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Thursday, September 25, 2008


MTC Day 22 workout today -- rocked. It was easier than Day 21, so although I spent a good 14 min more, I burned another 99 calories. Well, I guess that's about on the same pace? Anyway. Total of 600 cal burned today in 53:41. Good stuff. And my legs are definitely burning. They were feeling it a bit from yesterday's sprints this morning, so with MTC they are good and worn out.

I'm trying a new thing today -- a Special K Protein Water packet after my workout. It's 30 cal, 6 carbs - 5g of fiber and 5g of protein. So a very SMALL version of some carbs+protein post workout. I'm curious to see how I feel between then and lunch (which is in another almost 3 hrs). I also have a Peach hangin around that I'm going to try to save for a mid lunch/dinner snack.

We were kinda discussing this in the Bun Buddy Brigade about how we space out our food, and I definitely need to try to get some SNACKING habits established. I think it will only help my energy levels and hunger levels throughout the day.

The main thing bugging me today -- I forgot my book at home. :( I've been reading Fight Club (FINALLY - I've read every other Palahniuk book so it's about time).... and I left it on my bedside table. So I dunno what I'm gonna do at lunch today. I guess I could run to the library and get another book. :D HEHE It is pretty close....

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CATIATM 9/26/2008 12:38PM

    Hee hee - You know, you are ever so slightly O-C, but only in the nicest possible way. emoticon I've never read Fight Club. Is it worth it?

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PUMPKINFACE73 9/26/2008 9:03AM

    Right there with you girl..picking up Fight Club tonight at the bookstore...my goal for the month of Octiber is to get it read and DONE...have a great weekend...glad to see you are still doing amazing...you ROCK

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SWEATONCEADAY 9/25/2008 7:22PM

    where did you get the protein water? i once saw an add in oxygen for a product (crystals) you put in your water sold at gnc but i can't find it around here.

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KKATZE 9/25/2008 6:56PM

    Let me know how that Special K water works... was kind of interested in it, but didn't try it so far...
Man, you are working soooo hard, great job!

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MARLIE13 9/25/2008 6:49PM

    Could you maybe just do my workouts for me? lol! I wish I knew how to read...it sounds like fun.

Please Lord send me a cup of caffeine.

Yes, my comment has very little to do with your blog post, but here I am....and YAY you!! Great burn today. I don't think I'm bustin butt enough at the gym ...or do you get to burn more because you're younger than me???!!!! I'll have to think about that and see if I still want to like you. lol!

I have my foods you crave CB here at work...suggestions off the top of your head for something to try?

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SLCOLMAN 9/25/2008 5:43PM

    I love it - gotta get some snacking habits!!

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SWEETZMIX 9/25/2008 5:32PM

    mmmmm snacking. Yea get ur snacking game together. It helps me get through the day. Especialy because I don't get to eat the same time every single day, so when that does happen it doesn't bother me!!

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BRUIN2 9/25/2008 3:24PM

    I laughed out loud when I read the title of your blog (and I had a mouthful of rice at the time, so it wasn't a very pretty site).

Glad you had such an awesome workout!

What about going for a walk on your lunch break?

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Super fast workout!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yeah, I SO meant to post a screencap yesterday from mapmyrun.com because I posted my MTC workout in there and it has a cute icon with a person lifting a weight. :) I'm wondering what other kinds of icons there are... I got that one from putting in there a gym/health club category workout, and then selecting circuit training - resistance from the more specific description list.

Cute huh? ANYWAY!!!

Today I definitely dawdled before heading to the gym, but I knew I was doing sprints and wouldn't spend but about 20 min -- which I went OVER, thank you very much... burned 251 calories according to my new obsession, the HRM, in about 22:24 which is cool. :)

SO -- I consulted my Competitive Runner's Handbook some more this morning and saw that a "Tempo" pace is about where I always run. Which is to say, I'm running at a racing effort every time I run. (Based on my typical effort from that run on Sunday.) ANYWAY!!! I also read about doing sprinting and what recovery should be like and blahblahblah. Anyway -- during my sprints I can get up SUPER high. My maximum today was 189, and I'm estimating my Max HR at 195 so that's 96.9% -- WOOHOO. What this author calls a "near sprint" pace (the fastest he recommends ANYONE run) is at 98-100% of your max HR. He does not recommend this for anyone but elite athletes. So I was right in the next level which is where I wanted to be. Can't remember what he calls that pace. Anyway -- for recovery he suggests that you should do a brisk walk ( could do a slow jog, but he prefers walking) and get your HR to below 120. Well.... I was slightly impatient so I didn't get quite that low inbetween, but I got it IN the 120's at least every time.

