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SOOORE. hahaha

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Man. Those 10lbs are killin me. and by those 10lbs I mean the ones I lifted yesterday because I am SO SORE today. Still did cardio this morning. Lunch was packed in a rush, but I'm making burgers tonight! :)

I'm excited because I already seasoned the meat and everything when I made them on Sunday, so all I have to do is just pattyfie them and cook em. Shouldn't take long. Also making potato wedges. So cooking! But SIMPLE. It will be nice because I am HUNGRY.

Work has SUCKED. Our administrative staff apparently can't do their job and they are so far behind that we are all having to assist them. Their jobs are so tedious!!!!! Why do you think I don't have that job????? HELLO!!!!!! But now I get to do some of that stuff in addition to my normal duties. It's so wack. They should be able to get it under control. If not, they should be replaced. It's that simple. Maybe they do need ONE more person. But the job's been done with 3 people before, so why not now?



Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ok, so today DH and I did ST at the gym for the first time. Today was his first day doing it, and my first time doing at AT the gym. I did my same ST excercises because I like them and want to get better at them, and don't feel like using the machines.

But since I was at the gym anyway, I wanted to do something I couldn't at home, so I used 10lb weights instead of my usual 5lb weights. Let me tell you -- I can feel the difference!!! It kinda sucks because I don't want to go back to using my 5lb weights because I guess they really are too light for me now, and I don't want to just keep buying weights....

But I should have time to do mine at the gym everytime he does his, so I guess it'll be ok except for the times I can then I'll just use the 5lb until I can maybe get some heavier ones.

Anyway. I just felt SO HOSS. I LOVE doing ST. It really makes me feel tough. There was something cool about watching myself doing them in the mirror, too. And I mostly didn't think I looked bad doing them either. hahaha I was like, ok, I look awesome, I look cool and tough! WOOHOO.

Could be the skull and crossbone on black earrings, or the smudged black eyeliner that I didn't take off last night, or the cut open neckline black t shirt with the navy spaghetti racerback sports bra straps showing. But I was like, oh I am so mean and tough, you can't mess with me. I'm STRONG. hahaha

Oh, I'm so cheesy.


Progress is WONDERFUL. :D

Monday, June 25, 2007

Anyway... later when I'm back at home and can see the numbers, I will post a blog with inches and lbs lost and such, but for right now I just wanted to say....

I weighed in at 49lbs lost today!!! I actually stepped on later after my workout and was at 51lbs lost, but decided to not to count that. I'm so jazzed! So I'm ALMOST at 50lbs lost and ALMOST at my halfway point even more so than the last blog where I posted the same thing... hahaha :D

Now, if we're actually considering the fact that I weighed in in December at 294, I'm more than halfway to my goal weight of 190lbs. hahaha :D But talking SparkTimeline, I''''''m aaalllmost to halfway.


DH has lost 4-6 lbs since last week! :D hehe. He weighed in last week at 295. That was clothed... this week he's at 291 clothed. 289 in workout clothes (so not jeans, but very light clothing). So depending on how you look at it... I put in 289 for his weighin, since I weigh in little to no clothing, that way we can be consistent. But wow! I am so proud of him!!! I hope that seeing his numbers changing will help motivate him as well.

I'm so hungry. Luckily I'm going to lunch earlier today than usual due to one of my coworkers having the day off. I'm VERY excited about my lunch. It's a BEAUTIFUL Bento. The pictures can actually be seen here:


It's a group for my SparkTeam, Bento Buddies, to post pictures of their bento meals. :D This week's challenge is COLOR. Either a particular color focus for a bento, or just to get a lot of color in there. I went for Orange this time. I'm not sure how many other colors I have for lunches this week though! But we'll see how I do.

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GUGIE76 6/26/2007 12:24AM

    go you!!! and DH!!!! so happy for you - what a milestone your approaching (have hit - hehe)...yo are an inspiration to me and i am so grateful for your blogs and the replies you leave me on mine...wow - hard to believe we're living the same lives we were 6-7months ago, isn't it??? thank go for spark!!!

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RITAELISABETH 6/25/2007 8:59PM

    Congrats to both you and your hubby! When I think of how HARD it is to lose one pound!! - I am super impressed!! You should definately celebrate when you reach th 50lb goal (next week, right??)
Don't forget to drink a glass of water before you eat (:o) It does help.
Have a great week!!

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ALSO! Spark Related. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

OK, so today I did my strength training excercises for the first time in a WHIIILLLEE, and I forgot how good it makes me feel!

When I miss it for a while I think to myself how tedious it is and how at least cardio makes me feel like I accomplished something... but no!

Strength Training makes me feel STRONG. It makes me feel like a REAL fitness person. Not just someone trying to lose weight. No, I'm trying to really take care of my body and tone and build muscle. :D

My favorite thing to do is to do them while watching Biggest Loser on Style Network. :D hehehe. Or in the commercials, but still.

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GUGIE76 6/21/2007 9:05PM

    thanks for that - needed to hear that like you don't even know!!! funny how we find ourselves challenged in similar ways at similar times...thank you!!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

So at work today, this dude called me "Red". I was so confused until I remembered that my hair is red now! :D YAY!

I've always thought that "Red" was an adorable nickname and now I can be called that! hahahaha. I should put some new pictures on here sometime soon.

Also I had my Annual Review at work, it was pretty much BS, but I'll get some piddly raise of some sort for having muddled through a year. The rules are all wack -- they're not allowed to tell me how much or when I will see the money until they get an email from someone saying it's been changed. Weird huh? So ... it was ok, but yeah I still have no idea how it will affect my pay rate.


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GUGIE76 6/21/2007 9:09PM

    wow "red" - that's too cool!!!! and to have the confidence to like being singled out instead of wanting to dive under the nearest desk - that's even better!

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