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Involuntary Exercise

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My sons go to a homeschool co-op every Thursday. It's held at a big church not too far from my house. When I say "big," I mean hugenormous. The parking lot is so big they run a shuttle on Sundays. It has two coffee shops. Not only does it have an elevator, it has two *escalators.* For real. Gi-gantic.

My oldest son has a class, then we have lunch, then both my boys have a class and I am held to my co-oply duties (washing the tables in the lunch room).

The first day of school (OK, not the *first* day, because I totally forgot school started and missed the first day, but we won't go into that here...) emoticon ...so the first day they went to school, the boys were so excited to be there that we mostly familiarized ourselves with the foyer, the bathrooms, and the school rooms we'd need to get to. Today, after dropping the eldest monkey off at class, my youngest decided it was time to get the lay of the land.

We discovered the escalators, all of the staircases, three more bathrooms, the sanctuary (yes, the church is so big, it's difficult to find the sanctuary!), and that the grass outside is very well manicured.

After about the third staircase, I began to realize that I was panting like crazy.

***Let me pause here. You may have noticed that the little tracker on my SparkPage hasn't been moving lately. If I were being honest with you it would have been moving back up the scale for the past few months. But these past 2 weeks, I have buckled down and am within 1.5 pounds of the stated number, so I feel OK to confess that little tidbit.***

So anyway, I'm panting on the stairs like someone who's just run a marathon and thinking how terribly out of shape I am. And then I think, "How much worse would this have been 28 pounds ago? Or even two weeks ago..."

Wow. I astonished myself, even.

I am so glad I had that little boy to drag me around exploring today. Not only did I get a better lay of the land (and the bathroom situation), but I realized that this plateau, even though it's annoying, could be so much worse! I could be stuck at 230!

And then I went and wiped all 60 tables in the lunchroom.

Wow. I've got muscles in my back! I know now because they're all sore and stuff...

Better health through involuntary exercise... My new motto. =)

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CANNIE50 9/27/2011 11:57PM

    I love fitting in little bouts of movement and exercise in my day. I am glad you are embracing this - it makes a difference.

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KRISTEN282 9/23/2011 12:06PM

    Sometimes I feel embarassed about putting on a few pounds and not updating my tracker accrodingly, so I feel that pain! lol But congrats on the exercise!

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JUSTLEALAH 9/23/2011 12:09AM

    LOVE involuntary exercise!!! Great job!

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    Awesome! Thank you for sharing. I'm all about getting in "sneaky" exercise! :D That's a BIG church! Way to GO on navigating it!!! WOOT!

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KIKI0531 9/22/2011 10:23PM

    unplanned exercise with one of your little guys .... can't get much better than that !! Awesome :)

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ARGYLE-RUNNER 9/22/2011 7:06PM

    totally digging your new mantra

and I think those 60 tables would qualify as "heavy cleaning" in the fitness tracker emoticon

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JENNSWIMS 9/22/2011 6:38PM

    I can't even fathom a church that big, but I can imagine that the last time you wash those tables for the school year it will feel different... and you will look a lot different!

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Pfive Reasons Why I'm Pfabulous

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1) I homeschool my kids
2) I can sing every TMBG song on most of their kid's albums (Except the Science one)
3) I make my own yogurt (also my own mayo, but we're not talking about that here... shhhh...)
4) I have pretty eyes
5) I have friends who love me for who I am, mustache, unibrow and all

How's that Phil?

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JAHCANNON 9/21/2011 11:40AM

    That's awesome!!

TMBG = They Might Be Giants!!! :)

And I think you're amazing. Great list, homeschooling mama!!

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CYNDERROSE 9/21/2011 11:19AM

    Wonderful! It takes dedication to home school children.

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    Sweet!!! I have made my own mayo before, but have always wanted to make my own yogurt, but have been too afraid... You ARE pfabulous (as if there was any doubt!)!
Now I have The Alphabet of Nations stuck in my head! :D YAY!

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UTMIZ_2000 9/20/2011 9:59PM

    Don't know what TMBG is but it sounds like Pfun! You keep on being you because I think you are Pfabulous!

