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YAY workouts. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

So.... I think I'm probably exceeding my calorie burn for the week... I'm underestimating my rowing in the tracker I think, and I'm pretty sure mapmyrun underestimates compared to what my HRM says... and I'm already within 1000 calories of my goal with tomorrow erging and ST, and two runs planned for the weekend...

I bet this is why I've been hungry -- I'm still trying to stay within range, but I'm feeling less weird about being at the top of it almost every single day. (Some dinner stuff not tracked in tracker FYI.)

I got in a 3.23 mile run today, and my average pace was pretty good considering the heat, the massive hill, and that I was trying to take it pretty easy - JUST over 12min miles. It felt tough to relax in the heat, and just keep going, but I'm pleased with the result.

Rowing was pretty good today, too.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting SARAHISKIDA to erg and then I'll do some full body ST on my own. Then Saturday it's DRIVE TO ATLANTA!!! :D YAY for family time! I keep forgetting that's only the day after tomorrow.

I'm gonna really be looking forward to 4th of July weekend. We don't have anything planned, but I do know I'll be off Fri-Sun and I will not feel bad at all if we do NOTHING. This weekend and next weekend are so packed I'll be looking forward to the down time.

Next weekend is SHOW YOUR SPARK weekend and I'm hosting an Alabama Spark Meetup in Birmingham -- after I WORK that morning. :P *phwew*

Also this morning I hard boiled some eggs. One exploded so I tried to eat it... but it was kind of a disaster. I think I got about half of the white. HAHAHA. I bit into it and a piece of the shell was in/on it and it went into my gum between me two front teeth. UGGGGGHHHH it hurt so bad.

Also I banged my knee on our desk this morning.

And someone from the skulling camp ran their rigger into my back when they walked by.

Ow ow ow I'm so banged up!!! This is in addition to blisters on my rear (that are finally healing THANK HEAVENS) from rowing, a scrape/bruise on my forearm from one of the boats also...

One fun thing -- all my freckles are totally ROCKING in full force!!!! I should try to take a picture of them because I love them. :) The back of my neck is going NUTSO. I have a tan line on my legs from my running capri thingies :P I've never seen any part of my legs get darker EVER BEFORE IN LIFE. So that's kinda fun.

I put a big in DH's ear regarding Memphis and we're considering it.

OH. And DH had to go into a pet store today for his co-worker to post a flyer for a dog she found and is trying to rehome annnnd -- he fell in love with a puppy. I came to see him and he is SOOOOOOO adorable. They are saying he's a shepherd, weimeraner, and... I can't remember... mix. He is mostly light brown with darker brown on part of his tail and ears and light brown eyes and a light brown nose -- such cute coloring. His ears kinda stick up, and his paws are still SO HUGE for his body -- he's kinda tiny. DH was holding him like a baby. He was a total cuddlebug. Just cuddles and licks. Apparently he was only born in like... February... so he's like... 4 months?

We will have to think about it hard because he is super puppy and that was the problem with the other dog we got after Roscoe.... ?? But we'll see.

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FUTURERNAIMEE 6/24/2009 12:29AM

    Oh man I am dying for a puppy, a chihuahua ever since my roommate got one and I fell in love with him

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SKYFYRE 6/19/2009 10:18AM

    Wowzers you are killing the workouts and your workouts are having a simalar affect on you! I remember when I taught sailing and canoeing on the bay that I was constantly fighting the bruise monkey, ugh! Puppy! I love ANY puppy, recently 6 pit bull puppies infron of the grocery store, ugh, so self control sucking!

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 6/19/2009 8:22AM

    Hey, speaking of the spark tracking of your rowing, do you feel like the calorie estimates are ridiculously low on spark? I mean I just go with it, b/c I know it isn't an exact science anyway, but I'm like "Yeah, maybe this is all spin class burned if I have zero muscle mass like a Veal" Just curious if you had the same experience.

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 6/19/2009 8:20AM

    The more you workout the hungrier you are, for sure! Sometimes I think that can make it hard to lose. But that seems right since you're more interested in gaining lean mass, you can't have too much of a calorie deficit, or you're likely to lose muscle along with fat.

