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I am the champion! :D

Monday, March 31, 2008

OHhhhhhh yeah...

DO YOU SEE THAT CRAP???? :D Average pace, 11:19min/mile?!? :D WHO AM I? hahahahaha. It was awesome. I can't believe I went 3.37 miles in 38 minutes. Last year when I did the 5K I was over 40min for the 3.1 miles.

Not only have I seriously improved my pace, I guess by the sheer power of weight loss+improved fitness -- BUT!!! :D There are lots of reasons I'm proud of my run on Saturday.

1. Work sucked. And then a workout???
2. To be honest I was a little scared of my workout, since it was my first time running outdoors other than the race last year. Don't know why but I was intimidated by that.
3. The trail ENDED VERY SOON.
4. I pushed myself to run farther than I thought I was going to before I went.

First, I arrived at my chosen location and realized that the road I thought intersected with the entrance to the park was WRONG. I was actually farther down the street than I thought I was going to start (AKA farther from my chosen turnaround point). So I was like -- cool. If I go to where I intended to, I'll get a little extra distance in!

Yeah, so it turned out to be WONDERFUL. There's this pretty park next to the "river" here and I started out by stretching down at this kind of lookout area. The breeze was blowing and it was sunny and gorgeous!!! :D It was very peaceful.

So I start running and it's great!! I'm loving running with the trees and the breeze and there are a couple of little bridges, and people taking walks and picnicing and all that good stuff. I start to go around this gazebo type thing where there's a huge barbecue going on and when I get to the other side...

THE TRAIL RUNS OUT. No more park. I kind of stalled for a second like, what the crap am I going to do?? I'm not nearly done with my planned run!

So... I booked it across the "field" type area nearer to the side of the road and kept on trucking. Now it starts to get uglier and hotter. It's gravelly and dirt and grass clumps and cars going by and all that good stuff, but I'm on a mission. I just keep running and looking for 24th as my cross street where I planned to turn around. Not seeing it. Then I finally see... 21st! OK SO I'M CLOSE!!! Keep moving and I see another street sign up ahead, so I set that as my new goal -- just make it to that street and then we can turn around... Greensboro??? Anyway -- definitely not 24th, but I'm pretty sure that's FARTHER so I'm cool with it and I turn around.

My sunscreen is seriously melting into my eyes at this point but when I turn around the sun is to my back and I kinda get it under control. Now I'm really feeling the run... but the beauty of the out and back is that now I just have to do what I've already done!! :D And as I'm on my way back I see different landmarks telling me I'm getting closer. Oh, there's that storm drain/cement block, there's that construction site (yeah, not too scenic towards the end there), oh! there's the big sign for the park! And the fatefull gazebo!! :D

Finally I'm back in the beautiful park and while I'm still feeling a bit ragged, I've got renewed energy from the lovely surroundings -- a bit of a break from the sun and the breeze is back in force! :D

As I sprint back over the spot where I started I stop my stopwatch and see 38minutes! :D WOOHOO!! At my turnaround point I was at just about 19minutes, which means I didn't slow my pace as I was going really -- I kept it up! :D But I still didn't really know how far I had gone since I wasn't sure where I turned around at, and I knew I had some added distance at the beginning. (I mapped my intended run before I went at just about 3.1 miles.)

I was so elated when I went to mapmyrun.com and saw what I had accomplished. I am now WAY more excited for the race on Saturday -- I am not so concerned about having an embarrassingly slow time anymore. :D If I can beat my last 5K time still, I'll be happy. It'll be earlier in the day than that run (which started at about 2PM), so probably a lot nicer outside -- plus I know I'll be running on some streets and sidewalks with trees and interesting buildings instead of that weird kind of... ugh. I dunno man. It just was not pretty toward the middle/turnaround there. HAHAHA :D

