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Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you thank you thank you thank you, and oh yeah, THANK YOU.

Sometimes all the stuff whirring around in my head just has to come out and I'm glad to have such good Sparkers to look at it, find the important stuff, and help me see which of the stuff is the crazy talking and which is the smart person talking. ;)

So wrapped up in all that nonsense that I forget to mention:

My run was much shorter than I intended on Saturday... not in distance but in time! I started running and it was chillier than anticipated so I just got KICKING and decided it would be a "tempo" run instead of a relaxed run. I ran JUST over a 10 min mile pace (Just under 2 miles in 20min). WOOT. Then Pilates. It was a great workout that day.

This week the gym is closed on Saturday after I get off of work, but there is also some stuff going on at the gym on Sunday that I want to check out.

I'm thinking about going to this 30min free intro to Reformer Pilates class. They're going to start Reformer Pilates classes at my gym in May -- will not be taking them unless the price gets vastly reduced because at $20 a pop it is just way too expensive on top of paying for my gym membership ANYWAY... but why not take the free intro? It ends just as that Yoga class I'd been meaning to check out begins and then the Mat Pilates class starts 15min after that. Maybe I don't stay for Mat Pilates, but at least I have an opportunity to go do something Pilates related since the gym will be closed during my usual Pilates class time.

Otherwise this week is MTC and running.

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    Whoo hoo on your run! Run, Dana, Run!

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MARLIE13 4/15/2009 10:40AM

    Reformer Pilates? I wonder if they have Transformer Pilates?

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LASHERTHECAT 4/14/2009 8:32AM

    We all have down days... We're so lucky to have good friends, and Sparkfriends, to vent to!! emoticon

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LAFTERSFREE 4/14/2009 1:31AM

    glad ur feeling better now!
i was kinda annoyed about the gym being closed on sat. i think im gonna do pilates on sunday, and i saw the free reformer class email, i was thinking of checking it out, but im afraid it will just suck me into paying for the classes LOL. have fun! see ya fri morning.

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SKYFYRE 4/14/2009 12:46AM

    Congrats on your run! Ooh and have fun with Reformer Pilates!

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BRUIN2 4/13/2009 7:44PM

    Right on for the super fast run!!!!

And your day at the gym sounds fab!!

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150-HERE-I-COME 4/13/2009 7:32PM

    emoticon A 10-MINUTE MILE!!!!! That's awesome, Dana!!!!!! emoticon
And... YOU'RE WELCOME!!! We're all here for you, as you are here for us!! Although this is up to us, ultimately, this is also a team effort :) YAY SparkPeople!!!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KEAKMAN 4/13/2009 5:47PM

    Well, I guess we'll forgive you for running too fast! :)

Definitely do the free class - you are right $20 a pop seems a bit extreme.....$20 per month might be doable....

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NERDYCARLA 4/13/2009 5:37PM

    did you say that you ran 10 miles...omg i would love to say that...that is right up there with lossing a 100 pounds... you go girl...you are so inspiring...

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This maintenance thing is really hard sometimes.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I overate last night.

The REAL foods I ate were not so much the issue, it was all the FLUFF surrounding the real foods. Ham, asparagus, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob (CRAP, forgot to track the corn, oh well it won't add too much relatively speaking).... all fine. Even the deviled eggs weren't too bad.

But I ate 3.5 Pillsbury GRANDS biscuits at a whopping 190 cal each. Oh and then the candy. Dove Caramel filled Chocolates. I think those were the real culprits.

I estimated and I came in 1000+ cal over my top range -- and considering my top is like 2590 these days, that's really saying something.

Now here's the thing that's hard for me -- I KNOW I used to give myself one cheat meal a week. I didn't even STRESS the fluctuations because I knew they'd be gone soon -- this is when I was trying to LOSE weight. I didn't even TRACK it. And the fluctuations didn't make me freak out.

Maybe the fluctuations didn't scare me as much because they were on top of a loss so they didn't look as big?

