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Thursday, June 30, 2011


PT was nice today - did some walking lunges and squats in addition to my bridge w/ single leg raise and seal movement and prone single leg straight raises and doghydrants. Seal and Hydrant are just nicknames but I bet you can guess what they look like. ANYWAY - I asked PT about my calf issue since it was going on again in my run today. She believes it is a light muscle strain - actually I did some calf raises at PT as well and they didn't hurt. She did some massage and put some biofreeze on me, sent me off w/ Biofreeze samples. I set up an appointment for next Wed just in case all is not hunky dory, but if I'm good calfwise I can call and cancel because I am doing good otherwise.

So POSSIBLY end of PT. I really want to get a compression sleeve for my left calf to have some added support on the run this weekend, but maybe won't. My PT said I should still be able to run and when I asked about compression sleeves, she seemed to dislike them because using it repeatedly could prevent my muscles from strengthening as they should to naturally support my running. I was really just thinking of using it until my calf feels better to support during runs while whatever it is heals up, and mostly just for longer runs not shorter ones (another recommendation of the PT). SOooooooo I dunno if I'll be able to get any before we leave tomorrow night or not. Gotta talk to the DH tonight and figure that out - definitely can't get any tonight I have no time.

I also forgot I have to go to the Post Office so depending how long that takes, I may not have time to do the other ST stuff before band practice, I may have to do it afterward. I need to do some walking pushups, lateral shoulder raises, tri dips, and plank rows. I'm counting the lunegs and squats from PT cause I don't want to push the lower body any more than I need to.


This weekend: Wedding trip to Tuscaloosa
Monday: Firecracker 5K, later that night fireworks bonanza and cookout.
Next Thursay: Play trombone at a wedding
Saturday: Play trombone at a retirement facility for a birthday celebration
Next two weekends - FREEDOM!
Last weekend of July: To my sister's in GA to run my first 10K! :D WOOHOO!
August 1st Weekend: DH graduation
2nd Weekend: Family vacation? possibly a 5K?
3rd Weekend: Friend's Wedding
4th Weeekend: FREE

So.... July and August? PACKED.

Sept. 4th: Tupelo 14.2
Sept. 10th: Run Through the Roses 10K

Granted, Run Through the Roses is a local race so that won't be as demanding on my weekend, but now that I think about it - it's like every weekend until midway through September I am BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MARLIE13 7/5/2011 10:37PM

    Just catching up on all my blogs. Boy you are going to be busssssyyyy!!! Hats off to ya!

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SKYFYRE 7/2/2011 2:14AM

    Get the socks/ compression thingies, they rock!!!

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BOILERINAZ 7/1/2011 4:20PM

    I use a calf sleeve or recovery socks (which I actually like better) http://www.recoverysock.com/ on my longer runs and races...not all the time but from time to time I think it helps...especially on anything 10 miles+. Found the expos to have the best prices.
I LOVE BIOFREEZE...that and Dr. Hoys are amazing!!

Enjoy your next two weekends of freedom!

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SEEHOLZ 7/1/2011 8:09AM

    I think I had a bad calf strain and the sleeves helped me immensely. I don't use the all the time to "rely" on them all the time, but when the muscle needs support, why not? I mean, you should still strengthen it. I trust PTs to a degree- they have awesome advice, but I like to make my own decisions sometimes, because it's my body and sometimes I'm right and sometimes not, but in terms of the sleeves- 100% convinced they helped me. I still get a recurring calf issue, so I want to get a MRI- it flares up.... - to find out what is really going on in that calf... I think it's my gastrus ( the one sitting behind the soleus ( or is it the other way around-LOL?) so it's not as easy to message... :'(

Enjoy all that activity! My summer is jam-packed, too. Trust me, it's good stuff, but sometimes I wished I had more "free" week-ends, too-LOL!

Happy 4th!

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HOPERY 7/1/2011 12:57AM

    You are such a busy person. Reading about all of it usually makes me tired. I might have to look up those calf things. Could be useful.

