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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

So I did go a little haywire for Easter treats... but I'm here. I'm tracking today, and I'm not going to let my setback set me even further back by letting it disuade me from continuing to try.

I can do this.

I made a new workout schedule for myself with a gym class most days of the week, and I will run when I want to in addition to that.

Monday: CXWorx - this is a Les Mills core and lower body class and it was GREAT. 20min intense ST. I'm so sore.

Tuesday: Zumba! :) YES, I went today. I also ran 2+ miles on the treadmill before Zumba class to work out some soreness and also because I knew I wouldn't do it after so I wanted to be sure I ran today.

Wednesday: Bodypump - not gonna lie, considering how sore I am, I'm a bit scared of doing bodypump tomorrow but I've got to keep this thing going! I plan to run before class as well tomorrow, more miles than today.

Thursday: Gentle yoga (will also run a short run - Ready, Set, Run! is on this day!)

Friday: Optional classes - 9:20 CXWorx 10:30 Zumba - so we'll see what I feel like. I'm thinking I'll want to do CXWorx again... but maybe I'll save it for next week and not do any classes Friday afterall.

Saturday: Longer run

I REALLY want to finally get back in a groove.

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FITGIRL15 4/14/2013 11:44PM

    Did you find that groove???

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SEEHOLZ 4/12/2013 5:14PM

    How is it coming along? Still going strong?!!!!

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MBSHAZZER 4/3/2013 11:00AM

    Sounds like an awesome plan, Dana!

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BUSYGRANNY5 4/3/2013 7:58AM

    Great plan! Keep on keeping on!!!!

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PEZMOM1 4/2/2013 9:10PM

    Sounds like a great plan.

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Feeling Better

Thursday, March 28, 2013

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the comments and sparkmails after my blog yesterday. They were much needed and appreciated. Sometimes the positive self-talk can only help so much and it helps to hear it from someone else (even if it's the same exact speech) somehow hearing it from someone else when you're down the the dumps makes it seem more valid. I guess I just needed validation that it's going to be ok.

After that post yesterday, I felt myself let go and forgive myself (which brought more tears) and I also went for a run.

It was hard to go. I felt paralyzed about my injury - worried that going on the run would hurt or make it worse. But I did it anyway. It was a GREAT run. Sure my PF felt it more afterward, but it didn't hurt at all during the run. I ran with Roscoe to keep things light but he kept going, so I kept going. It was his longest and one of my longer ones in recent times at 5 miles.

I forgot to mention that last weekend I also set a 10K PR. It's still a little soft compared to my half marathon PR, but given my training and the hills on the course, I was really skeptical of my chances of PRing going into that race. But I decided to really go for it, and I got it! I was sooooo happy.

So after that blog, I talked to my DH about it a little bit, too, and he was like - but you just ran a PR! And he continued to encourage me that I would get through this. He is the best!

So between him and you guys, I was really convinced to just let go of what I can't control and continue to be diligent and to do my best.

Also, SEEHOLZ mentioned a change of routine. Yes, I am still working on a new normal routine for myself which includes regular gym time. When I was losing weight, I was always going to the gym regularly. So this will be an important component of my new routine. I also wasn't running as much. I think I will still run more than I did then, but it will be more of a maintenance routine and less building to a big mileage load. My focus isn't on running right now.

I will still run and enjoy myself, but I think (pending any major changes later in the year, it's still early) that 2013 will be a marathon-less year, just like 2011 was. I can run a good half marathon off of a less intense training load, but I won't run 6 of them like I did last year either. We're also focusing on keeping my races local, so that will be fun.

I CAN DO THIS! This will pass and I will make it through this! Just think, if I throw in the towel on it all AND the hormones are having their way with me, I will just spiral into a blobby oblivion. I need to keep at it if just to combat the worst of it while I normalize.

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SEEHOLZ 3/28/2013 9:35AM

    yeah for feeling better! When I saw your awesome post on DM yesterday, I had a feeling things were looking up :-)
I'm so glad that things are looking better today- for me, sometimes all it takes is a good workout and a good night's sleep :-)

And, it takes guts to forgive yourself and trust that things will be okay- so go Dana!

