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I'm not super slow!!!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

:D hehe.

emoticonSo this morning I went on my "speed work" run of the week. I decided earlier this week that I would do a tempo run to make sure I'm not just getting slower with all this slower running in my other workouts.

SO! Just over 2 miles in... ALMOST 21 minutes. :D YAY! An average pace of 10:19. SOooooooo that's good. :D Mapmyrun's amazing stats tell me that's about 5.81MPH. I'll take it! It's not my fastest run EVER or anything, but it's on par with what I was doing before I got sick and stopped running really and then putzed around and then started doing this new slower jogging and whatnot.

My AHR was 176, which is 90.25% of my MHR. Consulting my "running bible" as I'm using it here, the Competitive Runners Handbook, a "tempo" pace should have you between 85-92% of your MHR. If I was running AT my race pace or goal pace I'd ben between 90-95% at 5K pace and 90-92% at 10K pace apparently. Well, I was trying to run at a race-like pace, and MAYBE I could've pushed it faster but I'm happy that running at these paces should result in a heart rate similar to what I had. So apparently my level of fitness running at that pace is not bad for that level of effort, I just need to make sure I'm not putting forth that kind of effort in every run. (same jibber jabber I've been saying every run blog pretty much, but every time I do it I get a new reinforcing confirmation that I really think this strategy is sound.)

emoticon Work was better today. We had a really productive (I think) staff meeting, I got some other stuff done before that, trained someone on something. All good stuff. Much better than the headaches of the beginning of the week. :) And tomorrow is Friday so YAY on that.

emoticon Last night I cooked up a big batch of brown rice to use in dinners for the rest of the week, as well as last night's dinner. I cubed some chicken breast and diced some onions. Cooked up the onions till they were somewhat browned and awesome looking, added the chicken seasoned with Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle, and when the chicken was nearly done I added a cup of black beans and some cumin and another sprinkle of Mrs. Dash. Served that over the brown rice - SO GOOD. And so easy and just right up my alley. If I had any eggs I would've fried an egg to put on top and maybe added some salsa. :D But it was good with just the black bean/chicken mixture and rice. Tonight will be rice on the side with chicken fixed some kinda way and I bought a bag of microwave steaming fresh asparagus that I'm excited to try. I love asparagus.

emoticonAND I really like my outfit today. :) The part that I really like is that I'm wearing my houndstooth stockings with some pale mintygreen colored lace legwarmer things my sister bought me in Japan. How can I help but feel cute in legwarmers? I know it sounds odd... I'll have to take a picture even though my hair is total nonsense today and I don't have any makeup on.

P.S. -- this emoticon thing is kind fun. Also I watched the new episode of Pushing Daisies this morning. :) Such a cute show!

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SLCOLMAN 10/3/2008 7:55PM

    I love hearing about your passion for food :)

Glad to hear that work is going better too! :)

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SANLONDON 10/3/2008 10:28AM

    You've turned into a scientist with all those running stats! (the new 6 million dollar girl???)

Brown rice is all good - it's usually my main carbs of the day.

Pushing Daisies has started again?? the GF loves that show (ok, I do too). With that, the new BL, The Office etc, I have some catching up to do!


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SWEETZMIX 10/3/2008 9:28AM

    Dinner sounded good!! Emotion things are GREAT!! And no headache work days are awesome!!

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MDTWEETY 10/3/2008 9:08AM

    Your dinner sounds yummy. You can do so much with brown rice. I make an easy stir fry with veggies and mae ploy sauce. Yum, yum,yum and a good way to use up leftover cooked rice. I love the boil-in-bag Success brown rice. So easy. I don't like to wait a long time for rice. LOL!

I can't wait to see the pics of your outfit! emoticon
Have a great weekend!

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BRUIN2 10/2/2008 10:30PM

    Loving the emoticons announcing the new themes!!

And now I'm understanding your FB status!! hehe.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So... today has been a crazy day at work. Just ridiculously busy and weird technical issues and all that good stuff.

Also today was the start of TOM! LOVELY.

I stayed up wayyyyyyy too late last night. My lovely TiVo recorded Biggest Loser this time!!! :D WOOHOO! One of the other shows we usually record on Tuesdays was a repeat, so it could actually record it. I ended up watching that until about 2:30 or so, then chit chatting with my sweet DH until after 3AM until finally I was close to tears with exhaustion, not that I was unhappy or anything, my body was just like DANA. CUT IT OUT AND GO TO SLEEP. So I had to tell my sweet DH, I need to sleep. hehe.

