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I should never bake!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

So I made beetroot brownies yesterday (basically just chocolate brownies with beetroot), because I thought they sounded nice. I worked out the calorie content though-300 per piece!!!!! So I have been merrily stuffing my face with them the last 2 days and pushing my daily calorie intake over 3000! What?!

I did go for a run yesterday morning and a walk in the afternoon. And today I walked to the shops, but I cant imagine any amount of exercise makes up for those brownies.

I am cookign pizza from scratch tonight because I have a friend coming over. I will be using wholemeal flour, but I'm still not sure that really makes it more healthy!

Well, back to square one again really, because I cant stay away from the brownies until they are all gone. I have a serious will-power issue.

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LORNALARSON1 10/4/2009 11:08AM

    Wow! the brownies sound great! I did the same thing with cinnamon rolls today. ugh.
Home made pizza sounds delicious, too. You are making your foods...I'm doing frozen (more unhealthy and all the same fats!). I recently heard on a radio show the importance of appreciating food, and experiencing it in a different way by making it yourself. It's fantastic that you are running and walking, and staying aware of calorie intake. Maybe your friend can help take some brownies off your hands! Good luck with the will power issue. You are not alone in that.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's face it. I have commitment issues when it comes to my food, specifically commitment to reducing the intake and eating more healthily.

I am yet again back up to over 11stone. I am getting rounder in the belly department and my trousers are tight. And yet just a few weeks ago, I was doing really well.

I have signed up for a 20mile race in March though and realise I actually need to think about my nutrition as well as my exercise if I am going to make it round. I am definately getting fitter-having run 12.43 km at the weekend. Something I didnt think I would be able to do even a couple of months ago.

However, I need to cut out the fat, cut down and get some protein in. I have started fresh today and have been eating high protein foods. I even cooked a piece of fish for dinner, for the first time ever. I have eaten fish in breadcrumbs or batter, but never just got a fillet and cooked it from scratch. I also made a high protein shake with banana and peanut butter for breakfast which kept me suprisingly full this morning. I always thought if I had a shake/smoothie for breakfast I would be starving pretty quick, so I am really shocked that I wasn't. Infact I hardly felt hungry til about half 11. Usually I feel like I am starving by the time I get to work at 9am!

So let's hope that it helps me to tone up and convert some of that fat to muscle. I am now more focused on health and fitness than weight loss, but I would certainly like to slim down a bit still. My ideal would to be around 140pounds, but to have low body fat.

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GYPSYGOTH 9/28/2009 4:37PM

    i just recommitted too! i'm doing the Eat Clean Diet which focuses a lot on good lean protein to build muscle... nice job on the amazing distance run!! wow!
goooo us!

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Up and Down

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My weight has not been very stable this week, or consistently going down. I managed to stay away from sweet treats during the working week and was down to 149.5 on Friday (yesterday) morning, but then i went out for dinner, bought sweets at the cinema and of course I now weigh 151 again. So yes, that's what my body does.

I did go for a run this morning for the first time in 2 weeks, as I now finally have a new ipod and therefore no excuse to avoid running! I was suprised how much harder I found it to run up and down the hills as I have been living in London for 8months, where it is insanely flat. I am sure I will get used to it though.

I am cooking dinner for a friend tonight, which was going to be healthy, but she wanted dessert, so now it will also involve cheesecake and won't be so healthy. I bought 2 individual slices though, not a whole one, so we cant totally stuff our faces on half a cheesecake each (it would happen!). On tuesday we shared a giant apple crumble and custard, which was probably the equivalent of 4portions each-ergh!

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MALBEE2 8/22/2009 7:23AM


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Slimmer, but squishy!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

So I am still feeling that although I am losing weight, I am definaly more squishy round the edges. I am not too worried though because I had already decided to give me a week off to settle after moving and to get used to my new routine. So the plan is to start next week, with karate on Monday.

I was actually 149.75 pounds yesterday, but after a gian tub of ice cream, today I am 150.75. However, I am not disappointed with that anyway and it isn't my weigh in til MOnday. My aim was to be 149.5 on Monday, so we shall see-perhaps I just need a good poo!

I am definately feeling healthy right now too-I have been taking my own lunch in to work every day and there is nowhere that I can get snacks from at work (well, there is a vending machine, but I am ignoring it!). There is also a canteen, which doesn't seem very healthy, but does serve baked potatoes and salad, so that is an option if I absolutely forget my lunch one day. Plus I drive past a supermarket on the way, so I can pick up something healthy from there.

So far, so good then. I am not doing amazingly, but I am certainly proud of myself and feeling for the first time in a while that maybe, I could actually get back down to the 142 pounds that I saw last summer. And perhaps even at some point be at my goal weight of 133 (a random number, but it coincides with 9 and a half stone, seeing as I am English and we use stone mainly).


Back Home

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am back in Plymouth, which I consider to be my home. I started my new job this week and it is already so much more interesting than my last one. And as a consequence, I am eating less too. As it's a forensic unit, it is also way out of town, so there is no shop nearby to get chocolate/crisps, etc!

This week, my weight seems to be going down, but I actually feel bigger and I am quite squishy-the lack of exercise recently has obviously made me lose some muscle and gain some fat-and we all know it's not all about the weight!

I hope to begin running again this weekend. My dad lent me his ipod, since mine was stolen, but I need some headphones that will stay in while running. And next month, I hope to buy another ipod if I can afford it.

So all in all, things are roughly ok at the moment.


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