But now... they terrify me! What gives???? I KNOW that my weight can fluctuate by at least 5lbs from day to day based on water retention and lack of sleep alone. So if I'm less than 5lbs over the top of my maintenance range I should not be freaking out.

Yet this morning, when I stepped on the scale after VERY little sleep, a major pigout last night, and TOM coming in a couple days and weighed less than 5lbs over my maintenance range, I went into full on lamentation mode.


I've been basically maintaining since last June/July, but I'm still so scared.

I know my clothes fit me JUST FINE today. I know my weight will easily go back down probably by the end of this week even considering TOM.

I was contemplating adjusting my maintenance range, but that felt like admitting I couldn't do this, or allowing myself to slip higher. I know have been able to stay within this range for quite some time. SO. Instead I'm just going to REITERATE to myself the terms and agreements of my self proposed maintenance range to reaffirm my desires for this process and try to stop these occasional freakout sessions (or lessen them or make them less dramatic or shorter or SOMETHING).

1. My maintenance range is 165-170.
2. I WILL NOT count weighins directly after a splurge meal.
3. I WILL NOT count weighins directly after a night of little-no sleep.
4. I WILL NOT count weighins within a week before or during TOM.

There will be at least one day a week except during TOM that none of these modifiers apply and I can get a real TRUE legitimate look at how much I'm weighing. If this weighin - under all happy circumstances - is over 170 for 2 weeks or more in a row, I will switch to losing mode to get back within range. OR if I don't get a chance to have a good circumstances weighin, but all fluctuating weighins are up above my maintenance range for 2 weeks - the same applies.

Otherwise - my ticker stays at 165, and I am NOT ALLOWED to BEAT MYSELF UP.

I know the weight I saw on the scale today is not really accurate. I need to try to let go of this deep down fear of gaining weight. And you know honestly, I shouldn't beat myself up period. If I gain a little weight, I just go back into loss mode and lose it again. All of this dramatic emotional roller coaster just ISN'T NECESSARY.

It is really difficult to use logic to talk myself out of these emotional freakouts because there is a part of me that is scared that I'm justifying myself gaining weight. But the rational part of me knows that isn't true. I just want to have some people out there read this and tell me -- am I justifying? Or am I rationally explaining to myself the truth so that I don't fall into an emotional trap of beating myself up?

I don't know how to let go of this yet. But I'm working on it.

In the meantime I can't WAIT to get in the gym tonight and really kick my butt with that MTC workout.

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TRECECOOKS 4/15/2009 6:07PM

    Dear, dear Dana ~ BREATHE. You are fine, you will be fine and all is and will be well. . .

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    Aw, hon. Is this the same girl who brought the voice of reason to my blog last week? You kept me from totally freaking out - now use that voice of reason for yourself. You are still within your range - after a holiday. That is really saying something. And - yep, I'm gonna pull the sodium card - ham has a lot of sodium so I am sure some of that is just water weight and you're gonna shed it in just a day or two. Take a deep breath and chill. You rock.


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TAIMOIRAI 4/14/2009 4:41PM

    *hugs* You sound like me last week. I don't see any justification in this at all. There's always going to be a fear somewhere in all of us that we're going to gain back everything we've worked so hard to lose. The fact that you still have that fear just means you're equipped to keep it from happening.

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MISSY_MAGOO 4/13/2009 5:54PM

    it was a holiday- I think most of us went over. It's life and everyday can't be a perfect one, and it definitely sounds like you are getting right back to it today and aren't going to let going that much over become a normal thing for you.
It sounds like maintaining will be just as much of a journey as losing is, I think your plan of when to switch to losing mode while you are maintaining is a great one- yay you! I've learned so much from you, especially that while maintaining you'll see a flux of a few pounds from day to day- I just know that once this week is over you'll be back to your normal weight and feeling so much better :)
I don't want this to sound like a man that asks his wife if she's crying because she's on the rag- but do you think that part of this panic might be because of all the emotions of TOM? By asking I really am not trying to imply that the emotions are in any way not valid- but I know during my TOM I am so much harder on myself, my self image is down, and even though I know I see a loss after my TOM week is over, while I'm in that week it's next to impossible to listen to my rational self because my emotional self is so dang loud.
Try to breath, remember that you are amazing and successful, and tell yourself that one day is not going to throw that all away.
I say embrace the fear of gaining instead of trying to let it go- take that fear and use it as a motivation to stay on track.
emoticon Missy

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    Part of the battle is talking it over. You'll win. You're strong, you're making mostly good choices, and you're allowing some little indulgences. Those are all key to succeeding and I know you can do it!!


