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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I got an MP3 player!!! It's not waterproof, but it cost me only $20.00. Got it from this guy at my work who got it as a birthday gift, but his computer is too old (not enough memory) to put songs on, so he can't even use it, and I needed it for when I start running.

SO this Saturday, theoretically, I'm getting my running shoes, and then I can start the program next week!! SOO EXCITED!!!!!!! Anyway.


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MAGNETMAMA 7/29/2007 3:43PM

    I understand that is a really great deal... I haven't gotten that high tech yet. I still walk with a radio/cassette player and walk in tune with an oldie's station. :)

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TERRIEBNL 7/26/2007 12:51PM

    that's a good deal... what's up with him? LOL

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SWEETY8513 7/25/2007 5:35PM

    congrats thats an awesome deal and some great motivation! you can do this!

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Livejournal.com is DOWN.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

For those of you trying to visit my blog about Harry Potter, unfortunately livejournal.com died today. I'm sure it will be resurrected at some point... but apparently not tonight. :P

Just thought I'd mention it. :)


Leaving SparkTeams -- Byebye!

Monday, July 23, 2007

So I just left most of the SparkTeams I was a member of -- NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THEM! :) I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

But between the Biggest Loser Challenge Part 3 and The Challenge of Harry Potter... I'm not posting in any of them.

And while I may strongly agree with their sentiment, or having their little icon on my SparkPage may say something about me..... I felt too guilty. hahaha :) So I've left every team except those I post in.

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TERRIEBNL 7/24/2007 10:58PM

    sometimes it's good to clean house when you need to focus :D

What was the sparkpeople quote of the day this week? "If you chase two hares, they both will get away" :D

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Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm down another 3.5lbs! :D YAY! I looked... the last time I lost that much in a week wasn't THAT long ago, but it's felt like ages ago. Only like a month.

I am sooooooooooooooooooo thrilled with that! :) I hope I can keep it up!

Um... that's about it I guess.

Read Harry Potter 7. It was awesome. The link goes to my Livejournal which has my comments. It's filled with spoilers. :)

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SWEETY8513 7/23/2007 8:35PM

    congrats!! thats awesome -- keep it up love!

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GUGIE76 7/23/2007 8:11PM

    woohoo!!! way to go!!! so proud of you!!! what an accomplishment! and glad you enjoyed harry potter - feeling a little left out these days -lol- haven't read any of the series...one day perhaps! well - just thrilled for you!!!! ;-)

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Down Down Down......

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

MAN, it's hard to see those calorie ranges going down.... I just recalculated mine today and now I'm down to 1240-1590. I'm almost as low as you can go on SP. (1200 cal, right?) So anyway. I've got to work hard if I want to meet my goal by the end of the year.

To be perfectly honest, I kind of don't think I'm going to meet that deadline. But if I don't, I want to be VERY CLOSE. The fact is I'm sure my weightloss is (or is going to be) slowing down. That's normal, right? I mean, last week I still lost 1.5 lbs...but the week before that was only .5 lbs. This week I need to still lose at LEAST 1.5lbs. If I don't, I will be behind schedule for my year end goal for the first time in this thing.

My DH is doing great! He's lost about 13 lbs so far and is REALLY working it in the gym. I adjusted his calories today as well.

I'm pondering increasing my cardio... I'm planning on starting to run at the end of this month as well. As soon as I can get some running shoes I will begin training myself into a runner. I am VERY excited about that.

AND that's about all for now. Can't wait for lunch because I am not only hungry, but I just want something to DO. Something INTERESTING. I get to read 1 more chapter of Harry Potter Book 6 today. Today is chapter 28 for anyone who is curious. Tomorrow 29, Friday 30, and Friday night... BOOK SEVEN! Can't wait. :D

I think eventually I would like to incorporate lap swimming into my workouts. This will take some serious effort because I am a HORRIBLE swimmer. I could kind of see the indoor pool at my gym through some windows and it looks like there are just 4 lap swimming lanes. I wonder if I should start there, or if I should try to learn to swim better in the pool at my apartment complex first? I mean -- I don't think there will be any harm in me improving my swimming skills at the gym... maybe I'm just too embarrassed to be there with other REAL swimmers seeing how SLOW I swim. hahahaha

I am seriously considering the following aids:

flash MP3 player for running (I have a Video iPod which has a Hard Drive. Read all over and while some people have had success with them NOT breaking while running, it seems that this is a hazard to the Hard Drive and I do NOT want to damage that baby!!! So it is only working out with me on the treadmill or Strength Training.)

waterproof MP3 player w/ headphones? If I get one of these, I will be able to take it running as well as it would be a flash drive MP3 player. It's just SO EXPENSIVE. It seems much more likely to be able to get a cheap flash drive player just for running than to wait to possibly be able to afford this... then once I have that! Could I really justify having 3 MP3 players??? 4 if you count my minidisc player?? The problem is waterproof cases scare me and are hard to find that are small and accomodate a pair of headphones.

BLEH. I will continue to look just out of curiosity but the most likely ending is -- running with my minidisc player first, eventually getting a cheap flash MP3 player specifically for running, maybe a waterproof one if I'm super lucky......... eh.

I looked online at the apple store and refurbished iPod Shuffles (the new ones) would be like $57 with shipping and taxes... I think... or close to that. That would be really "cool". But I could get a 1GIG Flash player for around $30 of I just get whatever. But if I'm waiting, I have to admit I'd rather get the shuffle. It's just so cute. And yes I know that's a silly reason. And to have another iPod in my iPod family! Also dumb. hahahah :D But anyway.

OK OK OK My DREAM would be to get a nano and a waterproof case for IT. I could take that running and swimming. But that would make me feel kinda guilty for having the video iPod. I don't really need anything that large for running and swimming only. BUT! The nano works with that Nike+ system which REALLY intrigues me since I want to start running and whatnot.

So enough rambling about techno gadgets...

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GUGIE76 7/18/2007 10:51PM

    wow - you're doing great - and right ontrack - some weeks more than target and some weeks less - and think it's so cool that you have all these ideas about how you want to try all these things and MP3s...and the swimming and the running!!! wow - that is so cool!!! and the pool - well if it's a gym pool chances are it has lanes for different speeds - most due...that way the ones who are well practiced can go fast and the ones who aren't, or prefer to go slow can too...i think you should keep your goal for the end of the year - and reassess say oct 1st - i mean - you're right - your weightloss slows down as you get closer to goal...but it does keep going...it's only just over 1/2 way through the year - so give it some time...and as you decrease calories and increase exercise or exercisionor endurance...well - it'll work!!! congrats!!! a true inspiration!!!

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LANA_BENS_MAMA 7/18/2007 6:41PM

    Congrats to your DH for his weight loss

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SWEETY8513 7/18/2007 6:13PM

    hey check out overstock.com i have always been happy with my gadgets from there and they are CHEAP and easy to run with! They do not have i-anythings but the others work just as well and they are cheaper (my biggest motivation when purchasing) haha-- Great job with the weight loss you can do this-- keep it up!

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