I did not stay to my minimum last night, but I did not get close to my maximum either. Ended up right in the middle and I'm ok with that.

This morning I woke up later than usual and was having a nice internal struggle about going to the gym which ended in me going, DANGIT DANA JUST DO IT! So I did -- I only had enough time with waking up late and taking time to eat and so forth to do one rep of each MTC circuit, but I was able to finish them all in just the right amount of time. It was about 38min and 381 calories. Good stuff.

Not sure what I'm gonna fix for dinner tonight, but I think it might be an Indian SparkRecipe for some lentils and there was also a naan recipe I was interested in trying. Might save this for the weekend though, when I have more time and am not coming home from a lengthy day at work.

OH and P.S. since I've been including this in almost every day... last night's dinner was Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. :) And you thought I was so healthy eating and cookariffic. My DH bought the bread and I was slightly bummed because it was a HFCS bread, but whatever, it's one dinner. It was Rye bread though and it was definitely very tasty. :) So yes, we had a dinner of Grilled Cheese made with no special healthy bread, regular Kraft slices. I guess there is the modification of cooking spray and spritzing the bread with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter instead of cooking in butter.

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CAROL_HOORAH 10/2/2008 3:50PM

    hey thinking about it I guess I'm better than I thought - I also had tomato and onion slices in the sandwich, and I only ate half of my sandwich and I ate the other half two hours later. Go me!!! LOL

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CAROL_HOORAH 10/2/2008 3:49PM

    lol I had grilled cheese sandwiches the other day too except I had margarine on the bread instead of a spray. lol and I didn't chastise myself for it either!! oh well as long as I'm not gaining weight I'm not going to worry too much! Sometimes you've got to have those classic meals.

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MISSHOLLYDAE 10/2/2008 3:43PM

    Ah Dana always inspiring the masses, lol. I admit that I love reading your blog because its so nice to see that someone like you who has had so much success is still 100% human. You always make me feel like I'm still okay, even with mistakes you can be successful. Thanks for sticking around and lifting others up with your story! We love you!

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    Hi, Dana. I love grilled cheese and may have to try the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter...I have to include cheese into my diet. I eat a cube or two a day, cheese is the BOMB! And good for you for saying NO to that internal voice. That is most of the battle for me. If I actually get to the point of starting my workout, finishing is no biggie. It is gettin' going that is the hard part sometimes!

You are a continued inspiration to me, Dana. When I started this 6 months ago, I vividly remember seeing your before and after and thinking, HOLY Ship! I can do this! THANK YOU Dana.

OH! And I cannot wait to try that shrimp recipe! YUM! Awww, there is no shrimp Emoticon..


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SWEETZMIX 10/2/2008 8:49AM

    Hey Dana, I LOVE GRILLED CHEESE!! It's the ultimate treat for me, with a strip of turkey bacon cut in half...mmmmmm mmm I also use cooking spray, it's not the same as the butter but after not having it for sO long...IT TASTE AMAZING!!

emoticon to going to the gym and working out. Something is better than nothing. That's what I live by when I don't get a full workout in and maybe only 25min.

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HOPERY 10/2/2008 7:20AM

    emoticon Here is courtroom lawyer trainer! Good job listening to his convincing testimony of why you should go to the gym! Funny, how grilled cheese would so not be a treat for me. The kids always want that-I want to eat at your house the rest of the nights when you are supertastyyummygormetcookerlady!

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CATIATM 10/2/2008 5:03AM

    Grilled cheese sandwiches ... I'm actually drooling.

When I ate them, I sprayed the outside of each slice with Pam Butter Flavored spray and left the inside of each slice plain. But I don't believe in using those plastic-y cheese. I want real American cheese, or mild cheddar. Oh, and I like to add a slice of tomato and/or a slice of crisp bacon, too.

Now I'm fantasizing about something I haven't thought about in ages. You are the devil, Dana! emoticon (Does the devil wear Prada?)