I had a pretty good rest of the weekend, too. Didn't eat anything crazy, made homemade pizza on Sunday, too. I tried to make Rye Bread which was a total disaster -- I think I killed my yeast with too hot water because my bread did not rise at all. I thought -- maybe it will rise some in the oven or something. Yeah. I created my first (and hopefully last) Rye ROCK. WOOHOO. :P *thumbs down* But I'm optimistic -- I think I know what I did wrong. So I will try again -- maybe even tonight! :D

Also I got to talk to the poor lady I let down at church by flaking on teaching class that was causing me all the inner turmoil. She seemed to be totally over it and not mad at all which made me feel a lot better. Also -- next week is our church's General Conference which is a worldwide broadcast of some meetings with the church leaders and is really great. I don't think we'll go see it, but I am SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED I HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE ENSIGN NOW!!! :D So I will actually get the "Conference Issue"!! :D The Ensign is our church's magazine (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, by the way for anyone who didn't already know), and they print copies of the talks in the magazine.

I might go to one session -- they have like.. 4? or something? 2 on Saturday 2 on Sunday? I can't remember. I know there are two on Sunday. I like to read them, but what with there being a new prophet and all, I might want to go since it's the first Conference since that time.

OH!!!! I forgot to mention the other reason I am proud of myself on Saturday!!! :D I went to the gym and did some Strength Training after my run!!!! :D I didn't just pass out and go home. HAHAHAHA

I did - Wide Lat Pulldowns, Medium Grip Underhand Pulldowns, Sumo Squat w/ Triceps Extension, Crossover Lunges with Hammer Curls, and supersets of Crunches, Bicycle Crunches, and Reverse Crunches. Next week, I'll do some more Pike Crunches. BUT YAY!!!

Tomorrow I get a day off of work and get to go see what is certain to be a SUPERAWESOMECONCERT. The Dirtbombs -- and the place it's at apparently has awesome food -- mostly vegan menu I hear? Anyway. We're going to go down early to check it out.

So I'm not too bitter about work today. I need this day off, but at least it's tomorrow so I can stay positive and optimistic.


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MARLIE13 4/1/2008 5:04PM

    I think you've inspired me to get out of the gym to run more. You reminded me that my computer at home is too slow to use mapmyrun so I better do it here.

You rock. You're a STUDette! And mucho awesomeO!

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CATIATM 3/31/2008 8:46PM

    You rock! I'm glad you got the church issue sorted, and congrats on that awesome run!

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CAROL_HOORAH 3/31/2008 7:59PM

    looooved your storytelling!!!!! I want to go on a run like that too!!! Hey what equipment do you have that lets you see all that what you posted? I'm thinking of getting the ipod accessory that goes in nike shoes, cause i've got the shoes for it... yeah i'm definately going to get that asap lol I would love to see stats like you see.


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AKASHA66 3/31/2008 2:53PM

    This is a seriously great accomplisment and I loved the narrative--sunscreen running into eyes--just like I was there!

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MISSWASHUU 3/31/2008 11:25AM

    that is absolutely AWESOME!! Wow look at you!! not only improving but pushing and showing yourself exactly what you are capable of! FANTASTIC!

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BRUIN2 3/31/2008 10:20AM

    AWESOME!!! I love runs that turn into adventures - soooooo fun!!!

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MILLER32807 3/31/2008 10:20AM

    You did awesome, way to go!! I didn't know you were LDS, but I knew as soon as I read "general conference." LOL I use to be a member, but I no longer am... just differences in the way I believe now. But my mom still goes there. I have lots of friends still in the church in my hometown.

Good luck on your run next weekend!!

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LANC92 3/31/2008 10:18AM

    Great job on not quitting... sunscreen melting into your eyes? I am SO jealous. It was a whole 32 degrees when I ran this morning. Even on Saturday when I got to run in daylight it was beautiful and sunny but still only 30 degrees :-P

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

... SHOULD NOT happen at 6AM.


