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Pretty Okay Day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So this morning I was feeling totally dead when I woke up to go run. WAH.

BUT!!! Running buddy was waiting for me so ... I went. (See how good this running buddy thing is???) :D hahaha I shall from here on out refer to her as Speedy because yeah -- I was really having to work this morning to keep up with her and she was doing most of the talking AND pushing a stroller w/ a baby in it!!! SO UNFAIR! hahahaha :D we did about 2.4 miles in 25 min which is definitely a tempo run for me -- I'm over 11min on my faster runs these days, usually between 12-13 min on longer runs, so yeah. It's really good to have that drive, though! Her daughter is soooooo cute, too! Sadly it was lightly raining occasionally, so we got a little damp, but it wasn't too bad. All I have to say is RUNNING = DONE.

Then I came home, made our lunches, and did a LITTLE strength training. My lower back is feeling a little strained -- I think it might be because of all the drills from rowing on Tuesday even though they weren't tough, because of the types of drills we were doing it was a lot of emphasis on the swing - where you swing your upper body back to finish the stroke and then back forward... I dunno for sure, but either way... I started to do a little ST but didn't get too much done. I did some lunges w/ hammer curls, some alternating bicep curls, then I laid on the floor and some slow bridges and other pilates stuff -- but not a full on pilates routine, just some. And I also did some standing rolldowns (pilates where you slowly roll down your spine and back up) just trying to get that stretch in my back that I felt I needed. I also spent some time curled in a ball and rolling back and forth to massage that area.

And I just wasn't feeling doing any more ST. I did like two lying tricep extensions and was like.. mreh.

I took a shower and went to bed.

Slept for like an hour and a half at least!

Woke up to my alarm so I had some time to eat and I watched some more Biggest Loser Australia on YouTube. I'm currently in the middle of Season 3 -- well not really the middle -- they just eliminated the week 3 person I think -- but anyway. LOVE LOVE LOVE that show -- I prefer the Australian version for sure. No cheesy product placement, lots of time spent with the training and everything. woot. They DO have some kind of dumb/weird gameplay aspects that the US version doesn't have though....

and one they added this season which I kind of like is THE WAREHOUSE. Each week there is a FOOD twist added to the game -- the biggest loser from the winning team the previous week gets to choose between two options -- the other team gets the option they don't choose.

Like one week they had to choose CABBAGE or canned foods with no labels. Well the winning team picked cabbage. They still had some other foods in the kitchen to work with, so this wasn't a big deal to have a ton of cabbage to eat, but the team stuck with the cans... a lot of it they couldn't even eat and they had to really make do with the rest of it.

This week it was CASH (to grocery shop for yourself -- $60 per person for the week, but everyone was saying how that wasn't really enough - don't know what it's like in Aus $ or what their grocery prices are like anyway), and the other alternative was Japanese food prepared for your team by a chef for lunch and dinner.

The winning team picked the cash -- I prefer the team that lost and I was soooooo happy for them. :) OH MAN - their chef is so cute and she's cookinge verything low sodium and low fat w/ brown rice when there IS rice, they had a gorgeous spread of sashimi and a raw veggie salad and some brown rice sushi when they went back to the house. :) If you eat it right, Japanese food can be SOOOOOO healthy and when considering the fact that they had a chef preparing their food according to their trainers instructions -- they totally have it made.

OH - Regarding the Apartment situation -- thank you all so much for your comments!!! The only reason we're still at this place is that my DH expects that we will be moving either in Dec or May, depending on when he is able to find a job. He expects his Dissertation will be defended in Dec, but he will most likely not meet the deadline to turn things in to walk in Dec - so he'll have to "enroll" in Spring and walk in May. If he finds a job before then we can move, if not then he'll stay on and teach for that last semester until he walks. In any case, we're not even going to be here for another year so moving is not really an option (there are only a couple of places around here that do short term leasing -- plus they don't allow pets, plus their ridiculously more expensive, plus MOVING ITSELF is expensive...) so we're just DEALING for now. They gave us a lease through December only (like a ...5 month? so not even a 6 month lease?) and only raised our rent like $5 somehow so..... THAT we appreciate.