Previously when doing sprints I'd just kinda jog slowly for about 3 min and then go again. I feel like today my sprints felt much better and more effective when I was actually sprinting. I felt more powerful. I'm really digging this HRM thing in regard to running. I definitely feel like I am going to find a way to make my training more effective as training and not just going out and running. Using a strategic approach will (hopefully) help me really achieve the goals I have for distance and speed. :D HOW EXCITING!!! hahaha. I also read about the other paces some more and the "base" pace is supposed to be between 70-75%75%, "easy" (which is to be used on recovery runs after races and stuff) is like 65-70%. And I don't remember what all else. But anyway! The other paces higher can be used for certain purposes but are not intended to be daily run type of paces.

Interesting stuff, huh? :D

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SKYFYRE 9/24/2008 9:57PM

    Yikes, Dana! You have really done some reseach! I love that you have figured this out! I must be doing it wrong, the whole running near my max, I will have to look at that book when I get more time! Good stuff!

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HOPERY 9/24/2008 9:47PM

    Wow! I really gotta get me one of those!!

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SWEATONCEADAY 9/24/2008 8:30PM

    maybe we should start a team.... HRMAA (heart rate monitor addicts anonymous). anyone need a sponsor? oh me! i get impatient waiting for my hr to go down too somedays so i am happy when it hits 130.

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MARLIE13 9/24/2008 7:38PM

    So here's the deal, k? You figure this all out and then tell me what to do. lol! I remember reading training advice similar to this before but it went in one ear and then out the other. lol! I feel like a leech...or a run sucker. lol! Thanks for being my host.

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SLCOLMAN 9/24/2008 6:46PM

    All that running and HRM stuff is really interesting!

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TELERIE 9/24/2008 6:19PM

    You're doing so great! I can't wait for my HRM reward! emoticon
I'm sure I'll be just as HRM geeky as you are! I love to be motivated by gadgets such as that. I love my walking pedometer and track that daily. emoticon Sounds like an interesting book, but for now I'm content with reading on coolrunning.com and doing C25K.
- Marit

Comment edited on: 9/24/2008 6:17:13 PM

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LANC92 9/24/2008 5:34PM

    You are a total HRM geek, total. But whether you have it on or not what you're reading in the book is true... if you work at 100% all the time, you just burn out. That's true for other forms of exercise too ;-D

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BRUIN2 9/24/2008 4:52PM

    You know you're a HRM geek now, right?!


Glad you got such a great workout in!!

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CALICAVEGIRL 9/24/2008 4:33PM

    I'm totally gonna have to get that book!!!

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Another Day... :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So I did my first Making the Cut workout with my HRM today and it was such a dud. The workout was SOOOOOOO hard today -- I think these circuits are just more killer. I did each one only once -- at first I was planning it that way because of time constraints, but by the end I wonder if I would have been able to do two!!!

In 39:44 my HRM tells me I burned 501 calories. My average Heart Rate was 164 (within my "aerobic range" woohoo), max was 186. OUCH! I think that must have been while doing burpees or something I can't remember. :) But yay!! Good workout! And kind of along the lines of the Spark Estimate I'd been using for circuit training with those workouts, so at least I feel like I haven't been underestimating.

Not a whole lot else to report. :P

I might be a flapper for Halloween....

Edited to add: A dud because I felt so wiped out and barely capable of completing the reps. :) I definitely think it was effective but it made me feel like such a wimp.

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SLCOLMAN 9/24/2008 6:48PM

    A flapper totally sounds fun for Halloween!!

That is awesome that the work out felt like it was so good :)

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KMKMOM 9/24/2008 3:47PM

    That's a lot of calories to burn in such a short period of time. You rock!

I think you would look so cute as a flapper. You definitely have the svelte figure for it.

Thanks for visiting my blog. My calculations on my deficit for day 1 were a bit off but I've got it all figured out now. It was about 550 not 950. LOL I'd like to shoot for a 1 lb. per week loss.

