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Wednesday, December 24, 2008





I am outta here (from work) in approximately 2 hours. So thrilled. I need this vacation.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

And Happy *insert appropriate holiday here* to everyone else! :D


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MARLIE13 1/2/2009 12:32PM

    Looking forward to your return. I hope your vacation is/was fabulous!!

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LASHERTHECAT 12/31/2008 9:09AM

    Happy New Year!!

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RACHEL630 12/28/2008 10:54PM

    Happy Vacation!

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JIBBIE49 12/27/2008 11:49PM

    Happy New Year. emoticon

2009 will have us looking fine!! Just don't quit. emoticon

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MYLIFE4LIFE 12/27/2008 10:14PM

    I hope you enjoy your vacation! I can't wait to go for "Adventures with Dana Dane" in 2009! Later my name sister!

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TELERIE 12/27/2008 7:58PM

    Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful celebration! Enjoy it!
Looking forward to seeing you in 2009!

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SLCOLMAN 12/27/2008 7:40PM

    I hope that your vacation is going awesome!!

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4CAKES 12/27/2008 11:31AM

    "insert holiday here" Thats awsome! I hope you had a merry Christmas and I hope you have a happy new year!

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TRECECOOKS 12/26/2008 10:16PM

    Merry Christmas Dana. I hope you and DH had a wonderful day, and that you are totally enjoying your vaca.
God bless you richly, my dear, and may 2009 be your best year ever!!

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SKYFYRE 12/26/2008 5:04PM

    Have fun!

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TRACYZABELLE 12/26/2008 4:20AM

    Hope your time away from work is sufficient and fruitful! Happy Happy Merry Merry!

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FITGIRL15 12/25/2008 7:42PM

    Have a great holiday!
Enjoy the time off!!!

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SWEETZMIX 12/25/2008 12:03PM

    Happy Holidays and have lots of fun Dana!!

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MOM2ACAT 12/24/2008 7:36PM

    Have a great vacation and a Merry Christmas!

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CURVES_N_CURLS 12/24/2008 6:24PM

    Be safe.

Merry CHRISTmas! :)


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SWEATONCEADAY 12/24/2008 4:01PM

    bon voyage!

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WOLFKITTY 12/24/2008 3:45PM

    I so thought you were ALREADY on vacation! LOL!!!
Have fun,

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KIMCATUS 12/24/2008 3:15PM

    Have a great time and a very Merry Christmas to you too!! *hugs*

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RHALES199 12/24/2008 2:07PM

    MErry Christmas and have a great vacation!

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SEPPIESUSAN 12/24/2008 1:44PM

    Have a great vacation!!!!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I have declared my "MISSION BACK TO MAINTENANCE RANGE" a success -- weighing in this morning at 167.5, a little less than before Thanksgiving, and smack dab in the middle of my 165-170 maintenance range.

So I've reset all my numbers. Current weight back to 165 as a monument to my low number again (and so people stop commenting on my page telling me I'm ALMOST THERE!!! hahah NO PEOPLE. I'm THERE.), reset my calories burned down a bit, and all that good stuff. :D WOOHOO!!!

Still eating mostly my good healthy food -- but I have to admit we got a sweet Christmas package from a friend in England with some candy -- Whispa and Mars bars? We do not have these in the US. So I of course had to try.

And Romney's Kendal Mint Cake --


The ingredient list for this delight reads: sugar, glucose syrup, peppermint oil.

:) hehehehee. Our package said "one white one brown" which now after reading the wikipedia page apparently those are the white sugar variety and brown sugar variety. I have tasted the brown sugar. :)

Oh and some cute decorated marshmallow lollipop things.

Anyway -- I also have seen what my DH bought to stuff stockings with and it's candy, cookies, and um... a cliff bar? HAHAHAHA ;) He got the treats from the health food store and the local oriental market. HAHAHA. So it's an interesting conglomeration of treats. :)

So from here on out -- mostly healthy, 2/3 healthy meals each day plan, keep up my activity with my resistance bands and circuits and whatnot (will have HRM to track cals burned - first time while on a long vacation, I'm excited!).

:D One more work day.

Thanks for all the well wishes on vacation but I'm sure there'll be one more blog tomorrow. ;) You don't need to feel pressured to keep well wishing me even though I keep counting down. HAHAHAHAHA

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

WOLFKITTY 12/24/2008 10:04AM

    Hey, wait a minute!! You're not supposed to know what's stuffing your stocking!! LOL! Keep up the movement and you'll be doing great, Dana!!