Also their breed restriction list is ridiculous -- they're vicious and OTHER breeds - like bull mastiff, st. bernard, I don't remember what other ridiculous breeds that are apparently banned due to their size alone. (Granted I'm not saying I RECOMMEND those dogs for apartment dwelling, I just think BANNING them is insane...)

Also -- a good point we were made to realize is that if we are caught they'll likely ask us to find him a new home and not be like -- OOOH EVICTED. We may be able to find a temporary home for him since we intend to be gone soon anyway.

Still no decision, but this is where we're at so far.

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KMKMOM 7/23/2009 3:09PM

    Good for you for running anyway even when you didn't feel like it. I've found a buddy for my long runs on the weekend and it does make such a difference. When I got back from vacation, I so wanted to skip that week's long run but I knew that if I called my buddy, I would be locked in. It can really help. I finished season 1 of BL Australia. I need to go and start watching season 2. It helps keep me mindful of my own journey.

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LUCYA8 7/23/2009 12:44PM

    sounds like a lot of fun -- i've never watch a television show online (I know, I am a little technologically backward), and don't even know how one does that, but it sounds like a great show!

Also, I didn't get to comment about this, but I LOVED your mention about your compliment in the gym -- you DO look like you've been in your tall lean body for your whole life, no question. I thought your earlier 'before' pics were beautiful too, but this look really brings out your eyes and face, and takes advantage of your height. So lovely!

Also, re: buddies, I am with you. I still haven't been able to find a solid workout buddy, either online or in person, but would love to. And one exciting thing happened recently -- since I know a lot about nutrition, especially plant-based nutrition, my neighbor asked me to help her with some health guidance, and asked if I'd be an informal nutritionist for her. Since I'm not registered, I let her know that I couldn't really be a REAL nutritionist for her, but I agreed to help make a plan for her, get her started with some good ingredients to look for and some great recipes and meal plans, and take her to the grocery store to look at how to make smart selections. It's actually very exciting for me to be able to help someone out like that, and it really means a lot to her. I suggested that, even though we won't be work-out buddies (we're at different levels of fitness at this point), we be health buddies and keep each other motivated. We'll see how it goes!

all my best, Luc.

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SEEHOLZ 7/23/2009 10:44AM

    I love the idea of Biggest Loser from other countries- will need to check it out!
Ha, great job on the tempo runner! Nothing better than being able to say I kept up with an infant-LOL- totally kidding, of course.
Seriously, I think the stroller gives her the extra "umpf"--- next time offer to push it and see the difference or try to run with a cart in the grocery store parking lot ( well, if you dare to look a bit foolish) In a way, it's "easier" until you get to a hill... which, gives me the idea of suggesting some hill runs for your friend. I bet you'll have no problem keeping up then-LOL!

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 7/23/2009 10:24AM

    It doesn't sound like they are very on top of things, and I still say a mixed breed is not the same thing, therefore the ban does not apply. If they gave you any grief all you would have to do is get a letter from a vet or breeder or something saying the dog was not a pure breed and therefore it is impossible to classify him/her as such.

But yeah, sticking it out as irritating as it is probably the best call. Moving SUCKS and comes with a host of bs expenses.

Who wouldn't go for the Japanese chef? Are they NUTS???!!

Glad it sounds as though the running buddy is going to workout, running with someone faster than you is a great way to improve your speed. There is something to the dang strollers, those women are always in GREAT shape - well and men, too! I was telling Sharon (MBSHAZZER) how this one loop I love to run, it is 3 miles around and has a lot of REALLY STEEP short hills, so it is a good hill run, I do it twice around and 3 times when I am half training, anyway, once I was there and this dude with TWINS in a jogging stroller, who was probably a good 10 years older than me was chasing me around the frigging loop! I was like "I will be DAYUMMED before I get passed by a dude with TWINS in a stroller, nuh-uh!" It was such a great workout! When I was done I wanted to ask what time he is there everyday to have him kick my butt! lol!!!!!

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LASHERTHECAT 7/23/2009 8:35AM

    It's so great when you're feeling crap, but your exercise=DONE!!! It's such a GREAT feeling!!

I'll have to check out BL Australia... I would've gone for the Japanese food too, although I've never had it before... I'm adventurous that way...

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KEAKMAN 7/22/2009 9:58PM

    Okay, since she is your workout buddy I will refrain from my normal tirade and rampage about jogging moms with strollers. Way too many of them passed me on my 5K and now I have this thing about them....a la Monty Python....NONE SHALL PASS!

