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*sigh* being a GIRL.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well, today's workout went well...

And then TOM really decided to start kicking and screaming. I've got cramps and they are driving me NUTS. And of course we're expected to function normally through this crap every month. :P BOO!

Almost done with Making the Cut. My plan after that is to work on my running as my primary focus until the 5K. Then make getting a swimsuit my top priority, so I can start swimming.

I will also try out the dance classes at the rec center again now that I'm free on Mon+Tues evenings! :) There's a Hip Hop class and a Funk class. I tried the Hip Hop one WAYYYYYYYY back when I first started losing weight and it was awesome, but I bet it'll be a lot easier now that I don't have all that extra weight to throw around when trying to do the moves. And I took a Funk class in the mornings after that at some point (not long after) and embarrassed myself by twisting my ankle. :P then after I rested for a few minutes, I jumped right back into the class, much to the dismay of the teacher who I'm sure thought I was seriously injuring myself...

And I never got to go back. I went back another day but no one else showed up for class so it was cancelled -- they stopped doing that class at that time slot I guess cause it was too small. (There were a total of four of us the time I twisted my ankle.)

So that should be fun. Always looking for a new direction to be working toward something and trying something new or setting new goals.

We're planning on having breakfast for dinner tonight, which should be really good. :) and there's LOST to look forward to.

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    Yes cramps are fun, but if I can give you a few tips I learned for once you start running or doing a high impact aerobic form:
- If you have a planned running or high impact day and the cramps kick in - do something else - a bike ride is an excellent aerobic calorie burner but much easier on your crampy area.
- Drink warm water or tea before you exercise. Cold water can cause the cramps to be worse, warm water relaxes the muscles for a more enjoyable workout.
- keep socks on or house shoes - keep your feet warm, but comfortable. This helps to alleviate the cramps that run down the legs. The nerve endings in our feet are connected all the way up to the pelvis (and beyond).

I find that exercise really helps make my days bearable, but we can't do everything - but we don't have to sit home and do nothing.

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AKASHA66 3/21/2008 3:51AM

    You are very gutsy for taking classes--I wouldn't be very comfortable doing it, I'm a solitary exercise kind of person. And don't worry too much about the weight, belly dance if you want, that's why they call it BELLY dancing! Lots of the North African women do it here and they are not all tiny little things, plus you get to wear great scarves and dangly things around your hips that take the focus off your middle, only, I suppose, to put it on your butt....it would be great to be able to move like that though, you should go for it!

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MISS_BETH12 3/21/2008 12:01AM

    Ugh! I'm so sorry about your cramps! That sucks! I do hope your feeling better soon. :)

Those classes sound like so much fun! Keep us posted on them! When I get under 200 I want to take up belly dancing. I think it's soooooo cool. :D

Sounds like your doing great! Keep up the good work!


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KIMCATUS 3/20/2008 8:42PM

    Most of the time I LOVE being a girl, but once a month it just fripping sucks!!! I've never taken an exercise class...I'm uncoordinated just doing Walk Away the Pounds DVD...lol!!! Sounds like fun though! Watch those ankles!!! ;)

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Feeling better.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well -- the workout went well yesterday, and my scale was back down today so I don't have to move my ticker, but I want it MORE DOWN. so I DO have to move that ticker!!!!


I made pizza last night! :) I would say HOME MADE, but really, I would have expected to make my own sauce at least for that to be true. BUT!!!! I did make my own DOUGH for the first time EVER in LIFE and it turned out REALLY GOOD!! :) I bought some personal pizza stones at the store. They are 8 inches in diameter and it came with two. :) It was called like "Pizza for Two" or something like that, I can't remember... but came with a recipe for dough and some different styles of pizzas. I used Ragu Pizza sauce... and of course I didn't make my own cheese... TURKEY PEPPERONI!!! SURPRISE! Turkey pepperoni is really good and it was like 17 slices for 70 cal. I only used 9, so that's just over half a serving. Anyway I was impressed with the way the crust came out, and I'm sure that's due to the stones more than anything else, but I felt very domestic. ;)

Not sure what we're going to have tonight, but I'm feeling positive.

