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Thursday, June 07, 2007


If you visit the link above it SHOULD take you to the full size image of the emoticons guide I created. Basically, if you don't want to open that window everytime you want to insert an emoticon, this decodes the numbers for each icon. Please let me know if any of them don't work.



New food discovery -

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Ok. So last night, I made grilled cheese sandwiches using... DUN DUN DUN DUHH!!!

I Can't Believe it's Not Butter Spray.

So no calories and a practically negligent amount of sodium for a nice buttery crust on my grilled cheese. :D I'm thrilled!!! Because sometimes it tastes slightly slightly funny on things to me, but NOT SO on the grilled cheese. We were out of fat free cheese, but it wasn't so bad.

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LISAMA1981 6/11/2007 1:35PM

    I love I can't believe it's not butter...this is the only butter I will buy...it's yummy to me and doesn't have the side effects of the calories and fat and stuff that regular butter does. Im glad you used it.

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GUGIE76 6/7/2007 8:43PM

    great idea!!! thank you!!!!

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Bragging on myself...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I'm feeling SO PROUD of myself today, because not only did I do my strength training for the first time since coming back from vacation, but I've already eaten 2 fruit servings and 1 veggie serving today. I know that the FDA recommended amount of fruits and veggies has got to be more than that, right? But it's been a struggle for me so my goal has been 2 of each, each day. :D Yesterday I did the same. So I'm getting closer. I've got to incorporate veggies into my dinners better. Dinner is the worst meal of the day, usually because I'm tired, don't feel like cooking, and/or, I'm trying to make something the DH is interested in eating. Which is not usually the healthier options. I'm looking forward to cooking the Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas again this weeked, although I couldn't find the low carb tortillas, so I'll have to add it as a new recipe.

ANYWAY. :) I'm at least starting to feel like I'm back on the wagon a bit.

I've also dug out this NALGENE bottle from the closet to take to work today. It's 32 oz, so if I drink two of those I've got my 8 cups in for the day, so that's cool. I still want an SP water bottle as well. And I want a shirt. But like... a small. :D As a reward for the future. :D That'd be cool.

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GUGIE76 6/7/2007 8:47PM

    you're doing great! i've kept 2 veggies daily as a goal of mine since i started - it's so easy for me not to have them...so as long as i get a point for it - i'm a little more motivated - good for you!!! i love fruit so i dont struggle getting 3,4,5 servs a day in of that - i know it's hard come dinner time - i like making salads - like a broccoli salad i make days in advance - or coleslaw - so that i'm sure i'll get a serving of veggies with my dinner without having to prep it - even a green salad made a couple of days ahead - when you have 5 min one evening - it works for me - keep up the great work!!!

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MAGNETMAMA 6/7/2007 8:06PM

    Another pat on the back!!! Every little bit of progress will help you gain VICTORY! I am proud of you!

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Update on LIFE.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Well, I haven't heard anything yet regarding my interview on Thursday -- I'm all anxious, but I have to remind myself it hasn't even been a week yet. If the end of the week gets here and I haven't heard anything, I'm gonna bug Kathy (in HR) to see what's going on, if they're still interviewing people, when they expect to make a decision, etc.

ANYWAY. I was THRILLED to see I had made even more progress at my weigh in on Monday. :D I can't wait to be able to throw up the next lbs lost profile icon. hahaha :D It's so exciting as I get closer to 50lbs lost, because that is my halfway mark towards my goal!

I'm still getting back in the swing of things as far as my excercising goes... not gotten back on the track with my strength training yet. Maybe I can somehow convince myself to do them this evening, but for some reason I have been mostly unsuccessful with performing these excercises at night. It seems to be easier for me to excercise in the morning. But we'll see. Several of them are standing excercises and I intend to COOK dinner tonight, so maybe I can do them while the food's cooking or something.


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MAGNETMAMA 6/5/2007 9:35PM

    Good multitasking plan... I once saw a nurse in between times, doing a sort of push up against the counter top as we were having a conversation. She had heard the theory that to KEEP MOVING was the goal. That counter wss above waist level and it worked well and it wasn't really TOO obvious what she was doing...HaHa

You could do wall pushups against the fridge perhaps, or bend overs by putting stuff on the bottom shelves near the floor, or use canned goods as a impromtu set of dumbells... lots of props in the kitchen that could be fit into a work out... You inspire me!

Congratulations on your success... and be patient, your perfect job will be in your future. Good luck!

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ok, so today I had an interview at work for this position I REALLLY want to get.

It sounds kinda hard, but worth it. Challenging and a way of moving up within the company and learning more about our business. I want it sooo bad.

I think the interview went well but now I'm more anxious than ever!!!!

It's like when I used to audition. I was never very nervous before, only after. When I get done auditioning my stomach starts doing flips and my heart starts racing and I start shaking...

UGH! It's so nervewracking!!! I'm never worried about the interview/audition itself because I know I'll do the best I can in it. It's just the RESULT that freaks me out!

I think I'm good at interviewing though. I've pretty much never interviewed somewhere without being offerred the position, so I guess that's good. I bet all my years of auditioning helped even though you don't really have to talk during those.

The hardest questions in this interview were about prioritizing. I usually have no problem prioritizing, but it's hard to explain. I gave the reasons I'd use, and then I said how I would use those reasons. Then she threw a curveball at me saying well what if you had two items, same deadline, one is for your supervisor and one is for a client. I said I'd do the one for the client first and then talk to my supervisor if I needed more time for the other. She said what if you don't have any time, I said well, I'd work harder, more hours, whatever it needed to get it done. Then she said, what if you couldn't work any additional hours. I suggested going to colleagues for assistance. She then said what if no one can help you. I was just like, Really I don't know. I knonw that I would get it done. I've never had a deadline I wasn't able to meet -- maybe people just give me reasonable deadlines, or maybe it's just because I do work fast (work pace was one of the first questions), but I would do my best to get both done by their deadline.

I am dying to know....

Also I weighed in at 249 yesterday and 250 today so I have officially met my goal of 250 by June. I need to amend my goal listing thingie so it shows my next goal...

230 by August 13th.

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MAGNETMAMA 6/3/2007 1:59PM

    I hope that the results were to your benefit. It sounds like your interviewer was good at putting people on the spot. making you make quick decisions and looking at your resources. I wonder if there really was a "correct" answer for her.

Great job for meeting your short term goal... You will continue to suceed in a healthy life, even if the interviewer doesn't see your potential for success.

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GUGIE76 6/1/2007 9:43PM

    wow - way to go on meeting your june goal - so excited for you - and on re-assessing your goals - i think goals are such a major key in this whoel thing!!! and way to go and the interview - i hope it all works out just the way you want it to - and i think you answer was great - holy trying to make the question difficult - you were "what-if'd" to death - maybe that was really the plan - to see if you could stay realistic and levelheaded under the pressure??? good luck - please let me know how it goes...my fingers are crossed for you!!! and thank you again for your blog reply - really appreciated it!!!

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