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New Pictures up, AGAIN.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yeah, I'll chill with the pictures for now.... ;)

My head has been hurting so bad the past couple of days.

I can't WAIT to get to the gym tonight. I guess I've just missed it, even though Tuesday's workout felt like it was taking forever, and was irritating me by how I was not performing up to my previous levels (last gym visit was either the 20th or 21st of December...), but I figured as much. :P I haven't gotten back to my ST yet either. I really need to get that in. Maybe tonight, since DH will theoretically be going with me tonight, I can get my cardio in first and do some ST while he's still going? We'll just have to see.

I've also been informed that I can pretty much have AS MUCH OVERTIME AS I WANT at work right now, so yeehaw. :) HAhahaha. Not that I really want to be at work more, but how can I turn down an offer like that?!?

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MISS_BETH12 1/11/2008 10:26AM

    I LOVE your pictures! You look awesome! You just inspire me that I CAN do this! :D

I understand missing the gym! I am rejoining mine today and I can't wait. I'm sooooo excited! It's odd how one can miss the gym. LOL

Ooooooo overtime! It's always nice when you have that option! :D

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KIMCATUS 1/11/2008 9:40AM

    Blah blah blah...more pictures, look how gorgeous I am...ROFL! Just kidding!! I love the pictures!! They are very inspirational and motivating, and hey who doesn't like to look at gorgeous peoples! :D Hope your headache is better...I hate headaches...I get them a lot from allergies and usually just work through it, but still...ugh!! Good luck at the gym!! And hey there's your money from the OT for all the new rewards! lol

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SHANTASTIC! 1/11/2008 9:29AM

    WOW! Your side-by-side pics are SO inspirational! You look great! Now I'm thinking about how I want to have a cool pic like that by this summer and I am revved up to make it through the weekend without falling into old take-out habits!

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AMUNET_RA 1/11/2008 9:13AM

    I'd love to see your pictures, Dana! Where are they?


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Possible Rewards

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Soooooo I was posting about this a bit on the Golden Gladiators thread for BLC5 challenge, but wanted to put something about it in my blog.

I'm officially out of Christmas money now and there are still some things I hoped for, so I was like, hey! Why not try to set them as goal rewards? And if all else fails maybe I can get a few for my birthday which is coming up Feb. 3rd.

Food Scale
Bod Pod Measurement
Resistance Bands
Kanye West CD
Killers CD
Feist CD
Amy Winhouse CD

I guess that's about it. I already have scheduled for a haircut when I reach 190. (Well, not LITERALLY scheduled, but the reward is planned for reaching that goal. HEHhe)

My sister is going to come with me somehow. :D I'm excited for that!

I wonder if it would be feasible to set my next goals/rewards for body fat percentages instead of weight lost.... ? I'm not sure what an acceptable expected loss rate is for percentage though. I guess we'll have to see.

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CATIATM 1/10/2008 10:52AM

    Oooh! I do this, too, but for consistency, not results. It's verrry motivating through the tough plateaus. I'm 41 full workouts from a new DVD stand. :-)

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LOBO1978_2000 1/10/2008 9:26AM

    Glad you have your rewards set so you can get them when you hit your goals.

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KIMCATUS 1/9/2008 9:35PM

    Ooooh my eyes went straight to the Killers CD...I love the Killers! They are very prominent on my MP3 for my walking music! Anywho...sounds like great rewards...I may have to put some of those on MY rewards but first I need a pedicure! lol Good luck achieving your goals and rewards...I know you can do it!

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Before pictures are UP!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So I guess I finally got around to posting up a few before pictures.... these are ACTUALLY from October 06. I have NO PICTURES of my from Christmas 06 where I'm not making an insane face. You can really tell I was unhappy with my appearance because I took lots of pictures of others, but have no pictures of myself, so these are really the last appearance in front of the camera before I started to lose weight.

I probably gained a bit more after these were taken as well. I don't think I will ever have access to this picture on a computer, but I caught a picture my husband took of my Christmas 06 standing in front of our Christmas tree -- FROM BEHIND of all things... and I'm like as big as the freaking tree. I was like wait wait, GO BACK! WHhhhhhaaaaaat?

