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Slow and Steady

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have been playing wii fit for 9 days in a row now. Yesterday I woke up with some muscle ache which is nice since I haven't been able to get that in a while. Either that or the pain hasn't been worse than the pains in other places. I have mostly been doing the little piddly exercises to strengthen my weakening body. I do the yoga, the back and shoulder strengthening, the mind and body and the various balancing exercises. I then top it off with some step aerobics, some boxing and a jog. It has been nice, I break into a nice sweat and get a little out of breath so I am doing some good! Today my husband fixed my elliptical glider for me so I can incorporate some good calorie burning! He just needs to find the thing to allow me to jog on my treadmill while I play the wii so I can run through the park and I will be good to go. My scale has shown a slightly fluctuating loss so I am hoping to see some real results soon. My family has also been playing with me so it makes it a fun family event.


Biggest Loser

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I know many of you will be shocked to hear this but I have never watched biggest loser before today. Over 40 lb loss in 2 weeks! Holy crap! So of course I had to go online and look at different tips and what not and some how I ended up finding that the best time to work out was in the morning and to start off with some metabolism boosting exercises. I should have known I just couldn't move that way when I saw the skinny guy doing a great job on the exercises in the video and then huffy and puffing after not even a 1/4 of what the ideal exercise was supposed to last. So the big thing I learned today is that although those people are 400 lbs in that show, I can't even do exercise at 230 lbs for 5 mins without passing out with pain. I hate being fat.

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GRANDMAAMIE 9/26/2009 11:41AM

    I love biggest loser .They do workout to the max but the one in the hospital lost weight just from walking . I know you can do this good luck.

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Yesterday was rough

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hearing that the bank wanted to screw around with our heads more yesterday was rough for me. I don't understand how they can say they are done, we will be closing Wednesday, Friday by the absolute latest and then say just kidding we want more bs paper work from the builder or never mind I want another appraisal even though the last appraisal was done by a FHA certified one. The emotional roller coaster, the fact the kids haven't started school because we were going to close in 2 more days for the last month, the fact I am living in an empty house without sufficient food and not even having a microwave makes life even harder. Then to have furniture needing to be delivered and not having a place to deliver it makes me even more crazy! The furniture needed 3 weeks for delivery which was 2 weeks and 6 days we should have been waiting for the house to close since we were told we would absolutely be closing then! How can they drag out an instant approval loan this much? It is frustrating. And the worst thing is I have no control over any of this and my husband who has some control is calm and acts like nothing is wrong. Which makes me even madder at him. I went 50 over my calories yesterday cause I wanted a banana really bad and the ones at walmart weren't good so I went to sonic and got a banana sundae since I technically didn't really go over my calories because I round up and felt that banana sundae would make life a little brighter for me but the banana they put into the sundae was so under ripe I could taste the gross of it even with hot fudge covering it! So, that is my venting for the week. Here comes the happy face I seem to plaster on my face the majority of my life just to make people around me feel a little more comfortable.

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LIS193 9/25/2009 11:28AM

    Hang in there, it will all work out in the end.

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GRAMPIAN 9/25/2009 11:23AM

  It's ordinary people like us who get messed about in this way. I do hope next week's better - I'm sure it will be.

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I can't wait

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It is just a matter of time before my phone rings and I am told it is time to close! I can't wait. I already got the 7 am wake-up call from the furniture store saying they are ready to deliver furniture. Unfortunately (and possibly fortunately if we don't close today) it isn't all of the furniture. The kids beds are in shipment 2 as well as the living room furniture and that isn't scheduled for delivery for at least another 2 days. The formal furniture is in another load completely and I should be getting a call from them today to deliver. I also haven't ordered the washer/dryer and fridge yet so I don't know what the delivery time on that is looking like. I am sooo ready to move! Please be today!


I love Halloween

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just knowing Halloween is coming makes me feel so much better. emoticon Halloween comes with beautiful fall colors emoticon and crisp, clean feeling air that makes me want to cuddle up with a nice bowl/cup of something hot. I love heated blankets and sweaters and snow! I absolutely love winter/fall foods. emoticonStews, chili's, soups, chowders, hot chocolate are a few of my favorite things. Baked goods! Breads and muffins and great decorations and then you get to decorate emoticon again right after Halloween for Thanksgiving emoticonwhere I get to be thankful for the many blessings in my life. And then Christmas emoticoncomes! But in my mind Halloween emoticon is always the beginning. I am just so much happier during these few seasons. I just wish that the beautiful weather lasted longer and that Texas emoticon summers weren't so long and horrible!

Note: I know a lot of my favorite things are foods but they are healthy foods full of veggies and beans and broth and whole grains and good for your soul foods! And since I don't ever buy store bought crap that lacks in flavor and is full of ucky stuffs I control what goes into my recipes and my good for my soul foods are also good for me as long as I share or freeze my extras!


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