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Running through an airport burns how many calories?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Earlier in the week I had to go out of town for business. I had awesome expectations of working out in the hotel gym and hitting the grocery store for healthy meals and snacks but of course that didn’t happen.

Thankfully the hotel served an awesome breakfast buffet so I was easily able to start the day out with good choices but then the chaos of traveling, meetings, and dinners took over.

Let me tell you, it’s no fun to consider the calories in everything and guestimate. I like facts – solid caloric facts…anything else stinks.

So, I tried to make good choices when possible …and made a few small bad ones as well. When I got home waited till morning and stepped on the scale – terrified that I just backslid and blew weeks of work only to find… I lost 2.5 lbs. What?!

I guess running through the airport in a panic about missing my flight and lugging a crap ton of baggage around helped. emoticon

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ZENRYAKU 1/31/2013 7:09PM

    It looks like making good choices most of the time worked. emoticon emoticon And yes, the extra sprints with luggage would have helped shake up the metabolism a bit emoticon

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Women Stink....

Monday, June 07, 2010

That's the only conclusion I can draw after visiting the store earlier today in search of a new body wash to replace my old one.

That might sound a bit odd but I was struck by how many overly perfumed stuff was on the shelves. Anyone who's had to buy antiperspirant in the last couple years will tell you - there are just to many scents to choose from. With all the different scents its a wonder we don't smell like a week old bouquet. Don't get me wrong - I like to smell good, but when I think of smelling good I think of just not stinking....

To illustrate my point the other day I went out to buy some razors - normally I buy the men's bic razor with three blades - mainly because my husband and I split the pack between ourselves and he refuses to shave with a pink razor. Well to my disappointment Target was out and any other comparable razors were a gazillion more dollars. So being frugal I went over to the womens section and plucked up the same razors I normally buy in mens....but pink (or so I thought).

A week goes by before I need to break into the new pack and only once the pack is open do I realize that girls razors are scented! Yes, like raspberries. Blah! So, lesson learned I now only buy mens razors even if they are a gazillion dollars more.

During the "Raspberry Fiasco" I ran out of shaving gel - which was poor planning on my part. So I asked the hubby to pick me up some new gel, what does he bring home? Tangerine Creamcile scented shave gel...so now all my shavable parts reek like a fruit parfait.

Recently I ran out of shave gel again. Having learned my lesson I asked the hubby to again grab me some shave gel with specific instructions not to get anything scented. So he brings home a shaving cream titled baby fresh ... there are so many possibilities I can barely stand it. As soon as I spot the can I had to rip off the top and spay a little out - taking a long big wiff. Baby Powder. Really? Since when has it been fashionable for a grown woman to smell like a diaper bag?

Okay, thats my rant for today....

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TOWHEE 6/7/2010 11:23PM

    Just think of those of us who are allergic to fragrances! I can still get plain Ivory soap, but shampoos, conditions, underarm products, powders, shave gels/lotions/creams all come scented. It can drive a poor nose to running.

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LYSAX13 6/7/2010 8:15PM

    That is freakin hill-ary-ous. I guess I never thought of it like that. Our noses must be really desensitized.

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CUPATEA1 6/7/2010 5:41PM

    So true! And I am always concerned that the fragrances might clash, and cause some poor soul walking by to pass out or something.

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KKSTRAIT2010 6/7/2010 5:09PM

    That is really funny. I agree about all the fragrances though. Everyday the fragrances grow too.

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The sizing game

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So today I went out and tried on some bathing suits and jeans. I picked up some medium bathing suits and boy some of those things are hard to put on- maybe they were to small? The larges were to baggy though. Then afterwards I stopped by the pant section to take a look at what my jean size is. I have been wearing 10's since i hit the 140's which is great, but they are getting too baggy. So I took a pair of 8's and 6's back to see if I looked better in the 8's yet, and how far until the 6's....guess what. I fit my chunky butt into the 6's..easily!!!

Right now I am thinking it must have been a sizing fluke- but I could be wrong! I have vowed not to buy a pair of jeans until I hit my 120 goal (I'm not made of money ya' know) so I wonder if I will look better in those 6's or if I will be in a 4. I think I would be happy to stay in 6's, as long as I look good naked.

