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Blog Streak Day 7!

Friday, July 27, 2012

So I'm sitting waiting for my camelbak to thaw out... I put it in the freezer because people suggested that keeps it from getting funky, but I didn't completely empty it...

Anyway, I'm planning to go do my Long Run today so I don't have to worry about it this weekend and wake up super early a day on the weekend.

I might change my mind. We'll see. I don't have much to say honestly.

I think I'm getting better from being sick but I'm still not 100%. And Shark week is still going. Did I mention I got sick and Shark Week started at the same time. UGH.

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MBSHAZZER 7/27/2012 2:59PM

    Ugh, me too. Do you know what it's like to have a 103 degree fever AND shark week?!

Enjoy your long run!

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FITGIRL15 7/27/2012 12:51PM

    A little hot water run over it, will have your CamelBak thawed in no time!

Hang in there, your cold and PMS will pass soon!!!

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Blog Streak - Day 6!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yeah I didn't finish tracking yesterday. I ate almost the same as the day before, only no exercise. I took the whoollle day off to rest and I felt sicker than the day before, so I think it was a good call.

Today - much better. I did an 8 mile run, and my throat doesn't hurt anymore. YAY!

We got pizza for dinner though - but I kept it reasonable amount wise, and I track-estimated it.

(2000+1031) - 2140 = 891

Not too shabby.

Planning to do my LR tomorrow since I'll be pretty busy this weekend and not busy at all tomorrow. :)

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FITGIRL15 7/27/2012 11:31AM

    I haven't eaten PIZZA emoticon in a very long time!
You are making me hungryyyy!!!

Congrats on almost a week long BLOG streak! YAY!

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MBSHAZZER 7/27/2012 11:25AM


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AHICKOK65 7/26/2012 9:59PM

    I admire your persistence and am inspired to eat pizza (in moderation). emoticon

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Blog Streak Day 5!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After looking at my running schedule, I've decided I can still get my miles in this week if I take today off. Maybe I'll run later, but I think since I'm still feeling sick this morning maybe it's a good idea to take a day off. UGH.

It at least takes the pressure off running 11 (which is what I should be running today) knowing I could do it tomorrow instead and still be ok. If I have to I'll run it in shifts tomorrow.

As for the deficit tracking, I went over my RMR yesterday, but I also exercised so let's see how it played out:

(RMR+Cals burned through exercise) - cals eaten = deficit amount

(2000+440) - 2256 = 184

That's 5% of a lb. At this rate, it'll take me almost a month to lose one lb. But I have to remember a 4 miler day is not my highest deficit - that's going to come on the days I do my 11 and my 13. And I don't always go over to the extent I did yesterday either. I know which particular food choice yesterday really made a difference - it was eating a tortilla wrap w/ PB and honey randomly. I felt like my body was craving it, but I wasn't really hungry. That's a lot of calories to satisfy a non-hungry craving.

So I should've ignored that one or thought of how to assuage it for a low calorie alternative.

I will do better today.

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SEEHOLZ 7/25/2012 10:23AM

    I know what you mean about satisfying a craving with too many calories- I did that last night :-)
Hope you feel better!

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MBSHAZZER 7/25/2012 10:05AM

    Dana, sounds like your body is fighting something (BTW, I have a sore throat and a fever, too so something is going around for sure), in which case it's probably better to NOT run a deficit. Your body needs strength to stay healthy!

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GBAUM0432 7/25/2012 7:47AM


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Blog Streak Day 4!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Before I just don't blog!!! :P

So I have a sore throat and feel so freakin tired. I think I just have a summer cold. :P I ran 4 miles this morning, did grocery shopping, got some stuff done... but yeah I have to keep stopping to rest. ahaha. ugh.

So I got kinda hit with that yesterday, which is why I never came back.

I have an orchestra audition 8.10 - super excited about that. It's a proper audition w/ excerpts and everything.

Anyway - sedentary RMR is close to 2000 so I will use that for deficit tracking purposes.

I have tracked everything so far today. Tomorrow I should have a number to report.

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FITGIRL15 7/24/2012 6:14PM

    Boo to summer colds! Feel better soon!

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Blog Streak Day 3 - again!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's see if I can get this streak up in the double digits again! I think last time I got up to 12, so my goal right now is to get at least up to 14 - that's two weeks. Ultimately I want my streak to last for 31 days. Yeah I could do 30, but hey, in July AND August there are 31 days so I might as well be true to the months I'm inhabiting. :)

Yesterday DH wanted to order food in. I got a Greek Salad and a chicken pita (roasted chicken, housemade tzatziki w/ local VT yogurt). Lunch was cookies... um... so yesterday was not an entirely good day, for sure. I think I posted that blog yesterday AFTER we got back home and cookies happened. So my post helped me to make good choices for dinner. Plus my body reallllly was craving the fresh produce and veggies.

Just goes to show you, my body knows what's up even if my mind and emotions and taste buds sometimes get distracted... my body needed the good wholesome food.

I'm thinking I'll start deficit tracking again... if I don't do it every day, ok. But I really enjoyed doing that before. It helped when I had a heart rate monitor... maybe I can see if my DH will spring for me to get one again. (last one died.)

For running, I trust the calculations of my Garmin, but when I had a HRM I was much more motivated to do other forms of exercise because I could quantify them and track them and help my deficit by doing so. I know there are estimators, but anyway.

For now I will start deficit tracking anyway, and maybe I can get a tool to help me, but if not, that's just a tool it doesn't mean I can't still use deficit tracking and I'm not going to put off doing something that might help me until I can throw money at it. :P

Will add a post later with deficit tracking details!

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FITGIRL15 7/24/2012 12:49PM

    I know how you feel about the HRM... I feel that way too when I use one.
That's why I have to AVOID MINE because it makes me go crazy about the numbers! Ughhh!

Once you deal with the "cookie catastrophies" LOL you will be well on your way to reaching new heights!!!

Keep pushing, Girl!!! emoticon

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MBSHAZZER 7/23/2012 10:42AM


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SEEHOLZ 7/23/2012 8:38AM

    You got this!

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ELRIDDICK 7/23/2012 8:34AM

  Thanks for sharing

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