, it's hard to say what's actually affecting my sleep, but I'm definitely a lot more consistent than I used to be.

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RUNGIRL4LIFE 4/6/2010 10:04PM

    I have never slept this good in my life since I started working out. Working out really makes me crash. I agree I do sleep a lot sounder now too. I would wake up with ever little sound that I heard but now I am a very sound sleeper.

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JUICYGRL 4/6/2010 9:39PM

    If I get to sleep at a decent hour, I can sleep for 8-10 hrs. depending on what's on tap for the next day. If it's a free weekend or an off day, it's more like I'm hibernating. I also LOVE naps and couldn't imagine my life without them!

LOVE the pic btw!! emoticon

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SARBEAR6364 4/6/2010 7:45PM

    Lets see, on a typical night I sleep 4-5 hours in chunks ranging from 30 min to 2 hours at a time. I have two jobs so I work at home during the night.

If I am able to let myself sleep, usually Friday nights, I wake up for the day after 5-6 hours. I just try to take naps when I can.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Do you use rewards in your SparkPeople journey?

I do. I've had three fabulous weeks here on SparkPeople. I've tracked my food, exercised, and felt great about it. Today on our 3km walk we popped by a local strip mall and found out there was a new florist. I purchased a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers to celebrate how well my journey has come so far. Every time I walk into the room I see them and smile, and they remind me of all the effort I've put in to this - and why I shouldn't take the easy route and let everything slide.

I have a variety of rewards set up for mini goals that I'm going to reach - a bracelet, a new haircut, yoga classes. What sort of things are you using to reward yourself?

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RENLLY 4/5/2010 2:24PM

    I love the idea of small rewards for small goals . . . I am going to get a haircut when I lose 5% of my starting weight.

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    That is emoticon Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

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ROEANDGO 4/4/2010 7:19PM

    I'm rewarding myself with bubblebaths! I had my first one in 4 years last week after a nice big loss. Whoo Hoo!!

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JOLA827 4/4/2010 5:35PM

    Beautiful flowers! What a nice reward! My first reward is going to be a pedicure! Can't wait!

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ILYAHNA 4/4/2010 5:31PM

    I don't yet because money it tight. But I will when money is no longer an issue.

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Weigh In - Down 1.2 pounds!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Yay! The scale wouldn't budge all week - I was retaining water like crazy! My fingers were so swollen I couldn't even *move* my rings. But this morning I woke up, stepped on, and yay! 263.4 pounds, which is 1.2 pounds down from last Friday!

I'm excited to be moving in the right direction. Today marks the beginning of the long weekend (yippee!) and some beautiful weather. I'll be getting out this afternoon for a 2km walk, and will pull out the Wii Fit and spend some time hula hooping.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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JUICYGRL 4/6/2010 9:40PM

    Congrats!! emoticon emoticon

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GLITTERSPARK 4/2/2010 5:58PM

    emoticon Congratulations! emoticon

Enjoy your long weekend - and the hula hooping!

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ROAD_RHYTHM 4/2/2010 1:38PM


Enjoy the weather, and the weight loss! :)

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SLIMMINCIN 4/2/2010 10:21AM

    Great Job Mel Mel! You are rocking it out..and are totally DONE!!! The weather is gorgeous here too, I can't WAIT to get outta this office!!! Keep up the great work!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Meet Broccoli

Monday, March 29, 2010

I love fresh fruit and veggies. Love. But when I went through this past week's nutrition logs I found that I only met 5 servings of fruits & vegetables once. Once. I definitely want to improve this, not only because they're super-amazing-good for you, but also because they fill you up.

Because I know this is something I need to work on, this week during grocery shopping I picked up a fruit platter and veggie platter. It's a little pricey, but everything is cut up and ready to go, and easy to either add on beside a meal, eat while cooking a meal, or tuck into a lunch bag.

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LADEESUNSHINE 3/30/2010 12:29PM

    Love your picture! Great job looking back and seeing what you need to work on! Go Comet Go You CAN do this! emoticon

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SWEETZMIX 3/30/2010 11:06AM

    Kudos to you for realizing something and making the effort to change it!

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99SPORTY 3/30/2010 11:04AM

    LOVE your pic! I'm working on getting all my servings in too - The filling you up part - and low calorie part - is very worth it. (and of course the good for you part too)

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GLITTERSPARK 3/29/2010 8:28PM

    I love broccoli, and it is much easier to deal with when it is already washed and cut up into bite-size "trees." Way to go on getting your freggies in!

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    Okay, so I have NO problem eating my fruits and veggies; I actually love them. HOWEVER, I developed an aversion to the B word (yes, THAT B word) during my first pregnancy. 14 years later and I have not gone near that creepy green crawly ewwww....
but I digress.
Good for you! emoticon Anything that gets 'em in is a good thing, even if it's ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, broc...well, you know.
Have a great day.
Grace and peace,

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RENLLY 3/29/2010 3:16PM

    Hello Brocolli !! I too love my freggies, and always have about three or four servings in my lunch alone.

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MEL_UNRAU 3/29/2010 2:33PM

    I love me my veggies... I am learning to love fruit. Buying in bulk precut veggies has been a lifesaver for me. I buy from costco, just to make sure I have enough for the week!!! Best of luck in getting those freggies in!!!

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SAMMYSWEETPEA 3/29/2010 2:24PM

    You don't look impressed to be meeting the broccoli! lol

The pre-cut veggies are a bit more expensive, but it's worth the cost if it helps you eat them! Once you are in the habit of eating enough servings, maybe you can buy "normal" veggies and chop them yourself. That worked for me. emoticon

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Weigh In - Down 2.4 pounds!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Woohoo! I've worked super-hard this week at watching my calories, exercising, and general healthy thinking and yay-yay-yay! I'm down 2.4 pounds! :)

I'm very proud of myself. I'm an emotional eater and this week had a little episode that usually would have sent me running for the nearest fast food place. Which then would have led to binge-eating, feeling good for a moment, and then becoming embarrassed and hiding the wrappers. Instead I reminded myself of my goal, and that I had a wonderful lunch waiting at home for me, and I did it! I resisted the emotional-eating call!

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NEELIXNKES 3/29/2010 2:06PM

    emoticon That's emoticon Keep going!

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LADEESUNSHINE 3/28/2010 11:44AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KATIEBETH7 3/27/2010 3:01PM

    Great job!! emoticon

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BEEFSHAKE 3/26/2010 6:28PM

    Keep it up!

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RENLLY 3/26/2010 5:53PM

    emoticon Good job on not giving in to your emotions - with mindless eating.

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THENEWCINDY 3/26/2010 5:30PM

    Thats emoticon emoticon

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MEL9300 3/26/2010 5:03PM

    Congrats! Keep it up!


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TLDICK81 3/26/2010 4:46PM

    emoticon emoticon Way to go!! This website helps me so much!!

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AMGM2001 3/26/2010 4:40PM

    emoticon emoticon

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