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Another Great Saturday!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

So Saturday at the gym is my "BIG DAY" I don't really have anywhere I have to be after I work out so I feel more relaxed about the time I spend working out. Today according to my plan I only had to burn 327 calories. I THOUGHT I still had to do 380 and I actually DID 440~~ WOOHOO!! GO ME!!!

I had an orange so far for breakfast. I'm trying to really take it slow with the eating since it's my first weekend on the PLAN. So I'm kinda nervous... and the hubby's about to go to Sam's Club and pick some things up so he'll probably bring back something tempting. He was really sweet though -- he was like, hey if I bring back a buffalo chicken pizza, do you think you can handle that? And I was like, YES! Whether I can eat it or not is another question.... I'll have to look and see what it's like. And he's like, well I meant do you think you can eat it... Because he's so sweet and he doesn't want to bring something I can't eat!! :) But I think I'll be able to at least eat a piece. Anyway. So I'm trying to hold off on eating anything else until I see what he brings back so I don't get off track from the GET GO. I AM excited that I've alredy drank (DRUNK?) three glasses of water. WOOHOO!!

I'm tidying up the house a bit and when I'm done I'm going to look through this recipe book my boss gave me for Christmas. It's called "Cook Healthy, Cook Quick!" Yeah I was like... gee... THANKS for the HINT there bossyboss. He's like a big buff gymgoer. Although we were talking one time and I mentioned how much I like to cook, so I tried to think that maybe he was thinking of that as well. And not just that he thinks I'm a fatty. hahahahaha :) I think he gave a few other people cookbooks as well so I'm not singled out or anything, I just thought it was funny.

At the same time, it was one of the many motivating factors in my New Year's Resolution to BE MORE HEALTHY!

Anyway. Time to go be productive!


Faced a New Challenge

Friday, January 19, 2007

Yesterday I had done so well on my breakfast and lunch that I decided my options for dinner were wide open! I looked on the nutrition facts for Taco Bell foods and was able to eat a Grilled Stuft Burrito (Beef even!), a Chicken Soft Taco, and a Taco Supreme! YES!!!

I was totally excited to be able to eat out and remain below my goals. I didn't even order much less than what I normally do there -- I think I usually only get 3 items. But I did get DIFFERENT things than I ususally do. That Chicken Soft Taco is CHEAP on calories and fat! And with the other two I actually got full. It was awesome.

Obviously, I will not be doing that often. I think it'd be better for me to balance my eating a bit more throughout the day. But I was proud of myself for not going overboard. Even though the hubbie went and got his grub on, too. He only got four items, but they were much bigger!!! So yeah. He was eating after I had already finished. That was a challenge for me. I wanted to just take some of his. But I resisted!!!

GO ME!!!

This morning I ate one serving of cereal instead of two. We'll see how that goes. For one thing I was pressed for time. So that helped. But to me the serving sizes on cereal seem kinda ridiculous. Does anyone just eat that??? I guess ideally that's cereal, with some fruit, maybe some other dairy or whatnot... so not cereal as a WHOLE breakfast. Maybe an egg. But I am usually not up to creating some amazing breakfast.

Maybe I'll try that on some of the days when I don't have to work out and have more free time in the mornings. Actually cooking up an egg so that I use up some of that time I could be tempted by just eating food that's around and prepackaged.

I am going to be facing my first weekend after starting the project. That makes me kinda nervous -- but I asked the hubbie for support and encouragement to help me through. :)

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SMLUNDEEN 2/14/2007 11:10PM

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I think I have laziness issues. I'm a procrastinator and whatnot. But I think I'm getting a handle on them. I HOPE!

My husband has been a huge help in this area -- since having met him I have become INFINITELY more responsible. At first it was hard but now I feel so much better about my accomplishments. Well anyway -- today I feel lazy. Because it's a day off from working out.

But I've been staying on track with my food and I even made sure to plan out what I was eating for lunch and breakfast in a way that gave me more options for dinner. Can you believe that I pretty much cut my carbs in half of what they were going to be today for lunch and breakfast?

That Total with Rasin Bran has like twice as many calories and Carbs as the Special K, even the kind with the fruit and yogurt bits. I couldn't believe it!!! So yeah I had that instead this morning. Less vitamins, but hello I can take a pill for that, right? haha.

And when I compared the ramen to eating a sandwich and some fruit -- I have to say sandwich and fruit win!!! Also, I finally started playing around with the food tracking on here now that I turned off the meal suggestions and it is AWESOME. I made a little food grouping to describe the turkey sandwich I'm having today because I think that'll be pretty typical for me. And when I'm out of tomato I'll just add that and subtract the tomato. NIFTY! hahahaa. and probably the mayo cause I can't stand mayo without tomato. BLECH!!!!!!!

Ok so anyway. I'd better get to work.



Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yeah so this is gonna be pretty boring....

I went to the gym today as scheduled. My goal is to go a MINIMUM of Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I'm on schedule to burn the calories required of the week. I've been going about 30 minutes on the treadmill on Monday and Wednesday and then doing at least 45 minutes on Saturdays. This seems almost too easy...

But the thing is I am actually noticing being a bit more hungry, but it's not intolerable. I just didn't used to pay as much attention to what I was eating. I would go home and graze all night until dinner and then graze more after that. I feel so much more in control of my eating now -- like it's actually manageable. I made this cute little thing to keep track. Well, ok it's not CUTE. It's a little manila thingie with pieces of paper stapled to the other side like a notepad. (credit card sized!) on the manila side I have my Calorie, Fat, Carb, and Protein goals and on the paper side I keep track of my day so far. I'm using the Nutrition page here to keep it up during the day, then I do a little math and write down how much I'm allowed to eat for dinner. It's been working pretty good so far.

I am very excited to be finally making these changes in my life and having a way of keeping measurement of what I'm doing. Any time otherwise I've tried to eat healthier it was always just that. Some vague idea in my mind, let's do BETTER! With no specific goals or methods. Just maybe eat a little less... choose the salad instead of the big burger... whatever. And needless to say it didn't really happen. Now that I have to hold myself accountable to certain limits it makes things easier. Not to mention that I'm not limited to certain foods, just amounts and numbers. That I can deal with.

That being said -- I'M HUNGRY NOW!!! And I can't wait to go home and figure out what I can eat for dinner... ahhaha all this focus on food is making me hungry. That part sucks.

I did something at the gym today I hadn't done thus far -- I stayed at the same intensity for 20+ minutes. Hopefully that will help me build my endurance. I am proud of that. Then I walked slower for a while at no incline -- until I felt more in control of my breathing and whatnot -- and then BOOSTED it to a HIGH TEMPO and incline again for a few minutes to end off before going into my REAL cool down.

ANYWAYYY!!! Enough boring crap about working out -- I'm going to try and focus on other things so that I don't keep thinking about eating.


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