And I'm here for another 3.5+ hrs. BAH. I cannot wait to get out of here and go for that run I've been planning!!!!!!!! :D But I am also so tired. It sucks because by the time I get out of here and done working out practically my whole day is gone, plus I can't stay up very late because I woke up so early. (At least I won't have any problems getting to bed early enough to wake up on time TOMORROW.) It's just a bummer.

BUT! Next week I actually have a DAY OFF, believe it or not. :D We're going to see The Dirtbombs in concert, so yay. I'm excited about that.

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LADY_DONKEY 3/29/2008 1:46PM

    I totally agree. My workday starts at 6AM every morning M-F and I hate it. I get up at 4:30a every morning to ensure that I have enough time to get ready and awake for work. Then, I start conking out around 8:30p. It's really embarrassing when you fall asleep before your 9 and 7 yr old.

Just wait until you have kids and your parent job starts at 3a and you're ready for bed at 7p, completely exhausted, with nothing more but a temporarily clean diaper to show for it.

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TRECECOOKS 3/29/2008 12:39PM

    Hope you have a good day, despite the circumstances!

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Emotional Eating Trigger.

Friday, March 28, 2008


this is part of the HP Challenge this week, and I never really realized it until recently what my trigger was.


When I'm angry, I feel like cleaning (I don't get angry very often..haha), when I'm sad, I just feel like moping or shopping or something, but I realized that recently when I've been turning to the food it's been when I feel guilty or ashamed of myself.

The weekend before last we went to my in-laws and I realized at some point that I think I was supposed to teach in church that Sunday. That guilt was tearing me up inside even though I couldn't do ANYTHING about it at that point, I couldn't let it go, and I ate a ton of stuff I really shouldn't have and I wasn't even hungry really. Then this past weekend on Saturday night we stayed up ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL night watching 30Rock on DVD (SO FUN), but I knew I was sabotaging myself for church in the morning. We slept in, didn't go, and I ate most of my calories in CANDY that day. I tracked and didn't go over -- because I was adamant with myself about that point -- but I didn't even TRY for eating healthy.

When I'm ashamed of my actions, do I feel like I don't deserve to eat healthy? I wonder what the specific deep down gut reaction is that causes me to turn to the food when I feel that guilt.

I really don't know, but the more I think about it the more accurate that seems to be. And it seems to be the catalyst for those occasions where I've gone a little bit too far in my eating, and continue to keep going in a binge-type way-- it's because I started feeling the guilt for how I'm behaving and I'm trying to stuff it away by continuing the action. If I can ignore the initial guilt, maybe it will stop bothering me?

I dunno. But I'm glad I've taken the time to think about this and learn something new about myself so I can take a more rational reaction to my emotions next time.

P.S. -- I'm also supposed to think about a reward for the next 6 weeks. I know what I want. Just gotta convince the DH. Ok so let's see -- The idea is for me to reach my goal of 175 in the next 6 week's -- theoretically that's about 1lb a week. When I reach my goal I want that HRM of my dreams! :D

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LANC92 3/29/2008 6:06AM

    If I wasn't an emotional eater, I would weigh 90 lbs. LOL. My inital trigger was 32 years ago (long story) and I STILL can't figure out how to stop it. I've been on a tear this week and can't slow the roll. Honestly sometimes it's one day at a time.

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AKASHA66 3/29/2008 3:39AM

    WHen you know the enmy, you can defeat him--or something like that the quote goes. I'm not sure what a HRM is, but I hope you get one in 6 weeks!

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PITTIEKISSES 3/28/2008 11:49PM

    Yes, guilt can be a bitch. I hope you get over it soon. I have to tell you that I tried your fish tacos and they freaking rock! I just had them tonight. Ah yes, they are yummy.

Also, I want to say that you should be proud of the running thing.

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MISS_BETH12 3/28/2008 10:48PM

    I can understand what your going through. I too am an emotional eater and if I am sad or upset I really struggle to not throw my healthy habits out the window. Given some of the experiences I have been through, it's no wonder I gained weight! (Of course, I didn't realize what I was doing at the time- I am much more in tune with it now.) I think it's good to know these things about ourselves, that way we can make a plan to couterattack. Emotions can be good, but sometimes they are so incredibly evil. LOL Anyway, keep me posted on how you deal with your newfound revelation. We are always discovering new things about ourselves!