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JAZZSIREN 10/2/2008 12:35AM

    That's awesome that you won the morning battle! I've lost it every morning this week. Ha ha! At least I'm still getting the workout in at night. I feel so much better when I workout in the morning, but man do I love my sleep...mostly because I have a hard time putting myself to bed at a reasonable hour too. :)

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SKYFYRE 10/1/2008 11:06PM

    Glad you got your Bunny-Butt to the gym! Aren't you proud of yourself?! You should be! Oh, and I suddenly feel far less lazy now that I know that you occasionally eat a boring meal... grilled cheese is actually one of my fav! But, as you probably know, 45calorie bread and I can't believe it's not butter does cook up very crisp! Loses it's charm that way!

Get to bed early sleepyhead! emoticon

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BRUIN2 10/1/2008 10:01PM


Look at you - talking yourself into going to the gym!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

(And I'm also very glad to hear that you don't cook amazing meals every night....you were making the rest of us look bad. hehehe)

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

That title is in response to the fact that I just ate a 6" turkey sub when I was full because I was irritated.

Yep. Stupid. I came in to work to find everyone in a meeting except me. So I get to respond to questions people have been holding on to because there was no management on the floor for who knows how long, and then field everything until they finally come out. And my boss says, go in and get something to eat!

I picked a healthy thing. I turned down chips and cookies. But I'm still a bit frustrated with myself because I basically ate it out of bitterness and so I wasn't completely "left out". GRR. And I knew it as I was doing it. I should've just ignored the invite for food. ANYWAYYYYYYY........

Other than that it's been a really good day. :)

I got up, worked on my quilt (added another row to the front - two more and the front is DONE), went for a run, watched a bit of biggest loser Australia Season Two... and came to work. Good stuff.

emoticonTHE RUN: Well -- I went even slower this time somehow, 15:35 min mile average, but my heart rate was also lower. Average of 157 which is 80% still, but much lower than I had been running. I figure I'm not gonna stress too much about it not being 70-75% because I'm just going to keep going at this level until my heart rate gets lower going at that speed. Then when it is too low at that speed, I can speed up. Sound good? GOOD. Cause that's my plan. At this super slow rate it took me 50:23 to run 3.23 miles. The good news is by running so LONG I burned a whopping 589 for that distance. :) So that's nice. My Max heart rate for the run was 167 as well, which is just BARELY outside the "target zone" for me, so nearly all of those 50 minutes was spent within the target zone at least. That's a first, for sure. It's also the longest run I've done in the "new" shoes. My other ones are up to almost 230 miles, so I want to start working the new ones into some mileage as well. I had been wearing them only on speed days for some reason. Hahaha.

emoticonFOOD: Well, last night was just some pasta and garlic bread. Nothing exciting.

emoticonTHE SCALE: While yesterday was above my range by a bit, today I'm within by at LEAST a lb, so maybe yesterday was just a high fluctuation. Given that this week is TOM and today I'm still within my range, I'm feeling good, but I still want to make sure I'm keeping to the lower side of my cal range this week. I think last week I was maxing it every day and I do not want that to become a habit. (Although today with the sandwich flub, it might not go so well -- but I'm still going to try.) The cool thing is that even though I ate that sandwich, if I still eat everything I brought for lunch, I'll have 291 cal to my minimum and 641 to my maximum, so staying within my calorie range today will NOT be a problem. Especially now that the ice cream's gone. *shhh* HAHAHA :D

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SLCOLMAN 10/1/2008 3:27PM

    We all slip from time to find with eating for comfort instead of for nutrition. At least you are aware of it :)

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MARLIE13 10/1/2008 3:08PM

    Wait...did you have ice cream or not? loL! The sub is now in your past and good for you in resisting the cookies and chips!

Very interesting about your run...and your plan too. I like it! Looking forward to watching you progress with it.

Thank you again for the inspiration to try that new recipe. I'm looking forward to lunch today! Getting very excited to see your quilt. Do we have to wait until it's done to see a picture? Pleasesaynopleasesayno!

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KIMCATUS 10/1/2008 2:01PM

    Hey at least you can admit it and know why you did it. Still frustrating, but we can all relate. Kinda crappy that they left you though....I'd be irritated too...but I'd have Oreos, so you're a better woman than I! ;) You're always so on track...even when you're off track...can I just touch you for luck! *poke poke* :P

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CALICAVEGIRL 10/1/2008 10:28AM

    Thanks for sharing your running journey. I think that my main obstacle to running farther is that I'm running too fast (meaning my heart rate is through the roof!!). I just thought that it would calm down over time, ... but maybe I'm just pushing too hard and if I pull back then I'll have more success. Thanks for sharing!