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MBSHAZZER 3/28/2013 9:16AM

    Dana, so glad you are feeling better! A lot of how we feel is truly about our outlook. I know it's hard to put on a happy face when you are not feeling it, but sometimes that's what needed to make the inside catch up with the outside.

Also, as to PF, you know I have a permanent case of it, right? It almost never goes away, but strangely, doesn't hurt at all when I'm running, so I just run with it. The trick to running is to figure out what is an injury you MUST rest versus one you can run through. Not easy to do, but you'll figure it out.

Also, running has ebb and flow. The nice thing is that it's always there for you, and whether you run 15 miles a week or 15 miles a day, you are still a runner. I have periods of time, like when I was working full time AND in grad school, where running and racing took a back seat to other stuff. That's OK, and I think it makes us appreciate running a lot more when we come back to it "full time" :D

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So Frustrated

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I know I shouldn't let the scale get to me...

but it's really getting to me.

And I just replaced the battery so I shouldn't compare before and now...

but I am.

I am still so frustrated with the weight since going off birth control. I know it wasn't where I wanted it to be before that but at least I was still at a healthy weight for my height and I felt pretty comfortable in my skin.

Now I feel frumpy and fat and roll-y and I've been tracking pretty consistently for a couple of weeks now only to end up the same or a little higher than when I started.

I just want my body to get back to normal. I think I'm going to just have to be even more diligent and work even harder. I just feel super depressed about it now. *sigh* I'm not gonna lie - there were tears this morning.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SEEHOLZ 3/27/2013 7:45PM

    Dana- HUGS! I can relate to so much of what you are going through... I've had some hormonal issues that contributed to some weight gain back in 2009- it sucked is a huge understatement. Plus, the emotions can rage through you and things start looking bleak- it's okay to cry :-) It really is-- the key is to pick yourself and keep going...
I think keeping up with your workouts or maybe putting together a new, consistent workout routine might help you stay focused - what about focusing on a fitness goal? It will help to take your mind off from all the negative self-talk. As for the scale- use it as a tool, but if it's making you cry, put it away! Just do it... especially if you don't want to- challenge yourself to 2 weeks without and replace the weigh in with 2 min self-pep talks instead. Just do it!
For me, a good workout sessions always makes me feel better- so is getting yourself a new outfit or cleaning my house and doing something that makes me feel good about myself.. in other ways than some number on the scale. You are so much more than that- so don't treat yourself anything but!!!!


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SEESTARS 3/27/2013 10:55AM

    What a rotten time you are having lately! But you already know if you stick with your plan the tears will be behind you soon. A big hug and plan on tomorrow being a brighter day!

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MBSHAZZER 3/27/2013 10:10AM

    Dana, I totally get where you are coming from, even though my frustration has to do with injury. Don't give up! I promise you - once your body adjusts to the lack of BCP hormones, everything will even out. I went through the same thing, although I had to go off BCP because of my AGE, which just compounded the feelings of being frumpy and roll-y!

Drink plenty of water, get adequate rest and before you know it, you will be back to feeling fab!

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LYNNWILK2 3/27/2013 9:51AM

    I just read this blog and a few other blogs you've written, I've read the incredible accomplishments you've achieved since you've joined Sparks. You are an inspiration.
You've made a major life change that will throw anyone's hormones into a spiral. That with the flare up of your foot pain (anytime you have an inflamatory process in your body it's going to hold onto extra fluids)...
I know the frustration of not having your body respond to the good habits of eating healthy and clean and exercising. I want to encourage you to let the tears go and remind yourself of how very far you have come and what you have accomplished, at least for a few days until your body is more reliable and not in a flux.
You are an inspiration with your successes. Don't let the scale defeat your efforts. Hold strong, push a bit harder, drink a lot of water... stick to the basics you know that work. When your body adjusts to the hormonal changes and allow the foot to heal, you'll see the body responding the way it should. Please don't cry. Hug yourself as you would a best friend in the same situation. Be gentle with yourself and just keep moving.
I hope you have a joyous Easter weekend.

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BRENDA_G50 3/27/2013 9:47AM

    Things will get better if you don't let the scales control how you feel about yourself. You will get to your happy place eventually if you quit beating yourself up.

Take the time to enjoy your journey to a healthier lifestyle by not expecting it to happen all at once.



