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Monday, April 09, 2007

Well, this past weekend I VERY SPONTANEOUSLY took a trip to visit family. I went alone, without the hubby, because he couldn't get away this weekend. My brother is leaving to serve a mission for 2 years in Calgary Canada! He leaves sometime not this week, but next week. So it was the last time I'll be seeing him for a while!

I think I did pretty ok this weekend. I didn't get my regular Saturday workout, but I went to a dance on Friday night, and my sister and I walked through a mall for almost 2 hours on Saturday. :D We also took some jumping pictures. haha. Foodwise, I did EH. Friday my sister made dinner, which was some chicken and some red beans and rice. It was verrrry good. Then later that night I had some Ben and Jerry's lowfat frozen yogurt, half baked flavor! WOW!!! I definitely need to be on the lookout for that in our local stores. From memory I think they only have their regular ice cream, which is a bummer. Half baked is my favorite but this puts it with much less fat and whatnot.

ANYWAY. Saturday, Kashi for breakfast, McDonald's salad for lunch, but for Dinner we went to this diner place inside of a movie theater. Anyone familiar with Hollywood Connections? I was just looking at the menu like, dangit I do NOT want another salad... so I ended up getting an appetizer of grilled chicken quesadillas. IT WAS HUGE!!! I only ate a little more than half of it, and it randomly came with a pile of lettuce (not shredded, just regular salad size cut lettuce), so I borrowed some of my sisters dressing from her salad and ate that with my dinner. Have no clue how bad that quesadilla was for me, but I feel like a tempered it well with the lettuce and not eating all of it.

Sunday was EASTER. DUNN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN!!! My mom somehow managed to have an Easter bunny and candy for me, even though she didn't know I was coming home, and we were together the whole weekend!!! How she pulled that off, I have NO IDEA. hahaha. So anyway -- no breakfast, straight to church early in the morning, when we got back I was soooo hungry.

Bad sign. They wanted to fix burgers for lunch, but I looked at them and one patty had 26 grams of fat!! YIKES!! And I knew I would want to eat more than one burger. They had some frozen pizzas that would give me 30grams with 2 slices, so I figured that was better. slightly more fat for way more food. I have bought frozen pizzas with FAR better numbers than that, so I dunno what the deal is with their pizza. Also I had salad.

But then...

I ATE THE BUNNY. :) hahahaha. And a couple of jelly beans.


It was my dad's birthday -- so there was cake and ice cream! But I only had a tiiiiiiny sliver of cake, and only 1/2 cup of ice cream. So that all in all put my over half of my day's ranges.

Luckily, I was pretty full and we had a long, non-eating drive home. I kept postponing dinner because I didn't know what to make, so I ended up having Special K for dinner and some trail mix.

So I think I might have actually come in ok for my day, but I did not track any of this weekend due to the craziness.

I managed to still lose a lb. WOOHOO!

Anyway, so it's back to normal, counted eating today.

The thing about this weekend was... for some reason I felt really bad when talking to this one lady that had known me growing up about my weight loss -- and my family too kinda. I mean, they could tell I'd lost weight since I'd seen them last (the family), but then again... the lady hadn't... and ok so I was feeling like they were like, you lost 25lbs, but you're still not the slimmest we've seen you. So wow, you really got huge.

My family is very very very supportive, so it's nothing about them. The lady seemed very interested and supportive and I told her about SparkPeople.com. But it was my own insecure thoughts making me think that, and also my regret for having let myself go so long before making a change. Well, I've gotten rid of the year before starting in gain, now I just need to keep getting rid of those other years' gains and I'll be back in business.

I go to visit my inlaws in May -- I need to make sure I do better with my eating and excercise when I'm there because I will be gone for so much longer. I know they have a treadmill, so maybe I can just use it. Last time we were there it had boxes and stuff sitting on it. hahah :) So maybe I should ask in advance if it's ok for me to use it while we're there. I think it's ok for me to have had a mediocre weekend, but I don't want to have a mediocre/bad WEEK+. If I average a 2lb loss for the weeks between now and then, I will be close to 250 when we leave. That will be at LEAST 40lbs less than the last time they saw me!!!!

I hope I can really make these next few weeks count because I've been so excited about my losing, I want it to be really noticable. :) hehe.

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KLMGSU07 4/9/2007 10:32PM

    Hi hi! Thanks for the blog comments. I really like that whole "I didn't cheat on a diet or exercise plan, I cheated on myself" idea. So true... and so sad! Haha I'll keep that quote fresh in my mind as well as not wanting to face the calorie counter if I make a bad choice so I stay on track! It doesn't sound like you did too terrible over the weekend, which is no easy feat when you're out of town (out of your element!), and with people who are eating different stuff than you. Anywho, I've gotta get to some schoolwork (SP is so addicting!), but I wanted to reply back to you, and also say congrats on your weight loss... and new healthy lifestyle... keep it up!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1. (thing I messed up on) I didn't track something right away and now I can't remember if I had one or two cookies! If I did have two, I ate them one at a time... I remember THINKING about getting another one... and the inner struggle... but I don't remember which side won!!! So I'm counting two just in case. :( *sigh* I will make sure I get at least that far over my calorie minimum just in case I DIDN't eat two cookies. haha.

2.(thing I did that was great) welll... I went to the gym even though I was super tired and wanted to just crawl back to my bed after taking my DH to work. (I can't help but thing designated hitter everytime I see that, but you SparkFolks know what I mean...)

3.(thing I feel really good about) I look better in this shirt I'm wearing than I did before. I feel much more comfortable in it and that makes me feel really good. :)

I'm sad about #1 not because the cookie was so huge, but because it kinda leans towards the whole "NOT mindful eating" thingie. I did that a while back and caught myself later. I had a tube of fat free pringles and it was almost empty and then I was sitting there with the empty can going -- I DIDN't COUNT HOW MANY I ATE!!! How will I know how many servings??? I estimate it... because I could guess about how many were left. But I really want to get away from that whole scenario of not knowing what I ate.