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WOLFKITTY 7/22/2009 8:06PM

    Running in the rain and then you still did some strength training! That's cool! :)

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FITTYTIF 7/22/2009 8:03PM

    Way to go on the buddy run!!!

and the Australian Biggest looser sounds interesting.
I would of taken the chef!! They are going to have a better week I predict!!
If you watch it on You tube do you get just 10 minutes at a time? Or just a recap I have never watched anything really on you tube except the Harry Potter Musical! And funny animal stuff.

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TAKEONME48137 7/22/2009 7:57PM

    I'm glad that your day went okay! I haven't watched any of the Biggest Loser show. Sounds pretty cool though. mmmm sushi...I just ate dinner but that just made me hungry again hehehe

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FUTURERNAIMEE 7/22/2009 7:49PM

    How I would love a workout buddy. A consistent one. My love wants to get exercising a bit and I offered to be his buddy, not full time of course but during the couple of times a week we see each other it would be consistent. He said no you can't keep up with me. I know that but still, I think it would be nice. Oh well. I will try and convince him next time.

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SWEETZMIX 7/22/2009 7:40PM

    Ok I totally need a workout buddy, someone who I depend on & who depends on me. YUP, I can get up early for one..now I need to find one. And I am with you, it is just expensive to move, so that is why I am sticking it out another year.

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SEPPIESUSAN 7/22/2009 5:55PM

    What a fun idea - watching other countries' Biggest Loser episodes online. I love that show, but you're exactly right, the product placement junk is getting to make the show almost too annoying to watch! ALMOST!

I have to agree with Lynne - I'm jealous that you have a workout buddy who motivates you to run when you're tired, and to go faster than you would on your own. That's great!

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LYNNETH7 7/22/2009 5:34PM

    I REALLY NEED a workout buddy. I'm jealuos! OMG SUSHI emoticon

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Feeling great!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So my stomach appears to be back with me now instead of in misery. :) hahahaha!

This morning's row was... soooo dull. It was all beginning basic drills, not much actual rowing, stationary drills.. .yeah. I burned the lowest amount of calories EVERRRRRRR. We had a couple of rowers subbing that are less experienced and it was a bummer because I think that's the reason our session was so *BORING*. I'm eager to see if I will get to row competitively and maybe get assigned in a boat with dedicated people who rock. :) That would be EXCELLENT.

Anyway... I burned more calories carrying the boat around and oars up and down the hill thank goodness, and it also meant I was not wiped out for my run -- which was AMAZING.

The humidity has been SO LOW recently it's been stellar! And the weather was a bit cooler and the sky was gorgeous! :) I hope it stays like this for a while because it was truly perfect weather. It really affected my Heart Rate as well -- at one point I was running and had a HR of 135!!!!!!!!!!! Granted, it was a slight downslope, but good grief usually I'll be at LEAST in the 140s if not the 150s even down hill. On the way back I started feeling really kicking for some reason and ran harder, but it was a good run overall. Light and easy on the way out -- super relaxed and awesome -- and pumped and rockin on the way back. 4.14 miles, including my 5 min walking warmup I averaged a little over 12 min miles I think?

So apparently Tuesday is my GET STUFF DONE day. I again went grocery shopping, came home, hard boiled some eggs, cooked some chicken breasts, prepped them in single serving size bags... all that good stuff. I'm feeling really happy having the place stocked again. :)

We're having a bit of a dilemma again at the moment regarding doggie situation -- that dog that I mentioned before a WHILE ago -- my hubby's friend was going to school and he came over and we met him and he seemed perfect for us yaddayadda, but we decided not to ... a couple reasons, one being that our apt complex bans against ONE of the breeds he is MIXED with (which is ludicrous). ANYWAY.

We are so dissatisfied w/ our complex -- yesterday my hubby filled a garbage bag with trash from within a 100yd radius of our apartment... it had been sitting there from the weekend allll day on Monday... I can understand them not picking up on the weekend, but come on -- when you know there's that big of an issue in the complex with things getting trashed on the weekend, you can at least be out there first thing on Monday making it nice. As my DH put it -- he felt ashamed to be living there with it looking like a dump. He's kinda OCD when it comes to germs and whatnot so you KNOW it's bad if he actually picked it up himself.

