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Friday, April 18, 2008

Well, so I took a break today again from cardio, plan to run tomorrow and bike on Sunday.

I need to do ST either tonight or tomorrow but haven't decided yet. Might do lower body tonight and the rest tomorrow. *shrug* Whichever.

I did practice my trombone again today -- WOOHOO! :D It went much better than yesterday but I've realized that my silent practice mute system makes the trombone SO FREAKING HEAVY. My left hand was whining after about 10minutes of playing. Hahaha. I guess it'll just feel that much lighter when I don't use it! :) Also my right triceps were feeling it after practicing, too. Who knew?

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend! No work! No crazy plans to run everywhere!

Although I AM exciteed to try the new running place I found. I've actually seen the beginning of the trail before and been curious about it, but found a tracking of it on mapmyrun.com by searching for runs in the area. It's supposed to be a "River Walk" run, which seems to be my favorite place to go so far is on the OTHER side of the river, so we'll have to see how this one is. The one on the OTHER side of the river (the one I've run before) is really short, whereas the total length of the distance mapped on mapmyrun.com for this run is 2 miles end to end, versus the other park being... oh I dunno at least HALF that long. I want to run at least one length of it, but I've never run more than a little over 3 miles in distance so I don't want to push myself to run the whole way back -- we'll see how far I get and walk when I need to. :D

Excited for band rehearsal on Monday.

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KIMCATUS 4/18/2008 9:28PM

    Oh sounds like a great run...I use to use mapmyrun for my walking, when I did that. Great website!! Maybe someday I'll use it for a run...lol! Have a good run!! :D

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FIENDISHSARAH 4/18/2008 8:46PM

    You play trombone? That's one instrument I haven't tried....I always found it rather intimidating and in the band class I was in (which was a rather immature highschool class) they always stuck bananas in their trombones. Just thought I'd say that because I just giggled when I thought about it lol.

I play piano, I'm in the midst of learning Memoirs of a Geisha songs..what kind of music do you play?

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P.P.S. -- Thoughts about ideal goal weight...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

SO. I re-did Self.com's Happy Weight Calculator since I measured my wrist the other day and APPARENTLY I have a SMALL FRAME.

Can you believe that crap?!? hahahaha After a life of being overweight forever it's kind of hard to think that the frame of my body is naturally small for someone of my height. My wrist measurement is about 6.1", which based on self.com's Happy Weight Tracker if I work out 3x a week, my happy weight is 162.3lbs.

I'm not sure if I want to go for that or not, but it does make me feel more confident about moving the end of my ticker down to 170 once I hit 175. I was considering a maintenance range of 170-175, but I will re-evaluate at 170 and see if I really think being 162.3 would be better or too skinny.

It's really hard because I've always been overweight I have no frame of reference for what these weights will look like on ME.

I'm currently size 12/14 in pants (the 14 jeans I have are starting to get sliiiggghhhtly loose) and smaller on top. So really, it's not like I'm teeny tiny or anything. But I'm so tall, looking at my length versus my width it looks different than let's say a 5'6" person in a size 14. I'm just going to have to keep moving forward and chart this territory for myself.

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CATIATM 4/18/2008 11:33AM

    I think you will find a weight range where you feel healthy, energetic, and strong. And that's the right weight for you, regardless of what Happy, your doctor, or anyone else believes.

Size 12s .... in my dreams! emoticon

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LANC92 4/18/2008 8:47AM

    You do know that the whole idea of the Happy Weight is that most women want to weigh much less than they ought to aim for so take the calculations with a grain of salt. In my case the Happy weight came out just about what I want to ultimately weigh so I'm glad to know I'm not being unrealistic. It may take me two or three years to get there but get there I will! And, to answer your question, I use a Garmin Forerunner to get all my running stats.

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MILLER32807 4/17/2008 11:07PM

    I've gone my whole life claiming to be big boned, so imagine my surprise when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter and the doctor told me I was small framed. So basically she said I was FAT!! lol I did the Happy Weight Calculator, and it said my weight is 122. OMG!!! I have no idea what 122 looks like on a 5'3" body. Don't remember ever being that, except as a small child. I don't know that that is an attainable weight for me, so I'm just gonna stick with my goal of getting to 145 or so; maybe down to 133.

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BRUIN2 4/17/2008 10:39PM

    It is so weird to be in unchartered territory hey??

