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Looking back a year ago, what might be a year ahead

Thursday, October 31, 2013

One year anniversary of my miscarriage. I remember you with love, little one.

And where will I be one year from now. Watched the documentary 'escape fire' to pass the time. What a movie. Scariest part is how much control I as a health consumer have over my own health, but wait for some future moment to act or fairy tale high tech solution to save me. Daily exercise of 30 mins, meditation, yoga, stress reduction & management, cultivating loving relationships, and low fat vegetarian diet were combined to be a silver bullet. These are old ideas but a MD in the film, Dr. Ornish, subjected it to study as a therapy for heart disease (you can look up the Ornish Spectrum if you're interested). They even claimed that following that lifestyle could lengthen the telomeres that bookend my chromosomes, reversing genetic predispositions to cancers and disease while likely lengthening my life. Whoa. That's some big stuff. In college I studied some of that as part of my molecular biology degree. At that time, it was thought that nothing could halt the deterioration of telomeres, and, by extension, the degradation of our genetic material. We would always be genetically wearing away, making aging an irreversible process. This is crazy. I could lengthen my telomeres, that's like... healthcare alchemy or something. That my daily practices could influence my genetic expression? Not just decreasing exposure to hazards, but actually reversing the cycle by which my body is made weak and vulnerable to the basic vectors of disease... the beginnings of cancer, heart disease, stroke.
Reminds me of a book I read as a teenager. The author was gung-ho about his lifestyle of low fat diet and daily exercise.
"Imagine," he wrote "that you have a pill that will solve your health problems. It's free, you have it already. But it takes 30 minutes to take. And you have to take it everyday."


Lift weights wearing anything...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thanks Marilyn! Here I go to the gym in my running shorts and a pajama top.

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BETHIEMAE75 10/30/2013 9:10AM


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Skipping exercise

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

enough of that mess. I. really. want. to. stayonthecouch. But if nothing changes, then nothing changes. That's what people way smarter than me have said. So I've got some stinky workout clothes upstairs. (laundry, my nemesis...) and I'm going to suit up and show up. DD also begged me to take her on a bike ride when she's done with school. My butt, it dislikes the bike. I'm not sure what changed from when I was a bike touring bottom of iron-woman to these days. Seems like my extra beehind cushion should have some benefits. Comfort on a bike seat must not be one of them.

Check out these two rocking ladies. At 19 and 21, Wendy Law Suart and Shirley Duncan rode across Australia on their bikes, taking nearly 3 years for their adventure. Bet they had their share of saddlesore days. Enough of my whining-- I'm gonna channel some adventure gal spirit and do something fun. Glory, do you think they curled their hair on the road?


NIGHT SHIFT: How do you do it?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My hormones I think are a bit confused. Is is daytime? Should I be hungry? How about I be hungry just in case. And repeat.
Any sparkers work the night shift and have some tricks to share about making healthy habits stick?

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KAT321123 9/15/2013 7:03PM

    I used to work the night shift from 10PM - 8AM three days a week and it definitely confused the heck out of my body. My only feedback is to try to get in the right amount of healthy calories during your awake hours, try to squeeze in exercise somewhere, and try to get as much routine into the crazy schedule as you can.

Good luck!

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EDDYMEESE 9/15/2013 6:47PM

    Hmmm...honestly when I've done night shifts I've just had to force myself to eat even when I didn't want to. If I didn't, then I was looking for junk at 3 am!

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Vacation aftermath: I cannot fail unless I quit

Saturday, September 14, 2013

That was a good mantra I borrowed from another sparker. And I'm using it today. I went on vacation... my old nemesis. And, no great surprise here, came back with all the weight back that I'd lost since returning to spark. 10lbs in a week! First the delicious dinner for hubby, then a day of travel with my nervous/bored eating and finally the mother of all excuses for snacking: hiking. Yes, I call it that. But I am "hiking" with a 4 year old. So carrying a 40lb pack for 6 hours and only going 2 miles does not burn that many calories. Certainly not enough to justify limitless helpings of GORP trailmix with m&ms. So, I'm miffed at myself today, but I'm not quitting!!!! In fact, today I already got in a little walk with my tiny hiker. And had a small victory when I met a friend for coffee this morning and actually had coffee instead of a doughnut. Yay me. I cannot take back yesterday, but I'm sure not surrendering today because of a few fat choices. Today I choose healthier :)

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KAT321123 9/14/2013 3:11PM

    Good for you for making a better choice this morning!

While I obviously can't promise you anything, it's highly unlikely that you actually gained 10 pounds of fat in the course of a week. It takes roughly 3,500 excess calories in order to gain a pound and it's not super likely that you ate 35,000 extra calories over one week -- that would be like eating 10 large pizzas ON TOP of what what you should be eating! More likely you ate a bit over and then are retaining some water -- I'd guess by three days from now at least 8 of that 10 pounds will be gone.

Good luck! And great job getting back on track so quickly.

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