Anyway -- knowing that they really don't care about the appearance of the place, that they don't enforce their breed restrictions to other tenants (based on our own observations and a comment made by one of the maintenance workers) I seriously do not really care. AND another apartment in a complex near ours was broken into for the SECOND TIME. BLAHBLAHBLAH - AKA = we hate it and can't wait to leave but until then... maybe we might get this dog?

We're still thinking it over...

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FUTURERNAIMEE 7/22/2009 7:44PM

    My love has been having trouble with his place too. It's a real pain.

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 7/22/2009 1:56PM

    When do you get to leave? That sucks that you guys aren't happy there. As far as the dog one breed that he is mixed with does not constitute a banned breed, imo, no way.

Glad that you had a pleasant run and I hope you get a more dedicated rowing team, as well. I know you will if you stick with it because some boat will want you on its team!

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    Well, sounds like things are going pretty well for you, on the whole. I am with SKYEFYR - I think you should get the dog. There are quite a few places that accept dogs even if you do move.

Awesome job on the run. Can't wait until I can run that long! And I really need to take on some of your habits with shopping and prepping food. I think it would really help me out in the long run. I've been needing to make hard boiled eggs for like a week now but I've been too lazy! Also I have a hard time peeling them and end up peeling off half the egg with the shell. Got a great way to prevent that?

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SWEETZMIX 7/22/2009 9:56AM

    hmm I think when you live in an apartment, there are always mixed feelings and your feelings change after living there for a while. I can see you guys moving but there are times you just have to stick it out, like what I am doing now. I am ready to move but it would be better to stick it out for another year. Plus a complex that bans breeds, now that is something new & CRAZY!

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LEAVNTHEW8BHIND 7/22/2009 9:35AM

    I hate those "breed restriction" rules - it all comes down to the owner and how the owner trains the dog.

Our homeowners assocation and insurance would have a fit if they knew we MIGHT have a wolf-hybrid 1st generation (Pups mom looks like a wolf). She is the kindest, gentlest dog you have ever met and she could have been a crazy (no manners) dog if we didn't train her.

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SKYEFYR 7/22/2009 7:34AM

  If you are seriously thining of moving, I can't see any reason not to get the dog. It sounds like it would make you happy and you deserve happy little perks. You work hard and deserve rewards, and from what I know of you - you have a lot of love to offer that little doggy, and you should go for it. The dog would be lucky to get you for a human.

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MISSY_MAGOO 7/21/2009 11:49PM

    Well- you already know my feelings about breed restrictions, being I'm a pitt owner... So I say you should find a new apartment and get the doggy :) If it's a lease thing... I don't know maybe wait out your lease if you can stand it much longer. Have you complained to the landlord about the garbage mess? That would drive me nuts too.
And yay on a great run with low humidity!!!

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KEAKMAN 7/21/2009 9:45PM

    Hooray for the great run!

Isn't it fun to realize you are zipping along and - hey! it's no problem! I feel good!

So glad you felt that today. I hope you have some more great weather days so you can do it again and again!

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BRUIN2 7/21/2009 5:48PM

    Way to GET STUFF DONE!

Sounds like a blessing in disguise that rowing wasn't too strenuous so you could rock your run!! Wahoo!

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    I can't give you an opinion on the dog until I know its name. Its all about the name.



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KIMCATUS 7/21/2009 5:15PM

    Yeah our apartment complex bans certain breeds, which doesn't seem to stop anyone. And if it's a "mutt" then whose to say what exactly it's mixed with??

Anywho glad ya had a good run, bummer about the trash situation though...why are people like that??? Ugh.

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FITTYTIF 7/21/2009 5:05PM

    Good for you getting your stuff done. It is already 2:00 here and I barley just finished my morning routine.! UGGG
As for the dog. That is ridicules that they ban a certain type especially if it is a mix. I mean what if you found a stray and it was a mutt. Could you not get it because you are not 100% sure it does not have any of a certain breed. I can see if it was a pure bred of certain breeds because lets face it there are some dogs that are dangerous. But then again any dog can bite and I think it really is how it is raised!
Best of luck on the dog issue!