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SWEETZMIX 12/24/2008 8:45AM

    Cute stocking stuffers. Enjoy the vacation. Enjoy the holidays!! Have lots of fun!!

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CATIATM 12/24/2008 8:21AM

    Hahaha! I love it. You ARE sooo there! So tell me, you skinny twig, does DH ever comment on the fact that you're not half the woman he married anymore? emoticon

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SKYFYRE 12/24/2008 2:12AM

    Woohoo! Yeah, you are there, so there! Packing resistance bands and a HRM is SO, SOOOO, THERE! Go Dana!

PS, was that an approved spy or are you a little Christmas sneak?!

Comment edited on: 12/24/2008 2:12:59 AM

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TRACYZABELLE 12/24/2008 1:06AM

    Well we do know all You enjoy your treats but be sure to leave room to work it off, lol! The mint thingys look yummy-- Reminds me of an After 8 mint .

getting back to your fighting weight must be great, such an accomplishment.. keep your focus!

Have a very Merry everything and a happy New Year!

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CURVES_N_CURLS 12/23/2008 6:31PM

    Woo-hoo! You're almost there!!!

(What? What...? I meant THE VACATION! You're almost there.) ;-)

And for the record, I'd be more than happy to send you Canadian treats to bugger up your maintenance from all corners of the globe! ;-)


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BRUIN2 12/23/2008 6:19PM


Woot woot!

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SEPPIESUSAN 12/23/2008 5:57PM

    Man...I need a mission back to maintanence range...and I need it to be a success. I never officially declared myself in a maintanence range, but I was, and I fell out of it FAST. Good job and keep being inspiring!!

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4565S568SDS 12/23/2008 5:48PM

  I used to LIVE on Clif Bars and Subway my freshman year of college. My classes were such that I couldn't eat lunch at a normal time and by the time I was done at 4, nothing but Subway was open on campus and I was starving to death.

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**PRICELESS** 12/23/2008 5:44PM

    YUM!! I absolutely LOVE Clif bars! My mom turned me on to them and I'm addicted! =D

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Monday, December 22, 2008

... my weekend had... a lot of stuff that happened, but I'm ready to move on from it. :) HAHAHAHA It was MOSTLY a really good weekend, some ridiculous food was eaten, but not enough to throw me off track, maybe just a slowdown and maintain instead of losing extra that I wanted to. Today after breakfast/etc. I weighed 168.5 -- so I'm hoping by tomorrow or Wednesday morning, after being 100% on track with food I can see even lower before heading off to vacation. :)

That's the plan!

This morning was a nice long ST workout -- 43 minutes, full body, 438 calories burned. To reach 2000 I only need to burn 201 calories tomorrow. I think I might just do a video at home in the morning. We gotta take sweetface Roscoe to the vet for his Neutering followup appointment.

Then Wednesday is work and GET OUTTA HERE! :) I'm soooooo ready for vacation. On Sunday I looked at the clock and it said about 9PM and my first thought was, only 1 more hour of work. Then I was like -- crazy, you're at home. Time for VACATION. ;)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SWEATONCEADAY 12/23/2008 11:23AM

    have fun on your vaykay! i am wondering if anyone is eating well right now? seriously anyone???? lol

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CATIATM 12/23/2008 6:53AM

    Oooh! Where are you going? Have fun!

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WOLFKITTY 12/23/2008 1:06AM

    Hey vacation girlie! HEheheee. I hope you're enjoying it already!

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TRACYZABELLE 12/23/2008 12:53AM

    Enjoy your vacation! hope you discover new things!

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MDTWEETY 12/22/2008 9:54PM

    So...when will we see pics of sweetface Roscoe?

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SKYFYRE 12/22/2008 4:28PM

    VACATION! Time to enjoy it gorgeous!

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BRUIN2 12/22/2008 4:12PM


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SEPPIESUSAN 12/22/2008 3:53PM

    A lot of stuff that happened...sounds like you're keeping the juicy details to yourself! Haha. At least you have a happy weight on a Monday, so that's really good! I need a vacation too!!!!!!!

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SLCOLMAN 12/22/2008 3:49PM

    I hope that the check up gives Roscoe a good report!

Enjoy your vacation!!!!!!!

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Nothing much to report...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm here cause... I'm at work. And that's what happens. :)


But really, I'm headed to the gym today after work for some fast and furious working out -- I get off work at 1PM and the gym closes at 2PM.

