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Aunt Flo why do you hate me so????

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Yeah. That about sums it up.

Run today was SO HARD. :P NO FAIR! Not after last Friday's fabulous 20 minute jaunt!

The good news is that so far Aunt Flo has failed to make my weight bloat up! Today was actually lower. *KNOCKS ON WOOD*

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THICKNFIT 9/7/2007 6:58PM

    Girl, my cycles totally suck. Every since I got my tubes tied after my last child, mine is irregular so sometimes I don't know when I am going to start. Lucky me, I just got off yesterday and can "cuddle" with my hubby this weekend. :)

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THICKY_THICK 9/7/2007 1:09PM

    aunt flo hates me too. however, i'd rather be visited by her than the stork!

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SEXYCOOL* 9/7/2007 9:00AM

    she hate me too...lol!!! miracles and blessings...

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SLCOLMAN 9/6/2007 11:31PM

    OMG Terrie is right - Auntie Flo is visiting here too! She is the suck though!

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BETHLONG 9/6/2007 10:38PM


Thanks for the great comment on my blog. First question, what does DH stand for? I'm assuming it has something to do with your husband, but I figure that since we're buddies now, I should probably know what exactly it is....

now on to your post...

I agree. I am still at that point where I don't see how I could be attractive to someone, how somebody could love me and appreciate my whole self when I know for a fact that I don't (yet). Some days, I look in the mirror and I see how much weight I've already lost but other days, I look in the mirror and all I see is how much still needs to be done. I find that those are the days I have a harder time staying away from the food or telling myself that I don't have time to exercise. I have a lot of drive and determination and I have pushed myself harder in these past three months than I have in a long time but some days, I look in the mirror, and I still see the same person that I was 3 months (and 48 lbs) ago. I think that it is still an uphill battle for me--I haven't dated anyone seriously since high school, which was really the last time I felt comfortable with myself. Since then, I've gone through some bummer stuff that has helped lead me to where I am now. BUT...I am holding my boarding pass now (tee hee) and I am going to decide that I am done letting these events rule my future!!!

On a happier note, before I reinjured my neck, I ran my first complete 12 minute mile, so I'm glad to see that my buddy runs too! I've been looking to get some advice on how to train to run a 5K!!

Hope you're having a good night!


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TERRIEBNL 9/6/2007 10:34PM

    haha... it's funny, women who stick together DO get on the same schedule ;-)

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I lost some more weight. :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


223.5 now! WOOHOO! And again today. So I am feeling very happy about that. My next short term goal has me reaching 220 by September 17th, so that's what I'm hoping for.

My DH lost about 5lbs since I last checked into SP for him... although I think it's 4lbs from last week, STILL, he's doing an AMAZING JOB! :) I am very proud of him. A few more lbs and he'll have lost 30lbs since starting.

Work today was... stressful. Catching up ALLL of the month end paperwork after the long weekend - YAY! :P

That's about it for now I guess. Not much to say....

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THICKNFIT 9/7/2007 6:54PM

    Congrats to you and your hubby for your loss. :)

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SASSEEFRASS 9/6/2007 1:04PM

    Your progress is incredibly inspiring! Way to go!

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LYSSA27 9/5/2007 1:13PM

    YEAH!!! Congrats, chicka!! :) :) :)

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SLCOLMAN 9/5/2007 11:02AM

    Congrats :)

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~MELANIE~ 9/5/2007 8:29AM

    Congratulations on your loss!!! :)

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  YAY for you!! Nice job! You are kicking butt like crazy! Keep it up! :):)

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Friday, August 31, 2007

SO! :D I did it!!! 20 minutes without a stop!!! Now, technically I am definitely just jogging, I'm at the slowest recognized running pace in the SP Cardio Tracker -- about a 12 min mile... BUT STILL. I figure I work on being able to do this continuously and then I'll work on getting faster. For now -- I am AMAZED that I was able to accomplish this today after only starting to work on it about 5 weeks ago.

Isn't it incredible what our bodies can do?

I really thought it would be harder than it was. I mean it was a little hard, sure, but really it wasn't that bad. I felt energized at the end even. WOOHOO!!! :D

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TERRIEBNL 9/3/2007 12:03AM

    you go girl!! I hope I can reach that some day! :D

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**PRICELESS** 9/2/2007 3:53PM

    WOOHOO!!! That's FANTASTIC!! Keep up the great work and you'll be at the top of the S/P tracker in no time!!

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LYSSA27 9/1/2007 8:11AM

    WOOT WOOT! YEAH!! Awesome job!!

I don't know if I could ever get into the running gig, but kudos to you for finding your "niche" (much as I have w/my bike riding!) And 20 minutes w/o stopping ?? WOW! I think I'd be dying by like 3 minutes...maybe less...LOL

I can only imagine how you felt at the end of your run - and you should feel that way! That's a HUGE accomplishment!! Keep it up, chickadee!!

~ hugs ~

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  You're on your way! Oooo-rah!

When's the marathon? :):)

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I am becoming a runner.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I finished Week 5 Day 2 of my Couch to 5K running program today, which meant running for 8 minutes, walk for 5, run for 8 again. And it actually wasn't awful! :) hahahaha I mean, when I got done, I didn't feel completely wiped out! And next... is the big one.....

20 minutes straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I tell you what. I am so excited. Even though I know it will be hard, I'm so jazzed. Once I am able to do that I will feel like a REAL runner.

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THICKNFIT 8/31/2007 4:49PM

    I love to jog, but I am not to the point where I can run yet. I have osteoarthritis in my knees so I have to be real careful.

That is terrific girl. I take my hat off to ya and way to go!!

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LAURANICOLE3 8/30/2007 9:12PM

    Running is great and everything but you know what you REALLY want to do...

HIP HOP ABS!!! That instructor guy's my new boyfriend. He really like himself a lot... like A LOT! Good luck on your 20 minutes straight through though for real. That's hard work but I know you'll get through it! =)

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BEECOMINGME 8/30/2007 1:47PM

    That is so incredible! Thank you for posting this.... I am scared, but thinking of trying that Couch to 5K thing.

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SLCOLMAN 8/30/2007 11:46AM

    WTG!! I still am on the sidelines for this due to the DR and medical stuff going on. So sad about that too let me tell you! But as soon as I can I am getting back on the train with the C25K!!

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METHUSELAHRUNS 8/29/2007 10:28PM

  THAT is SO GREAT!!! Woo-hoo!!

You are an inspiration! If I tried to run 8 minutes right now, I would DIE.

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Illustration of Transformation

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

By Artist Carlo Ravaioli
Discovered through StumbleUpon Toolbar

This is the kind of change I see myself going through in my mind. :)

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SLCOLMAN 8/29/2007 12:04PM

    Great visual!! :)

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MEYCHEY 8/28/2007 8:52PM

    I like the metaphor. Stay strong

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