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LYNNETH7 7/21/2009 4:58PM

    my apartment complex is always a mess too... as to be expected of a college town. I wanted to have a garden but I'm afraid of people throwing beer bottles into it etc...

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WOLFKITTY 7/21/2009 4:58PM

    You make running sound so much FUN, Dana!! :D It just gets me so excited. I'm a few pounds closer to my reward of beginning running no later than when I'm down to 200!

And your rowing sounds great too. I'm glad you love it as much as you thought you would! And there's nothing like new challenges to keep you going!!

Good luck on the doggie front!


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SEEHOLZ 7/21/2009 4:55PM

    I think if you want to get the dog, don't let an apartment complex change your decision. If you have other reasons not to, that's a different story!
Sorry to hear you have to endure living in a dump! I'd ask for a discount-LOL- yeh, I'm sure they'll say yes?
Anyways, hope you get out of there soon!

Oh and great job on the run!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

So I dunno if everyone saw my status message, but yesterday we went to a Chinese Buffet for the first time IN AGES.

It is a great place to go because they have a fresh Mongolian BBQ and sushi... but I got those PLUS some other of the "naughty" things I like, PLUS a bunch of dessert... I was totally overstuffed.

I waited too long to eat before we went there -- that ended up being all I ate for the entire day and I'm sure calorically it was at least my daily tally. HAHA.

THEN I waited for a few hours and went running but my stomach was WAYYYYYYY not ready still -- I got about 2.5 miles before I started feeling really bad, but I kept going and at my turnaround point (about 2.6 something miles) I was like... no way.

And made a loop instead of an out and back and the part of the loop after the turnaround point was much shorter than going back.

I ran up to the door of our apartment and banged on it for my hubby to let me in and was like I GOTTA GO TO THE BATHROOM!


So yeah -- will not be doing that again.

Get to row twice this week -- got in all 4 runs last week even if the long run ended up being only 4 miles instead of 5.25-6 but that's ok. I have some time before marathon training and my first long run of that is like 6-7 miles.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FUTURERNAIMEE 7/22/2009 7:31PM

    Loove chinese, its so easy to go overboard though.

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 7/22/2009 1:53PM

    Oh man, that is not a good feeling! I have been there with the running and with the overdoing it! Glad it looks like your next blog things are back to normal, lol!

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    I get that way if I eat at certain restaurants. Great if you're having issues with "regularity"! But really makes you wonder what's in the food and WHAT IN THE WORLD is it doing to your insides! Glad you made it back! lol

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PULSIFER 7/22/2009 8:19AM

    This is pretty much how I feel when it's my Fiance's turn to make dinner. He's Chinese, and his dishes are delicious, but, definitely make me uneasy if I need to exercise that day.

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KNH771 7/21/2009 12:23PM

    Since I lost weight I haven't been able to eat much chinese food either. Just the fried rice... anything else makes my stomach do flips.

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STACEYSGETNFIT 7/21/2009 12:18PM

    oosh...I love that food too, but it really kicks back at me too.

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TELERIE 7/21/2009 12:14PM

    UGH indeed. Glad your run this morning was better (from your new status message)! I wouldn't have been ABLE to run after my food extravaganza last week, so I'm impressed you even tried.

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SWEATONCEADAY 7/21/2009 11:32AM

    thank you for sharing. lol

sounds like 50% of my runs lol.

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LEAVNTHEW8BHIND 7/21/2009 10:18AM

    LOL! Oh, I know the feeling all too well!

It's amazing how your body just rejects the foods you used to love and be able to eat so much of! I guess that's a good sign though!

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CECE0330 7/21/2009 9:42AM

    Oh no! Glad you at least made it back home in time! emoticon My body has a way of punishing me as well when I eat things out of the ordinary-greasy Chinese included! Cuz DH always has to order fried wontons, crab rangoon (sp???) and little miss no-self-control has to have a couple. emoticon

You still rock! emoticon

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BRE7482 7/21/2009 8:45AM

    I also have a problem with Chinese, so I really try not to go anymore because I know I have a real issue controlling myself. Have fun rowing this week!

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 7/21/2009 8:28AM

    I am not near as bad as I used to be, but Chinese buffets are still a big problem for me, especially since that is where the kids want to go all of the time.

Good job gutting through that run.