I'm glad you like the HRM.


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SWEETZMIX 9/24/2008 12:23PM

    Hey Dana, sweet HRM. I got a Polar too!!

Awesome in kicking major calories to the curb!!

OOOOOOO a flapper!! I like that. SEXY!! WHOO HOO!! You got any plans for Halloween?? I don't really do much but since this my first Halloween in my own apartment, u know I bought a plastic pumpkin already and candy which I haven't touch. **GO ME GO ME** LOL


Comment edited on: 9/24/2008 12:21:23 PM

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MDTWEETY 9/24/2008 9:58AM

    Wow, you are rockin' that HRM with 501 calories! Go girl!
I received notice from the library that the Jillian DVD I requested is now in. I might walk over and get it today. They are holding it for me for a week. Woo hoo! I have another in my queue on Netflix. Can't wait to see what they are all about.

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JAZZSIREN 9/23/2008 11:54PM

    A. You could sooo be a flapper with that haircut! That would be killer!

B. It's probably a good thing that the workout wiped you out, ultimately, right? I mean, it will give you something to work toward...and I'm sure the more you do it the easier it will become, just like those 5Ks!

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HOPERY 9/23/2008 11:16PM

    I so saw the perfect dress for you to flap in at the thrift store the other day! You would look great! Post pictures!

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WOLFKITTY 9/23/2008 11:15PM

    A flapper would be so neato... I am saving my mermaid costume idea for next year (it'll give me time to put it all together properly) and am doing MAGICIAN this year. I'm going to try to find a magic shop and get some easy flashes or something that will be cool, I don't know any tricks. LOL, the worst part though is that I got a gothic-y top hat. The purchase wasn't bad, just the price. EEk. That's okay, my friends dig the top hats, so I don't think it'll go to waste afterward, but whew... we'll see. :P I'll be sure to post pictures, can't wait to see on what you decide for Halloween!

You'd pull off flapper with such class! I can totally picture it!

You're so awesome with your activity - even if you haven't in a day or want to do more, you're pretty consistent. Great role model. Keep it up, you're fantastic!

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SKYFYRE 9/23/2008 10:58PM

    Oh, I am totally on the same boat! Today was day 21 for me, and it was a killer, I could NOT finish the reps, had to stop in between some of the sets so that IO could regroup and recruit my muscles! Just when I was thinking the workouts were getting easier, she sucker punches me! Ha! I love it!

Great job on a great workout!

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CAROL_HOORAH 9/23/2008 10:55PM

    what is a flapper??? lol

Thanks for the nice compliments, I pride myself on being frugal.. I love seeing the number in my bank account more than pretty material things around me lol! And I'm saving for travelling that's super important to me!

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ODETOLIFE 9/23/2008 8:00PM

    Dud? lol yeah, had me confused too!

Hey, do you get trophies on your hrm like CJ?

I want one of them. lol

I like stupid things like fake trophies. IT motivates me!

Good job momma!

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TELERIE 9/23/2008 6:05PM

    Yay for good workout challenge. Keep up the great inspiring work!!

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MARLIE13 9/23/2008 5:40PM

    I was wondering how it was a dud too. I LOVE the flapper idea. either one you could pull off splendidly but you have perfect hair for a really cute flapper coif. (Now there's a word that I didn't think would get used today. lol!)

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ORANGE-AVOCADO 9/23/2008 5:27PM

    Why was it a dud? And you as a flapper would be so cute! I still like the Velma idea, though.

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BRUIN2 9/23/2008 5:25PM

    Which MTC workout did you do? 501 in under 40 mins is awesome!!

I think I'm doing the Day 11 workout tonight...

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LANC92 9/23/2008 5:17PM

    I can totally see you as a flapper!

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Another Weekend Gone... *sigh*

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh the weekend, so wonderful... :)

I totally killed the Indian food on Saturday. Like went nuts. But I haven't been there in SO LONG and it was my splurge of the week, so I'm ok with it. :) *brief mention of some stuff I ate so be warned* I split a Samosa w/ my sweetface, and some other appetizer thingies that I can't remember what they were... Some veggie/onion frittery thing.... a slice of fried potato... some chicken... anyway. And my entree -- Rogan Josh. I died. It was so good. I was scraping the bottom of my little metal pot. HAHAHAHAH. :) We need to go more often so I can show a little more self-control when we DO go. HAHAHAHA.