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NYC_NATIVE 6/30/2011 11:08PM

    I use the calf compression socks for recovery,esp. after a long or very hard run. Since I usually wear pants to the office, no one notices them. :P

Sounds like you have quite the fun summer mapped out! Woohoo!

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SWEATONCEADAY 6/30/2011 10:41PM

    my summer is starting to fill up too but no races planned yet. i am going to go search for something local maybe in august?

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Sore today!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So yesterday's PT went really well, then they started making me do some squats and lunges. HAHA And now I'm sore! OK!

This morning's run was sluggish to start, planned to make sure I kept it slow through the beginning and only allowed to pick it up faster than easy pace in the last split, and did that. So I'm glad I met my goals for the day even if it didn't feel great.

I think I need to consider getting some compression sleeves or socks to support my calves/achilles. I had a bit of mild pain at a moment or two on my left calf today, lower down, so I'm thinking it's AT related. BOO. Not pleased with that. Hoping taking it easy tomorrow and on my LR for the week (a cutback of 6 miles) will have me feeling fine by Monday's 5K.

But my PT said yesterday they think that Thursday can be my last day. WOOHOO! :) I have been schooled in all the exercises they want me to do and I will continue doing them, for sure - but I don't really feel the need to go in to do them in person and also get Ultrasound/Estim forever if I'm not having pain so... yeah. Makes sense.

Hooping today at lunch... not sure about after work. Started a new challenge w/ my BBB and it's a full body ST workout so I feel like I shouldn't do it today (sore from yesterday) so.......... not sure what I'm going to do yet - I have Big Band at 7 still, could go home between I guess.

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RUNSWITHDEER 6/30/2011 12:24PM

    A friend of mine recommended the compression socks for my calves. He says he likes to wear his with shorts and will wear them with shorts until everyone of his friends knows what they are and why he is wearing them. Hmmm, very convicted. I must buy a pair this weekend and try them out. Maybe not with shorts.

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HOPERY 6/30/2011 12:54AM

    I am about to do the ST Challenge, and I will be joining you on the soreness by morning I am sure. Glad you no longer need to go to ST!

Now, hope to it!

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SKYFYRE 6/29/2011 6:40PM

    Woohoo!! Glad u graduated from PT lol! I really don't like spending time there when I have had to go in the past :( have fun at band!

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SEPPIESUSAN 6/29/2011 4:16PM

    I'm sore today too...third day of running outside for me in a row...only today was more like a 50/50 split of walking and running because my quads are so sore!

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WAVEDANCER7 6/29/2011 12:34PM

    Nice to not go in! Just be a good bunny and keep doing the PT at home! And it SURE IS a full body ST Challenge! Be afraid, be very afraid!! ;)

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Wow blogging behind...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Soooo Wednesday I DID NOT do my long day. I called it quits and came home after buying cookies. (They were amazing.)

Not very big though, and splitting them up with my DH I feel good about that food choice. I do NOT feel good about the almond cookies I ate a trillion of on Sunday afternoon. WTF? They were from a package. They weren't even special. But they WERE delicious. But I definitely had a mini binge that day. Ate healthy the rest of the day.

What happened since I blogged? I did my semi-long day Thursday - 5:30AM running 3 miles, then to work, then Bellydancing, then Gospel Group. woot! Friday was just work I think. Yeah - then Saturday morning -


DONE! Felt good, feel the same now injurieswise as before, still fighting the PF, minor ball of footarea pain but only certain ways and like mostly gone - I think most stuff is getting better and definitely not worsening so I am feeling very optimistic about it all right now. :) This week is a cutback week for mileage, not a lot, but doing a 6 miler this weekend instead of 8. Then the week after that back to 8 and then the week after THAT - 10! :D WOOHOO! I can't wait for that!

So anyway, I was then on my feet a LOT the rest of Saturday, then a total slug on Sunday - I wasn't feeling well and stayed home all day - stomach crap. Today I'm feeling pretty much normal...