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FITTYTIF 7/21/2009 12:56AM

    You always give us such good lessons to learn. See the difference between you and me I would never run after eating all that. But I give you credit for at least giving it a try. even if it did not end that well! But Knowing you as I do. I know you will still go for that run after you go to a Chinese Buffet. But next time I am sure you will not eat as much!

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KEAKMAN 7/21/2009 12:32AM

    Girlfriend, I would NEVER try to run anytime after a Chinese buffet pig-out! I wouldn't be able to move. Sorry it was such a bummer, but you still have plenty of time to train, and it will make a great story for some time out in the future...

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SEPPIESUSAN 7/20/2009 9:19PM

    ewww :)

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MISSY_MAGOO 7/20/2009 8:17PM

    okay- sucks that you had to learn this lesson... but makes for a REALLY funny story :)
Live and learn. Missy

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WOLFKITTY 7/20/2009 7:44PM

    Bleck! That's no fun! :) Hope it was yummy while you were there though! Gotta get something out of it! LOL!!

Keep rockin' it, Dana!

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ITSCOREY 7/20/2009 7:43PM

    Dana..... Dana..... Dana,

I'm so off chinese food. I know they can't all be bad, but all the deep fried stuff keeps me away anyway. Like Pam mentioned, I spent our wedding anniversary in the hospital with Pam by my side. 4 hours of IV drip and a C.A.T. scan. We ate a nice dinner together at a nice little table in the corner with dim lights in the hospital cafeteria. I ate the turkey (sandwich) and a bag of ketchup chips and jello for desert. Pam have a salad I think.

They were reported and apparently they had problems in the past. Cheap buggers don't change their food out or something. If I go up to see my parents again I'm going back, but not to eat.

It all started at 2 am. I suffered through the night so that Pam could get some well deserved sleep. Come morning though I needed to go to the hospital.

Hope you are feeling better.

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KAYAKID 7/20/2009 6:07PM

    Dana, One thing about it. Once you eaten all that food - It does come back out eventually. We have all done what you did. Just forget it and move on. Look foward to the rowing and some good eating!!!!!
Have a great week!

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SEEHOLZ 7/20/2009 5:48PM

    OMG--- been there, done that. Unfortunately, it was after a binge and I felt like crumb cake the whole way of my run--- and so dehydrated, but yeh! I've been to that kind of buffet in Neuss a year ago--- I didn't make it this year and honestly, I don't mind-LOL- even though I love mongo bbq! Yum!!!
I do have to add that you were a trooper for going out in the first place and that I'm glad not to be the only one with a TMI blog!
It sounds like you got over your blahs... ready to go row!

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    Last time we did a Chinese buffet, Hubby landed in hospital for food poisoning. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of just how bad it really is.

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KIMCATUS 7/20/2009 5:14PM

    Thanks for the reminder of what not to do when eating at a Chinese Buffet! Sorry you had to go through all that though!!!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Went rowing. It was ok -- had to row in a different spot in the boat today and while that was OKAY, I honestly wasn't a huge fan of my rowing partner's stroke style so it made it difficult to follow. We did pressure pieces which was kinda fun. It was ok. :) Good workout, good to be on the water, but not my favorite rowing session ever.

Umm... now to shower and hang out with the sweetface hubby!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FUTURERNAIMEE 7/22/2009 7:30PM

    Yay for variation?

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 7/22/2009 1:51PM

    I guess like anything they can't all be great, right?

PS: when I saw your comment I thought "I bet I am unsubscribed from her blog." Sure enough. ARGH!

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TRACYZABELLE 7/20/2009 5:07AM

    hope you had a great weekend with the hubby

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FITTYTIF 7/20/2009 1:32AM

    I was thinking of you this weekend and your rowing. First while at the car wash the tv had a rowing race on and I was watching for some of the stuff you have talked about. :)
Then I could not help but to think of you when while at disneyland and I saw the canoes. Some were giving all they had to row and others were along for the ride. LOL

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TRECECOOKS 7/19/2009 2:01PM

    Look at you!! Video blogging, rowing, signing up for a regatta, and being so thin!! Who'd ever have thought you'd be at this point, on the day you started out!! You totally rock!!

