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Weird Weekend...

Monday, November 17, 2008

This weekend was... weird.

I got a letter from the Health Dept on Saturday telling me that my pap smear indicated I may need more care so to call them and they'll have someone call me back... (what a freakin rigamarole of a process, eh?) But of course I couldn't call till Monday so I spent the weekend worrying. My DH was all worried for me, too, I think even more than I was. It was kind of nice though because it meant we were super TOGETHER this weekend and he was all like.. reassuring and whatnot and feeling like he wanted to make sure he didn't ever take me for granted and all kinds of dramatic emotions going on. I read about it and I know that it most likely would be just fine, but it's hard not to worry when you don't know what's going on and can't find anything out for a couple of DAYS. :P So I call this morning and they tell me they didn't find anything abnormal, it's just that they didn't get enough cells to test. BOO. So all that worry for no reason, but I have to tell you it was a relief just the same.

ANYWAY Other than that, my weekend was pretty great. Nothing special, but it was nice. I tried my first ever SPIN CLASS which was pretty awesome, although I am quite bruised in the rear end etc area. UGH. hahahaha. But it was 1hr 15min long, and I burned 946 calories.

The instructor was kinda wary when she heard I was a first timer because of how long the class was, but said I was welcome to try and leave if I needed to. :D BUT I LASTED. OH YEAH. And it was a good workout. I will have to try it again but maybe not with that instructor because... I dunno, I didn't like the music that much. *shrug* And maybe a shorter class would be more gentle for me. ;) HAHAHAHA.

But the classes are either Saturday Morning or Sunday evening and this Saturday I have to work, so I may go again to her class... we'll see. (Or I could go at like 6-7 AM, but I work night shift so no thank you!)

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CATIATM 11/18/2008 4:05PM

    Congrats on surviving a monster spin class!

And I'm glad the notice turned out to be something benign -- and that DH remembered how terrific you are! emoticon

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MISSHOLLYDAE 11/18/2008 2:53PM

    Though the worrying sucks, it is nice to have that "togethery" time with the hubby (yes that's not a word but it works for me, lol). And I'm sorry but all I could think when you said "rigamarole" was 'what the Health Dept Rick-rolled you'? Yeah I'm on the internet too much, lol. Anyway really glad that nothing is wrong and that you're okay. Great job on proving that instructor wrong!

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TRECECOOKS 11/18/2008 1:59PM

    So sorry about your pap; sounds like an idiot did your test. I had 18 months of that crap because the nurse didn't do it properly, and blamed my size. Then I went to someone else, and haven't had the problem since!

Awesome about the SPIN class; that's why they make special seats (and pants) with gel tushies!!

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MDTWEETY 11/18/2008 12:40PM

    Wow, glad there was no reason to worry!!! emoticon
Sounds like an intense spin class! Spinning always kicks my butt. Hmmmm....maybe I will go to tomorrow's class. Haven't been in a while.

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SEPPIESUSAN 11/17/2008 9:24PM

    Ugh, I would have been so angry if I were you to find out that they'd made you worry all weekend for nothing! Your DH sounds very very sweet.

I can't believe how long your Spin class was! I've never heard of one class lasting longer than an hour, though I'm big into doing classes back-to-back. I guess I have to try Spin now that you did, though hearing about your bruising does NOT make me eager to try it. It's awesome that you stuck through the whole thing, and I hear you about not being into the music! Makes a big difference for me, too.

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SLCOLMAN 11/17/2008 9:03PM

    Glad to hear that the medical stuff was just a false alarm! But that is awesome about how your DH was over the weekend while you were worrying!
That is cool about the spin class but not so cool about the bruised rear! Woo Hoo for sticking it out and proving that teacher wrong!!
Hope that the week goes well!

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NATURALLYME126 11/17/2008 8:55PM

    What a relief about the pap! I am also glad that you enjoyed your class and burned so many calories!! As always you rock! All hail Queen Dana! :0)

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KIMCATUS 11/17/2008 7:20PM

    Thank goodness everything worked out ok with your test hon...and oh a spin class! Cool! I've been wanting to try one but the gym next to me doesn't offer it. Boo. Anywho so glad everything is ok for you sweetie!!! *hugs*

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BOTZZZ 11/17/2008 6:51PM

    Dana, glad that your medical call was a false alarm, and good to hear that you had a good weekend as well. the spin class? awesome! glad ya hung in there.

As Ever

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TELERIE 11/17/2008 5:28PM

    Whew! Glad it worked out with the cells. I wish they didn't leave people hanging like that over the weekends.... :( But you should cherish the togetherness with your darling.
I've got to try a spinning class in my gym - I think they have classes every day, will have to check into that too.