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PUMPKINFACE73 10/1/2008 10:24AM

    hey girl...you are doing it...this maintenance thing....it is a journey but it is getting easier (right...lol)
I need to take a lesson form you and lighten up a bit....you are my inspiration....thanks for sharing so much of you with me/us


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SWEETZMIX 10/1/2008 8:58AM

    Hey Dana, so u ate a 6" sub for no reason. It's a bad habit to break, but atleast it wasn't a box of cookies. It's all about progress. Als I am jealous u had garlic bread!! I can't wait until I feel better so I can have some too. Hopefully by Friday.

589 calories......WOW. Doesn't it feel good when u look at ur HRM and it tells u some crazy number like that!!

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JAZZSIREN 10/1/2008 12:54AM

    You so have to post pictures when you're done with that quilt! It sounds like a lot of fun...

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SKYFYRE 9/30/2008 11:38PM

    Yay for turning down the cookies an junk, the sub was a good choice. I think that your patience with the HRM and %'s is astounding! I don't have but a smigit of patience for anything!

Get back on that train!

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TELERIE 9/30/2008 4:11PM

    Frustrations at work, yeahIknowallaboutit! Glad you didn't overdo the eating when not hungry. Hope you get some of those frustrations out with the running as well!
And I agree with Catiatm, I want to see a picture of your quilt.


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MOM2ACAT 9/30/2008 3:50PM

    At least you picked a healthy sub, and said no to the "extras" that came with it; I think you did great!

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CATIATM 9/30/2008 3:40PM

    Hola! Sorry to hear about the sub. But hey, it worked for Jared, so it can't be all bad, right. emoticon Yeah. Emotional eating is tough.

I want to see a picture of this quilt!

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Stress, Weekend, Etc....

Monday, September 29, 2008

So..... DH's thing did not go well. :( Poor guy.

He's not sure what his next steps are at this point. They basically want him to break down his idea and do a tiny part of it instead, which he is completely disinterested in doing and it ruins his whole idea of the project. His mentoring professor thought his original plan was still a good one, but the committee was not digging it. He hasn't really had a chance to really regroup with them yet. We've had a very kind of depressed weekend full of me trying to console him and enabling stress/emotional food eating behavior... (EEK!). We went out on Friday night to Buffalo Wild Wings. I ate HORRIBLY. But -- that was my one splurge all week, so I'm trying not to feel too bad about it.

I got a lot done this weekend, but my DH is still not back on his game. He hasn't been able to sleep at all and is feeling kinda sick now. :( So more and more good vibes for him. I don't think the situation is as bad as he's feeling about it, but he's definitely an ALL OR NOTHING type personality. He tried really hard to stay positive. We had a lot of fun going to the play -- it was a comedy and quite relaxing. We watched the Alabama game -- I fell asleep during the 2nd half, but wow Alabama played an amazing 1st half, yes?? I'm glad we held on to the win as well. (And my Noles won their game, too, even if I couldn't watch it. :P) We went to Schlotsky's to pick up food on the way home after the game and since I had never been and had no clue what the cals were like, I made a super safe choice of a small veggie sandwich. I was very proud of myself. :)

So with two eating out days, one well within cals, and yesterday within cal range if not a bit low, this morning I weighed JUST OVER the top of my maintenance range. GRRR!!! Then I remember -- this week is TOM. OH. So I'm HOPING it is due to that, but to be on the safe side I'm going to aim for staying at the low end of my calorie range all week and focus on healthy choices and not just staying within cals.

High points of the weekend:

emoticonLONG RUN ON SATURDAY: I had an amazing running experience Saturday. A very SLOW running experience... I went for my 5.15 mile route and tried to keep my HR below 150. Didn't happen. BUT!!! I did keep it in the 150's for a lot of my run. There were a couple of hilly areas where it climbed a bit, and a few times I sprinted across some intersections... but mostly I kept it lower than I EVER have during a run. My average HR was 161, which is still 82.5% of a MHR of 195. I'm trying to get my base level to be more like 70-75%. (Which would be 146.25 BPM -- SO LOW!!!) I ran just over 15min miles. YEAH. That is some SLOOWWWWW jogging. Of course there were a couple hills factored into that time, but still. The amazing part was that I felt like I could have gone on running like that FOREVER. 10K?? SURRRRRRRE. Maybe a half marathon one of these days??? I can see it in my future now. By not training so fast I was better able to see what my potential was.