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EMMY0891 7/19/2009 1:11AM

    cool...I've never done that...sounds fun

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WOLFKITTY 7/18/2009 1:08PM

    You finished, though! Yay!! :)

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KEAKMAN 7/18/2009 10:09AM

    It's good that we have so many GREAT days for out workouts - running, rowing, whatever - so that when we have blah or even bad days, we have all those fun ones to remember and to focus on. That gets us back out there rowing and running!

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BRE7482 7/18/2009 5:13AM

    Well, at least you were able to row, I suppose. I know you were worried about enough people signing up.

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NERDYCARLA 7/18/2009 1:42AM

    sucks that life is that way...one great partner makes the task fun and a bad one makes is not...you are doing great..and you are a huge inspiration to a lot of people..me included...lol

have a great tomorrow

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SKYFYRE 7/18/2009 12:56AM

    sweetface, that's cool, I live with furface!

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KAYAKID 7/18/2009 12:47AM

    Dana Super Woman - you can't always have a great workout - sometimes we have to work hard to get what we need. I think its hard when the routine is broken - especially when we are used to it one way. The next rowing session will be better- Look foward to it. Have a great weekend!

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MISSY_MAGOO 7/17/2009 10:31PM

    Eh- today was an okay day for me too- here crossing my fingers that tomorrow will be fan-freakin-tastic for both of us!
Have a nice night with hubby :)

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    Sorry it was OKAY and not FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!! Next time will be better.


Have fun with hubby!

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Calorie Deficit Stuff, etc.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

First of all -- sad sad, the doggy was dead from Parvo. :( DH was thinking they put him down, but the lady was like, "yeah it was today. or I guess last night cause we found it this morning..." *ugh* DH was soooo bummed. I never met the doggy so I'm less affected but it's still kind of sad.


I neglected to include my calorie deficit stuff so!

Previously this week: 467

Last night: (1767+308) - 1835 = 240

So far this week: 707

Today I've got a burn total (RMR+cals burned) of 2331, so even if I eat up to my max (2010) I'll have a deficit of 321. Gonna just aim to stay below my max today -- should be easy because I'm actually going to end up lower after Breakfast+Lunch+Snacks than usual, will just make dinner planning easier.

ALSO -- apparently I got featured somewhere today??? Not sure where or how cause I didn't see it myself but I got some nice comments. :) Thanks!

ETA: According to DOGSNRODENTS I was showing up as the featured article on the Healthy Lifestyle Home -- I went 3 times before it showed me, so I guess I'm in rotation with an article about shin splints and some other thing, but it's still cool! :D

ETA: Total deficit for 7/16 = 368 (2331 - 1963), So far this week = 1075

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FUTURERNAIMEE 7/17/2009 10:20PM

    poor dog =(

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SEEHOLZ 7/17/2009 11:57AM

    Congrats on being featured! As Susan said, I yet have to ever be featured. Somehow, I think I'd be more on the "what not to do" feature site ( I prefer not to be featured then).
I guess I'm off to checking features...

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BRE7482 7/17/2009 11:51AM

    Sorry about the puppy. Congrats on being featured! I just ended up doing a search and finding it.

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SKYFYRE 7/17/2009 2:24AM

    emoticon emoticon

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SEPPIESUSAN 7/16/2009 7:18PM

    Well, whatever it was, congrats! I have yet to be "featured" anywhere on this website. Sorry about the dog, poor thing. And as for your running videos and pictures, I'm impressed that you went through all that work! You look so skinny (in the best sense of the word possible)! I still can't believe you'd have any reason to need to lose any more weight, not that you asked my opinion on the matter however. I have the dumbest question ever - please don't laugh at me - how do you do a video for the video blog feature? Can you do it on a webcam or does it have to be on a digital camera?

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DOGSNRODENTS 7/16/2009 4:53PM

    Hi Zircadia,

If you go to Healthy Lifestyle Home, that's where you're featured. Have a great day!


Report Inappropriate Comment
MISSY_MAGOO 7/16/2009 4:21PM

    oh- poor puppy :(
And I haven't seen the feature either- but now I'll be keeping my eyes open for it :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
LASHERTHECAT 7/16/2009 3:37PM

    I didn't see the feature either.... emoticon

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 7/16/2009 3:34PM

    Oooh I'm sorry I missed you getting featured.

Man, that sucks about the dog. Parvo is BAD and super-duper contagious! Ideally they are supposed to sanitize the entire kennel! I hope they do :(

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