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BRUIN2 11/17/2008 3:08PM

    Awww, your poor unders.


The more you go though, the less that region will hurt!

And I agree with Amee - it's all about the instructor. If it works that you can only go to her class this week, go for it...but try to go to someone else next time!

And YAY that they just need more cells. Phew.

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MARLIE13 11/17/2008 3:05PM

    Yay on the test results relief! It's crazy how much each spin instructor can differ. I've taken classes from 4 different ones and their styles are all different...music too. Maybe she was a sub?

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SWEETZMIX 11/17/2008 3:02PM

    Glad u enjoyed the spin class. Major Calorie Burn!!! And also that ur pap was good. What a nerve wrecking experience.

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**PRICELESS** 11/17/2008 3:01PM

    Whheeew, I'm glad your test wasn't anything to really worry about!! Musta made for a long weekend though. :(
WTG on the spinning class though!! I'd like to try one of those too. They seem like they'd be fun. With some pumped up peppy music that is!!

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HOPERY 11/17/2008 2:59PM

    So glad everything worked out with your test! See, told ya it was nothing. So cool on the spin class! I'd love to try one some day.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

SO! :D I saved that picture taken on Halloween till BOTZZZ could reveal it in his post today -- because I weighed 168 that morning and as of today BOTZZZ has lost 168lbs!!!!!! So an entire supertallsized fake twiggy, aka Dana.

:D Go to his blog(s) and wish him congratulations!!!!

For every comment posted by midnight tonight (11/14/08) on his external blog stating that you've drunk a glass of water:


he has pledged to do 10 pushups tomorrow, 11/15/08. :)

So last night I made the mad crazy porkchopsfujiapplegingerchutneymaplesweetp
otatoes meal.

I thought the chutney was awesome, but a little too tangy, and the potatoes were awesome but a little to overwhelmingly sweet for me. Maybe I should have eaten them together more! I did most of the time, but then the bites I had seperately were not as good. I think if I make it again I'll maybe use a different apple juice - vinegar ratio in the chutney and cut down on the sugar-free maple syrup I used in the sweet potatoes (like, just enough to impart the maple flavor!). Those potatoes are sweet enough for me on their own. SO GOOD!!!! :) Overall I give it a thumbs up! My DH did not think the potatoes were too sweet.

I'm excited to plan my shopping for next week. :) Also today is library day. So good things. I had to be at work earlier today, but that is because we're closing 2 hours earlier than usual -- so it's kinda nice. I'll be getting of at 6PM instead of 8PM. :D OOH LA LA!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

TRECECOOKS 11/16/2008 4:43PM

    My whole family applauded that BOTZZZ has lost a whole Dana!! And you are just too cute!

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PHOTOTEE 11/16/2008 12:02AM

    Your so cute!

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HOPERY 11/15/2008 10:44AM


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CATIATM 11/15/2008 3:00AM

    You look gorgeous (I love that you take your pictures in the loo! emoticon), and I'll definitely stop by BOTZZZ's page!

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SLCOLMAN 11/14/2008 11:39PM

    Love the pic!!

Have fun planning the shopping :)

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SARAH_VW 11/14/2008 8:55PM

    What a great picture! Hot stuff! That's crazy to imagine that your friend has lost a whole you.

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MARLIE13 11/14/2008 4:33PM

    He lost a whole YOU! That's amazing and you look incredible!

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RUSSELLORAMA 11/14/2008 2:20PM

    Followed the Spark path from BOTZZZ's page to yours. You look so fit and healthy, congrats! Plus you've got that asymmetrical, broken-down doll look going on that they just LOVE on America's Next Top Model! FIERCE!!


Comment edited on: 11/14/2008 2:18:42 PM

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VEEJAY3 11/14/2008 1:13PM

    I don't just want your legs ... I'm crazy for your HAIR! Look at that gorgeous do.

Then look at my unruly head of curls.


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KIMCATUS 11/14/2008 12:31PM

    HOMG! I want your legs....please please please?? Screw this short and delicate crap, I wanna be tall and leggy!!! *sigh*

Anywho you look freaking fandamntastic girl!!