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KSIGMA1222 4/13/2009 4:08PM

    I understand what you are so oh to well!!!! I freaked out last night when I weighed myself. First off I took the weekend off from working out for a number of reasons but I normally never have back to back days off! But I had prepped for this and worked out 4 days prior and will work out the 4 days following to keep me on my 5 day a week schedule. So anyway weighed myself last night and weighed 230, then this morning I weighed 226 and then I worked out and weighed 216. On Friday I weighed 213 about the middle of the day. I know my weight can fluctuate from 205 to 225 during one days time so I shouldn't let it freak me out but it does. Plus I changed my weight lifting to heavier weights and slightly lower reps last week and I should expect to see an increase in my weight, thus I will use my body fat meter more and how my clothing fits to be more of my gage.

You are not alone in your feelings and your declaration is great and one I will borrow for myself from you if you don't mind? The balancing game of maintaining is a tricky one that throws you so many curves and "freak out" moments even though we "know" better we still do it. I have already reset myself to loss mode again and that will last a couple of days when I look at the scale and meter and they say I am below my weight again. My range is 205 to 225 because as stated above that is usually where my weight is falling.

I also overate over the weekend by around 1000 calories or so. I try to look at it as something to do during the week to motivate me to really hit the gym hard, but lets face it we both do that anyway! I ran 12 miles today and only burned 1898 in calories and lost as you can see 10 pounds in water weight.

LOL you sound like me, well a smarter version of me at least. We will never stop worrying but we can try and laugh at it in order to cope better!

Greg emoticon

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LAFTERSFREE 4/13/2009 3:57PM

    Dana, I got a lil upset with myself about going over and gaining some this morning too, but to put it all into perspective, think of how u would have eaten an Easter dinner 2 years ago. In my case, I probably would have eaten double or triple the calories and not even thought twice about it. I bet that being in maintenance range can be TERRIBLY DIFFICULT. because, for one, you don't have that weekly drop experience that people losing get their extra motivation boost from. Also, i think its tough for you now that u are doing MTC b/c it ups your calorie needs more than you are used to and u may have trouble defining the line. My advice to you, although im not in maintenance range, so i dont fully know what that's like, but my advice to you... would be... RE-READ your blog, and pretend that another friend wrote it. THEN... leave yourself a comment, AS IF you were leaving it for another friend. You are always the pat on the back that i need to keep me going, that tells me that a slip up, is all it is, just that, a slip up. YOU tell me that no sleep, salty food, TOM, etc are all apart of natural fluctuations, and in the end, we all see that those little blips DON'T MEAN ANYTHING. SO, why should you tell yourself any different than you would tell a friend???? THE ANSWER--- because you're being too hard on yourself. You have come a long way, and even though im not as far along, i KNOW the fear of going backwards... a few days ago, when my pounds went up a little bit, i FREAKED out b/c im deathly afraid of heading back towards the 200s. you are still exercising like a madwoman, and supporting all of us here... support yourself a little bit more, reaffirm your goals (as you did, and i think the goals u put here are perfect!!!), and PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK.... yesterday was EASTER, a holiday... you are fine, it only comes once a year. Love ya!!!

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TELERIE 4/13/2009 3:54PM

    Jump off that emotional roller coaster, you don't need to go there. You are doing fine.
You had one day of not so good. These things happen. Breathe. Don't over-analyze things. Don't weigh in after a day of indulgence.

