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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

yeah so apparently I'm only burning like 210 calories for each training session so far. :P BOO! I'm feeling the burn! I'm totally sore! I can't conceive of doing more cardio in a row right after! Or before!

So hmm I will have to either brainstorm how to burn more, or adjust my calorie burn total down from 1250 or whatever it is to 630. :P HALF! Yeah, I don't think so. Maybe I can just do one extra POWER session on Saturdays or something.

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NICCIE77 8/1/2007 4:57PM

    Hey there - remember that your body has a BMI AND BMR that burns calories too!!!!

I needed over 7weeks to build up to burn even 2,000 calories! Stick with it - you really will be able to do it. (I am now up to burning over 5,000 cals a week)

Seriously......just give your body time.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Well, everyone will be very happy to know that I did my second C25K run today, and it was infinitely better than Monday's. Not only did I not faint, but it just FELT a LOT better through the whole thing and I actually feel energized now rather than weak. So I am very very very VERY happy about it.

The only thing is -- I end up doing like 25-35 minutes of cardio doing this rather than 45 like I HAVE been doing and like my diet is set up for. I'm wondering if I should add more cardio on my current OFF days to account for it. I had been thinking about upping my cardio ANYWAY. But I just don't think I can really manage doing MORE cardio in a row with this stuff. I don't want to push myself too hard, but I don't want to be doing LESS than what I was doing before just because I'm running now.

I'm going to try and estimate the calorie burn for my sessions to see how it compares.

Any thoughts?

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LEONAMASHA 8/2/2007 9:03PM

    personally, and i learned this the hard way (i had to stop ALL exercise for 4 months and slowly work up to just walking! which I am at right now...), you listen to your body. don't push yourself or you can really hurt yourself and set yourself back....just saying

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What to eat before a run?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This is what I found on a forum on SELF.com -

"Hi I'm Andrea Chernus, RD, nutrition expert and exercise physiologist. All the replies so far have been good and right on! Also to consider: are you eating enough, and enough carbs throughout the day?? Runners who limit carbs experience extreme carb cravings from exercise. Are you well hydrated? The way to tell is if your urine is pretty clear the first time you go to the bathroom after waking. When we are dehydrated, sometimes that is confused for hunger. As far as eating before...everyone is different as to what they tolerate. The rule of thumb is 200 calories or less 1 hour or less before running. 300-400 calories 2 hours before. Liquids leave your stomach faster than solid food, so some people like smoothies. Quickly digested foods are better...like breads, dry cereal, toast, bagels, fruit. High fiber, high fat and high protein take longer to leave your stomach and may cause cramps or distress if eaten to close to running time. Having a snack or meal of carb and protein after your run helps restock your muscles with glycogen and helps repair muscles. Cravings sometimes occur when you don't do this.

Last but not least, you could also try drinking a sports drink during your run to supply more carb to your muslces, and prevent subsequent cravings."

But any specific suggestions of things you like would be awesome. :D

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LEONAMASHA 7/31/2007 7:28PM

    Thanks for the article...sorry, I can't give any advice, I'm just a walker that hopes to be a runner some time in the future so I will definitely be on the lookot to see what other people have to suggest...

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NEWSFLASH... I'm a moron.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Yeah, so... I was a very bad girl today. I went to the gym without eating or drinking before hand (rushrushrush) and I paid the price.

I fainted while I was in the shower. My first day running -- I KNOW better than that. I know WAY better than that. I have all the knowledge to fuel and hydrate myself properly and I didn't do it.

I've never fainted before -- it was scary.

But the good news is -- I didn't hit my head or break anything. I just fell. Hit my shoulder apparently because it HURTS. But yeah. Then I stood up and puked. Then I felt a million times better. But it still kinda freaks me out.

The lesson kiddies, is to always make sure you are properly hydrated and fueled for your workout, or it could be a lot worse than what happened to me!

Granted, waking up on the floor of a gym shower is not pleasant, but I'm not injured or anything. Just wiser.

And yes, I did to the Couch 2 5K today for the first time, and also put myself on the treadmill afterwards even though I was not feeling so hot.

Second lesson -- LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It knows what's up.

Good news - the shoes felt great. :D The MP3 player was great -- AND there's a clock with a second hand in with the track.

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RUTHIE74 8/1/2007 12:36PM

    I went on my 3rd C25K run week before last (I took last week off cause I was sick so have to start all over again) and I forgot to bring water with me and it was mid morning and I just about keeled over before I got back home cause I was so dehydrated. I'm not an athlete so it didn't occur to me at all that I'd be so dehydrated in the matter of 30 minutes but you can bet I won't make that mistake either. Did anyone see you pass out in the shower? How long were you out for??

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WHATAGRL42 7/31/2007 2:00PM

    OMG that is so wierd, because I went to one of my personal training sessions yesterday, and didn't eat my usual high-carb breakfast, nor had I had enough water. Plus, what little I did eat (an apple and a small round slice of canadian bacon/ham) I ate at 7am. My training sessions start at 11:30 am. I got there, and got my BUTT kicked! I couldn't figure out what was wrong! I was tired, out of breath, dizzy, etc. I had to stop a few times and sit, because I felt faint. My trainer asked me what I ate for breakfast. I told her what I had eaten... and when. DUH. She told me I was a moron also. We do heavy-duty plyometric stuff, jump rope, work with ankle weights, and a variety of strength exercises with stability balls/ bosu, etc. So I DEFINITELY need fuel before a workout like that!


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LEONAMASHA 7/31/2007 1:43AM

    Oh dear! Glad to hear that you didn't hurt yourself! Girl, I sure hope you learned your lesson and will not do that again! (just had to say that, I want to keep reading your blogs!) Well, glad to hear that the shoes were good :) Now...you take care of yourself!!!!! Lotsa SP Love, Masha

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GUGIE76 7/31/2007 1:42AM

    omg - so glad you're ok!!! i fainted once before and it is scarey!!! i hope we're all reminded of the lesson you learned!!! take care!

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

OH YES. My Holy Grail. :) hahaha I start the training tomorrow, I'm SO freaking excited. They feel amazing so far, although I haven't really done anything but jog back and forth in the store, but I see on Zappo's.com (the link) they have 123 customer reviews with an average of 5 stars in each category (Overall, Comfort, and Look). Now granted, I don't think they're "CUTE" but I love them. Can't wait.

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LEONAMASHA 7/29/2007 11:03PM

    Woo-hoo! Time to go out and make those puppies work for ya! Enjoy!!!

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GUGIE76 7/29/2007 8:35PM

    i was thinking about you getting your shoes today - too weird...i wondered if you'd bought them yet cuz you said the end of the month - soooo excited for you!!!!! enjoy!!!!

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