I am so glad that the aquatic center worked out so well for you and you're now able to do ST somewhere again.

Girl, you need to wrap yourself in some bubble wrap! Dang!

I remember the first year I got a tan line from running, it is such an awesome feeling! Especially for us Casper the Friendly Ghost types :P. Too bad I have become a total WIMP about running in the heat since!

Puppies are hard to resist, but they are SUCH A PAIN! I am all for adult dog rescues just because you don't have to do the whole chewing and letting out every freaking hour :P. My BIL and SIL have a puppy right now and they are always having to leave to "let Mable out of the crate." But that Mable is pretty darn adorable. So yeah, tough call!

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TRACYZABELLE 6/19/2009 6:10AM

    Good thoughts coming your way especially with the doggie situation!!

I hope you are not too bruised and battered!

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LAFTERSFREE 6/18/2009 8:37PM

    im glad u appreciate your freckles! so many people dont love their freckles. I have those huge beautymark type freckles and they definitely multiply like bunnies in the summer, but they never really bother me.. yay for leg tan! my legs almost NEVER get tan!!!

good luck w/ the pup decision. maybe since it's summer, u guys will have more time to deal w/ puppy type stuff.

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    I feel ya! I've got a huge bruise on the inside of my left knee - no clue where it's from. I banged my ankle on the door of the open dishwasher the other day... my shoulders hurt from weight machines, my knees are achin'.... lol. I'm a mess too! But I gotta admit, after all the tooth pain I had in the few months before my root canal - that eggshell does not sound fun! Get better!

BTW - we're getting a 3.5 month old puppy on saturday - I am all signed up for puppy training classes thru PetSmart (don't you if you have one of those by you) cuz I am not taking chances that this dog is getting off on the wrong foot like our beautiful chocolate lab, Lucy. We ended getting rid of her cuz she just couldn't learn. So, if you get that dog - get into classes ASAP! you can fly to Milwaukee and join us! lol

Comment edited on: 6/18/2009 6:35:38 PM

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MARSGIRL23 6/18/2009 4:47PM

    Gah, blisters on the rear?!? Great googly-moogly... you are a CHAMP! All the other injuries don't exactly sound fun, but I think that one is the worst! I don't think I'm at the right level of fitness to try a rowing machine yet (I get winded walking, baby! Oh yeah!), but anything that puts blisters on the butt has to be pretty hardcore! I wanna try it.

Good luck on the puppy decision! I have never had a puppy as an adult and I keep going back and forth on it. One the one hand, you have extreme adorableness. And one the other there are scratches, bites and various other puppy not-so-fun stuff, including a tremendous amount of responsibility. BUT if he seems intelligent and both you and your husband can be diligent in training him, maybe it could work out! :) Either way, best of luck with that!!

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LASHERTHECAT 6/18/2009 4:18PM

    I hope the puppy can fit in to your family!

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SKYEFYR 6/18/2009 3:41PM

  Where do you find all that energy? I wish I could find 1/10th of what you've got! Maybe I should stop looking for it under my covers?

The puppy sounds so cute! I'm like Jessiew84, I say clear of pet shops because I want to bring everyone home. If it wasn't for the hubby I'd probably be forstering a dozen cats for the local shelter. Animals can be such a total joy!

Good luck in making that decision. Personally, I'm of the opinion everyone needs fuzzy love on a daily basis to make life complete. :-)

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JESSIEW84 6/18/2009 3:30PM

    That's why I try to stay clear of pet stores...cause I want them ALL!!! MWAHAHAHA! That's how we ended up with our current dog, in a way. I was feeling down one day after work and my bf told me to get in the car and he just drove. I had no clue where we were going (I thought Taco Bell since that's his fav. fast food place). We parked at Taco Bell and then he told me to close my eyes. Led me to this store called the Puppy Place where they have tons of puppies from breeders. I fell in love with the little yorkies and we ended up with Maximus.

As for everything else, I'm in the same boat with going over in calories this week. While it feels "naughty" to eat in our normal range if this going over in calories burned thing continues we need to up our food calories. Don't want to slow down the furnice of metabolisms!!!