Glad you liked the song I posted - it's on my iPod now, listen to it again.
So don't give up. It takes some time.

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SEPPIESUSAN 4/13/2009 2:20PM

    For me the scariest thing isn't the gain itself, but the fear that I am starting to lose control and that the gaining will continue. Usually I either get right back on track and feel really proud, or I do stay off track and go from afraid to angry/defeated/sad/frustrated. What exactly are you afraid of?

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 4/13/2009 2:19PM

    Oh wow, I can so relate to this, girl.

First off, in answer to your question, I will be an objective person to tell you that you ARE NOT rationalizing. You aren't. You are DEAD ON about not weighing after cheats, or for TOM, or with little or no sleep.

Let me ask you this, do you still have cheat meals now that you are in maintenance mode? Because I am a HUGE believer in them. They DO NOT make you gain, they keep you SANE during the process. If you don't, I definitely think that you should. And don't count the calories for those. Seriously, just don't do it.

I know for me, losing, I can have 1-2 cheat meals a week and lose. For me in maintenance I can have 2-3 cheat meals - or what I do more often is having drinks (hubby and I are both total lushes) but watch my diet. So like I have a drinks cheat or an eats cheat about twice per week and then maybe one where I eat and drink whatever I want. That being said, I still try to be reasonable.

Everyone is different, but a diet is a lifestyle and a lifestyle that is too strict, too limited is more likely to sabotage maintenance, than one with some wiggle room. Trust me, I have been there, done that, and had to lose again. Granted it was nothing dramatic, but it was a clothing size. And that sucked. So the second time around I realized that "Yeah, you can gain it back, but if your approaches to loss and maintenance aren't applicable to your LIFE, there is no way to do them for the long haul."

Sorry to write a novel. . .

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150-HERE-I-COME 4/13/2009 1:47PM

    THE SCALE IS WRONG!!!! It's TOM's fault!!!! Just take deep breaths -- this will pass! YOU ARE DOING SO GOOD!! Maintaining for almost a year!?!?! It is what all of us are striving for! If you did it for this long, you can KEEP ON DOING IT!!! I love your honesty. It's refreshing to know that everyone goes through this. In the past, I'd look at people in society, no matter their shape or size (this was before SP), and wonder how they do it, how they keep it up, what happened to them that they got so big....etc.. NOW I KNOW!! We are all struggling. Thank you SP for allowing us to feel free to talk to complete strangers about what's going through our heads :)


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LANC92 4/13/2009 1:30PM

    Okay, first of all, I think the fact that you tracked your food and saw the calories in black and white are what sparked this whole panic attack when you hit the scale.

Second of all, STOP IT.

Third, have you considered not weighing yourself so much? How about once a week -- or even twice a week, making sure that you aren't making one of your days the day after your splurge.

Fourth, I finally broke my lenten sweets fast yesterday and I feel like I have a cake hangover today. There is no way in heck you could get me near a scale today because I do not want that thing to have power over me when I know what I did yesterday was for only one day!!

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CURBEE 4/13/2009 1:25PM

    If I'm ever blessed to be anywhere near 170 I will probably be as hyper vigilant as you, maybe even more. I got there once about 6 years ago, basked in the compliments and took no real action to maintain. Bravo to you for knowing the lifestyle takes work.

Hang in there, I feel you on the biscuits and chocolate, breads and sweets call me daily. Isn't it cool to have a safe place to confess/vent/whatever?


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WAVEDANCER7 4/13/2009 1:02PM


(that's lamaze breathing, i'm not laughing)

CHILL OUT GIRL! Its good to be concerned, but this is taking it too far. Re-read your rules for yourself. And now go plan out the week of ahead. Add some extra cardio in there to make up for the cals/reduce the bloat. You'll be fine chica. Just fine :)

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AINTSKEERD 4/13/2009 12:58PM

    Whoa sister!! You're doing fine. It's one day....breathe! Today is a do-over so just do better. I'm sure you'll pee it out in a couple days. emoticon

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CATIATM 4/13/2009 12:53PM

    Generally, I worry about people losing the weight and then not paying enough attention to their maintenance. But you, my friend, might actually pay too much emoticon

Breathe with me now. emoticon It's one meal. You are fine.