Now -- I am not happy with how slow I had to go to get my heart rate within the desired range. It was really difficult at times to reign myself back. I'm hoping that if I continue training while monitoring my heart rate and really focusing on doing this thing EFFECTIVELY, then I can improve my base pace significantly. It could be that it's so slow right now because I HAVEN'T been keeping up with my running well. My most recent run of longer than 3.23 miles (9/15) was 8/7 (5.15 miles). So it had been over a month and a half since I had been monger than 3.25 miles in a run. And I haven't had more than 2 runs a week in a long time.

This is gonna change!!!!!!! :) I feel like having a plan and a strategy makes running more exciting -- instead of feeling like I go out there and do it with minimal improvements and I'm banging my head against a brick wall or something. I'm going to run on Tues+Thurs+Sat. Saturday long runs -- giving my body the opportunity of a 2 day recovery after those before Tuesday. Maybe I'll start running more later... but for now this is my plan. I need to run a minimum of 3x a week if I'm going to have any kind of consistency.

ANYWAY! The other good news -- I burned 959 calories during that run according to my HRM!!! HOLY CRAP! My other runs of that distance had been estimated at around 700 calories by mapmyrun. I did run for a shorter length of time, but I was also working harder... so I'm thinking I may have been underestimating my effort on those runs.

emoticonQUILT MAKING: I got half of the front side of my quilt pieced together. :) Now I just have to get the other half, stick em together, do the back..... and then sew it alllll together. :D Piece of cake, right? HAHAHA. Actually I was surprised at how quickly it was going once I had everything laid out. I made a map of a KIND of a design based on the numbers of different colors of shirts I had, and putting a certain special shirt in the middle. So then I laid the squares in order by rows and after that it was just pin, sew, pin, sew, and "sew" on. (HAR HAR) OH WAIT THERE'S MORE. "Sew" far, "sew" good. BWAHAHA. Anyway.

emoticonCOOKING: I made an AMAZING recipe courtesy of Jillian Michael's Making the Cut book -- Bombay Curried Shrimp. DO IT people. Everyone out there that has the MTC book. It's amazing. Basically - chop up some green onions/scallions (.5 cup), 1 red bell pepper, 2 medium tomatoes. Toss 1.5 lbs of shrimp (peeled and deveined) with 1 Tbsp of flour and set aside. Heat 2 tsp of olive oil in a nonstick skillet or wok or whatever. Heat the scallions and 1Tbsp of Curry powder for about 1 min. Then add the bell pepper for another minute. Then you add the tomatoes, .5 cup of lite coconut milk, 10oz of chicken broth, 1Tbsp of lemon juice... and I'm pretty sure that's it. Simmer for about 4 minutes. Then add the shrimp and simmer again for a while, until the shrimp are cooked and tender and the consistency is where you want it.

Serving 1 cup of shrimp mixture with 1 cup of cooked brown rice and topping with 1.5 tsp of shredded sweetened coconut = 397 calories. Can't remember the rest of the ingredients. If you check my nutrition tracker you will see the nutrition facts for me inputting my ingredients with only 1lb of shrimp and making 4 servings (not including the rice or shredde coconut on top). (The recipe made with 1.5lbs of shrimp is supposed to be 6 servings.) Good stuff. The leftovers are in my lunch today which is where you can see the nutrition facts for that amount.

emoticonHOUSE STUFF: Also got the shopping and a ton of laundry done. :)

Well... I tried to pick some good emoticons for each item so you could skip one if uninterested, but they didn't really have great ones for each... oh well. :) HAHAHA.

Did anyone make it this far in the longest blog ever?

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TRECECOOKS 10/10/2008 2:30PM

    So sorry the dissertation thing did not go well. I hope that by now he'll have been able to regroup with his mentor and team.

Congrats on the awesome burn - you are doing amazingly well!!

As for the recipe - I am SO making this!! Can't wait.

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SLCOLMAN 10/1/2008 3:25PM

    Sorry to hear that DHs thing didn't go well. Hopefully they are able to get it reworked asap.

Glad to hear that the rest of the weekend sounded really great!!

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SANLONDON 9/30/2008 7:33AM

    959 kcals burnt in one workout - that's fantastic work!

The Bombay Curried Shrimp sounds good.