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SWEETZMIX 6/18/2009 3:21PM

    I would think hard too about the puppy. I know how cute they are when u first get them, but with everything that happened with Roscoe..i just understand. I think you need to be more careful b4 u take something off, like a finger. Take care and enjoy your busy weekends, and I hope you get to relax soon. I hate having days off & not getting to rest, relax and do nothing.

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SEPPIESUSAN 6/18/2009 2:42PM

    Ohh, he sounds cute!! My friend has a silver lab, which is a rare color. Everyone always thinks he's a weineraner. He was such a cute puppy, but now he's a big lumbering energetic DOG!

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KIMCATUS 6/18/2009 2:40PM

    I think y'all need a dog but not so sure about a puppy...so cute but a lot of work. Have you looked for an older dog?? Anywho, if it's meant to be it will happen!! I know you guys love and miss Roscoe and want a dog badly...plus what a great running buddy for you if you got an older dog!!

Good job on the workouts...I need to come visit you so maybe I could get some motivation by osmosis or something...LOL

Keep up the great work! You rock chica!!

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Marathon Musings...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


been thinking more about which Marathon I want to run.

I'd been dead set on Atlanta being my top choice but I finally found some more detailed information about the race and found out the course shuts down in 5 hours.

I am NOT confident that I will be able to finish the course in under 5 hours -- in order to do so I'd need to maintain less than a 11.5min mile average pace... for my 8K I was at 11min miles, but could I really maintain a pace like that for 26.2??!?!? And I dunno if I could bear the thought of the course being shut down on me for my first ever Marathon...

So... yeah. In order to get the cheapest registration fee I'd need to register by 8/31 to pay $60.00 to race. So I have a little time to figure this out, but I'm thinking maybe not...

PLUS there's the headphones consideration. NOT ALLOWED.

Then we have the two others that I was considering -- Memphis and Hunstville.

Seriously, Memphis wins - HANDS DOWN - all things considered.

Both Memphis and Huntsville have a 6hrish time limit -- although technically the Memphis finish line doesn't close down until 7.5hrs after the start, the course support does. (Which BTW, has aid stations at EVERY MILE w/ portolets, water, poweraide and clocks...)

But Memphis allows headphones, Hunstville does not... plus Memphis just looks more fun and cooler.

I think I'm gonna start talking to the hubby about doing the Memphis Marathon.

ALSO -- a rower is possibly doing that one, too! He was wearing a NYC Marathon shirt so I asked him and he said he ran it like... 4-5 years ago, and has been meaning to do another marathon but keeps not doing it but was looking at doing Memphis this year. WORD. Which is what got me thinking about looking at it again.

Memphis is also at a better time I think .. 12/5 - which is NOT Thanksgiving (in case family wants to spend time NOT watching me run a marathon on the holiday) and not 12/10 or whenever Hunstville is, which is closer to some crunch time for DH at the end of his semester...

It is only $70 for the earliest registration price (so not THAT much more than the $50 for Hunstville or $60 for Atlanta)... it just is in a town where I know NO ONE so I have no options for free room and board. :) HAHAHAHAHA. So it will definitely cost more, period. Plus it's the farthest drive so more gas $$$ as well.

It also does offer a half (which Atlanta does, Hunstville doesn't) if I needed to change goals...

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FUTURERNAIMEE 6/24/2009 12:27AM

    No headphones? WTF? Are they crazy or just stupid? Sorry haha, but really?

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SKYFYRE 6/19/2009 10:20AM

    How FUN! You are making me want to do it too!

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LAFTERSFREE 6/18/2009 8:28PM

    sounds like the memphis race would rock....

have u ever been there???
i went there once before, i'll talk to u about my experience next time we hang out...

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SARAHISKIDA 6/18/2009 7:10PM

    Which Atlanta marathon? You mentioned Thanksgiving, so I'm guessing you're talking about the Atlanta Track Club one. There are two, one sponsored by ING and one by the Atlanta Track Club. I know the ATC one has a time limit of 5 hours, but I think the ING one has a limit of 7 hours. The ATC marathon is really regarded as a "runner's marathon"--you won't see people walking or anything like that.