YES, really.


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LASHERTHECAT 4/13/2009 12:46PM

    Wow... Relax.... Take a breath...

Tomorrow is a new day... You will emoticon it super hard at the gym... and for sure you will go for a run... So just eat a little more carefully for the next week or whatever... You'll be fine!!

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KEAKMAN 4/13/2009 12:42PM

    Deep breaths. Relax. Go to your mental happy place.

You are doing fine. You know what you did to yourself and why. You know it's TOM and there ain't nothing you can do about THAT! You are well within your maintainence range. You are doing fine!

I have chosen to not weigh myself during TOM and after a bad eating day. I know the scale is going to be unkind, so why do that to myself? I do NOT need any negative reinforcement, believe me! Maybe that would work for you - it's not "quitting" or "giving up" - it's being realistic and preventing a meltdown (which for me would end up in front of the 'fridge!)

You are doing fine.

Hang in there!

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SWEETZMIX 4/13/2009 12:39PM

    Dana you know what you should do. You know you shouldn't beat yourself up, but remember this is still new to you and it takes time. Just keep working hard, which I know you will and no worries! Take those things and write it down and post it up so you can always remember. You are doing great!!

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Just a quick note.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weighed .5 higher than my pre-disasterpartyeatingevent this morning. WOOT. Here's what getting a good night's sleep can do for you! :D Even w/ TOM coming soon.

And my sunblock says "Expires 06-05" on the bottom.



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QUILTHORSE 4/12/2009 2:21AM

    Good going!

Have a great week! Time for a new bottle of sunscreen!

Beth G

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MISSY_MAGOO 4/11/2009 9:24PM

    haha- I found a tube of bug bite cream that expired in 1999 the other day! How did it fallow us into 3 different houses? I don't know.
I can see now why sunblock was on your list of things needed for the convention :)

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SKYFYRE 4/11/2009 7:21PM

    Hey as long as it isn't separating it's fine!
(If we always paid attention to expiration dates, life would be boring, your "edgy" this way!)

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KEAKMAN 4/11/2009 2:45PM

    Yeah you! for only gaining that little few ounces!

And I was telling my DH about your need for new sunblock, and of course Mr. Conspircy Theory tells me that sunblock is good forever. They just "say" it needs to be replaced so you chuck a perfectly good bottle and buy a new one. boys!

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150-HERE-I-COME 4/11/2009 12:53PM

    LOL! I think that No-Ad brand lasts like 10 years too, doesn't it.... LOL!

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CATIATM 4/11/2009 12:41PM

    Isn't sunblock generally only good for a year or so? emoticon

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LAFTERSFREE 4/11/2009 12:39PM

    yeahhhh could be time for a new bottle :)

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SPARKCON in 19 Days, 14 work days. WOOT.

Friday, April 10, 2009

:D :D :D

Anyway. On to regular business. HAHAHA.

I've been sitting right at the top of my maintenance range still, which is irritating me although I'm not going to kick my butt over it because hey, I'm still in my range, and TOM is next week, etc.etc. SO right now I will employ the super fabulous "patience" technique. My clothes all fit normally just fine, rockin the skinny jeans today, so all is well. Maybe I'm building back some muscle with MTC as well! :D Wish my body fat % scale didn't stop working and then die altogether. :( I'd love to get another one.

So today's MTC was soooo...... easy. No run beforehand, first activity of the morning so I was fresh... plus today's workout was kinda just... easier. I think this week was the light week of MTC but next week it kicks back into CRAZY INSANE mode. Don't believe me? I brought my book so I could show you what I'm supposed to do on Monday. :D


emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Circuit 1-

Decline Dumbbell Press - 20
Squats - 50 fast, no weight
Step Plyos - 1min (This is like doing step ups on alternating legs, only you're jumping between hence - Plyo - Plyometric - jump training...)
Butt Kicks - 1min (This is like running in place only your kicking your heels up to your butt.)