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JAZZSIREN 9/30/2008 1:39AM

    You are so making me want to get a heart rate monitor now! I'm often curious as to how much I am burning vs. what the bike says vs. what Spark says. Alas, now that I am trying to financial plan as well that will be an item I need to save up for! I still can't believe how much you run! I remember watching the Olympics and thinking, "You know, even if I lost weight I don't think I would take up running. That is, unless I lost all of the weight I have to lose overnight. Then I think I would feel like running everywhere I go!" But reading your blog makes me think "never say never"!

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SWEATONCEADAY 9/29/2008 10:17PM

    your blog made me tired just reading. such a busy weekend. sorry about your hubby. he will come around. it just takes us "all or nothing" types a bit longer.

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MDTWEETY 9/29/2008 8:32PM

    Sorry your DH had a difficult time. :( Sending more good wishes his way......

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SKYFYRE 9/29/2008 7:26PM

    Dana, nice self control! Great work with the heart rate monitor that is! And nice burn too! Looks like you had a crazy busy weekend, but in a good way, minus the sad DH... I will continue to keep him in my prayers, I am sorry he is having such a hard time, I think I probably would too. You are being a great support, though, he is lucky to have you.

I wish I liked shrimp, otherwise I would try that little number! I wonder if it would be good with chicken? :) hmm...

Doesn't it feel good to have such a productive weekend?!

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MOM2ACAT 9/29/2008 7:02PM

    Sounds like a very productive weekend!

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SMURFETTE0725 9/29/2008 5:53PM

    Wow! Thanks for sharing Sweetie!! CONGRATS on the run! and many THANKS for the recipe recommendation! I'm on vaca this week with a plan to try at least 2 new recipes this week! That'll be one!

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BRUIN2 9/29/2008 5:23PM

    Hook me up with my gold star for reading the whole blog! hehe.

Thanks for the DL on the Bombay Curry recipe - can't wait to try it!

Sorry DH is going through this rough patch. Maybe you should have him go for a run with you - running really puts things into perspective, no?

Your quilt: cool.

Laundry: right on.

Did I miss anything?

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TELERIE 9/29/2008 5:19PM

    Great blog, Dana (I read it all)!
My commiserations to your DH. Sending good vibes for speedy recovery of his good mood and spark!
And you seem to be on FIRE recently - really inspiring to read about your running. I really have GOT to get to my next milestone soon so I can buy my HRM. I know it'll probably change my life.
Sounds like a great recipe too, might try it.

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MARLIE13 9/29/2008 4:50PM

    Awesome blog...haha on your punny puns. loL! Much coolness on the shrimp recipe. I'm not a fan of shrimp but your description of the recipe makes me think it might turn me into a fan. Oooh! Maybe I'll make it tomorrow night when I'm the only one eating!

Awesome burn. Not so convinced that it's my fitness level that is earning me less calories. lol! But maybe...it did make me feel better for about 5 seconds. Great running plan too! I ran at a 5.5 mph today for a bit and that was rough on the treadmill. I had to keep reminding myself to keep up with my foot turnover...that it wasn't actual walking. lol!

Oooh, I'm excited. My grocery list is started so I'm going to add those ingredients. I have my MTC book at work with me too!

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LOBO1978_2000 9/29/2008 2:32PM

    Sorry about your DH. I hope things get better.

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LANC92 9/29/2008 2:28PM

    Oh, I am totally trying that recipe out soon. You know, I have the book and haven't tried any of the recipes - LOL - but I've been looking for some new things to spice up my diet.

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CATIATM 9/29/2008 1:51PM

    Wow! Such news! You quilt? I had no idea! I don't like curried anything, but Jillian totally rocks.

Ok, you know I'm fat, but I've completed three full marathons doing the (Jeff) Galloway training method, which is all about training at the slower pace so that your body recovers faster and can do more. He's written loads, and I encourage you to check out his work.

So sorry to hear about hubby. I'm sending him some good vibes in this blog response. emoticon

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Takin' the Day Off

Friday, September 26, 2008

I bargained with myself this morning. I said -- "Dana, you know if you don't workout today, that means working out Saturday AND Sunday. Are you OK with that?" And I carefully considered and answered,"YEP!" So anyway, good good. I'm thinking this tactic might be ok with me -- the off Monday and Friday tactic that is. It still leaves me 5 days of the week to workout, enough for my 4 workout a week minimum, and enough to get to my 2000 cal burn a week goal, and it lets me not have to get up super-early to workout on the two days I have to be at work earlier than the rest of the week.

