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Monday, January 28, 2008

I am really having a hard time right now with something very personal and private... so I can't really talk about it... but it's kind of a recurring theme on the fact that I'm working really hard and receiving no recognition but kicks in the face. Happened at work recently and now apparently at church. I'm finding it really hard right now to keep positive and keep my faith, but I'm trying to just keep keeping on and hope for the best. I'm waiting on pins and needles right now because it's possible this thing that is making an anxious pit inside me might actually get resolved.... but now I have to wait for people to call me back and it's driving me nuts.

The plan is to go to the gym tonight as well.

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CATIATM 2/6/2008 9:51PM

    ;-( The kicks in the face part doesn't sound good ....

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JERSEYPRINCESS1 1/29/2008 9:43AM

    Keep your head high! Have faith in yourself and remember that you are doing this for a healthier you. I have been through a ton of stuff in my life so if you need to vent please sparkmessage me. It is hard to pull through sometimes and what kept me going is the need to be happy. All I wanted was to be happy and now for the first time in years I am. Do this for you. You are worth it and you do deserve. Remember too- if other people are talking about you and focusing on your life its because they have a very sad unfufilling life. Take it as a compliment- your life is so much better than theirs they can't help but be jealous!!!

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JAG105 1/28/2008 9:35PM

    Man, what's wrong with people! I feel for you - sounds like a bummer space to be.

I'm thinking good and positive thoughts and trust you'll find your way through it. Nothing like a good workout to give some new perspective or at least forget about it! You mention church, so don't forget about that whole prayer thing :).

I have a friend who whenever I tell him of my woes with anyone he has one bit of advice -- pray for them. His theory is you pray for those who are giving you the most grief and it creates some kind of grace that improves the situation. I tell you - I can NEVER embrace that idea when I'm feeling wronged or in the thick of it....but it sort of kinda works (at least the very few times I've tried it.....).

Take care - there are lots of us out here supporting you and we're in your corner. Let us know how things go.

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KIMCATUS 1/28/2008 8:52PM

    I am so sorry that you aren't finding the recognition and support you're needing offline. Sometimes it's hard to recognize somebody's hard work in person because of jealousy, or not feeling secure enough or who knows what reason. Just remember that you are loved and we are all so very proud of you and your accomplishments, along with the people that love you...you have people in your corner...don't ever forget that! *hugs*

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LAURANICOLE3 1/28/2008 8:43PM

    **HUGS** Hang in there girl! If you ever need to vent you know how to find me.

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SLCOLMAN 1/28/2008 6:22PM

    I don't know the exact situation you are in, but I do know that I do through things that sound similar all the time in my life. Getting kicked in the face when you are working hard stinks no matter in what arena it is in work, church, home,...
Hang in there!!

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    Boy, I understand on the work front. I'm in the process of some things here that could have some serious repercussions, good or bad. Yikes. So I feel for you! Keep up the good work-you're doing so well, and it matters to all of us here.

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LOBO1978_2000 1/28/2008 5:30PM

    I hope that things get resolves soon for you. The last thing you need is stress. Get that stress out at the gym tonight. Im sure you will feel better after the workout.

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MISS_BETH12 1/28/2008 5:29PM

    I am really sorry about what your going through. I have been there and can definetely relate. I really hope things get resolved for you! Please keep us posted. Good for you for going to the gym today! It's an awesome way to relive stress. :)

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I did it!

Friday, January 25, 2008


WOOHOO!!! :)

I feel much better. I can already tell the difference in the way I feel today. I can't wait to go back on Saturday and get my rhythm back.

Turns out I WILL be working tomorrow, but it's ok. I'll get through it. Next weekend I'll be off for both Friday and Saturday, so I SHOULD be able to take a pretty good break.

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KIMCATUS 1/26/2008 4:32PM

    YOU ROCK!!

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JAG105 1/26/2008 12:26PM

    YOU are an SP Rockstar!

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CJBAGGINS 1/26/2008 9:11AM

    Good for you!
Don't you just love that feeling of exhilaration you get from a good workout? It lasts long after the workout is finished, doesn't it?

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JUSTKIMBERLY 1/25/2008 7:32PM

    YAY! I'm so happy for you!

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Thursday, January 24, 2008


That is my vow. I'm tired... but I MUST do it.

Remind yourself Dana --

1) Working out gives you more energy.
2) Working out is a great stress reliever.
3) Working out helps alleviate cramp pains.
4) If you don't do it it'll be over a week missed!
5) Think of your teams! Think of your Gripiron fitness match!
Think of your lean muscle wasting away!

