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Monday, February 26, 2007

I dunno what that title's all about...but basically I'm excited because I was kinda a blob last week. I STUCK TO THE PLAN!! But I didn't do anything extra and I felt a bit halfhearted. I think I ate better last week -- lots of fresh fruit and veggies! But over the weekend I ate HORRIBLY.


I lost weight. I mean, I gauge my eating good and eating bad, all of these are within my cal, carb, fat, AND protein! And I was still excercising as much as I should have been and actually burned a bit more, but I just felt lazy.

So anyway. Now that Aunt Flo is GONE, I feel energized and ready to go! :) Not to mention I'm motivated by my recent loss. Anyway.

I fed EIGHT PEOPLE on Saturday for dinner. I made burgers and potato wedges with a recipe for the burgers from my cook healthy cook quick book. I modified it a BIT, using better buns than suggested, but I also used turkey bacon instead of ham for the filling so it was kind of a trade off. Everything was delicious, I also budgeted myself for cake that evening. hahah. :) We looked through all the cakes in the bakery section to find the one with the best nutrition facts and got it. It was quite delicious!!! But not good for like... EVERYDAY. you know?

But it was ok for one day. But yeah, making 16 burgers with FILLING in side and cooking 3 batches of potato wedges was kinda.... a lot. :) But it was very rewarding to be able to do that for people and make something that everyone enjoyed but still fit within my diet. (Of couse, a few people including myself only ate one burger, which means we had leftovers but since I used semi-healthy recipe to begin with -- I CAN ACTUALLY EAT THEM and not SCREW UP!). hahaha.

Wellllll... I dunno what else to say except I'm losing weight still but my measurements haven't changed since last week, although considering how tall I am I think I'll have to get used to the fact that the scale is going to move faster than my perception of myself. I mean, it definitely did while I was gainign! EEP!

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TURTLE_MOM 2/26/2007 12:42PM

    You are doing great :)

Don't expect measurements to change too fast, I only checked them every 4 weeks. In fact, I'm due to check again but will wait since I went 3 weeks without losing, but now I'm losing again. Doesn't it feel great!

Sounds like a great meal! You did really good!

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Long time no type!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's been a while since I blogged here. I kinda swap out sometimes between here, myspace, and livejournal. But I try to keep my like... OH I ate blahblahblah and I went to the gym! stuff to a minimum there. I don't want to get on everyone's nerves.

I kinda feel like a blob today. Which is stupid, because I went to the gym this morning. But it's that TIME OF THE MONTH. How special! YAY! I'm just starting to get crampy today. I wasn't earlier on, but yeah, now it's starting to really HIT me.

Not to give TMI, but I also had a surprise bathroom emergency of the non-period related kind... I thought the cramps then were period cramps turns out they were NOT and I had to RUN to the bathroom where I stayed for the next... 20-30 minutes.

EMBARRASSING! at work. Yeah...

OK! So! I think I'm going to go to a Pilates class tomorrow night for the first time. I'M SO SCARED! But excited. I've wanted to do Pilates for AGES and I've never had the opportunity until now. We're having a training tomorrow so I'm getting off at like 5:30PM instead of 10!!! So yeah. I'm gonna take the advantage to go to the gym -- that is! unless I'm dying with cramps since it's supposed to be an off day from the gym ANYWAY.

LOST! tonight! :) yay! I love that show.

I am feeling comfy right now because I have on slipper socks (yes at work... they're under my desk...).

That's all for now. Anyone who read this I'm sorry about the bodily function updates. :)

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SMLUNDEEN 2/22/2007 10:21AM

    I know what you mean, I currently don't have the monthly visitor coming because I have an IUD, but I've had that crampy feeling myself lately. I think it's my body adjusting to all this healthy food. Anyway, good luck with Pilates! One of these days I'm going to try Yoga. I'm going to buy a mat and a DVD and try it out. I hear it's really great! Good luck! Let me know how it goes!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


It's pretty cool.

All these women at my work have roses! hahaha :) well, at least they're all gone for the day now. As much as I don't like roses I can't help but feel jealous. I would want some gerber daisies and lilys or something.

Chocolate is expected but I don't know what else. The hubbie vowed to get HIGH QUALITY not QUANTITY of chocolate, so I think that will help keep me in line for the SPARK. :)

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SMLUNDEEN 2/14/2007 10:37PM

    Just be glad that your hubby is home to give you SOMETHING for Valentine's day. Last year I was lucky to have him home, the 3 years before that, no. This year, no. So I don't have to worry about the candy. Although, I would love it if he had at least called and had some flowers sent to me.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I posted a long entry but the internet crapped out when I hit post.



Funk class this morning.

Rolled ankle.

Not that bad, just slightly painful when still too long.


Almost lunch time.

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SMLUNDEEN 2/14/2007 10:37PM

    HA HA HA HA HA! I can't help but laugh at your recap! Short, sweet and to the point!

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GOAL meeting.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So I'm really writing right now just because I have a goal set to write everyday from my fast break goals... I suppose I COULD stop that now because I'm in stage 2, but I think it's a good goal. So onward!

I worked out this morning at the gym. I think I did good. I warmed up by starting my walking slow, and after about 5 minutes I was up to my 3 mph pace at 5% incline which I maintained up till the very end when I pushed it up to 3.5mph because I was listing to that flippin awesome song... Lady Sovereign -- Random. That song always gets me feeling pumped. I need a few more like that. I listened to Weezer for my main workout segment today -- another good one I listened to the other day was Jamiroquai. :) Great for working out..

Well anyway, today I am eating less carbs and more protein just for the heck of it. At least for breakfast and lunch. I have no idea what I'll eat for dinner, but if we do the fajitas like I think we might, that will be excellent.

I read an article today talking about how making carbs 50% and protein like 30% or something like that, the rest being fat... is supposed to be more filling and lead to eating less calories. I'd need to look at it again, but mostly I'm trying to give more balance to my four main catagories by getting more protein in my diet. So today for breakfast (this is gonna sound WEIRD) I had two servings of beef jerky, a 1/4 cup of mixed nuts, and a dannon lightnfit yogurt. hahahaha. Not conventional at ALL, I know...

But it was good! And filling!!! I get more nuts at lunch and I'm having this awesome thing I found -- Hibachi House Sesame Chicken!!! VERY low in fat and calories -- got protein from the chicken. The only bad thing is it's a LITTLE high in carbs from the rice that's included, but hey, carbs and protein that's supposed to be the combo to go for.



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