AND SORE. My workout went well, but it definitely kind of kicked my butt. I just realized today also that next week is the last of the 30 Day Making the Cut plan!!! And only 2 more different workouts!!! Thursday and Friday are a reprise of what I did Monday and Tuesday.

Anyway. That's about it for now, I guess. :)

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KIMCATUS 3/20/2008 8:49PM

    Oh I love homemade pizza! I haven't made my own crust on ages...too lazy and impatient I guess. But the turkey pepperoni is awesome!!! I don't even LIKE pepperoni, but I bought some for hubby and son and tasted it and I actually like it much better than regular pepperoni! :D Also, I use the Hunt's Italian Tomato Sauce, and it's like 15 calories per tsp or something very reasonable. So when's the next pizza party?? lol

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TRECECOOKS 3/19/2008 10:14PM

    Good for you!! I make homemade pizza all the time, with Ragu sauce, cheese and peppers. It is so much cheaper, and better for you! Enjoy!!

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No dinner out tonight!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well... I'm kinda bummed about not seeing everyone, but also kinda relieved that I will have an easier time eating healthily tonight. WOOHOO! :)

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KIMCATUS 3/18/2008 8:31PM

    Sometimes it is nicer when we can make our own food, and make better choices! ;) Bummer no going out but yay for healthier food!! :D

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LOBO1978_2000 3/18/2008 5:41PM

    There you go turning a negative to a positve. Woo Hoo indeed.

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CATIATM 3/18/2008 4:12PM

    Not seeing everyone? I think I missed something. Weren't you going out for dinner? Did it get called off? Well, BOO for not going out and YAY for getting to eat in!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Weigh-in today was up, but I expected that already. It's not up as high as it was last time it fluctuated higher, AND it's that TOM. :P SO THERE. It will go back down this week I'm sure.

Workout yesterday was brutal -- I didn't do any extra cardio cause it totally kicked my butt. It was like Day One of the program all over again! :) hahaha. The good thing is -- it wasn't QUITE as killer as Day One was AND looking at the excercises I think it was even more challenging as far as what it was calling for me to do. So YAY! I've improved... something! :D

Plus I'm a little sore today again. Woohoo!

Made a really great recipe last night from the book as well -- Chicken Soft Tacos with Sauteed Onions and Apples. It was really interesting flavors and very filling! :D It basically calls for a lb of chicken cut up into bite size pieces, browned with some nutmeg and pepper. Then you remove the chicken and sautee some 1 thinly sliced onion till get gets nice and brown, then add 2 thinly sliced Granny Smith apples till those get nice and brown. Add some garlic for about 30 seconds, reintroduce the chicken for a couple minutes and that's it. So it required some cutting, but not too much, and was a very simple recipe. (Well, then you put it into tortillas, but I figured you could get that part without me saying it. ;) hahaha)

Can't wait to try more of the recipes! But for tonight, it's the DINNER OUT. I know I'll not have any real HEALTHY options, but I will strive to keep my portions under control.

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AMUNET_RA 3/18/2008 7:38PM

    Oooh! That recipe does sound good! I have a few Granny Smiths that I have lying around that I haven't been in the mood for...this sounds like a good option for dinner tomorrow. I can grill the tortillas in my panini maker! ;-) Any chance to use that thing! I love it!

Way to go on the gym, Dana! You're doing great!


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LOBO1978_2000 3/18/2008 5:39PM

    Keep up the great work. We appreciate you sharing your high as well as low points.

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CMM339 3/18/2008 4:32PM

    That sounds really good. I'm definitely going to have to try it.

Also I know sometimes you are in pain but there's nothing like pain from a great workout. I actually like when that happens, in a weird way.

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MARLIE13 3/18/2008 2:16PM

    Oooh sounds yummy! I'll have to try that! Thanks for being my guinea pig. ;o) Whoohoo on being sore too!

