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Ceiling didn't cave in...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So here I was minding my own business when I get splattered as I was meandering carefully through the kitchen! Hmm must have been my imagination but on the way back through, same thing! Oh did I mention this was in the dark... yes total darkness as I try to find illuminating equipment. You may have guessed that a massive storm went through (as big as you get without a tornado touchdown, as far as I know, large trees did come down) and we had no electricity for hours.

Torrents of liquid fell as the police closed off our street.. naturally just when I wanted to tackle seeing how many nano secs it would take to get drenched to the bone... NOT.

Finally, things illuminate and I hear heavy plopping noises from the kitchen! Yup a large serving plate size circle.. where there'd been none.. ever...dripping on the oven (which by the way needed a good wash anyway.. did I say that out loud?) Thus, I moved the pan that needed washing over and wha-la .. fixed for the time being. Wow was that noisy...and irritating as we decided to play a game.. oh right that is out in the car! So Phase 10 it was then. By now it was late according to the cell phone so off to bed in the high humidity heated home.. so much for the rush to get in the a/c HAHA ok ok I'm thankful it was in for the days before (that is another story so we won't go there).

Did I mention the fact that 3 weeks ago they had newly shingled our roof, plus put in all new stuff up there? Yup, yup they did. Did I mention that they haven't gotten the gutters on YET and how there is a lake and mud mess in our yard between the house and the car? Alrighty then.. I'm moving on with my day and thinking of how blessed I am that the ceiling didn't fall in... well, at least it hadn't when I left for work. whoohoo LOL

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PRAIRIECROCUS 6/26/2013 11:56PM

    I'm glad your ceiling didn't fall in !
Glad everyone is o.k. !

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LINTPICKER 6/26/2013 11:59AM

    The joys of heavy rainfall! I am glad nothing crashed in on you and the water for the most part stayed outside!
God is good. He watched over you and just think, helped you clean your stove! tee hee!

Hoping for dryer (and cooler) days ahead.

Where I live (in the desert) we don't have much rain.... I'm not sure I remember what it looks like. But we do have heat. It is supposed to be 107 today emoticon emoticon

Praising God!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013


This poem just flowed out of me one day and there it was.
Some food for thought! seeing as I have a ball-a LOL

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LINTPICKER 6/22/2013 6:11PM

    LOL too much chips and dip for the queen!!

She needs to join us all here on SP!

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no Tsunami - it's a good day

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

was a bit discouraged .. when I read that "no Tsunami - it's a good day"
and thought ...the sun is still up there glowing - the sky is beautiful blue, be it through my shades - it's a good day.

No wild gale force winds toting dirt from 100's of miles away (for now) - it's a good day. No small pox, black plague or cholera outbreaks - it's a good day
The earth did not start on fire (phew) - it's a good day

And now I'm feeling pretty good.
Smile - it's a good day... and who knows.. it might even get better. emoticon

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LINTPICKER 6/18/2013 11:49PM

    smiling emoticon It's a great day! Glad God gave me another!

Thanks for sharing your perspectives! emoticon

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Sunday... um mess!!! ???

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Having looked out to see the massive snowbank behind my car and see others stuck and having troubles getting up our street... one guy just gave up and never did come back! I should have spent Sunday just Soaking. FOR SURE. (Did I mention that apparently phone, tv and our internet were out - still, now days later). Instead, I thought... I'll make some fudge peanut bar things for the work week..... yah DUMB idea I was to find out. First off... I go in the fridge to get ingredients... only to find that something had run into my little plastic box thingie where I put the hemp/flax/nuts kinda stuff. SOooo now I am cleaning the fridge all out. Hunting down any culprit contributing to the sticky mess. While I'm sitting on the floor, being the frugal person I am, I proceed to the outside of the fridge while also reaching over to do the cupboard door and stove .. then the kitchen floor...AHH all sparkling and I felt SO good. Ahh haa.. moving on to the Bars....only to find.. a ton of peanut oil at the bottom of the huge jar... grrr.. very thick.. can't move it.. I finally make a hole to the bottom and get the oil to come to the top... kinda.. sorta. Then I get an idea... stupid it turns out.. but an idea nevertheless, why not use the mixer with one thingie attached........ off I go on my nanosecond adventure as oil goes flying all over the fridge, stove, counter and floor along with too numerous of items to list....GRRRRrrrrrr Karate Girl Kick... I was so upset with myself for that. I put the stinkin jar of peanut butter in the sink.. with the dishes that I was going to do after making stuff so it would all be over and done...yah right. Did I mention that on the counter was my food processor with stuff ready to make my homemade Larabars??? ANYWAY... after getting my daughter to come get me a soapy pail of water, due to the fact that my hands, nice furry moccasins, etc were all covered in oil.

Much later......finally got everything, except the inside of the fridge RE-done...rabo rabo. OH yippie .. now I really felt like making the stuff... NOT... but I did it anyway... determined not to break my hands stirring the jar of PB I got out the hand held braun mixer...... it was tough for that little mixer (I don't think I burnt the motor out!) but we made it... mostly... with minimal mess if you compare it to my first one. nod nod. As for cleaning that little sucker... yah not a bright idea yet again... blink blink... why didn't I just stay in bed??? !!!

Did you know that even the dishwasher doesn't really like cleaning PB up?!! BUT I made the long under the counter board fit in it... AND the glass cutting board too.. then kind of put dishes around it.. blink blink.. the board that comes with the house never looked so clean HAHA.

And so there you have my 'restful' Sunday. How'd you spend yours?

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LINTPICKER 5/3/2011 8:32PM

    LOL!!!! emoticon emoticon I can soooo picture the whole mess!! What a crack up! you wrote a vivid picture of your day! I think after I cleaned up everything the first time I would have said enough done! Good for your perseverance!! emoticon time to eat!

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Unmotivated ... blink

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Not sure what is up... but if I get on the phone and think of it.. I bike while talking, a bit difficult but at least I'm doing something.

I do have a headset for the phone .. need a bit more volume seeing as my bike can get a bit noisy.... so who wants to call HAHA

Anyway, whatever works.. right???

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LINTPICKER 2/6/2011 10:51AM

    I think it is great to do 2 things at the same time! I watch tv and march with the wii for 30 min. It isn't a lot, but I feel good about it.

I love the photo! adorable!

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