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Injured Runner :P

Saturday, March 16, 2013

So I'm battling Plantar Fasciitis again. I've had it from time to time since my first episode back in 2010, but I've always managed to get rid of it fairly easy and run through it. This time I'm feeling like it's more annoyed, so I'm going back to doing everything I did the first time around in hopes that it'll clear up in about a week. I ran last weekend my 10 mile LR in shoes that should be reserved only for short runs or retired altogether. I felt the mistake toward the end when I started feeling heel pain.

Since I have a heel spur, if the PF gets aggravated at all, it really gets inflamed and painful at the heel. So anyway - I have a 10K race next weekend and a half marathon 4/13. Since I'm very confident finishing both of those races, I'm going to try to be zen about my running.

Another thing I'm going to do is to make sure I continue getting a good calorie burn and exercising. I have a gym membership, I have some working out at home tools (soon to have more, more on that later), and I bought Level 2 of The 30 Day Shred from Amazon Instant Video so I have a good workout video to do as well. If I can only run short runs for a while with frequent rest days, I'm going to supplement so I keep my exercising mojo.

I've been diligently tracking my food since Monday. Yesterday I planned to run, but opted out due to my PF so that I could run today - as a result, I ate more before I decided not to run than I should have (was planning to run in the afternoon) and I ended up with 100cal left for dinner - whoops.

I decided to cautiously go over. I think this was a good decision - I still ate dinner (veggies and noodle soup, and one square dark chocolate) so that I wouldn't be starving myself and going bonkers, but I also avoided the whole "I screwed up so who cares" crazy overage crap. I ended up over by 210, and I'm ok with that.

I ordered this great daily deal from Amazon yesterday:


Right now it's $57.99, but yesterday it was $24.99 - you get:

Iron Gym Bar (doorway pullup bar), complete with hanging ab straps
Rotating Push Up Grips (a-la perfect pushup)
Electronic Ropeless Jump Rope (great for tall awkward people like myself )

The good thing, too, is that I can hang my suspension training straps from that bar - I've tried it before with someone elses.


Other cool thing - my husband is joining me again. :) The last time he let me track his food for him, he lost 50lbs. We were also going to the gym together, which he isn't doing this time around - but one step at a time.

Because he's on board, it will help me out a LOT. I can tell already so far this week that it will be a great advantage.

So today I ran 2.5 miles with Roscoe the wonder dog. He is good up to about 4 miles, but usually we run 1.34 (puppy loop!) or sometimes up to 3. I was going for 3 today but he wasn't having it. At about 1.25 he refused forward motion. As soon as we turned back he took off, so he wasn't tired, he was just ready to go home. HAHA. :D Silly puppy. But it's good - that is good for me for today. It's not getting me ready for a half marathon really, but it was a good workout in for today and calories burned, and Roscoe got his, too.

We had a couple of pee breaks on the way back and still that mile was 12:02, compared to the first mile at an average 15:21 pace (lots of starts and stops and sniffing and whatnot). On the way home there is always less of that and it's mostly straight running with a couple short pee stops. :D hehe.

This isn't from today, but us out together in winter running gear - he was wearing that today, I was in different gear. :) Isn't he so cute?

I also got to do my first day as a COACH this week. There is a program by RunVermont called "Ready, Set, Run!" - it is after school for elementary kids to run, move, and learn about nutrition and citizenship. It was ... COLD. I started with the kindergarten group, and at first we made it a bunch of times up and down the hill (I was manning the hill repeats station) but then a couple of the girls started just staying at the top of the hill and shivering and crying, and then some other kids started crying and they were like - can we run inside??? :'(

I felt like such a jerk! It was getting colder and colder out, and it started at about a feels like 15... so... yeah. We went inside. Later, the other groups joined us. Some of those kids had frozen solid shoelaces. The leader of the group has Raynaud's and she was shaking like a leaf! But the kids were great, once they warmed up they were all like - are we going to get to run again??? :) I'm hoping for much better weather next week....


Game plan:

1) run short runs, every other day. Run by feel, pay attention to heel.
2) Do all my stretches as prescribed by my PT back in the day
3) Naproxen Sodium morning and night w/ food
4) Roll foot on frozen water bottle and on little nubz ball.
5) Roll/stick out calves, it's all related.
6) wear my crocs around the house so I'm not runnin around barefoot.