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    LOVE TMBG! Whooo!!! You are awesome! My favorite is "Seven"

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EMFRAPPIER 9/20/2011 8:53PM

    love TMBG "E eats everything" :) used to be my motto. Pfabulous list!

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MDEVILE 9/20/2011 8:26PM

    LOL TMBG HIGH PFIVE! That's amazing! I have an ongoing love affair with Narrow Your Eyes and She's An Angel. They never fail to make me happy ^.^

SO glad you did this, this is pfabulous and so are you!

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CANNIE50 9/20/2011 8:22PM

    you are PHABULOUS - phab on, phab sparkle girl

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JENNSWIMS 9/20/2011 7:35PM

    I think you are pfabulous and so does phil. I'm afraid to make my own mayo. I love the store bought stuff too much, the real stuff might force me to throw myself into a vat of it and eat my way out.

Particle man, particle man, istanbul was constanti.... nevermind. :)

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The Green-Eyed Monster

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

One of my best friends in the world lives in CA. We went shopping together, did all sorts of fun stay-at-home wife stuff together, we were neighbors for a while, we even got pregnant at the same time. We also got fat together.

She came to visit early in the Spring and was so inspired by my weight loss that she decided to change her diet and exercise, too. She just hit the 30 pound mark.

When I read that post on facebook, I... well, I can't print here what my first thoughts were because they were vitriolic to say the least. I am so ashamed of that. What kind of friend am I to be so pissed off that she beat me to the 30 pound mark? The fact that I've been stalled here for so long is not her fault. Me shoving entire cakes in my face is not her fault. Me eating chocolate chips instead of exercising is not her fault. She didn't even send me my usual box of
brownies on my birthday.

No, my sad state of affairs is all *my* fault. Why can't I be proud that I inspired her to change? Why can't I be excited for her to reach such a milestone? OK #1, she's only got 10 more pounds to go, that makes my heart ache some. And #2 she beat me to 30. I'm wounded. And I'm annoyed that this stupid fat made me unable to be proud of someone I really love and who deserves it.

And I'm jealous, dangit.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PAG2809 9/22/2011 12:39AM

    I'd bet that, having given yourself permission to feel all of these things, you will make room to feel all the things you want to feel. Sometimes you just have to give yourself permission to feel both the way you want to and the way you do...

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UTMIZ_2000 9/9/2011 9:52PM

    Congratulations. You are human. I've heard that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. She imitated you - be flattered.

I think it's okay even to tell her you're both happy for her and a bit jealous. Then get out there and imitate her!

I bet you didn't realize you were such a motivational person. Maybe there's a side career here?

Anyway, I bet she doesn't write half as good as you do.

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JENNSWIMS 9/7/2011 7:28PM

    I love your honesty.

Now you can't honestly tell me that the competitive part of you doesn't feel absolutely invigorated by this, ready to throw down the gauntlet and say "game on, byotch!"

Or am I totally wrong?

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CANNIE50 9/7/2011 1:06PM

    First things first - great blog. Honest, concise, relatable.... So, you inspired her, now it is her turn to inspire you. You got fat together, you will get fit together. I am guessing you didn't match each other pound for pound on the way UP the scale so you probably won't be a matched set on the way down, either. There is some really good advice and practical wisdom in the comments to your blog (I LOVE reading blog comments). I especially like the advice to congratulate her - it is the single quickest antidote to jealousy, teaching ourselves to be happy for someone else's accomplishments. It is hard, but it is so liberating. One of my favorite parts of being older is the liberation from jealousy, for the most part. Okay, sparkly mama - get busy! PS Your new look is so flipping cute.

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CAALAN23 9/7/2011 12:45PM

    Sometimes Life has a really sarcastic way of getting our attention, doesn't it?

Of course, you know how to turn this around and use it.

Be positive to the friend, take that jealousy and frustration that is burning so hotly and use it for fuel in your workouts.

Remember that she may have felt the same thing. Jealously is like inspiration's evil twin.

Get goin', girl! I know you can do this!

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    You are doing emoticon!!!
Thank you for being honest. Maybe writing it down and getting your feelings out about her (inspired by you) loss will help!
YOU ARE emoticon!