Anyway. I'm NEVER NEVER EVER going back there. Only moving forward in progress to improve my health and fitness. And maybe some small slips along the way, but the scale is my FRIEND and my ALLY now, and good old "Taylor" (that's the brand) will keep me on track and make sure I don't slip down the slope back to where I used to be.

I need a few new after pictures, yes I know, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. :)

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ERKRON 1/9/2008 12:14PM

    Holy bajesus! Feels like when I was looking at my before pictures. :P You've got to be absolutely ecstatic about how far you've come. ^_^

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KIMCATUS 1/8/2008 8:47PM

    Um ok first it's math, now I'm singing mmmbop...is it scary that I know that song? Yeah, I think it is. Your blogs are dangerous girlie!! lol Wow, you don't even look like the same person...you look amazing now (not that you weren't gorgeous before, but ya know!) and you should be so very proud of yourself. I'm sure you and Taylor will be very happy together... :D

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LAURANICOLE3 1/8/2008 4:58PM

    I think since your scale's name is taylor you should just go ahead and name it Taylor Hanson and everytime you step on the scale you can sing Mmmbop in your head. That way even if you gained a pound one week you can't be sad because mmbop is playing in your head.

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LOBO1978_2000 1/8/2008 4:05PM

    Just comes to show you how far you've come. Doesn't it feel great that your not that same person from back then. Keep it going. I am sure those pictures are great motvator for the rest of us on how slow and steady wins the race.

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Body Composition and I'm a nerd. :P

Monday, January 07, 2008

Soooooooooo........ I got a new scale this weekend! WOOHOO!!!

Hahahaha. I can't believe I'm EXCITED about getting a scale. :P I guess that's probably why no one purchased one for me for Christmas, because it probably seems like the ultimate insult to some people, but I really wanted one dangit!!!

I had decided to get one with my Christmas cash, and then my DH surprised me by offerring to pay for it! :) WHAT A SWEETHEART!!!! :) I was so thrilled.

Anyway -- today I measured myself for the first time since like... November... and I found I've lost an inch in my middle parts! :) I've lost a bit in some other parts, including .75" from my neck -- WHAT THE CRAP?? HAHAHA. I thought it was looking skinnier, but DANG. Unfortunately my arms stayed the same, but then again so did my calves just about (lost like .25") and my thighs stayed exactly the same...

But an inch from my waist and hips since November?? I'LL TAKE IT!!! :D

So anyway, as of today I have a BODY FAT MEASUREMENT to work from!

I think I remember blogging before that I was going to try for a body fat percentage of 23%?

I just found that article that I LOVE about Body Composition again and it seems like what I might have decided on as a goal, so that's what I'm going with now.

Today I measured at 29.1%.

Now I KNOW that this may not be an accurate measurement -- but that's what I'm going to operate on until I can have a more accurate test done to use as a frame of reference for my scale. :) If I go to like... 175lbs for example... currently I have about 56lbs of fat in me. 175 at 23% fat is 40lbs of fat, so I'm looking to lose around 17lbs of fat in those 22lbs of loss I guess? To keep my lean muscle mass up and lose the fat, I don't want to lose more than 5lbs of muscle mass? Anyway. It'd be nice to keep what I have as far as muscle mass is concerned. If I lost 22lbs of JUST FAT, I'd be at 20% body fat. That would be AWESOME. Hahahaha :) I never measured my body fat % before the big 93lbs I've lost so far, so I have no idea how much muscle mass I've lost or anything so far. It's intriguing for sure, and a new challenge, so I'm very excited.

There's a test that is supposed to be HIGHLY accurate that I can get done at my gym for $10.00. Skin fold is only $3.00.... but the other one is called BOD POD for pete's sake. HAHAHA I want to try it. ;) It uses air displacement apparently.

Speaking of the gym, I renewed my membership and got my new locker this morning. :) YAY! I should be going for the first time in 2008 tomorrow night! WOOHOO!!!

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MLEPEARSON 1/8/2008 1:04PM

    The Bod Pod sounds interesting. I just did the body comp test where you have to exhale all your air while you're underwater. They guy kept yelling "BLOW, BLOW, BLOW!" at me and I felt like I was suffocating. It cost me $55 I think. Hm, how can I get a Bod Pod test for $10? If I could figure it out, I'd do it.
Keep up the good work, looks like you're doing the right things.