*end of Indian food mentions*

So anyway, that morning I watched some shows that had been waiting for me on TiVo while I worked on my T-Shirt Quilt Squares. I'm half way through the cutting phase now! :) I watched a bunch more Biggest Loser Australia this weekend, too. Now I'm finally on the Finale. NO SPOILERS PLEASE! I haven't mentioned any running yet, note...

Anyway. Sunday I slept in, then I prepared a shopping list and checked the WalMart website -- MY HRM WAS IN!!! So I went and did the shopping and picked it up. That evening I went for my first ever HR monitored run. :):):):)

I didn't realize how CUTE it was... I guess there was a picture on the website but I didn't really look at it. It's nice and small, normal sport watch sized. The band is very ladylike and thin. :) hehehe. I felt very delicate and dainty as I strapped it around my wrist realizing I could even wrap it towards the smaller notches. I remember never wanting to get a woman's watch because of how it wouldn't fit, or it would but just barely, and I'd feel like a giant... so that was nice. Also I was convinced the strap would be too small, but it wasn't even close to being too small. I'M just not used to being this small! ANYWAY.

So I went for a short run, 2 miles, down a flat place and up the massive hill. For the flat part it's an out and back little branch of my route, and on the way out I just ran as I normally do, and I noticed my HR was blinking and stuff, and it was over 170 most of the time. If my Max Heart Rate is 195, that meant I was running over 87% of my MHR most of that part. Then on the way BACK the flat part I tried to keep it below 166, which is keeping it below 85%. Then going up the hill I got up to 185 at parts -- which is nearly 95%.

The moral of the story? I push too hard in my regular runs. Apparently I'm used to running at between 85-90%. In the Competitive Runners Handbook I've been reading, it suggests running at -- I can't remember if it's 65-70% or 70-75% -- on the regular easy going training runs. For speedwork, etc, putting forth more effort for sure -- but apparently that range is the conversational pace that should be your standard training run fallback. So WOAH. I need to look at it again to see where the other pace ranges fall within the Heart Rate ranges, but apparently I am not getting the kind of aerobic training benefits I really want from my training runs because I'm just pushing it pushing it pushing it at all times.

70% of 195 is 136.5 BPM. hmmmm wow. We'll have to see how that goes. If I can even do that. I dunno. We'll see. :)


I made an AMAZING recipe yesterday -- NOT super healthy due to my choice of meat. :P BOO. The recipe was supposed to be made with lamb, but I couldn't find any so I used Beef Stew Meat, which has a ton of fat apparently. *doh* I added one serving of it to my nutrition tracker today if you want to check out the specifics, but it's a Turkish Pilau recipe (supposed to be Turkish LAMB Pilau, but we have Turkish BEEF Pilau courtesy of ME). SO GOOD. It has dried apricots and pistachios in it. You like, cook a chopped onion in some butter (I used Smart Balance), and then brown the sides of the meat in cubes, then simmer covered for 10min, then add water to cover the meat and 2Tbsp of Tomato paste and after bringing to a boil, simmer for 1.5 hrs. THEN you add the chopped/crushed pistachio nuts and apricots, and uncooked rice, (more water if necessary) bring to a boil, then simmer for another 20min. The only seasoning added was at the beginning -- cinnamon, a bit of salt and pepper. I was astounded with how good it was. It made 8 servings of about a PACKED 1.25 cups each. (I put the whole recipe into giant measuring cups to figure that out. :) HAHAHA)

So I have leftovers for lunch and I'm totally excited about it. :)

Started reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan (I think that's right) and anyway it's been pretty enjoyable so far. Definitely seems to be a "whole foods" approach coming up, but I like the interest in the history of the way we approach food in our culture and stuff like that. Also FINALLY reading Fight Club. I've read every other Palahniuk book except for this one. :) Still haven't watched all of the movie yet, either. So hopefully I'll do that soon after I finish it.


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BLAZEGRRL 9/24/2008 9:31AM

    Oh how cute! Your new toy sounds so fun and yet practical at the same time ;) Might have to add one to my Christmas list. Have a great day!