Anyhow so after all this trying on bs, I am left wondering if there really is a huge difference between pant sizes. It seems like the difference between sizes is getting smaller as you go down- am I wrong? Also what sizing system do bathing suits use- it must be some terrible otherworldly equation because they just don't seem to fit well.

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COWPUNKMOM 8/17/2007 1:51PM

    I have no idea how they size bathing suits. I am convinced they produce them on other planets, then ship them here.

And pants sizes are so random. I just bought a pair of size 4 capris which fit GREAT, and right now I'm wearing a pair of 10 corduroys which also fit GREAT. So, what size am I? I am MY size, which is exactly perfect for me. LOL!!

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Staying on the wagon

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So this week hasn't been very good as far as sticking with my calorie count. On Saturday I had a couple beers and Pad Thai- I was shocked when I saw the calories in Pad Thai !

Then yesterday I went out to a Mexican Food Restaurant and had fajitas. I thought that would the best bet but it looks like I was wrong. On the upside I ordered corn tortillas instead of flour which helped me out a bit, and only had two taco sized ones, with a side of water.

So this brings up a question...why is there not a low calorie eating out guide?? Suggestions on what to order at italian, sushi, mexican, or heck any place for that matter to stay within a calorie range. It doesn't have to be specific to any one diner, just overall.

Okay back on track...

So today I am hoping to get back on track. I am going to go work out. Now here is the thing, how come it is so hard to actually go and work out? I talk about doing it. I want to do it, but there just never seems like there is enough time. I think I am going to have to adjust my priorities to make working out more important.

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AUNTJAIME 5/19/2007 6:27PM

    I agree with Susieszoo. She had some very good ideas. I know how you feel when it comes to counting calories and eating out. I find that, if possible, if I know I am going to be eating out and where, I will get on there website, if they have one, and figure out before hand what I am going to eat. Saves some time on ordering if your short on time and the aggrevations of trying to figure out what you want.

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SUSIESZOO 4/24/2007 6:23PM

    Hm, eating out. I think the only good fix I have found is to eat small portions. Italian shouldn't be hard if they have marinaras and grilled options. Mexican- I would have guessed the fijitas minus tortillas, chips, and sour cream would be ok. Keep it low on the guac and high on salsas and pico. What else, Chinese?? Stay away..LOL, they use so much oil. I guess it depends on the restaurant and how they prepare food. I think sushi is ok if you don't get fried things. Haven't looked into that one.

When I eat out, I order with the intention of eating it for at least two meals. Makes the money you pay sound better too. Just get your plate and immediately divide the portions in half if it is like most typical restaurants (or share a meal with your date).

It took me the longest to start moving, but I saw a good tip on here today. Do something for 10 minutes EVERY DAY to get started and get into the habit. That is all my trouble too... well that and it hurts..LOL! So, even if you just do some jumping jacks, stetch or do a quick walk, get into the habit of spending a small amount of time on an activity.

The other thing is, you don't have to go anywhere to get a workout. Start by pulling everything out of your messiest closet and see how tired you are when you are done reorganizing it, or buy some cheap hand weights and a jump rope for the house.

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COWPUNKMOM 4/24/2007 12:10PM

    Priorities...that's it, isn't it? Once working out becomes as important as picking up the mail or brushing your teeth, you won't find it so hard, I'll bet.

And eating out is so difficult. I try to keep my portions small, which is hard here in North America where they bring enough food for four people on one plate! LOL!! I imagine that only half of the food is for me to eat, and I try to leave some of that, too. It helps a bit.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So last night I went to Dryland practice again, dreading how I would feel afterwards- and suprise, I felt good. Sure I was tired , sore, and had a bit of a headache, but I was breathing alright and I felt pretty good. YAY.
I really made sure to drink water yesterday and I drank 2 cups (16oz) a couple hours before practice to make sure I was hydrated. I think it worked!
So now I am a bit more enthusiastic about going to practice.


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