Hopefully this all combined knocks it out fast like it did last time it was at this stage.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FITGIRL15 3/18/2013 11:57AM

    I'm sorry to hear that you are injured! But it sounds like you are not unnfamiliar wwith this injury and you know what it will take to recover! Go get it, Girl!!!

PS... I was sad for those poor kiddos too... running alone is hard, running in the cold... Brrrrr!!! Soon they will understand that the more they run, the warmer they stay :)

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SEEHOLZ 3/16/2013 6:10PM

    Man, pain sucks! I've had tendinitis in my foot- thankfully not bad, but you are right, you got to manage it when it is in that manageable stage. I have tendinitis issues in general- my inner thigh/groin area has a tendon issue that sometimes gets aggravated and I had ankle tendinitis which put me out of commission a few years back. I remember you were the one that found that awesome water running training plan, which kicked my butt! ( well, I didn't do the full version, just my own version of it, but still, I have great respect for that program!)
Anyways, get that night sock out, do your stretches and cure that heel, so you can rock those runs!!!!

I would think in Vermont, kids are used to 15 degree weather- they grow up with it, right? Well, at least you are toughening them up!

Good to hear from you Dana :-) I love your attitude- I think that's key to recovery, along with all those proactive things you are doing!

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MBSHAZZER 3/16/2013 5:35PM

    Sorry to hear you are injured, too. I highly recommend Graston! :D I bet it will clear that PF up right away.

Too funny about the kids being so cold! It'll make them stronger!

So happy to hear your hubby is on board - it does make it easier. Larry is on a mission as well, which is why I got the green light to buy all the fitness equipment :D. Speaking of which, enjoy yours!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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BLUENOSE63 3/16/2013 1:11PM

  I have bursitis in my hip right now and in the middle of training for a half marathon! So I feel your pain

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LYNNWILK2 3/16/2013 12:45PM

    I hope that the PF gets back under control and allows you to do your long runs as a you plan. The dog boots- kudos on those... protecting your dogs feet!
I like your game plan and also the adjusting your nutritional values when you aren't doing your normal routine... you have a great handle of what is happening with you.
Good Luck and Gods' speed in healing.

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HAPPYMENOW58 3/16/2013 12:45PM

    Thanks! Great blog....

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 3/16/2013 12:33PM

    Cute Dog Photos.


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Missing Person - ME!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

So I've been having a good week - eating well, exercising, tracking, going to the gym, running. All good stuff.

I even did a little (very little) housework.

Very tired today so taking a day off from most stuff.

I WON that Nike GPS watch, btw. :) So thanks if anyone went and liked my review! I love having another toy.

It gives me bonus mileage I think... but not a TON. hundredths of a mile.

I signed up for a 10K this month, extra motivation.

My weight hasn't gone up anymore but I haven't been successful in bringing it down. It's like I got a BUMP of at least 5lbs going off BC and so far it's sticking around. I will get rid of that, and then keep going to get down to where I really want to be again.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

HEALTHY4CAROLYN 3/20/2013 2:27PM


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SEEHOLZ 3/15/2013 2:29PM

    Already great to see your face!

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SPSPSP1 3/14/2013 8:50PM

    Congrats on the win!

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SEPPIESUSAN 3/8/2013 3:26PM

    I saw that you won on FB. Congrats!!

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FITGIRL15 3/8/2013 11:00AM

    So glad to hear from you! Hurrayyyy on winning the new toy! Looks pretty snazzy!

Brrrr... cold runs! emoticon

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 3/7/2013 12:58PM

    Enjoy the new toy.

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MBSHAZZER 3/7/2013 11:29AM

    Neat! Congrats on your big WIN! Looks very cold where you are!

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    Lucky you! I won the first thing I can remember last week, a DVD from Spark People! I was shocked!

I am kind of having the same issue as you with the weight thing. I'm down to the last 10 lbs or so and it just isn't coming off. In fact, I was steadily losing and reached my lowest adult weight yet last week. I further improved my eating habits and added 15 mins to my daily running routine and the 30 Day Shred and the scale went up 5 lbs (2 have came back off since), and now I am stuck....

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