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CATIATM 3/18/2008 10:49AM

    Wow, Dana. You sound like you are really pushing yourself in the gym. That is terrific! I know being sore bites, but it's still a little cool knowing that you pushed yorself that far. Keep up the great work!

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BRUIN2 3/18/2008 10:22AM

    Mmmm, that recipe does sound good! I think we'll try it too.

Glad to hear that the workout was challenging yesterday - that's a GOOD thing!!! Means you're pushing yourself hard and giving it all you've got!!

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    great job!! sounds like you got a good work out in :) and Im glad to know those chicken soft tacos are good! i was planning on making them this weekend :)

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My Weekend!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Well -- as far as food an excercise goes it was a BUST.

I did well on some meals.

Breakfast, oatmeal and a pear, lunch, sandwich soup and fruit...

It was just all the other stuff I ate. :) And getting dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant and ignoring all the healthy item clues on the menu. Marinara sauce? No I'm going for the cheese based creamy sundried tomato sauce.


Oh well. So I probably set myself back a little bit again this weekend. I'm still working hard most of the time, and I'm really just zeroing in on my final maintainance goal anyway. I'm not giving up -- just not being quite as anal as I used to be I guess.

We're also going to be eating out Tuesday evening, I already know. Probably going to this Fish/Barbecue place (and by fish I mean fried catfish and whatnot).

But when I am preparing food for myself I will be 100% on track!

I had a good time this weekend -- did some shopping actually. : ) We went to Steve & Barry's because they don't have one where we live. They were having an everything $8.98 or under sale!!! WOOHOO!!! Sarah Jessica Parker has her line, Bitten, there. I found a new dress and a cute vest. :) Total: $19.39 (or something like that ... it was definitely $19 and change).


I think my DH was so blown away by the cheapness that he couldn't say no -- plus I think he really liked the dress I got. ;) hehehe. I tried on a swimsuit, but it wasn't fabulous and they didn't have the right size for the bottoms style I wanted so I said nay. Still on the hunt for a swimsuit! :P

CAN'T WAIT TO GET IN THE GYM TODAY!!! It looks like the most challenging day so far for Making the Cut, but I could really use it after this weekend. And after two days off I'm just ready for some EXCERCISE.

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CMM339 3/18/2008 4:28PM

    Dana, I'm with you on the needing to exercise after two days off. My trainer directed me to take two days off and all I could think about all day long yesterday was how I needed to get to the gym to exercise. I was very happy to last night.

Don't worry about not eating the best as you have done an amazing job with your weight loss and look incredible.

Keep up the bathing suit search. I found a great tankini at LL Bean I love.

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MARLIE13 3/18/2008 2:18PM

    Oh I WANT a Steve and Barry's...so jealous! I'm trying on swimsuits this weekend. Hopefully I'll have better luck. Good girl on getting back on track. You can do this!

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LOBO1978_2000 3/18/2008 9:20AM

    Sounds like you had a good weekend. Keep up the great work. You will find the swimsuit you want.

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KIMCATUS 3/17/2008 7:52PM

    Ooooh oooh oooh...hushpuppies? Are ya gonna have hushpuppies? I love hushpuppies. I could have a meal of just them...lol!! Oh cool about the clothes...I haven't bought any "regular" sizes yet, but I been looking and I noticed they are a lot cheaper!! O_O It pays to be skinny!! lol Have a great week...oh and was that no junk food challenge (as in no candy!) right before Easter on purpose???!!! Meanie! I have Peeps to eat! LOL!! ;)

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KIMBERLYQ 3/17/2008 12:49PM

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! You know, every now and then, you HAVE to get what you want and not stick to the 'diet' food. I am a FIRM believer that is what it is going to take for me to get to my goal. You are doing great! Hope you had a great workout!

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BRUIN2 3/17/2008 11:55AM

    Have an awesome workout! Good luck with the plyo pushups...

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