You probably already know this, but just remember that Atlanta is *significantly* hillier than T-town. Now, I love running in Atlanta, but it's definitely different! I've never been to Memphis, but it sounds cool.

If I were you, I might think about doing the ING, largely because of timing issues. I planned on running my first marathon last November, but I realized that it was just too difficult for me to do long runs in the summer. 15 miles in August heat? No thanks! A half marathon would definitely be okay for the fall or early winter, though.

I don't say any of this to discourage you--it was just my experience last summer that, especially as the days got hotter, running became something that felt like a chore, not something I loved. You should definitely do what's best for you!

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JEM0622 6/18/2009 10:21AM

    Go with what is best for you overall. I am doing the MCM because the course is open for 7 hrs before they reroute the runners. My only goal is to finish before they divert the slow ones. We shall see. I am just going to listen to my body and go with the flow. I would love to run in Memphis! Maybe something for me to consider next year. Definitely try to get an idea on the elevations/hills so you are not surprised.


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SEPPIESUSAN 6/18/2009 10:18AM

    I'm just impressed that you're doing a marathon, period. I think my average pace would slow to a crawl after 7 or 8 miles or so! These are real considerations here.

For my annual 10K, the website says no headphones allowed, but everyone uses 'em anyway... I mean, what are they gonna do? Confiscate?

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SWEETZMIX 6/18/2009 10:15AM

    I don't know much about Marathons, but it seems there is a lot of things you have to think about and consider.

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TAKEONME48137 6/18/2009 10:13AM

    Either option of the half or full marathon sounds great for what you're looking for. I say go for it! But as you say, you need to figure out logistics first and that's totally understandable. I hope you get to do it! =)

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KEAKMAN 6/18/2009 9:38AM

    Have you checked to see what each course is like? Hills? Closed roads or shared with cars roads? Etc. That might help make Memphis look better to you as well. (and just for kicks, are any of them Boston Qualifiers? In case you have the run of your lifetime?!)

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LASHERTHECAT 6/18/2009 9:09AM

    Sounds like Memphis is the way to go...

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LANC92 6/18/2009 8:57AM

    Dana, if you want to get some sort of idea of how to predict your marathon time, use this calculator:


Check the box for the longest race you've done then input your time at the bottom. It will take you to a new page which will show you predicted times. It also has information at what paces you should train. While it's not 100% accurate of course, it is a pretty good indicator.

Really though your first marathon should be all about enjoying the experience and finishing. Don't worry about meeting time goals!

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 6/18/2009 8:31AM

    I've heard good about that marathon. I know that a couple people here go down to run it I live about 4 hrs away).

It is supposed to be run well.

You are going to make it with flying colors.

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 6/18/2009 8:16AM

    Well the no headphones thing is bs. I wear headphones every year. ING claims you can't wear them either, whenever a race says that, ignore it. No one is coming around to confiscate your ipod.

Seriously the Atlanta Thanksgiving would be a miserable first full. ING would be good, it has a decent crowd for the full and a really cool course, but thanksgiving is only good for the half. I vote Memphis!

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MDTWEETY 6/18/2009 7:25AM

    Sounds like Memphis it is!!! Whichever you decide, that is SO awesome! I always admire marathon runners. I think the Disney marathon would be so fun!

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CRUNKYJENS 6/18/2009 2:43AM

  Hmmm tough choices!! In my opinion I would say Memphis. Even though it might cost more as you'll have to get a place to stay and gas - it seems to be the ones with the most options. Plus it let's you have an ipod. I can't even imagine running a race without my music - I would go insane!!

Keep us updated with what you decide!! emoticon emoticon

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    I know you'll get it sorted out - all great thoughts D!

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MISSY_MAGOO 6/18/2009 12:34AM

    Memphis sounds like a great one! Good choice :)
And i have to say I am so way behind on reading your blogs- company for 2 weeks! I'm so way behind on all my friends blogs... and looks like I'll stay that way for another week, leaving for my big reward vacation on Friday (there goes my logging in streak, haha). Anyways- I'm off to catch up on the rest of your blogs from the last few weeks, although I won't be commenting them- just phantom reading to see what you've been up to :)

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WHOWANTSOLLIE 6/17/2009 11:01PM

    Memphis sounds way cool, I think. My hubs thinks about doing it every year... It is a way cool city.