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TURTLE_MOM 3/28/2008 9:52PM

    That is interesting. It's good to find that stuff out about ourselves. Loneliness and stress do it for me. I do think it has something to do with the whole "I'm not worthy" type of thinking. I know that with me when I was single and overweight I wouldn't think I was worthy to date or have anyone else love me - so why not stay overweight to keep people away?

Our brains are some wicked messed up things - but it's all part of who we are and part of our purpose on this earth!

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TRECECOOKS 3/28/2008 8:48PM

    Excellent work, isolating your trigger. I know that guilt is one of mine, too. But more to the point, I'm "not worthy" of NOT self-sabotaging. Ouch!!
Wonderful reward, by the way - I want an HRM, too!!

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MILLER32807 3/28/2008 8:06PM

    That is interesting that it is so specific to that one emotion... I feel the urge to eat quite often, mad, upset, guilty. But I do understand how you feel. I guess it is good that you understand that particular trigger now as it may help you to control that better. Good luck on your 6 week goal... hope you get that HRM soon :)

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CATIATM 3/28/2008 7:10PM

    Hmm ... Interesting that it's so specific to one emotion.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

..... but I have to work tomorrow. BOO!

Also, I didn't get in my ST this morning as planned because I realized I left my dumbells at the gym. So my NEW plan is to hit the gym up tomorrow after my run -- we'll see. I might just do it on Sunday after getting my dumbells at the gym on Saturday.

In any case! I'm ready to go home from work now. Only 2.5 more hours, but I'm ready to go NOW.



Thursday, March 27, 2008

Soooooo, I RAN today for the first time in ages. My MP3 player was dead (BOO), so I did it without any musical distractions. And indoors on a track -- it was GORGEOUS outside today, but I was running late and not prepared to run outside (i.e. - SUNBLOCK (I burn like crazy) and extra time to go to where I wanted to run and back to the gym to shower). I WILL do it soon though!!!

So even with all the lame parts, I did 2 miles and I maintained a faster pace than ever before! 11.5min miles! :D So that's pretty motivating!

I plan to do full body strength training tomorrow, and run again on Saturday after work. I'm excited.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Woohoo! Run Run Run. You are a gazelle! You are the wind. Look at her go :) (I tell myself that to get through the hard parts)

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JARLYNN 3/28/2008 2:27PM

    Congrats on running again.

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TURTLE_MOM 3/28/2008 9:41AM

    Running? What? I have no desire to do that, ever! But hubby told me the other day, that I might be surprised what I'm able to do when I lose weight - well you are awesome proof of that!

You rock!

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AKASHA66 3/28/2008 5:28AM

    Good for you, I don't run, messes with my bad knee, but I wish I could. You must have felt great!

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TRECECOOKS 3/27/2008 10:36PM

    How wonderful for you!! I am so glad that you had such a terrific run!!

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SWEATONCEADAY 3/27/2008 10:30PM

    sunblock???? that made me laugh. not a problem here. glad you enjoyed your run.

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MARLIE13 3/27/2008 7:50PM

    Good for you running...even with all the lame parts. I remember a day a few years ago...when I walked into the gym and discovered my ipod was dead. I turned around and walked out. Wouldn't happen today...but I remember that now and laugh. What a ding dong I used to be...any excuse.

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CATIATM 3/27/2008 5:03PM

    I stayed home from work today and mainly slept. Now I feel like even more of a slug! ;-p Good for you!

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BRUIN2 3/27/2008 4:49PM


(Though I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY jealous that you *had* to run inside because you didn't have sunblock...there's still snow on the ground here...boooo)

It's so nice to run without any distractions...especially when you're having a good run as opposed to sucking wind. hehehe.

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