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LADYROSE 1/8/2008 11:05AM

    THat's awesome! I got the same scale for christmas from my honey! It's a bit tempramental, but so far I"m liking it... well, not liking the body fat % but like that I have a goal! Keep up the awesome work!

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DEEDRZ 1/8/2008 11:03AM

    Woohoo! You ROCK! You are doing so well!

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TOBICAE 1/8/2008 12:18AM

    Woohoo for inches! The bod pod thing is so fun, we watched a video in my health class at my first college that included a segment on it. If you can get it done for $10, that sounds like a great price compared to when the movie was made (not sure on that). The pics look great, I can't wait to see some with the new clothes! Old Navy jeans? I'm so jealous.

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AMUNET_RA 1/8/2008 12:10AM

    I am so happy for you, Dana! You are on such a roll! And I bought myself a scale a few months ago and I was thrilled with it! I keep it in my room in its cardboard box and just slide it out for 'special occasions' (read: once a week)

I laughed when I read Kim's comment; I zoned out during the math too! It's NOT my strong suit!


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KIMCATUS 1/7/2008 9:01PM

    Ok you had me till all the math, then I just zoned out.... O_O rofl But way cool about the scale...especially with hubby paying for it...score! :P But yeah losing an inch since November...*does happy dance* You go girlie! That is freaking awesome!! :P

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New clothes RULE.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

I got the Diva Slim Bootcut style jeans from Old Navy... and let me just say...


They are a teeny bit snug, but then again... maybe not. They fit. And I'm used to wearing baggy baggy clothes. Those jeans I'm wearing in those beach pictures are even slightly baggy, although they fit me the best of my old jeans so I'm keeping them. (Plus everyone loves them... it's kinda funny, because I'm not a big fan. But when I told my husband I was going through and getting rid of clothes again he was like -- BUT NOT THOSE, right?!? Hahah)

I weeded my closet again last night and hung up my new purchases. (Also got some work pants last night, and finally unpacked all my clothes from travelling).

I KINDA sorted my T-Shirts into Smaller and Larger sizes. I figure, a T-Shirt is always useful even if it's baggy and whatnot, because hello, it's so casual who cares. PJ's, workout, whatever. But I don't really wear any of the bigger ones when I'm trying to actually look cute so I kinda put them in a different place. :)

And... I still have some more I get to spend. I may not spend all of the rest of it on clothes... BUT I MIGHT. HAHAHA.

But yeah, I've heard that a couple of things I wanted for Christmas that I didn't get are on sale, like Kanye West's new CD and scales and whatnot. So I'm considering that. Also perhaps some new workout clothes. We'll see. But I at least have a full complement of jeans that at least mostly fit now, although I could use more work pants.

AND THIS IS THE MOST POINTLESS ENTRY EVER. But then again, it's only 7:45AM and I've been at work for over an hour now. :P

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MAMAJAHMAI 1/5/2008 3:16PM

    Way to go!!! Imagine the world out there, and so many wonderful pants and clothes to explore and try on....Congrats, thanks for the motivation.

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SLCOLMAN 1/5/2008 2:15PM

    Congrats on the clothes that fit!!!!!

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KIMCATUS 1/5/2008 12:24PM

    I love Old Navy! And those are cute jeans!! Let's see pictures!! :D One of our clients is Gap, Inc., so since I can't fit into their clothes yet, I shop online at ON a lot!! My goal is to fit into some of their Women's clothes (as opposed to Womens Plus) and then start shopping at Gap ...not because I like their clothes so much but because I can! And because of all the time I've worked for my company (6 years) I've never been able to fit into any of the clothing stores that are our biggest clients (Gap, Victoria's Secret, American Eagle). lol I totally get where your coming from though about clothes that fit...I am so used to buying the biggest size I can find that it's hard to look for clothes that really fit well. And yay for rambling blog comments...lol!

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CAMERA_DIVA 1/5/2008 11:43AM

    How wonderful! Old Navy. That is awesome!

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MISS_BETH12 1/5/2008 10:32AM

    I didn't find this pointless at all! In fact, I found this inspirational! I mean... you bought clothes THAT FIT from OLD NAVY! I am so jealous, yet inspired because I know if you can do it.... so can I! So thank you for inspiring me this morning! Any way you can get some pics in those jeans? I'd love to see them on you!

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