SO! I WILL DO IT. I don't care if I feel tired or lazy, I know I'll feel better when I've done it. Tomorrow I get to work a regular shift (not a ridiculously long shift) and I will be off on Saturday, so HOORAH!!!!!!

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MISS_BETH12 1/25/2008 10:36AM

    For me, if I miss a workout, my day feels off and I feel sooooo guilty. Even if I don't want to workout, I make myself do it (unless I'm REALLY sick). Is there any way you can go in the morning? That seems to work best for me. Of course, i can't go to the gym today because my car won't start :( so I am going to play DDR today. Keep at it, you can do it!

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KACHAFFE82 1/24/2008 7:58PM

    I try to remind myself of your list every time I workout. It's too easy to stay on the couch! Good for you for keep it going! :)

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KIMCATUS 1/24/2008 7:33PM

    Just don't wear yourself out!! Enjoy your day off...you deserve it after all the extra work you've done!! :D

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Since more than one person asked me what a "Hush Puppy" was -- I've posted the PICTURE and a link at the bottom to the Wikipedia entry about Hush Puppies. Basically they are delicious, and the ones at the place I went have whole pieces of corn in them as well.


So today's weigh-in was ok. I'm not going to the gym again tonight -- after talking with DH, it seems like a good decision. I really really feel like I'm on the brink of getting sick and I know I'll be at work tomorrow from probably 8-9AM till 10PM... so I think it's best right now so I don't wear myself ragged. :( It's just a bummer because I really miss it and it's bugging me right now, but it's good to be aware and careful with your health.

ANYWAY! Back to the weigh-in! I'm down 1.4lbs from last week (last week's weigh-in was technically 193.6 but my BLC challenge does .5lb increments so I rounded it down). for the BLC challenge I'm rounded down again this week to 192, but I felt like .2 was too big to round down for my SP weigh-in so I put it in as is. But now I'm only 2.2lbs away from 100lbs lost! WOOHOO!!!! :)

The best thing is that now that I'm able to track body fat percentage... I can know that I did not lose any muscle mass last week. :D In fact, I lost 2.4lbs of body fat and gained 1lb of lean muscle mass!!! I don't know if that's accurate or not to the T, but I definitely know that I was losing fat and not muscle last week and that makes me very happy. I'm going to do my ST at home tonight so I make sure I'm keeping that up even if I have to take a cardio break due to scheduling and potentially getting sick concerns... I want to keep improving that body fat composition.

I'm using this thing that a SparkPeople.com member created -- MHENNE02. It's called "Gripiron Fitness League" (at gripiron.com), and basically you enter your stats (weight, measurements, body fat % and water %) and it calculates all your lean tissue mass, dry lean mass, body fat mass, etc. And based on the workouts you report and your measurement reports you earn points, and people get ranked. It seems pretty awesome so far. :) EDITED TO ADD: There's apparently a sparkteam for it and a Spark League on the site? I'm in the generic GripIron league. *shrug* oh well. hahahah :)

ANYWAY! I may not have to work this weekend OR next weekend which would be AWESOME considering all the OT I'm getting during the week. I need to make sure to discuss this with folks tomorrow to make sure...

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    Big congrats on your upcoming 100lb breakthrough! Sharing your journey offers so much, especially for someone just beginning on the road to wellness. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

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METHUSELAHRUNS 1/23/2008 10:15PM

  So nice... I get home from the gym, STARVING, thinking that I will sign on to Sparkpeople to distract myself from the thought of food, and what do I see here??? A few great big yummy, fried, seasoned doughy things!! THANKS A LOT, BUDDY!

You're a big help! :):):):):):):):

:::: waving::::::

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NASCARFAN44 1/23/2008 10:12PM

    Congratulations,you are so close to losing 100lbs.You are an inspiration.Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

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KIMCATUS 1/23/2008 8:50PM

    Hush puppies. *drool* Man, I sound like Homer Simpson. lol Hope you're feeling better and congrats on the weight loss!! You're a constant inspiration, motivator and hush puppy craving inducer. Yeah thanks for the last one. Not. :P

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    Almost 100 lbs down! You are amazing! I think we should have a major party in the Great Hall when you hit the 100 lost mark!