He is super type-A (former Marine) and has done research on the no-headphones issue. He also thinks the speed limit is the LIMIT, but that's another story. USATF (track & field) previously required the rule for races they sanctioned, which is why so many races adopted that policy. Many (most?) don't enforce it, though, and the many voices of aggrevated runners caused USATF to reverse their position this year. Lots of race directors don't even know this, though, so feel free to contact them. We have, and got positive results.

Much luck on your first marathon!

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BRUIN2 6/17/2009 10:41PM

    Here's my two cents:

-go with a race that has a longer course time limit. Even though I think you're totally going to run a sub-5 hour marathon, the last thing you want to worry about is the course closing on you.

-the no headphones rule is VERY COMMON. I have seen people wear headphones at no headphones races though...

-really think about how much travel you're willing to do for the race. A long drive the day before could be exhausting. Is it possible to do one close(r) to home?

-if you know someone who works for a company that's sponsoring a race, they may be able to get you registered for free. Worth trying! (As in, the big, giant corporate race sponsors - not the people supplying the muffins at the finish line. HA)

You are going to find the marathon that's going to rock your world!!!!

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JESSIEW84 6/17/2009 10:32PM

    I was just talking with my bf last night about my goals to run a few races these year, finally. He says we should sign up for a half marathon but I don't know if I'm quite ready for that yet. When did you start racing?

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TNLONGHORN 6/17/2009 10:22PM

    I ran Memphis a couple of years ago and had a blast. The first 13 miles are packed with bands -- almost every half mile I think? They are far more often then every mile -- not to mention I saw more at least 100 Elvis impersonators in the first hour. The middle miles are a little bare ( miles 13-17), but it picks up again after 18 and it's and awesome finish in the stadium with a great after party. It's a good race. The weather is usually nice, the support is good, and the medal and goodies aren't too shabby either!

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Cleared for the Probe

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So yay, I get to do the Walking Study!!! :D And get paid extra for coming in to get re-tested for my Glucose today. HAHAHAHAHA. In case anyone was wondering, last time it was like... 69.1 and today it was 76 and 78. Although I can't bleed very well and he had to stick me four total times. 3 times on one finger (the second two didn't really go deep enough or work) and then we tried a fresh one to get more blood. mwahaha.

Anyway -- I had a horrible time finding parking to go in and get tested AND got out of the house later than expected AND it took longer at the place than I thought... so I started my 4 mile run at 10:38AM which here in AL right now means HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT.

The first part was mostly pretty well shaded and I also had a dude running up ahead that I was trying to pace/catch up to. I got closer but then he started walking and turned when I was still going straight. DARN YOU!!! hahaha.

It was a TOUGH RUN -- just wayyyyy too hot and I was feeling underfueled/watered since I was fasting before the glucose test and all I ate before running was a little container of almonds and dried cherries -- and I had my LONE bottle of water. I did manage to see the Walking Study guy and another dude that was in there talking with us while I was on my way running back to my car! :D hahaha. I was listening to music but I'm pretty sure Walking Study Dude said something encouraging... ?

I didn't stretch much afterward because I HAD to get in the car and a) get going back home because of time constraints and b) get that AC going!!! PHWEW!

But I'm VERY happy I still did my run because I had to skip yesterday and I don't want to let anything slide -- although I DID run out of time for Pilates. I was a few minutes late to work even without doing it at all!

Tomorrow is Rowing and a 3 mile run. Woot.

Then the Walking Study starts next week and I do not expect to be able to run much next week, just shorter runs if I have enough energy to make it happen.

My nose has been running a bit today and I'm feeling a little tired -- I hope it's just needing to sleep more + allergies or something and not the beginning of a cold!

I did manage to get a healthy day of food packed for work -- 2 snacks and my lunch -- AND make myself a smoothie to refuel before I had to leave again.