My DH is doing the first in his dissertation presentation thingies today -- I can't remember what it's called... if this is his like proposal presentation? Anyway -- whatever it is. GOOD LUCK TO MY DH!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! :D hehehe. Send all your good SP vibes in his direction.

He asked me out earlier this week. :) Taking me to a PLAY tomorrow. Isn't that cool? I haven't been to a play in ages. It's something on campus, but I'm still really kind of excited. :)

Started watching Biggest Loser Australia season TWO online this morning -- not through the first episode yet, but got to see them have their "LAST MEAL".

They set up this massive stage area with a total smorgasbord of food. Piles and piles of very unhealthy options. Everyone stuffed their faces. THEN, they were shown slow motion replay close-ups of what they looked like while eating that food. UGGHH it was painful to watch and it wasn't even ME on the screen -- I can only imagine having to not only watch myself eat, but watch myself stuff my face with unhealthy garbage.

I'd like to think that even when I ate unhealthily I didn't shovel the food into my mouth... but .... to be honest, I have always eaten very quickly and if I had more food to eat I was probably shoveling it in with the best of them. :) More elegant table manners gets to be a nice side effect of me being mindful about what and how I'm eating.

(Except for when I was eating Indian food last week... I could tell I was in shovel mode - UGH.)

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LOBO1978_2000 9/29/2008 2:41PM

    You deserve a day off every now and then.

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TRECECOOKS 9/27/2008 4:44PM

    I hear ya on the shovelling of food. We'd probably all benefit from being filmed. . .
It's also amazing to me how many people are running "too fast".
Way to go on the quilt!! Someday I'll make one, too. . .

Keeping DH in mind with prayer.

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COLORADOTINK 9/27/2008 11:08AM

    emoticonGOOD LUCK DH

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SKYFYRE 9/26/2008 11:42PM

    "shovel mode" yep, that was me last night! I am going to have to check out your Biggest loser Australia on line... I miss the show, I decided that I am weak, and need cable, just for the channel flipping when tired option. Crazy, no? Will be back to Biggest loser hopefully sooner than later!

I hope the hubster did well with his proposal! Sounds so exciting, and nerve wracking at the same time! I am a wee bit behind on e mail, so now I am just sending hopeful positive optimistic vibes!

The play sounds great! I don't care where it is, your honey wanted to go on a date with you! Very cool! Hope it is a good time!

Thanks for the encouragement and support on my blog, You are very kind. Talk about being midfull! reality CHECK!!

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SLCOLMAN 9/26/2008 5:37PM

    Good luck DH!!!!

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MDTWEETY 9/26/2008 4:54PM

    Best of luck to your DH!! Let us know how it goes! :)

As for the Biggest Loser thing, ah, what wouldn't these shows do for ratings??? Ugh, makes me sick.

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KMKMOM 9/26/2008 4:29PM

    Good luck to your hubby! This aren't his comprehensives, are they? If so, I really wish him luck.

That sounds crazy with the Biggest Loser. I think I would be afraid to see what I look like when I eat because I know I eat too fast. I think it comes from dealing with the kids at the table. How do you watch that show online? Do they have a website? It'd be cool if I could get an additional fix of the Biggest Loser. I often watch TV shows online when I ride the stationary bike.

Have a nice weekend!

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TELERIE 9/26/2008 3:32PM

    Good luck to your DH! I'm taking today off too, and I'll work out on Saturday and Sunday as well.

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MARLIE13 9/26/2008 1:44PM

    I totally understand! I've always been mortified by seeing people stuff their mouths full of food while driving...stopped at stoplights, etc. I'm sure it has something to do with how I felt towards myself at the time. Anyway, I STILL feel weird about people seeing me eat if I'm in the car. lol! Unless it's an apple and it's obvious it's healthy. But uh, just this morning I had to take my egg white omlette on the road with me and I kept hiding it or timing bites when other drivers couldn't see me. lol! (I realize I've just let a kooky secret out of the bed...kind of similar to Hope's tasting things. lol!)

PS I took the morning off too and slept in.

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SWEETZMIX 9/26/2008 1:12PM

    OMG, they showed that on TBL Australia!! How embarrassing, u know? Jeeze I probably would of cried because I still eat kinda fast. I don't shovel the food in but at times I know I have in the past. I mean they are on a show but is slo mo really needed!!

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