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SKYFYRE 9/23/2008 12:46AM

    Ooooh! She is so pretty! I LOVE your HRM!!! Glad you love your HRM! Isn't it fun! You are a bit nerdy like me, I hope you don't mind me saying that but I like to be cognizant of which zone I am in and if I am working out too hard or like a lazy terd! The HRM is great for that!

The turkish Pilau recipe sounds interesting... where do you find these great recipes? Or do you just hunt on cookbooks? You are the second person to mention the "In defense of food" book, I may have to check that out, is it too new to be in the library? Now you know what web site I will be visiting next!

Back to the HRM'ing.... when I run comfortable I am at about 176 my max HR is supposed ly 190... I am going to check out some more calculations tonight to see if that is right, because how can I be comfy that close to my max hr? Blah, I just dumped the contents of my brain on you, sorry!

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ORANGE-AVOCADO 9/22/2008 10:44PM

    I swear, you're meant to be a mathmatician, or an economist, or something! You and your percentages! Well, congrats on getting your HRM! Gotta be strange to see you're pushing yourself to hard (but not exactly unexpected with you! ;) ) And YAY for yummy food! The Pilau sounds great, as does the Indian... you should definitely hit that more often, for uh, self control reasons. Yes.

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SLCOLMAN 9/22/2008 7:00PM

    Whoo Hoo on getting the HR monitor!!

The Indian food sounds amazing as did the dish that you cooked at home :)

Glad to hear that you had such and enjoyable weekend!

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KKATZE 9/22/2008 6:10PM

    I tried this pulse watch thing a couple of times but I drove me nuts to have it beeping all the time.... following my instincts now again, but tracking miles and caloried with the Nike sportsband... Good luck with your running anyways :)

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MISSHOLLYDAE 9/22/2008 5:37PM

    So I take it you're not into Heroes? Lol. Sorry one track mind today, haha! XD

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MARLIE13 9/22/2008 3:24PM

    Oooh love love your HRM! Cute cute! You really DO need to start getting used to the "small" part. I understand some of your thinking when you are half a foot taller than the average woman...you just don't feel "Small". lol! I know at my 5'10" that I've heard enough comparisons to The Jolly Green Giant to last me a lifetime. (I'm not even green so I don't know where they come up with that.) lol!

You are sure you have your numbers entered correctly into your HRM? Just doublechecking. Running more slowly is tricky sometimes.

PS the Pilau sounds amazing! Yummers!!

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SSPANIER 9/22/2008 3:07PM

    Wow that is crazy, makes me wonder what I am doing on my runs. That makes me think i need to get one of those to see what I am doing. Makes sense if you are constantly pushing TOO hard, then it would not be as good for you as if you were right at the pace that you need to be...hhmmmm???

Comment edited on: 9/22/2008 4:01:32 PM

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SWEATONCEADAY 9/22/2008 2:22PM

    your watch is so cute. i have the big black man watch. this is a good website on hr zones. have you put your resting hr in your monitor? that changes your zones a bit too.

Comment edited on: 9/22/2008 2:20:51 PM

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CATIATM 9/22/2008 1:32PM

    Hey there! Believe it or not, we have Biggest Loser Australia here, too! Who are you rooting for? I don't know if we're viewing them at the same time, but tonight Ruth and Fiona are up for elimination. Is that where you are?

Heart rate monitors are wonderful things. And Jeff Galloway has written some wonderful books on training techniques, if you're interested. I used his method for the three marathons I ran.


(Oh, do we have a challenge at Hogwarts this week? Just wondering.)

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Yeah, I love Making the Cut. Did the next workout today, lost track of what day it is, but it was awesome. Completed all circuits twice in about 53min. Not too shabby! :) Today was a lot of drop sets and "till muscle failure" which is always fun.

Gonna run to the library on my lunch break because some more of my requested books are on hold -- In Defense of Food, The Competitive Runner's Handbook... and it seems like one more? I can't remember. I had the Runner's one before but wanted to check it out again because I didn't really get to finish it in depth and it really was such a great resource for me and got my psyched about running. :) Since I'm trying to get my running mojo back, I figure that will be a great place to turn back to.