Oh and I left my post on BOTZZZ's blog too... ;)

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**PRICELESS** 11/14/2008 12:30PM

    You & your friend are Dynamite!!! emoticon **Ugh, I'm convinced they need some little sticks of dynamite in the emoticon list. lol**

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SEPPIESUSAN 11/14/2008 11:25AM

    OMG you look fantastic! I followed that link and told your friend he better get busy with the pushups because by midnight tonight I will have had at least eight cups of water!:)

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BOTZZZ 11/14/2008 11:14AM

    LOL geee thanks Dana! you gonna get me killed on Saturday! but thats why I did it after all ;) I think you should post the recipe for your porkchopsfujiapplegingerchutneymapl
otatoes meal too.

hmmm I don't eat pork though, think it would work with chicken?

As Ever

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/14/2008 11:02AM

    hot lady! you look fab.

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TELERIE 11/14/2008 10:54AM

    I've already congratulated him and ordered him to gimme 10 - it's SO GREAT that he's lost a whole DANA! Wooot woot! Hmm, pork chops for dinner today, maybe.
I've got some ginger left after my toddy experiments for my throat: Warm apple juice, grated ginger, honey and a dash or splash of rum. emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 11/14/2008 10:51:52 AM

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Feeling positive and productive!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So, in addition to a good workout today, I prepared the Fuji Apple-Ginger Chutney that I intend to use to make that awesome dinner tonight. I entered it into the nutrition tracker, and while I can fit it into my day, it's not SUPER diet friendly. I think it's mainly the type of pork chops I'm using, has the fat running through it, so the fat count is a little high even though I'm using some low fat/cal subs in other areas and cutting down on the flour for dredging.

I bet it's gonna turn out awesome though. :D WEEE I'm excited.

Anyway -- So there's that.

Today's been a nice day. Just happy feelings all around.

Hope everyone else out there is having a great day! :D

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PHOTOTEE 11/16/2008 12:00AM

    I'm feeling great about my day too!!Worked a full day but it was a good one.!

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FIT_4_ME_4_LIFE 11/15/2008 11:26AM

    emoticon for good days and good feelings.

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THERESA151 11/14/2008 11:23PM

    I'm not sure if it's happiness or just craziness on my part. Considering the meeting we had this afternoon, I'm leanin' toward the latter!

Glad you had a great day!

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MARLIE13 11/13/2008 5:44PM

    Yay for nice days and happy feelings all around!!

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**PRICELESS** 11/13/2008 5:00PM

    emoticon It must be something in the air!!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

... to bailing on my workout today. But I snapped myself out of it and said -- DANA. PUT ON THOSE WORKOUT CLOTHES AND GET GOING!

And I'm SO glad I did. :D

27 minutes, 251 calories burned, I'm 100% on track to meet my goal this week. Yesterday was like 352. So, that's an average of 300cal per workout -- 4 workoutsx300 cal = 1200 cal goal. BUT! I've decided to go to a Spin class this weekend. Normally there's one on Saturday morning, but I go to a University Rec Center and on Home Game weekends they have limited hours and no classes, but there's one on Sunday evening. So I WILL go check it out! :) And I expect a good burn from that as well.

Nothing exciting in the way of food, but I'm feeling much more on track and in control than I have in a while, so that's a big positive.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LOBO1978_2000 11/13/2008 9:04AM

    Wow that is pretty close. But you have overcome and conquered.

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WHATAGRL42 11/13/2008 12:36AM

    isn't it rewarding when you so want to lay low, and you snap yourself out of it and manage a trip to the gym or a run anyway? I always feel so virtuous when I can do that.
Glad to see you gave Yoga a go! I actually grew a butt in yoga! I've never been known for having much of a bootie, but after enough yoga, one day, I realized my butt was starting to look cute! That and crab walks with a resistance band (something my trainer had me doing), really toned and lifted that area.

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PHOTOTEE 11/12/2008 11:15PM

    lemme know how spin was I'm interested!!You go ghourl!!!

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RACHEL630 11/12/2008 10:33PM

    Hey, I'm so proud of you for pressing on! THat's great. :)

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JBMT08 11/12/2008 9:56PM

    WOOHOO!!! Enjoy spin. You look fantastic! Keep moving!!!! emoticon

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KATHYLM51 11/12/2008 9:33PM

    You look great and are doing a great job...getting it done.

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/12/2008 9:17PM

    way to do it! enjoy your spin class.

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SWEETZMIX 11/12/2008 7:10PM

    Good Job in snaping yourself back to working out. AND tell us all about ur spin class. I always wanted to try!! I can't wait until the community center by my house gets there spin bikes and offers classes in 2009. If I like it I won't mind paying for classes at all.

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MARLIE13 11/12/2008 6:00PM

    Woohoo on not whimping out!! And so excited for you to try spinning. I finding it to be a great burn...plus something new!

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    Great job on sticking with it!