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ARGYLE-RUNNER 9/7/2011 10:45AM

    what I see underlying this all is something way cooler though - you Sparked someone to make positive changes in their life - you deserve like major life points for that (I would have said "brownie points" but I'm thinking it is best not to mention brownies - oops!)

you've come really far, and you have A LOT! to be proud of - and I would bet money she couldn't hold a candle to your amazing-funny-inspiring blogs emoticon

just tell that green-eyed monster that chartreuse is more your speed (vague reference to your page color)

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    ehhh....I'm thinking this is more frustration with yourself rather than true jealousy. If you'd been more focused and "in the game" all summer you'd be there too! (*cough*ahem*full disclosure* I feel similarly about several online friends*cough)

Acknowledge it...congratulate her even if it kills you and makes your head puff up and turn purple with steam coming out your ears...and get crackin' on your own plan!

Maybe I should take my own advice, hmmm. sigh.....

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TWINKIEQUEEN 9/7/2011 9:18AM

    jealously is human....now go ahead and beat her to the finsh line! (i will eat those cakes for you...lol)

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KRISTEN282 9/7/2011 7:39AM

    I've been there too. Just don't let it throw you off your course! You'll get there too if you just keep up the good work :)

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Biting the Bullet

Friday, September 02, 2011

This was me this morning.

This is me now!

Look... My eyebrows... There are two of them now! (Less woolly worm, more arch, and a freckle I didn't even know I had!)

I was going to wait to lose more weight, but I really wanted to match my new glasses. Maybe when I reach my goal, I'll go blond or something...

Hopefully, the child who receives this hair will wear it in good health!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KIKI0531 9/3/2011 8:51PM

    You look beautiful and your act of kindness is even more beautiful. Have a great holiday weekend !!

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JENNSWIMS 9/3/2011 7:49PM

    You look absolutely radiant. Having done something similar I can honestly say I don't regret it, and from that gorgeous smile on your face, I don't think you will regret it either!


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BETTA13 9/3/2011 12:05AM

    Yay!! Re-inventing YOU!

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CANNIE50 9/2/2011 11:37PM

    C.U.T.E! I am glad you didn't wait, we put off too much stuff "weighting". WHat a nice thing you did, and look what you received in return - a sassy new look emoticon

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KATIEJO5 9/2/2011 10:14PM

    Great look! Good for you- don't wait to make the changes you want to!

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FITMRSKAYTE 9/2/2011 6:07PM

    You look fabulous! Love the sassy new do, it really looks great!

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BECKY3774 9/2/2011 5:59PM

    You look like a totally different person! Awesome cut! You are so great for donating it like that, and I'm sure that it will be greatly appreciated. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KRISTEN282 9/2/2011 5:36PM

    You look so cute..and happy!!! I love it all! Did you do locks of love? I've done it before too and it's just a great thing to do for another person.

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ARGYLE-RUNNER 9/2/2011 4:51PM


love the new look - your hair was really long!

looks like you are wearing a new smile too :)

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    OHMYGOSH I love it!!! :D emoticon And thank you for donating your hair, I LOVE that, it's wonderful! :D Just WOW, your hair was LONG!!! :D I hope you love your new shorter do and have a fabulous weekend! Love the glasses too, the whole look is GREAT! :D

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What I Did Over Summer Vacation

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Somebody in my house had a birthday not long ago. I'm not going to name any names, but I will say that she turned the big 3-4. She went moonbat crazy and decided to live on nothing but cake and soda for a few weeks. Again. Not naming any names... *ahem* (it's me...) *cough* *coughcoughcoughcoughHACK!*

I've been very lucky that I haven't gained much weight. But I have been a bad, bad girl. There. I said it. BAD!

I've also been really, really busy. First I had that 4th of July party I blogged about already, then we went to a library opening, rode Thomas the Train, went to DH's work picnic, went to Remlinger Farms twice (an amusement park), Foxhollow farm once (an actual farm), visited the Everett Children's Museum, the shore twice to check out tide pools, got some new glasses, made three batches of jam, two batches of canned tomatoes and a batch of pickles, had people over for dinner 7 times (very rare to have that many in a year for us much less in two months!), and that doesn't count all the swimming lessons, trips to the park, farmer's market, and church that we always do. Oh yeah, and the whole snake thing...