I got some more squares cut out last night -- not much, but some. They look so cute! :D hahaha. Also, I pulled a shirt out of the bag and was like, "OOPS this is my DH's shirt!" But then I realized... no. It was one of mine that I forgot about. Yeah.... Then he tried it on and it was a little too tight on him. :) HEHEHEHE. I offerred to let him keep it for later but he said I could go ahead and use it. It's a Tootsie Pop Shirt with the Owl and the Kid and How Many Licks Does it Take? Or something like that? :D So like... maybe 7 shirts down, 23 to go. ;) I figure I can make some good headway this weekend!

We also have planned to go to the Maharaja sometime this weekend (local Indian Food restaurant - SO FREAKING GOOD). I'm pretty excited about that. :D We haven't been in AGES. So that's fun.

Got nothing else to really say... oh spread the spark to a new coworker today. :D Yay! And I don't have to work this weekend - DOUBLE YAY! :D

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SANLONDON 9/22/2008 10:35AM

    Wow, a 53 min circuit! Right now I can only dream of that. Sounds like you're pretty serious about the running - are you thinking of ever doing a marathon?

And Indian food always a good treat! (though they need some original names - there are so many called the Maharaja or The Taj Mahal!)


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SSPANIER 9/21/2008 9:08PM

    I need to take my butt to the library, I bet they have all kinds of good books, I love to read, especially health and running books, LOVE IT! emoticon

Report Inappropriate Comment
SLCOLMAN 9/21/2008 4:58PM

    Oh man that Indian food sounds yummy!! LOL

Awesome about getting more done for the quilt too!!

Enjoy the weekend off!!!

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MISSHOLLYDAE 9/21/2008 2:25PM

    Hey Dana, wow did I need to catch up! I was so far behind reading blogs it ridiculous! I had to go back two pages to see where I left off. I'm such a slacker, lol. Well I'm caught up with you now and I must say you're doing great. I hope you HRM comes soon and you get some great use out of it!

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LANC92 9/21/2008 9:40AM

    Dana, no matter how bad I feel about myself - or how bad my day has been - or whatever else is going on, it always cheers me up to read your posts :-)

Now, I need to look into this Competitive Runner's Handbook, never heard of it. Maybe it will help keep me psyched for the next 5 weeks :-P

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TRECECOOKS 9/20/2008 5:33PM

    You are doing awesomely well!! Glad your books came in, and you are making progress on the quilt. Plus your fabulous workout, should put you on top of the world. You ROCK!!

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MDTWEETY 9/20/2008 1:40PM

    Mmmmmm...Indian food. I love it!!
Keep on spreading the Spark! Yeah!!

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SKYFYRE 9/19/2008 9:15PM

    The quilt sounds great! And I so totally love MTC too! She made me do harpies, dropsies, and 1/2 crow push ups! ACK! I was trembling my muscles were so pooped!

I was spying on your comment on Marlies page, yummy recipies! Have you tried any of them? AND your going to Indian foos tonight?! My tastebuds want to go with you!

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CURVES_N_CURLS 9/19/2008 6:36PM

    Have a wonderful weekend, Dana!

Enjoy those library books... I was informed today that my borrowing privileges were suspended, and that I owed $45 in over-due fees. Saying I'd been out-of-country for 8 1/2 months incubating a Baby Boy got me no slack. :(

I know it was my own darn fault, but I was kind of irked. So I'll need to pay them off a bit at a time, and THEN I'll be in their good graces again, and THEN I can borrow books again. :)

(((What a ramble... Sorry for taking over your blog with my comment!)))


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BRUIN2 9/19/2008 4:25PM

    Yay for getting your running mojo back!! WOOT WOOT!!

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MARLIE13 9/19/2008 4:13PM

    I'm especially excited about the Indian food for you. lol! I'll take an order of chicken tika masala with kashmiri naan pretty please!

You're doing great. KEEP IT UP!! 53 minutes? You're busting some serious butt in there. YAY you!!!

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KMKMOM 9/19/2008 3:25PM

    Are you making a t-shirt quilt? They are so cool. I'm saving pieces of each of my kids' wardrobes so that I might make a memory type quilt for them someday. I love to quilt but right now I either have the time for exercise or quilting - not both.

Great job on MTC! I'm holding off on doing that until I'm closer to my goal weight.

Keep up the great work and enjoy your work-free weekend!

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CATIATM 9/19/2008 3:22PM

    You are firing on all cylinders, Dana, and it is awesome!

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