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Musings on goals for next year, and minor SCREW-UP

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well, I actually tried to enter in what I've eaten today with the Holiday party. I substituted Chicken Corn Chowder for Corn Casserole... hahahaha but I think it's probably close. And I didn't do too bad I guess! :) I'm a bit over on my fat, but still under my minimum for the day, so if I eat a little something still tonight I can't feel too bad about it.

I was searching for some running things today -- reading about SMURFETTE finishing her marathon has really been making me want to run more -- not 26.2 MILES more, but I think a little old newbie runner like myself could train up to a 10K without killing myself. :)

I searched for training schedules and found a few -- did the SmartCoach thing at Runner's World, also got the "BolderBoulder 10K" thing from Shape.com, and the Spark Your Way to a 10K. So far I think I like the Spark Your Way the best for starting out... it really seems to gradually build the miles like I need to. The others seem a little too hardcore for me at this point -- but GOOD!!! I'll probably incorporate some of those techniques once I really get back into running.

I want to train as though I'm eventually going to do a Triathlon -- crosstrain on the other days with bike and swimming.

I REALLY need to get a swimsuit.

I think by upping my miles I can run and getting those varied movements in my cardio it will really help me achieve my fitness goals. I'm really excited about the prospects of next year.

Even if/when I redo my Long Term Goal, I still intend to reach it within the next year, and I think I will be reaching the peak of my body's fitness next year as well. :) This is really exciting!!!

It's been really great to start feeling like my body and I get along. Like I can tell it what I want it to do, and know that it can probably handle whatever I throw at it as long as I'm doing it in a reasonable way. Before starting this journey to get my body healthy, I would have never expected to be able to run a 5K -- even as SLOWLY as I did. ;)

I actually found the results page up at the Hunstville Track Club website and my official 5K time was 40:20 I THINK, which is almost exactly a 13min mile. Which... is pretty much what I was doing on a regular basis... but still! I want more.

Even if I can't find a 10K I can go to, the training will help me be better prepare to KICK THE TRASH out of my next Turkey Trot if NOTHING ELSE. :) I do intend to run one of those suckers EVERY YEAR. :D

Saturday cannot come soon enough! :)

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LEONAMASHA 12/21/2007 1:04AM

    Well! You really do your research :) It's so nice to see that you really are getting along better with your body!

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KIMCATUS 12/20/2007 2:51PM

    Wow look at you go!! You'll be running that marathon yet...just wait... :D We'll be reading about it I'm sure! :P

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FITTYTIFF 12/20/2007 12:15PM

    WOW I wish I could do what you have abnd are planning to do! Way to go!@

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CURVES_N_CURLS 12/20/2007 2:14AM

    Great blog! You've TOTALLY been 'bitten by the (running) bug'!!! ;-) -Lisa

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ArcTrainer = Best Thing Ever

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I just had a REALLY great workout today -- and a good day overall. :)

That ArcTrainer and I.... we put in 45 minutes together and I burned 882 calories. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT CRAP??? I love that machine.

I have big plans for next year that include running more and swimming. :) I'm pretty excited to get that going on... but I want to keep at what I'm doing now for a while because it's working really well for the moment.

I... CANNOT WAIT... for VACATION. I am just getting SO AMPED to finally see my family. :) There's two halves of it.

One is... SEEING THEM!!! I love them, I miss them. :D I am so excited!

Two is... them seeing ME. They haven't seen me since APRIL.

(Checks weight-loss calendar...)

The last time they saw me I was like 263.

That's 65lbs ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my hubby has lost over 50lbs now. :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SEXYCOOL* 12/20/2007 4:13PM

    i can't WAIT to hear what your family has to say about the new you and the new 'he'...i feel like i'm going on vacation with you...

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LEONAMASHA 12/19/2007 7:53PM

    Oh my goodness! You two are really gonna make a stir among the family! Woo-hoo!!!! Here's to your dedication and weight loss!!! Have fun :-D

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KIMCATUS 12/19/2007 2:48PM

    Oh how exciting for you!!! You must be psyched (I couldn't tell from your lack of use of exclamation points!! lol)! 882 calories in 45 minutes??! Holy mega exercise machine!! *bows down to ArcTrainer*

I'll be seeing my family too...I haven't lost as much as you but I know it will be exciting for them to see me even after a little loss. So I can relate to your excitedness (is that a word? It is now.)

So congrats dear...to you and hubby! You continue to amaze and inspire me! :)

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DEEDRZ 12/19/2007 11:34AM

    Woohoo! Sounds like your family is going to be in for a surprise! Have a fun and safe Holiday!

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LOBO1978_2000 12/19/2007 9:14AM

    That must be really exciting to see that much weight off. Have fun on your trip/vacation.

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FITTYTIFF 12/19/2007 12:47AM

    WOW That must be exciting! They are going to be blown away. How fun that will be. You have so much to be proud of!!
Hope you have a great vacation.

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AMUNET_RA 12/18/2007 10:30PM

    Wow! They are going to be blown away when they see you! Do they know that you've been losing?

I'm so excited for you!!


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It's Official!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Today's my official weigh-in day and it's 198!! :) So I got to move my tracker and edit my signature and upload a new icon today -- VERY exciting stuff.

I was talking with my husband about my goal this weekend and I think I'm probably going to set a new loss goal when I reach my current one, because I know my body will not be where I want it and I don't think it will just require toning up, either. I think I will still have more lbs I will want to lose.

BUT!!! First things first! 190!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

LEONAMASHA 12/19/2007 7:52PM

    CONGRATS!!!!!! I know it's a little late, just trying to catch up and it's always nice when I get to read that things are going so well! Like you said, first things first. GREAT JOB!