Did I exercise? Erm... no. Did I count calories? Nopers. Was I even remotely careful about what I ate? Nopety, nope, nope nope.

I've still got blackberry jam to be made and put up. And I'll start my homeschooling year this week, with our first co-op starting next week. Plus my PKD walk is coming up and I want to start planning an alterna-ween party.


Two of our friends were out of town the entire month of July and now that they're back we've been having playdates like crazy before school starts back. Which is good on the stuffing cake in the face department because it's harder to stuff cake in my face while I'm wearing my cheauffer hat driving down the Interstate.

One of these families is my nutrition hero. Organic? Yes. Vegetarian? Yes. Gluten free? Yes (OK, I don't want to do that one, but still...) Fresh and local? Yes. Small quantities? Yes. Mashed Potatoes covered in butter and sour cream Paula Deen style? No freakin' way. Cake for breakfast? No again. Not even gluten free.

So on the one hand, I've been shoving cookies in my face as fast as humanly possible, even falling back into bad old habits like buying donuts at the store and eating them in the car on the way home (I said it was harder, not impossible). But on the other hand, I've been packing healthy lunches for my boys and I to take on outings with my healthy friends.

I've been distracted to say the least. But the annoying thing is that I could have done more. And less. I could have done more exercising and less poor eating. I lost all willpower. My energy and waistline are suffering. Starting to sound all wounded moosey on the stairs again. I hate that. But I have a new goal. We may be going home in November for the first time in almost two years. I really want to look better than I did last time. Right now I'm about the weight I was, so that's a good starting point.

So there you go. Thanks to all my Sparkies who inquired as to my well-being lately. I am fine, I am here, I am just not very inspiring at the moment...

Now! I'm off to the store to buy more canning jars...


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SOUTHPONDCAMP 8/31/2011 11:57AM

    YAY...you're back! Sounds like a great summer to me. Not to be all enabling and such...but your kids are little and you are living a great life with them. Summer vacations are a limited thing and need to be fully enjoyed. Can you do it while dieting and exercising...yep...of course. But part of this journey is to learn to fit the healthy stuff in with the fun stuff of living life.

I think that takes a lot of practice and I'm definitely trying to figure it out right now too. The diet part of this might go slowly with that philosophy...but I'm a whole heck of a lot more than just a dieter! That said...personally...I need to refocus myself on the d@mndiet right now too.....

sending lots of positive thoughts your way....

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CANNIE50 8/30/2011 10:11PM

    I am glad you are back. Aren't you glad being perfect or even close to perfect is not a Sparkly requirement? If it were, I would have been booted long ago.

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JENNSWIMS 8/30/2011 5:31PM

    I love that you say it like it is. No food guilt is a beautiful thing and really helps, IMHO :)

Missed you!

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KIKI0531 8/30/2011 2:27PM

    I too admire your honesty because I think we have all been there.

I know I am NOWHERE near perfection at this whole calorie consuming agenda. I slip up, I fall off, I go around, I jump around - you name it - I avoid the inner voice telling me PUT DOWN THE DANG CHEEZITS WOMAN, YOU NEED NO MORE !! lol .. pathetically sad but true.

Although it sounds like physically you have been extremely busy - now if you could just figure out a way to take a box of donuts with you and walk from the store instead of drive - I think you would be onto something ;)

Great hearing from you !! emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/30/2011 2:28:41 PM

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    Wow, you are WAY inspiring! You've been BUSY lately, and that's ok! That's life! I agree with Becky, I admire your honesty too. That's HUGE!!! Because you're being honest with yourself, you can take a look at what's been going on, and it allows you to be able to make tweaks and changes so that you can move forward with those changes in mind. And you have a new goal, so that's good too! YAY!

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BECKY3774 8/30/2011 11:34AM

    I think that the best thing that you could have done for yourself at this moment is to be honest....and you've done that, so you're on the right track. I admire your honesty, not only with us, but mostly with yourself, which is the hardest part.

Maybe with school starting, and life getting back into a routine, (Even when you're homeschooling-which I ALSO admire!!) you'll be able to stay on top of things better... I have faith in you and your abilities!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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