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THICKY_THICK 1/23/2008 12:01PM

    i saw your new pics girl!! you look fantastic!!! keep up the good work!! : )

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KACHAFFE82 1/23/2008 7:00AM

    LOL as I was read I thought, "I beat Dana would like to be in the GripIron team" and then I see a paragraph down you mention it! I am on the team! It's great! This is my first week competing and it's a wonderful motivator because I have a bit of a competitive streak in me (my bf compares me to Monica on Friends). I was thinking about signing up with the site too in addition to the team. Congrats on being SO close to your goal!! It's so exciting!

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ETER_NITY 1/22/2008 10:05PM

    WooHoo!!! You look like you're doing very well. Keep it up. I hope you don't get sick...I did -- I'm home sick with the flu!


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MISS_BETH12 1/22/2008 9:18PM

    Thank you for clearing that up! Now I know why I never heard of them... cause I'm a Yankee! LOL My boyfriend is from the south and he knew what they were, plus I clicked the Wikepidia link. Thanks for the info! You are so so close to being at 100 pounds lost! I think you should contact the People magazine and be in the "Half Their Size" issue they do every year. I think you are doing awesome, keep up the good work!

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Monday, January 21, 2008

I wasn't ULTRA bad this weekend, but I wasn't as good as I intended to be either. My DH was dead set on two restaurants that really don't have many healthy options. Well... one of them has ZERO healthy options, and the other has like... one. HAHAHA. We ended up going to the one that has slightly more healthy appeal, since it's not JUST a burger joint... but I didn't do the super most healthy things. I got Black Eyed Peas as one of my sides, and I don't think that was probably too bad, but I also got hush puppies because I'm in love with them and almost never have them. But I did get the smoked chicken tenders, which means no skin or anything!! Just lean meat with flavor! But I also ate some fried crawfish tails. Eh. It was somewhat bad, but I didn't go crazy all day. Just that.

And then yesterday we were invited to someone's house for lunch and I hadn't eaten anything yet all day (just drug myself out of bed and to church), but luckily what they provided wasn't too bad. It was potato soup and homemade bread -- now -- the soup was not heavy. It was good, but it was not like - -CREAMY. It was more just potato-y. And with corn. So it didn't seem too bad.

All in all... I have no idea how many calories I ate this weekend, and that bothers me, but I don't think I did an awful job.

I weighed this morning, and although last night I did have a couple higher sodium items, I still weighed down a teeny bit from last week. I didn't even get to the gym this weekend!!! We decided to change our gym schedule from T/TH/Sat to M/W/Sat, so we were going to go yesterday, but then we realized we were going to go Monday as well, and we were busy anyway, so we're just starting on the new schedule today. I'm hoping after being supergood today, tracking every bite, eating low sodium, and working out tonight, I'll have a good weigh-in tomorrow.

I'm definitely still in healty BMI-land and that's what's most important for me this week!!! It's TOM this week and I just want to keep it together and stay on plan and hopefully still lose a little. :)

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WHATAGRL42 1/22/2008 3:44PM

    Hey, I've had the weird, "didn't do my regular thing" weekend, and found I'd actually dropped a half pound or more. Sometimes just varying from the normal routine kinda shocks your body a bit-- keeps it guessing. Your awareness is keen; I suspect it's what keeps you ON it!

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CPCONE 1/22/2008 2:40PM

    Remembr, it is sometimes good to be indulged once in a great while. It can actually make your body use more "fat" then it would at other times.
I am very impressed with what you have done in one year and I hope that one of these days I can say that too.

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MISS_BETH12 1/22/2008 12:15PM

    Sometimes life happens and we can't track things. I think it sounds like your doing awesome! As long as we eat right most of the time, that's what matters. I want to know what hush puppies are too! And man, don't even talk to me about sodium. Most of the time I have too much. It's something I'm working on, but I always struggled with that. I guess it's lucky for me that I have a low blood pressure! LOL

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AMUNET_RA 1/21/2008 5:29PM

    You're staying on track most of the time and your body knows that! One bad choice, one bad day or even one whole bad weekend won't destroy a healthy life style! Keep up the great work!

BTW, what are hush puppies?


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SLCOLMAN 1/21/2008 5:18PM


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KIMCATUS 1/21/2008 2:30PM

    Oooh I had potato soup this weekend too...but I made homemade low-fat potato soup! Hey, sometimes we just can't track what we ate because there's just no info. We do what we can to eat healthy from the options we are given (and sometimes choose not to eat healthy! lol) but it sounds like you done good! :P

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