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AMUNET_RA 12/18/2007 9:01PM

    Yay! I am SO happy for you, Dana! You've earned this!


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FITTYTIFF 12/18/2007 5:30PM

    Way to go!!! ANd Ithink You are doing the right thing waiting will you reach your first goal of 190!!~!
But You can do it! you Are doing great!!

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MARRIEDFORLIFE 12/18/2007 2:23PM

    I had noticed that you were VERY close to your goal.....CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just so awesome!

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DEEDRZ 12/18/2007 11:14AM

    Woohoo!! That's FABULOUS news! Congratulations on officially being a member of ONEderland!

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MILLER32807 12/18/2007 10:17AM

    You have done great with your weight loss, and reaching 190 is a huge thing for you and should be exciting. I can't wait to reach my first goal. I set my ticker to my mini goal so that I can see it moving some...lol Then I'll redo my next goal, but I like seeing the progress. Thanks for all the time and support you put into this team! I've done more with this one than on any of the others!

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LOBO1978_2000 12/18/2007 8:54AM

    Way to go!

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KIMCATUS 12/17/2007 8:54PM

    Oh that's GREAT news!!! Good for you doll!! You've worked hard and are a huge inspiration to the rest of us just starting out!! Congrats again!! :D

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SLCOLMAN 12/17/2007 8:40PM

    Congrats!! Now what the heck is a kettleball???

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Prospect Good!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

So this morning it said 198 so I'm hoping I can at least maintain that loss, or drop it one more pound by Monday to be at 197. :) That will put me within 2lbs of my year end goal of 195 which will make me feel very prepared to reach that goal even with me going on vacation.

BUT!!! The real reason I'm posting a blog is because I just had an even better realization! :) LEONAMASHA posted a comment on my page about 100-ville and I was like! HEY! I need to go leave my current ville and move on!!! But the next Ville is leaving 190-ville....

AND I'M NOT PLANNING ON IT. 190 is my LONG TERM GOAL and I am less than 10lbs away from it!!!!! :D :D :D :D

This is so exciting!!! hahahahaha


(Yes, another ridiculous simply excited and bragging and happy post but I can't help it, I'm too excited about this progress to keep quiet. Hahaha!)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

DEEDRZ 12/13/2007 12:03PM

    YAY!!! You are doing so well and it's an inspiration to the rest of us! You should be so proud of what you have accomplished!

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SHINYSILVRVOLVO 12/13/2007 10:44AM

    Brag away! You've earned bragging rights for sure!

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KIMCATUS 12/13/2007 9:10AM

    And you have every right to brag and be happy!!! You've done a heck of a job and should be singing and dancing at the joy of it all!!! Woo hoo!! :D

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LOBO1978_2000 12/13/2007 9:09AM

    Spread that word of your sucess. It only fair to inspire others to reach their goals.

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LEONAMASHA 12/13/2007 12:39AM

    Woo-hoo!!! Brag, brag, brag until your face turns blue and then some! Move your money maker and shake it 'til all the change falls out!!! That's how happy you need to be and then some!!!! :-D

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FITTYTIFF 12/13/2007 12:28AM

    You deserve to brag girl!!! You have every right to be jumping for joy! And as you do think about those pounds coming off!!!!
I am so happy for you!!!!

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199!!! :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm not going to enter it in to my weigh-in on Sparks officially, we'll see what I can get to by Monday, but 199 this morning!!!! :D

After eating it went up to 199.5, but still. Even after eating and partially getting dressed it only went up .5lbs! :D heh heh heh.

I am SUPER EXCITED about this. That is the first time since.......

Middle school? That I've seen a ONE at the beginning of my weight.


AND I did my ST this morning, AND I'm going to the gym tonight.

Work still sucks, almost more than ever. But I'm trying not to think about that.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

ETER_NITY 12/12/2007 4:49PM

    Yippeeeee!!! I'm so excited for you -- that is quite the accomplishment.

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THICKY_THICK 12/12/2007 1:44PM

    YAY!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB GIRL!!!! YOU ROCK!!!

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DEEDRZ 12/12/2007 12:50PM

    Woohoo!!! Congratulations! This is so exciting!

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LOBO1978_2000 12/12/2007 11:07AM

    Way to go Dana. I knew you were going to make it. I guess we could put you down for 199.5 on the BL contest right?

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LEONAMASHA 12/12/2007 10:58AM

    WOO-HOOO!!!! CONGRATS!!!! Can't wait to see myself where you're at!

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VIENDAH 12/12/2007 10:07AM

  Congratulations! What a milestone!

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LAURANICOLE3 12/12/2007 8:52AM

    Yay!! I knew you wouldn't be able to wait until Monday to weigh yourself! =) I'm so excited for you!!!!!

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ERKRON 12/12/2007 8:51AM

    So awesome, Dana!! I'm going to have a great day knowing that you've reached a goal! :D

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AMUNET_RA 12/11/2007 10:57PM

    Yay! Congrats!! That IS SUPER EXCITING news! And such a great motivator! I am SO happy for you, Dana! You truly deserve to see those numbers drop!


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SHAPESHIFTER_V 12/11/2007 10:47PM

    Woohoo! Yiipie! Congrats!
I'm so happy for you, Dana!!!

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KIMCATUS 12/11/2007 10:09PM

    Oh what wonderful news!!! Er, I mean ONEderful news!!! Great job! That is such awesome news and I'm doing the happy dance for ya!!! *dance dance* Woo hoo!!

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CURVES_N_CURLS 12/11/2007 8:24PM

    Woo hoo! Happy to be the first (Maybe - unless someone posted quicker than I... LOL!) to welcome you to Onderland! :) How good does THAT feel?! -Lisa

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