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Monday, February 27, 2012

Today was a pretty good day. I got a lot done. I am so thankful for a friend of mine who recommended Clariton with. Sudafed. I have been having congestion issues and I have been feeling really tired and foggy lately. I wasn't sure what was going on with me. I have tried allergy medicines before but I didn't feel like they worked. Anyway the day after I took the medicine I felt so great. My head was finally clear and I wasn't as tired. I guess I am having allergies. I am going to switch to the non Sudafed stuff. But I am glad I found something that works.

So today I was feeling better. Better because I am finally taking steps to become a new me. Better because I am feeling healthier. And better because I am down 14 pounds now!!!! So I was motivated. I cleared out my desk area. I recycled a whole bucket of papers and was able to find some important paperwork I was looking for. After sorting through paper work I was able to do several errands and make it to the gym. Grandpa and I did our weight training program together and I rode for 30 minutes on a stationary bike. By the time we got done it was late. The rest of the evening has been kind of rough with my 2 year old. I think I need to make it a priority to go to the gym earlier.

Tomorrow I have a full day too. I am excited about going to Weight Watchers tomorrow night. It is my second week which means I get to see how much weight I lost. I think I have done pretty good this week. :)


Letting go of the negative

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some background is that my grandpa who is 85 (almost 86) lives with us. I don't really need to take care of him just make sure he has food and makes it to dr appointments etc. Well his is always very opinionated when it comes to weight. My mom and uncle were very hurt by his comments growing up. Well last week I started a program at the gym and lost about 7 lbs. But yesterday when I found out I couldn't afford the trainer I decided to instead count calories and take fitness classes at the gym. I thought there nutrition was a little to restrictive. This way I don't feel deprived and I know it is a sustainable lifestyle. Anyway, so I counted calories yesterday and stayed under. This morning I got up and made Hungry Girl's Super Duper Coffee Malt. He saw what I made and shook his head. I told him I stayed the same weight this week and he said "you're not gonna lose this week". I said, "why not?" and he told me that my eating was wrong. This is discouraging to me. I think I am making the right choice in my nutrition. I just need to figure out a way to dispel negative comments and thoughts. I don't want to let the negative drag me down. Hopefully I can find a way to let go of the negative and focus on the positive. emoticon

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NTREASE1 2/24/2012 10:05AM

    It's definitely hard when we hear the negative opinions. I've decided to treat them as a competition and prove the person wrong. As soon as it's time to weigh in for the week I let them know how much I lost when they didn't think I would.

When I was thin my mom use to make comments to me that "you can set your watch to when Nicci eats...She grazes every 2 hours." It hurt a lot then and I was extremely down on my body image. Now she doesn't do it but if anyone says anything about what or how I eat I take it as a chance to prove them wrong and knock them down a peg like they just tried to do me.

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ZESTGIRL 2/16/2012 11:15PM

    Thankyou for the encouragement. He has been more supportive the last day or two. I actually got him to join the gym too so he can walk and maybe to a little weight lifting while I am working out.

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NATALIECN 2/15/2012 5:48PM

    It's always hard when someone really important to you can't be positive. I have a few like that in my life too. Sometimes I think the age makes a difference too, they just don't understand.

Just try your best to let it go, and know that you are doing what you need to do. If he isn't going to be supportive, then he shouldn't be saying a thing. I know it's hard to shrug it off, but you have to!

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Day 1 on Sparkpeople

Monday, February 13, 2012

I have been working on the latest phase of my weight loss journey. Jan 2, 2012 I weighed myself. The scale said 222.2. This is the most I have ever weighed. I felt discouraged and hopeful. I was discouraged because I let myself get here. But I was hopeful because I decided that this is my year to make a change and stick with it no matter what. So I started tracking points with weight watchers online. At first I did really good, but then I got discouraged quickly. I am not a very self motivated person. But despite my diet shortfalls in January I lost about 3 lbs. Then in the beginning of February I decided I was going to join the gymn. I have had some weight loss success in the past by taking classes at the gymn. But now I have a child and rely on only my husbands income. I used not wanting to put my daughter in childcare at the gym and money as an excuse not to join the gym in the past. But I knew I had to do something or I was not going to live to enjoy my life with my husband and daughter. Also I was not teaching my daughter good health habits. So I decided to ask a friend to go with me to check out a new gym that had childcare. We went and I decided right then I was going to join. At first my daughter cried when I dropped her off and this was hard for me. Now after going for about 2 weeks she actually enjoys playing with the other kids. I had some free sessions with a personal trainer and she put me on a somewhat restrictive diet. I lost another 8 lbs for a total of 12 lbs. Today I found out how much it is going to cost to keep using the trainer and their is no way I can afford it. Also I think I would rather try counting my calories than restricting certain foods. Anyway I know I can't do this without support so I joined Sparkpeople to help keep me encouraged and motivated. I really want to lose another 85 lbs.
I am excited, hopeful, nervous, scared. But I need to have faith that I can do this. Really.

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ZESTGIRL 2/14/2012 9:57AM

    Thankyou everyone for the great comments. I feel very welcome emoticon

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DEEPSOUTHGAL 2/13/2012 10:33PM

    Hey, I was the same on the exercise front. I have a young daughter and limited funds. I was looking for any excuse not to exercise really. I even enrolled her in the closest pre-school, which was only a block away.
Ironically, a few weeks before she started we had to move, and now we live about 1.5 km away from her pre-school. So now, since I don't drive, I walk there and back twice a day (dropping her off and picking her up), 3 days a week lol
I hope sparkpeople keeps you encouraged and motivated further on down the road.

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JSTHIESS 2/13/2012 9:28PM

    Hi:) Welcome to Sparkpeople!!!! There is such a great amount of resources on here and truly a positive community:) You sound like you have such a great attitude. I have no doubt that you will see success! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!

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    I am so excited that you joined SparkPeople! Definitely take advantage of everything this site offers. The support you will receive from this community is wonderful and encouraging. I am on the site everyday!
So welcome! You are already doing an awesome job! You absolutely can and will do this. Just take it one day at a time.

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MISTRUNNER 2/13/2012 6:48PM

  The exercise routines here are wonderful - sone can be done at home as well.

It is important not to give up - sometime when we start a restorative diet can help but i have found that it is best to re-train our selves with healthy eating and movement.

You have made an excellent start and i know you will go far.

emoticon emoticon

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BJPENNY70 2/13/2012 6:40PM

    Yea! You did the right thing joining Spark People. It has everything you need. Including support from the Spark Community and they even have exercise demo's of all kinds. You can find what is right for you and save it as a favorite. I love their Food and Exercise Tracker. It keeps me honest. The more you use Sparkpeople resources the more you will like and depend on it. Use the Spark Points Page list under My Trackers. You can earn points, virtual awards, Spark Virtual Goodies (those are nice), and blog about you needs or problems. There is a whole community out there to help you out. You can read their blogs for help to. A big plus you make Spark Friends. You have gotten off to a great start. Keep it up. Oh there are Spark Teams to join. There are all kinds that will meet you interest. emoticon

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