Last night was REALLY fun -- playing RockBand w/ LAFTERSFREE and her bf and making pizza. Although we opted to use the flatout light italian herb wraps instead of crust. It was DELICIOUS. They didn't really get crispy except the edges that weren't covered in toppings, but we kinda rolled it up as a pizza wrap and it was AMAZING.


AND FOR THE RECORD!!!!!! :D That entry I posted yesterday regarding Ben & Jerry's and LC's -- yeah that was an ancient entry QUOTED within a new blog. I have a million trillion sparkpoints now and the Gold Trophy (not top yet but getting closer!) and no I did not eat a whole pint of B&J's. That was in the past. :) It was just fun reminiscing and I wanted to share it plus a couple of my comments from now looking back. :)


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FUTURERNAIMEE 6/24/2009 12:25AM

    Yay for being paid extra and congrats on making your day work even though you were rnning late.u One of my huge problems I am just realizing is perfectionism

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 6/18/2009 9:23AM

    Congrats on getting in the running study. I know you really wanted in that.


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HOPERY 6/18/2009 9:04AM

    emoticon PROBE!

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BRE7482 6/18/2009 7:37AM

    When I got off Wednesday morning at 730 it was already 75 degrees, so I know it was super hot at 1030! I'm glad you'll get to do the walking study.

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    I'm glad your blood glucose was good, even if they had to poke you too many times to find that out.


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SEPPIESUSAN 6/17/2009 9:12PM

    Hmm. I hadn't even noticed the ice cream blog yesterday. But I just went and read it, and I appreciate the clarification. I love reading my old blog entries!

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LAFTERSFREE 6/17/2009 7:26PM

    you know it was supposed to be a high of 96 here today, and supposed to be 98 tomorrow??? definitely felt like it, we went to the pool for an hour earlier today before i had to come back to work.. it was very relaxing.
that pizza WAS very good!!! i had fun rocking :)

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SWEETZMIX 6/17/2009 7:05PM

    Hope ur not getting sick as well. It's no fun being sick, especially in the summer! Great job on the run and hope to hear more about ur walking study!

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SWEATONCEADAY 6/17/2009 6:24PM

    i haven't even read your blog cause the title has me laughing too hard already.

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Documenting a Compliment...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

...before I forget.

(So sorry, THREE BLOGS IN A DAY?!?!? anyway...)

I was at Rowing this morning and one of the ladies asked me about SparkPeople cause I as wearing my technical shirt. WOOT. She said she joined a couple years ago and was really impressed with what a good source of information it was. Then I told her about my experiences with SparkPeople and she was shocked.

She said, "You look like you've been tall and thin your entire life!!"

:D :D :D :D :D

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

FUTURERNAIMEE 6/24/2009 12:22AM

    You totally do girl =)

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KNH771 6/17/2009 3:38PM

    How exciting for you! Awesome.

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CBLING 6/17/2009 1:39PM

    So funny that's exactly what I thought when I saw the first photo of you! Keep it you you inspire us all!

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I'm sure that we all hope that we hear that once we're down to the weights we want to be. ^__^

That's a great compliment!

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CECE0330 6/17/2009 9:53AM

    And THAT is why you are such a freaking inspiration! Every time I see your before & after photos, as well as other Sparkers, it goes a long way to remind me that the body I want IS possible.

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MDTWEETY 6/17/2009 8:59AM

    That is so awesome!!!!! :D

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LASHERTHECAT 6/17/2009 8:48AM

    Woohoo!! And you'll be tall and thin the rest of your life!!

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KEAKMAN 6/17/2009 8:21AM

    Don't you love it?!? You are who you always were - you just used to be hiding inside a fat suit - and people can tell you "belong" the way you look!

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 6/17/2009 8:18AM


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SIRABE76 6/17/2009 8:10AM

    Great compliment. I bet you were on cloud nine after that.

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 6/17/2009 7:36AM

    Compliments like that can put you on a high for days. Well deserved.


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SKYFYRE 6/17/2009 3:05AM

    I'm with her- I thought the same when I met you you are Twiggy in a taller package!
Congratulations on all your hard work!

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KAYAKID 6/17/2009 1:36AM

    Way to spread the spark!!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
WOLFKITTY 6/17/2009 12:20AM

    Absolutely! :D Sweet comment!