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KDTHOMAS 4/6/2007 11:54AM

    My husband is a very tall and skinny man. I have been trying to fatten him up for three years to no avail. Any way, there are always home made cookies in our place and it takes all my effort to not eat them every time I walk past the kitchen. I love cookies. So you forgot, don't be too hard on yourself just try a little harder next time. Sometimes I leave a piece of paper on the kitchen table or counter so when I eat something I can immediately write it down so I don't forget if I can't get to the computer any time soon. You are doing great! Good luck with everything and know that you are not the only one who struggles with cookies.

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ELIZASHERMAN 4/5/2007 12:49PM

    Hey Girlie! You're doing too great with the self-awareness business! I've gotta start counting my calories again...a similar weakness for fat free chips in general...yeah...And going to have to agree with you. I, lazy person that I am, still spell out "husband" cuz I just can't call the poor man a DH!!

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Beginning of a new CHALLENGE!

Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm in the Up and Coming Big Losers Challenge, basically I guess the challenge is to see what team and person can lose the most in 12 weeks? But anyway. I figured it'd be cool to join a big challenge like that as an extra way to keep me accountable and motivated.

EXCITING!!! I thought I was about to hit a plateau when BAM this morning I've lost 2.5 lbs! :) YAY!!!!! I've just got to keep it up! This means that now I've officially lost over 25 lbs. I am very excited about this! So I have a couple of goals going on right now -- one is to get to 250 by June. This means I only need to lose about 14 lbs in two months, and I think I can really achieve that (hopefully early!). The other is to lose 24 lbs with the BLC.

This will be harder because it will mean I would need to definitely average at least 2 lbs a week of a loss. BUT! The fascinating thing is that with my start weight today, IF I achieve this goal, that will put me at below 240!!! EEEH! :) hahahaha.

Anyway. I'm excited about the possibilities and I'm excited about my progress. Also I finally found a buddy for Stage three! :) DEB0413 has joined forces with me. We are working on regularly completing our strength training, and eating veggies and fruits! I think now that I have someone to report to, the first one will be easy to start doing. The second one however...

I need to go SHOPPING. We don't have any fresh veggies at the moment, just green onions and frozen corn/peas. THAT'S. IT. SO! This will be a tough one until I'm able to get to the store.

Anyway. My hip has started hurting a bit... I'm not sure what exactly that means. It's not bad. But I don't want to push too hard and hurt myself more??? I dunno. If it starts hurting for real I'll take it easy. For now I'm just going to continue on and make sure I'm stretching and warming up really well. I know I always cool down because pretty much for Cardio it's either - treadmill (which does an automatic cooldown), that wretched DVD (which also has a cooldown), or a class (which always incorporates a cooldown). It's the warmup and stretching before hand that I don't really do... So maybe if I get that going on it'll help.


I need to go and eat something. :)


WHAT A GREAT IDEA! :) hahaha.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today in the SparkPeople thingie... ok it was one of the emails -- community highlight? I thought it sounded like a great idea SO! I'm going to try to incorporate it into my journal/blog

Every day, write down:

1. One thing I messed up on
2. One thing I did that was great
3. One thing I feel really good about

Today, mine were:

1. Well -- this isn't really a mess up, BUT! I went to the gym and tried to go to a funk class but it was CANCELLED. (due to lack of attendance, which is lame because it was already cancelled when I got there and I was like 5 minutes early so how can you cancel something for the reason of "no one showed up" when technically people can still enter the class up to 10 minutes late...?????) I had to go home because I left my iPod/headphones at home (since I was going to be going to the class) and there is no way I was going to walk on a treadmill or anything without any audio distraction. Maybe I should've tried it. Or done the indoor track instead.
2. BUT! :) I did my crappy Cardio Blast Dance thingie whatever the heck it's called. A DVD. I hate it because the leader girl says the most annoying crap and the dances kinda suck -- BUT! I was sweating, heart rate was up. So I got my workout in!!! :) I made myself do it even though I didn't like it! WOOHOO! hahaha. ALSO! I did strength training too!!! :)
3. Ummmmm... I'm starting to notice my body looks different. *shrug* My lunch had lots of carrots and broccoli in it...

I think this will really help me to assess my days. :) YaY!

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THICKY_THICK 3/30/2007 10:48AM

    good job. you still got exercise in after the disapointment. keep up the good work!

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Update! Compliment!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Soooo I haven't blogged in a while.

I went to the Health Department on Tuesday to get some BC and the nurse could tell I'd lost weight by looking at my chart. And by me looking at it, I'm almost at the weight I was in Oct. 2005. So it took me over a year to gain up to where I was and now I'm back down in a couple of months!!! WOOHOO!!! :) hahaha. But I still have a long way to go. Apparently I didn't realize how much I already weighed at that time... or didn't care. Well actually...

I remember that weigh in and thinking, that's how much I weighed at X time in College (before I lost weight down to 220). So it was very disappointing to know I was back there. But now that I've been higher, it's encouraging to see that kind of progress. I gotta just keep going!

One other person at work asked me about my weightloss and I jabberred for too long about SparkPeople and food. hahaha but I wrote down the website address. I should print out some of those cards.

Welllll I guess that's about it for now. It's that TOM so good luck to me and my Monday weigh in!

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MEJAI1 3/25/2007 2:41AM

    Hi there! Look at you spreading the spark! I just stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my page, and I saw your blog title, so I came in to read. Isn't it great when others notice. You are OBVIOUSLY doing a great job. Keep it up!


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