Circuit 2-

Plyo Pushups - 10 (yeah, pushups with a clap in between. I WILL attempt these from palm to toe format, but they may end up being from the knees)
Dumbbell Flys on Body Ball w/ Crunches - 15
Leg Extensions - 20, 12, 6-8 (Pyramid up w/ weight)
Knee Tuck Jumps - 10 (CANNONBALL!!!!)
Step Plyos w/ Dumbbells - 30 secs

Circuit 3-

Scorpion Pushups - 10 (5 per side - and yes, I do these from the knees usually)
Alternating Dumbbell Press on Ball w/ Elbow Drive - 10 per side

OK this is a hard one to describe, but basically you press up with the right side and keep pushing your right shoulder up while driving your left shoulder back and down rolling up so the point of your elbow is sticking into the body ball. It's killer.

Surrenders - 10 per side (Dumbbells straight overhead, step back, kneel down, both knees, step forward, stand up - repeat, never dropping dumbbells down. Then DIE.)
Side Step Plyos - 1min

Circuit 4-

Dips to muscle failure
Lunge w/ Military Shoulder Press - 20 per leg
Burpies - 20 (Squat, to plank, to squat, jump up!)

Circuit 5-

W Shoulder Plress w/ Leg Extension - 10 per leg (shoulder press w/ palms facing in so you kinda make a W shape, stand on one leg w/ leg bent at 90 degrees, push leg straight while pushing dumbbells up)
Rope Tricep Press - 20
Straight Leg Squat Thrusts - 30 secs (Normal Squat thrusts go from Squat w/ hands down to plank position and back. These ones you jump your fet forward, but keep your legs straight so it's almost like jumping into a pike position...maybe not a very tight one... hahaah)
Chair Pose - 30 secs (AKA wall squat hold?)
Side Plank w/ Inner Thigh Raise - 10 per side (For the record, I still can't really do the inner thigh raise, I try, and then end up holding the plank for 10-20 seconds per side instead... but I used to be unable to hold a side plank so this is still progress!)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


YEAH. That's gonna be a tough one. Next week is the final full week of MTC, and then there are the Day 29 and Day 30 workouts.

Tomorrow I get to run again (YAY) and go to Pilates (WOOHOO!). I really look forward to these Saturday workouts -- it's just such a happy place mentally, more relaxed and thoughtful, than the kind of feelings and thoughts I have while doing MTC. :D HAHAHA Those are all, I'm so hardcore, GRRR ROCK IT, PUSHPUSHPUSH... and um, running is like... wheee, look at the trees, breathe nice and even, keep that heart rate down (yeah not way down but lower and slower than I tend to try to run), then Pilates w/ my teacher's mellow out music going the whole time. :D It's very nice.

Things I'm hoping to be able to buy before I go to San Diego (but maybe not because I'm spending so much money on the trip itself, but hey, I can have a wishlist, right?):

New Sports Bras (mine are like.. fruit of the loom and they are soaking up sweat like nobody's business)
New Workout Tops (These men's V-Neck undershirts aren't doing so great either in the moisture wicking department)
New Workout Socks (they're just old.)
Skinny Denim Bermuda Shorts. Yeah. :P (I realized that I DON'T OWN ANY PROPER SHORTS. Only one pair of like.. workout shorts that are from BEFORE.)
New Sunblock - I'm pretty sure mine is expired, but I keep using it and I haven't gotten burned... YET. *eek!*

Anyone want to be my benefactor? HAHAHAHAHA j/k.

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SWEETZMIX 4/11/2009 12:15PM

    Hey Dana I just tried a new sports bra from Championusa.com. I think if you look under the clearance section, you can get one for $15!! Mines is GREAT!! and the one I got is eco friendly. (they also have a sale for $20 on sports bras but I always check the clearance first.) The new shirts to wick away sweat I just wait until Modells have a sale and last week they did and I got 2 for $16. I just buy all this stuff little by little. I know your going on your trip so you might have to wait but you may be able to squeeze out a good sports bra. Good luck on MTC next week, that seems sO intense...but you can handle it!!