Report Inappropriate Comment
PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 6/16/2009 10:19PM

    Thanks for spreading the spark!

Report Inappropriate Comment
RHALES199 6/16/2009 10:06PM

    What A compliment! Woohoo! Awesome!

Report Inappropriate Comment
150-HERE-I-COME 6/16/2009 9:26PM

    What an awesome compliment!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
LAFTERSFREE 6/16/2009 9:12PM

    yeah, you do. and i think that even though i knew you before u were doing spark. it's hard to remember sometimes! congrats on all your accomplishments :)

Report Inappropriate Comment
TATTED_PINUP2BE 6/16/2009 8:49PM

    What a great compliment!! WOOHOOOOOO

Report Inappropriate Comment
SWEETZMIX 6/16/2009 8:39PM

    AWESOME!! What a compliment indeed!

Report Inappropriate Comment
KIMCATUS 6/16/2009 8:33PM

    Woo hoo...that's an awesome compliment!!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
FUTURERNAIMEE 6/16/2009 8:31PM

    SP rocks!

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Just read an old entry of mine...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"I would just like to say that I have 4000 SparkPoints at this moment.

MuahhahahahaaaAAA!!! Soon I will have them all!!!

Hahaha. Just kidding. Man, I swear I will have that top trophy because I am going to stay with SparkPeople.com forever. :D

Although this week has not been so hot for me. It's that TOM and Ben&Jerry's have been spending TOO MUCH TIME with me. I have a plan of action for staying within my ranges today even though I've eaten a whole pint today. Yes, I ate a pint of Ben &Jerry's 10th Anniversary Version of Phish Food. I know. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF??? I should have stuck to my guns and gotten a light ice cream even though WalMart doesn't have ANY pretty much. But anyway -- now all my ice cream is gone so it will tempt me no longer. I just have to eat a very light dinner and I'll be fine. I hope.

hehehe. There's still the devil on one side saying -- Tell DH about the new Little Caesar's! And the angel is saying -- DON'T DO IT!!! You can be strong!

I will be good! "

I remember-- I did NOT tell DH about the new Little Caesar's. :) hahahaha.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

KNH771 6/17/2009 3:41PM


I hope you enjoyed every last spoonful of the ice cream! At least it's gone now.

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    Interesting about Walmart having no light ice cream. I LOVE going to Target cause their entire freezer section is stocked with TONS of low fat/light ice cream. PLUS they even have the 100 calories ice cream cones and ice cream sandwiches.They're super cheap too! I think a box of 6 is about 1.69. Yeah...CRAZY good deal!

Also, I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention Mr. Casesar anymore. I love him ....his crazy bread, his cheap $5 pizza...his wonderful pizza sauce....ohhhh you make me crave him so!


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CECE0330 6/17/2009 9:55AM

    Aww man, that crazy bread used to be the BOMB!

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SKYFYRE 6/17/2009 3:16AM

    Silly girl! But you are right it will be yours, Forever!

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SWEETZMIX 6/16/2009 8:38PM

    DANA NOOOOOOOOOO Don't do the takeout. Don't let TOM control you!! (I know I shouldn't be talking though lol) But if you do eat it, be sensible with lots of moderation!

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KIMCATUS 6/16/2009 8:34PM

    Awwww too cute! I love your plan for total SP domination!!!! lol

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FUTURERNAIMEE 6/16/2009 8:26PM

    It's nice to read back on old entries to see how far you've come. It can be really eye opening.

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SWEATONCEADAY 6/16/2009 8:25PM

    you only have 4,000 or is it 40,000. i have like 33,000 so you must have more. especially since you actually track your food and stuff.

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WOLFKITTY 6/16/2009 7:59PM


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SKISINCO 6/16/2009 7:24PM

    You go girl! You can't ever leave SP 'cause you are just too darn inspiring to others!

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JESSIEW84 6/16/2009 7:16PM

    HAHAHAHAHA! You crack me up!

P.S. Said trophy is MINE!

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RHALES199 6/16/2009 6:46PM

    I live right next to a Little Ceasar's. Aren't you glad you don't live where I do???? hehehehehe...

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