BUMMER though - I was planning to go to that Insanity class tonight at my work, and I thought - ooh I still have that gym bag packed from last week. Well I get to work and then as I'm starting to the building I realize -wait a second, I used this gym bag for Bellydancing last week... it's WORK CLOTHES inside the bag that I forgot to take out. *DOH* So I have no workout clothes so I'll be going home. Gonna go grocery shopping and then home tonight. That's ok.

HAVE to copy this from my page comments:

"I still can't get over your success. YOU'RE SO FIT and you were so not in high school. GO YOU!" - REDHEADEDVEGAN

WOOHOO! Thank you, Kim, for making my day!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SKYFYRE 6/28/2011 9:17PM

    U r so fit! What a nice comment!
I identify with the being mad about a binge that was something NOT special, not that me binging on home made cookies is better than binging on store bought cookies but it feels more ... Worth it? Really neither are worth it. Gah.
Enjoy the grocery shopping, it can be so eye opening to walk up and down the isles and then do the outside where is where I SHOULD shop!! Lol!

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FLUTTER-BY)L( 6/28/2011 3:06PM

    6 miles sounds great. It is great that you did not have a big binge.

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TRACYZABELLE 6/28/2011 6:14AM

    I think we all need a day to veg out! SUnday is mine as I go to work that night to start my week so it is usually spent e mailing and laundry!

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FREDDIEB30 6/27/2011 11:54PM

    Great job on 8 miles! Hopefully I'll get to that distance one day.

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SWEATONCEADAY 6/27/2011 8:19PM

    way to go on 8 miles! you are super busy. glad the tummy is better though.

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S318830 6/27/2011 2:54PM

    I see you're suffering PF too. Glad to hear you're still moving through it and keeping it at bay. Me too. I love every morning after my long run where I wake up and it's not that bad. It's there, but I'm managing the heck out of it. When did it re-hit you?

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KSGROTHE 6/27/2011 1:35PM

    emoticon on your 8-mile run! Glad to hear it didn't affect your injuries much!
Keep up the good work! emoticon

- Karen

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SEPPIESUSAN 6/27/2011 10:44AM

    Great job with the 8 miler!! I'm nowhere near your level of distance running - I always start to hurt by at least mile 6 or 7. Glad you're feeling better!

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Long Day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday is my LONG DAY - I got up at 5:30am for running and I won't go home until after 9PM when Big Band ends.


I'm running a special errand after work for some cookies. And I broke the calorie bank last night for a Gigi's Cupcake. Does this sound wack? It is a little - but the Gigi's was a surprise from my MIL, and definitely worth the splurge. The cookies were already planned for pickup - my favorite place (The Happy Tummy) has Spicy Cheeese and Bacon COOKIES on the menu right now. They sold out last week before we got a chance to have any, so I am making a special excursion today to get some on their first day open of the week to make sure they don't sell out on us again!

Then it's straight to the gym for ST, then over to Big Band, THEN home.

I have a marathon bar planned for between ST and the gym, and of course lunch and snacks per usual. So I should be good for the day, but it's a long one.

I fell asleep SO EARLY last night - like 9PM people.

Anyway, good thing because I felt really ready for my run this morning - 4 miles and I worked on my cadence - countingcountingcounting the whole way. Looks like if I concentrate on it, I can be at about 160-165ish steps per minute - I got up to 170+ a few times, but I would start actually speeding up more then, too and I wanted to make sure I wasn't pushing the effort level too much. I'd say it was maybe a click harder than "easy" effort today, and paces reflected about the same.

I'm going on McMillan training paces for a 32 min 5K - my 5K time on that last one was 34:23 or something like that, but it was also 80+ degrees and humid outside. My last 5K before this was around 31min, and that was with turning my ankle (last year in the Turkey trot before my marathon -so obviously before injury and returning to running as well - so on completely different training) but still. I figure 32 is probably a decent estimate. I actually feel I'm faster than that, but I don't want to push my training paces too much.

At a 32 m 5K McMillan gives me an easy pace range of 12:25-12:55 - today's running time laps were: 12:43, 12:20, 12:07, 12:12 - so just a shade faster than my easy range for most of it.