Comment edited on: 4/11/2009 12:16:58 PM

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 4/11/2009 10:24AM

    Those workouts sound good. Thanks so much for posting them!!!! I am having trouble picturing a couple of them. But I LOVE to keep these things on hand for when I am designing future workouts. I definitely see the surrenders and scorpions making it into a future workout.

I love, love, love plyos. Well love/hate them - ha ha! When I did my last stint at losing. I managed to finally break my typical plateau / stall out last time by maintaining there for 12 weeks then going into loss mode again, but I digress, anyway, when I started losing mode again I needed something to really shake things up so I began "plyometric Sundays" OMG. Die. Die. Die.

And speaking of losing and maintaining and all of that jazz I have been seeing a LOT more of the high end of my maintenance range, as well. Today is my birthday, so definitely enjoying my dinner out, but tomorrow I am going to have to get back into PORTION control and LESS DRINKING to make sure I see at lot more 119 and a lot less 122.

Anyhoo, I am going to try and google the moves that sound intriguing but that I don't understand, I may hit you up for further explanation if I can't find anything!

Here's to getting back to our LOW END of maintenance range!

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QUILTHORSE 4/11/2009 1:43AM

    Title 9 Sports has a wonderful Sports bra. It's called the "Frog" bra. They also have other good bras.

Check 'em out!

B eth G

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TAIMOIRAI 4/10/2009 10:52PM

    I'm also on the lookout for a really good sports bra. I've been using the regular fabricy ones, and bought a new one only to find out that I bought a size too big (awesome, but means I'm still using my old one). If you find a totally awesome brand, let me know. :)

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MISSY_MAGOO 4/10/2009 10:17PM

    I love that you're rockin skinny jeans and looking for skinny shorts! Can't wait to join you there :)
That is going to be one intense workout! You'll be telling yourself how hardcore you are tons during that one! But if a workout like that doesn't inch you down a bit from the top of your range, I don't know what will, hahaha.

And a sunblock suggestion- have you tried the clear spray no-rub kinds? Neutrogena makes my favorite- they have a non greasy formula that doesn't stink of coconuts, comes up to 70spf and protects against uva and uvb (most only protect against uva). It's called Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock. I am allergic to uv and live in an area with 300+ days of sunshine a year- so I have tried them ALL!

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150-HERE-I-COME 4/10/2009 7:57PM

    WOW! That's brutal!!! I can't wait to get to where you're at to make it through something like that! You're a ROCK STAR!!! I too like the No-Ad stuff :) I don't think it ever expires... LOL! Have fun shopping!!! .......and ENJOY YOUR RUN!!!

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4565S568SDS 4/10/2009 7:30PM

  For shirts, I love these men's workout shirts I got at Target. C9 by Champion. I assume there's a girl version of it. I actually got the first at a secondhand store then I saw them at Target and got another. I hate paying a lot for something I intend to sweat all over.

Also, I wanted to tell you I ordered a HRM today! I'm so excited! I got the Polar F6 since it was only about $20 more new and I can upload data onto polarpersonaltrainer.com. (Though I did really want the dark pink one you have. Heh.) Not sure if the website is going to make any difference, but I already have a spreadsheet for my weight and numbers motivate me.

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LASHERTHECAT 4/10/2009 4:46PM

    Yeah... all the new stuff I bought last year in size 8 is too big now!!

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MDTWEETY 4/10/2009 4:24PM

    Those sound like necessities to me! I think you deserve some new workout clothes, and of course SUNSCREEN!! You are so excited...it's so cute! I am jealous and sad that I can't go. :( I will be there in spirit.