(Stupid University Rec Center hours around the school holidays...)

But also -- today is our (DH and me) 5th Wedding Anniversary. :)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TRECECOOKS 12/26/2008 10:14PM

    Happy Anniversary, Dana! It took me awhile to get caught up on your blogs. Hope you had a wonderful evening!!

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CURVES_N_CURLS 12/22/2008 4:55PM

    Aww, man. I'm late. (Ain't that the story lately!) :)


(And now we all know why your next blog just vaguely states that a lot of stuff happened... He he he!)


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SKYFYRE 12/21/2008 9:38PM

    Awe! Hey Sunshine! I hope you had a Happy Anniversary! 5 years is something to be proud of! Yay for your lovely marrige! Hope you and DH had a wonderful night to celebrate!

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ZMONEY 12/21/2008 5:30PM

    Congrats on your anniversary! DH & I'll be having our 6th on January 23rd. Yay!

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SEPPIESUSAN 12/21/2008 4:00PM

    Five years - congrats! I just read your past several blog entries. Sorry your post-Thanksgiving weight fluctuations have been so frustrating! But you have been through SO much lately. Roscoe is such a cute name for a puppy! And your grandma will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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MDTWEETY 12/21/2008 10:56AM

    Happy Anniversary!

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CATIATM 12/21/2008 10:20AM

    Happy anniversary!

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SLCOLMAN 12/20/2008 6:57PM

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 5 years is a huge accomplishment :)

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KIMCATUS 12/20/2008 4:50PM

    Awwww Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! *hugs*

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MOM2ACAT 12/20/2008 4:49PM

    emoticon Happy Anniversary!

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    Happy Anniversary!!

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SWEATONCEADAY 12/20/2008 2:09PM

    happy anniversary!

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CAROL_HOORAH 12/20/2008 1:38PM

    happy anniversary that's amazing!!!!!

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**PRICELESS** 12/20/2008 1:34PM

    Happy Anniversary!!! YAY!!!

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LADY_DONKEY 12/20/2008 12:23PM

    I hate gym "holiday hours" too. WTF? You think FAT takes a holiday? NO! So why on earth should the gym be closed too??? And for gyms that are closed on Christmas, what about folks of other religious leanings? I'd be totally offended if I were Jewish and my gym was closed on what was a regular day for me. I don't see no gym closed on Hanukkah. KWIM?

Happy wedding anniversary! I love winter weddings. Dh and I celebrate our 13th year on Dec. 28th emoticon

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RHALES199 12/20/2008 10:58AM

    happy Anniversary!

have fun at work, at the gym, and, of course, later emoticon

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BRUIN2 12/20/2008 9:12AM

    Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary....haaaaapy anniversary!! (to be read in a sing-songy voice!)

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Thanks SparkFriends!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank you all for your wonderful response to my last blog, I really appreciate it. *HUGS*

So! On to the day to day...

Today is an off day for me -- I've got to burn an average of about 323 calories for each of my next 4 workouts to reach my calorie burn goal -- so I'm feeling good about where I stand in that respect. Our replacement remote for my little Roku box came in yesterday so I can go back to doing an at home workout for one or two of those as well! :) YAY.

I did feel like I got a lot accomplished this morning, though -- Got up, called the PD made sure I would be able to pick up the Police Report (my name isn't on it only hubbies) they said sure, so then I made lunches, took Roscoesweetface out, came back, made breakfast (not anything elaborate -- but I added some pecans and dried cranberries to some flax plus - MMM), and left to pick up the PR!

Then I called the insurance adjustor, left her a message (she's out of the office till Monday), faxed in our stuff, and there you have it. Now I'm just waiting for the workday to be over. And I'll be back tomorrow. :P WONDERFUL! :D haha.

I intend to hit the gym fast and furious tomorrow after work -- they're closing at 2PM and I get off of work at 1PM. :) So that should be fun. Then maybe at home workout Sunday, gym mon-tuesday... then my last day of work! THEN VACATION.

Yes, I think there will be a countdown in every blog. *SO ANXIOUS*

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SLCOLMAN 12/19/2008 4:34PM

    Sounds like you got a lot done today!
Thanks for the Roscoe update! :) He sounds like a sweetie!!
I hope you have a wonderful vacation!!

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**PRICELESS** 12/19/2008 1:37PM

    LOL!!! I hear you...YAY for vacation!! =D

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