Tomorrow is 3 miles only, but it's good because I'm meeting the running group at my Greenway again at 5:30AM, and have to be at work early tomorrow again since I have PT. CLOVERR1 is talking about being there and I'll be glad to maybe actually run with someone! :) hehe. WOOHOO! I'll be bringing Marathon Bars, of course.

Saturday is planned 8 miles, I am soooooooo excited about that! :) That is like a REAL long run. HAHA That is where some Marathon Training Programs begin. I'll be stoked to get that under my belt - next week will be a cutback week because I've been building the last 3 weeks, and I'll go back to a 6 miler.

I'm meeting my newfound work running buddy for that one, and also the We Run Huntsville crew will be out there - running out and back along the Marathon course. :)

** EDIT ** BWAHAHA cut my day short and came home instead...

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MARLIE13 6/25/2011 8:58PM

    Sooooo what were the cookies like? Did you get some then?

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TRACYZABELLE 6/25/2011 10:25AM

    Dana I fell off your blog subscrioption somehow!! I am back on now!!

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MBSHAZZER 6/23/2011 10:28PM

    HAHA, Dana, I have to laugh... a 9pm bedtime is so late for me! Have fun on your long run - WHOOHOOO for marathon training!

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MYLIFE4LIFE 6/23/2011 7:48AM

    You definitely keep yourself super busy Dana Dane! Think it is great that you never loss your motivation and that you stay on track. I need to live closer to you girl! Your a rock star for sure!!

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NOELLIEMAE 6/22/2011 2:51PM

    WOW! busy girl! 0530 runs huh.... I'm having trouble getting up at 10 till 6! way to go. If you do see CLOVERR1 out there give here a big hug for me!

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IFDEEVARUNS2 6/22/2011 2:18PM

    I don't suppose you could get the recipe for the cookies? Sounds like something I'd like!!!!!

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SWEATONCEADAY 6/22/2011 2:15PM

    i'm tired just reading this.

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RUNTRILAUGH 6/22/2011 2:01PM

    Whew... thats a lot!

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ABSOLUTZER0 6/22/2011 1:35PM

    It seems that you do have a long day today. You will get through it! I recently discoverd McMillan and had a great friend go to a training and he took some good notes. I have started to use the training zones, too.

Enjoy the rest of the day! You are going to KILL the ST. Also, have fun with your newfound running buddy!

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Physical Therapyyyyy!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Extra y's because I was SINGING that in my head to all of you!

So this morning my foot was a little ow-y when I woke up, but I did some stretches and then went ahead to go do my 3 mile run. And it went fine! It kind of was annoying because I was running in the neighborhood and I guess I just don't like all the out and back nature of getting in 3 miles in that space, but I didn't have to see anything more than twice so I guess that's not so bad.

I included the entrance to the neighborhood, which I usually don't - and it's a hill. So I got a little somethin in for a hill in there, too which is good. :)

Then I stretched! like a good girl, got to work early (to try to make up some time for the PT appt) and rolled my foot on a frozen water bottle.

PT went well, we went over a couple new Strength Moves - and I remembered to ask how frequently to do those - guess what! Once or twice a day! So shoulda been doing THAT this weekend, oh well, at least I know now.

Tomorrow is 4 miles. :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SLEEPYDEAN 6/23/2011 8:18PM

    I'm dealing with IT band/knee issues and just "picked up" a little case of PF. I went through 6 weeks of PT myself recently for said knee issues and by the end, I had 3 different sheets full of exercises. It really is like a part-time job to keep up with them all. I've gotten really lazy since I don't have the weekly appts to keep me accountable.

I am so bad about remembering foam roll for my IT band and to pull out the frozen water bottle daily to take care of that darn foot though.

Good luck with your continued progress!

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SWEATONCEADAY 6/21/2011 3:41PM

    stretch! i am so bad at that again. i am back to minimal stretching which is BAD. glad the footsie is feeling better.

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MBSHAZZER 6/21/2011 3:33PM

    Glad to hear it's all going wellllllllll!

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