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LAFTERSFREE 4/10/2009 3:40PM

    shorts!!!! love it. thats one thing im going to be excited about in the future. i DO own a few pairs, but i dont wear them much b/c of how they make me look, well, randomly the morning after the party last week (day of the airshow when the weather WAS gorgeous! sorry, had to remind u again... hehee.. next year!) i found a pair of shorts that are hmm sort of bermuda shorts, that length anyway, and i bought them last year b/c they were SOOO cute, but they were QUITE snug... NOW they are baggy on me!!! YAY!!!! :) old navy usually has some good bargains on that kind of stuff, target too. Happy shopping! Oh, as for sunblock, my favorite one is called No-Ad... it's cheap and it looks ghetto but it smells neutral, lasts a while, and works reallly well, and doesnt feel oily. u can get it at walmart and some other drugstores.

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BRUIN2 4/10/2009 3:33PM


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MARLIE13 4/10/2009 2:41PM

    Love the momentum you've got going on! Keep it up!

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KEAKMAN 4/10/2009 2:21PM

    Holy cow! Your Monday workout looks to be a killer! emoticon emoticon But I know you will rock it.

I hope you find some extra money hidden away (check your hubby's sock drawer - that's where mine stashes extra cash!) so you can pick up a few things on your wish list.

Have a great run tomorrow morning! I'll be thinking of you while I run (and look at the trees...wheeee)

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Keepin up the Countdown - 20 Days, 15 Workdays. WOOT.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sooooooo anyway.

Today is GORGEOUS outside. HURRAY! :D I had the most marvelous run outside. Pulled myself back for the first half, but then didn't really manage to on the second half. The resultant pace was a 12min mile average so that's not too bad. I've been averaging slower than that until now.

Then it was on to MTC! I dunno if it's because I ran first (um, probably is) but today was tougher than when I did it on Monday, and seemed to burn more calories as well. I'm now just over 1000 from my week end goal of 4000 calories burned and I still have another day of MTC, a run, and Pilates. I'm thinking I might go over a little bit, but it might be pretty close. We'll see!

I'm SO stoked for the 8K I'm gonna do in San Diego -- it sounds SO fun and I bet it will be gorgeous. I'm in the process of planning some other things to do and I'm just too excited not to keep bringing it up, so you will be SO SICK OF ME soon, I'm sure. ;)

Last night I made it to a BIT above my calorie min, FYI.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


    Yay for sunshine! Yay for San Diego! Yay for SparkCon! haha

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KMKMOM 4/10/2009 9:54AM

    I'm glad that the running is going so well for you these days. I'm sure you'll have a blast in San Diego! Keep up the wonderful work! You inspire me every time I read your blog.

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CATIATM 4/10/2009 9:46AM

    A race in San Diego ... it sounds wonderful! Is this race your first?

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LASHERTHECAT 4/10/2009 9:20AM

    Don't you need to be careful when you burn over your "goal" for calories burned to make sure you eat more... I thought you will end up burning muscle...

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SLCOLMAN 4/10/2009 5:49AM

    Sounds like you had a nice day! :)

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QUILTHORSE 4/9/2009 11:17PM

    Great job! Good luck in SD!

It was gorgeous here, too!

Beth G

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**PRICELESS** 4/9/2009 9:48PM

    Never sick of you Love! I'll be living vicariously thru you while you're in SD!!!

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LAFTERSFREE 4/9/2009 8:15PM

    today WAS beautiful!!!! glad u were able to enjoy it!

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KEAKMAN 4/9/2009 8:02PM

    Way to go on your run! emoticon I'm ready for some more beautiful running weather - could you send some spare sunshine my way?

So what is your normal plan - do what you set out to do exercise-wise and if you go over calories burned, no biggie? Or do you stop within a specific window/range? Same with calories. I see you tend to stay on the low end of your range - or do you go towards the high end on other days? How do you decide or is it all just random chance?

Keep us posted on all your preparation and planning for San Deigo - we'll live the experience through you!

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LANC92 4/9/2009 6:02PM

    Your enthusiasm for your workouts and your trip are infectious -- don't worry we won't get sick of you!

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