I'm 5'4" - so according to most sites I'm a giant near 140. But I look at myself and think there's no way I'll ever be a buck twenty. I think we just keep doing what we're doing, and look even more gorgeouser every day. We'll find our own happy weights!!!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I just checked and official times for my recent 5K are up and yes -- I did it in 36:20! :) I was kinda hoping it was slightly better than that, but glad it wasn't worse. HAHAHA :D

Also I found a route I'm looking forward to checking out for my run on Saturday. :D


Back in Business!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still feeling slightly funky, I'm sure it's mostly due to my lovely friend TOM, but I was feeling well enough by the time I got home yesterday that I did NOT want to just lay about, but also wasn't up to working out -- I did the best thing I could have done.

Cleaned up the house and did some laundry. *PHWEW*

It's funny how you don't really notice how a messy house brings stress until the RELIEF of how it feels once it's clean. I instantly felt MUCH more relaxed and happy once that was done. I've been so busy lately things had just been piling up in the front room. So I finally got all that under control. Then I had piles of clothes building up in the bedroom and closet.

Soooooo I did laundry and sorted all of it into keep and give away. I think I might have a few more things to get rid of, but I'm doing good.

I had a bag in my closet that had some things needing to be washed that I wanted to give away, so I finally got that clean. There's a lady at work that has dibs on it so I can't donate it to the Clothing Exchange team, but I'm very glad I finally DID that. She happens to be off of work today though, so it will sit in my trunk.

But this morning I BIKED and SWAM. No, neither felt amazing, but it did feel good to be DOING it again. I only had enough time to alot 15 minutes to each excercise, but I am very glad I did it anyway. My swimming was awful, but I'm glad I got back in the pool. I know I'm going to need to practice regularly to show any improvement, and my break definitely showed. My ARMS were getting SO TIRED!!!!

Also I weighed this morning at 178.4. :) It was my first chance to weigh in after getting over the weekend AND getting a good night sleep, so I WILL be updating my ticker. (It's a bit higher than my low points at the end of next week, so I'm confident I'm at least that low now after weekend recovery. Gotta try to NOT NEED weekend recovery anymore... :P)

I feel infinitely better today than yesterday. WOOHOO!!! I think I might just do ST tomorrow, if that, cause I want to get plenty of sleep again and tomorrow I have to be in earlier than today, but I'm off work on Saturday. So I plan to run on Saturday, bike on Sunday, and maybe then FINALLY I'll be on track with my pre-triathlon training program. :)

OH! And I also remembered to bring my trombone today, so in about 15 minutes I'm gonna go get in some practice. :D YAY!

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CAROL_HOORAH 4/17/2008 8:00PM

    yayyy i'm glad you feel better!

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MARLIE13 4/17/2008 7:02PM

    I think you gave me your cold...you skinny booger. It explains why my workout last night sucked. Anyway...just reading and catching up with what you're doing. I hear you on the recovery weekends and not needing them...me too. And here we are, coming up with anotha. Good luck to you!! =o)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I hate to make another entry like this, but yeah.

Still don't feel well and on top of it it's TOM so whoopee!

Hit me hard today with some seriously awful cramps.

I'm gonna call this one a day without workouts as well -- it's such a bummer, but if I think about it, let's say I workout tomorrow -- I will have only gone 3 days missing workouts, that's not TOO bad. I usually have a 2 day break in there on most weeks -- not with my new triathlon pre-training plan, but anyway. I'm just going to to take it easy and eat right and all that good stuff.


I also left this morning and just as I was leaving I went to grab some tampons and I was COMPLETELY OUT. ??? How did this happen without me noticing? not sure. So I had to scavenge and borrow from co-workers. Anyway, the moral of the story is I have to go by the store on the way home and would not have any supplies for working out with anyway. :( WAH.

But I'm trying to not be hard on myself and just get over it.

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CJBAGGINS 4/17/2008 8:27PM

    I agree with KIMCATUS - you've just hit a blip, you'll get past this and keep going just fine. You just need a little R and R and you'll be back better than ever. Wear yourself out now and you'd be asking for trouble. Take it easy, watch the nutrition like you say, and before much time has past, you'll be exercising full-tilt again. Take care. cj

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KIMCATUS 4/16/2008 10:04PM

    Hey ya gotta take care of yourself first!! If you push yourself you'll wind up really ill and then you'll be missing a lot. So it's better to miss a little now than a lot later...IMHO! :D

Oh man, that sucks!!! About being out...ugh! What a pain...like you needed that today!! Grrrr.

Hey do not be hard on yourself! You have worked so freaking hard and have done so well, so just get past this little bitty bump and you'll be back on track in no time!!!


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BRUIN2 4/16/2008 2:03PM

    Just take care of yourself! Some yoga/gentle stretches always help me with my cramps...

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