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BRUIN2 11/12/2008 5:03PM


Go, go Warrior Princess!!

Oh wait, it was "go, go, power rangers", wasn't it?! Whatever.

So excited for you to check out a spin class!!! Wear shorts and a tank top - those little rooms that spin classes are usually in get HOT. Oh, and take water along too!!

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Happy Tuesday!!! :D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What wonders a great workout does for your mind! :D I'm feeling so happy and energized right now. And my protein bar was great for a post workout snack!

It's kinda funny -- I wrapped them individually in wax paper to store, and I dunno if it would 100% hold it's form on it's own after not being refrigerated for an hour+ ... but it was still pretty easy to deal with using the wax paper to hold it. And MMMMMM. Less crunchy after some time melding, but still 100% delicious.

Anyway -- todays workout kind of rocked. Upper body and abs, and then a 20min power yoga hip opening flow courtesy of the Yoga Downloads Video Podcast. It's not reallly a video, but a slideshow to accompany the instructions so there's an image of each pose as the voice describes what to do. This Hip Opening Flow kicks my butt. :P Total cal burn today was about 352... I left my watch in my locker so I don't have the exact number! :( BOO! But it was around 350 anyway, which is awesome for a "non cardio" day. Tomorrow will be lower body and cardio.

I read somewhere that rowing was a knee strengthening exercise yesterday. Weird? Anyway, I'm addicted to it now. :)

Last night's dinner was burgers and Texas Toothpicks. The toothpicks are not super bad nutritionally -- 1 serving is 160 cal and only 6g of fat. It's jalapeno and onion strips breaded/seasoned. I'm pretty sure they're intended to be deepfried, but they also provide baking instructions which is what we used. But I used beef for the burgers and I think my tummy was like WHA??? hahahaha :D They were good, but I am not used to eating beef anymore. It was kind of weird.

I think tonight's dinner will just be some pasta, but later in the week I'll be making this Pork Chops with ginger-apple chutney thing and maple sweet potatoes. I have yet to enter it in the nutrition calculator, but on a glance it looked to be pretty good nutritionally, so I will let you all know how that goes down.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

RACHEL630 11/12/2008 10:43PM

    I'm reading the Comic Book Geeks blogs from newest to oldest, so I may find my answer a few blogs back.... did you make your own protein bars? If so, I'd love the recipe!

Sounds like you rocked exercising today! You GO! :)

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QUIDDITCHWITCH 11/12/2008 4:12PM

    Yeah, I haven't eaten beef in about 3 years. For some reason, it upsets me. It's probably because I love cows and think they're too cute to eat. ^__^

Those pork chops sound delicious!

Oh, and I joined your doodlers anonymous group, so check it out so that we can get some challenges going, if you don't mind. ^__^

Have a great day! :D

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KIMCATUS 11/12/2008 10:05AM

    Mmmm sounds like you had a great day food wise and exercise wise! Keep it up gal...you're always inspiring me to do better!

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COLORADOTINK 11/12/2008 9:15AM


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JAZZSIREN 11/12/2008 12:51AM

    I think you should come be my live in cook! Ha ha ha. My mouth waters everytime I read your posts!

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BROWNJB0 11/11/2008 8:18PM

    It's great to read that someone who is exercising regularly is getting a lot out of it. At this point in the game that is my biggest struggle. I used to row in college and LOVED it. Being on the water is 50 million times more fun than the machines even.
Thanks for the motivation!

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SWEETZMIX 11/11/2008 6:20PM

    You are just a chef in disguise. LOL

Yea if u haven't had beef in a while, it will make u feel a lil weird. I haven't had beef & pork in years. Started giving it up 4 years ago(when my mom was diagnosed with diabetes to help her with the transition), and about 3 years ago was the last time I had any. Last year for Thanksgiving my BF's mom made some pork ribs. And she was convinced that since I used to eat it I will like it. Well her son doesn't eat it either and hasn't for like 10yrs. I fell into pressure and one lil bite had me sick for most of the day. LOL So I hope ur tummy wasn't feeling too crazy.

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TELERIE 11/11/2008 5:43PM

You should get your own cooking column! Let me know how those pork chops turn out.
I made something new and yummy today, pollock with leek, salsa and baked beans. Very easy and tasty.

Comment edited on: 11/11/2008 5:41:02 PM

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TRECECOOKS 11/11/2008 4:30PM

    Sounds good; keep it going!!

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MARLIE13 11/11/2008 4:19PM

    Mmm...the porkchops sounds like they are going to be wonderful! What a great "non cardio" workout.

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